tag team finishers

Team Name
Team Members
Finisher Description Finisher Name
the Basham Brothers
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
slingshot (1), off the second rope bulldog (2)
Russian Legsweep (1), clothesline (2)
Meat Curtain
Ball and Gag 
the Dudley Boyz
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Spike Dudley
(2) flapjack + (1)diamond cutter combination
double flapjack (1,2)
Full Blood Italians
Chuck Palumbo
Johnny Stamboli
(1) side backbreaker + (2) top rope legdrop Kiss of Death
La Resistance
Sylvan Grenier
Rene Dupree
double sidewalk slam Bonsoir
the World's Greatest Tag Team
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
inverted atomic drop (1), superkick (2), rollup (1)  

Italics - Named non-finisher move
Underline - Unofficial name
Moves that haven't been used or hinted at in "a long time" aren't listed.

Last updated 07/21/03