Live, in Minneapolis, MN, screaming fans scream (duh), for we are only one long hour away from Judgment Day. Are you prepared for another sixty minutes of fun with Ivory and Todd? Wow, a roof. That's some planning. Wait, cut the music, Ivory has something she has to say to Todd: "Well - I hate you [Todd is distraught], and besides all the calls and telephone calls to Mr. McMahon, they will not fire you, so - I QUIT! I QUIT, I TELL YOU! I QUIT!





not really. Although, I do - I really do hate your guts." The point - and shockingly, there was one! - is it's all about I Quit tonight. And dumb clichés like Todd uttering: "There's only one rule - there are no rules!"

Judgment Day: John Cena vs JBL [WWE, I QUIT]
Judgment Day: Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
Judgment Day: Kurt Angle vs Booker T
and video package (4:20) Ivory doesn't approve of people sleeping with married people!

Tonight: Akio vs Nunzio - Ivory and Todd treat us to stereotypes!

the Longest Yard presents the WWE Rewind: Cena and JBL fight, Velocity appears on SmackDown!

Todd and Ivory agree to be each other's dates for Judgment Day because Ivory is totally bipolar., and throw it to Josh and his date, Romero. Josh has a stupid hair going. Highlights of two weeks, but not actually a video package because they talk over it. And this past week, with the offer to Matt Morgan. You think Morgan's been around long enough to know which side of the chair to hit Show with. Way to make it extra painful and less noisy. (1:43)
Judgment Day: Big Show vs Carlito

Romero throws it to the press conference awkwardly. (1:04)

JBL asks you not to buy John Cena's CD. I can do that. (1:23)

Back to the happy Experience couple. Can you find the CD? You can buy it out the website if you can't.
Cena throws out the first pitch at an undisclosed Red Sox game. Oh, May 11th. Cena has no words to describe how it felt - so he makes one up! Ha! (1:19)

Josh Mathews talks to Chavo Guerrero:
"Defeated me? Did Paul London ever beat me?"
"No no no - Did Paul London ever pin Chavo Guerrero?"
"No, that's right. That means Paul London has never beat Chavo Guerrero. He was awarded my cruiserweight championship by winning a battle royal - which is technically still not being me. I've beat him by pinfall - in tag team matches, I've beat him by CO in singles matches. I've left him beaten and bloody in the middle of the ring! Tonight is going to be Paul London's Judgment Day, you better believe that! Tonight Paul London is going to realize who the greatest cruiserweight is! [Mistico?] Chavo Guerrero!"

Stanley Slam Of The Week: Heidenreich beats OJ to randomlly set up the match.

Ivory and Todd are enthused about this match, which makes two.
Judgment Day: Orlando Jordan vs Heidenreich [US]
Judgment Day: Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
how we got here; the happy times, the not-so-happy times, the very bad times (4:30)
Josh and Steve discuss. Rey's physically cleared - but mentally?

Back, and Tazz and Cole are at the desk. I am sick of the Judgment Day music. Seems like we're running thru the card.
Judgment Day: John Cena vs JBL [WWE, I QUIT]
Judgment Day: Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
Judgment Day: Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly vs MNM [WWE TAG]
Judgment Day: Paul London vs Chavo Guerrero [CW]
Judgment Day: Orlando Jordan vs Heidenreich [US]
Judgment Day: Big Show vs Carlito
Judgment Day: Kurt Angle vs Booker T
Back to Jindrak being dub and paying for it. (:57)

Mark Jindrak happens on Kurt Angle and blames him for his head wound. Angle correctly points out it was all his own fault. Angle ends up putting all the blame on Sharmell, and gets bleeped a few days. After we're done, Tazz notes Kurt said something about a surprise.

Next: Akio vs Nunzio

Judgment Day hype, under the pretense of being Steve Austin related. Check out the XFL jersey. We see no other wrestlers. (1:03)

Nunzio (175 pounds) vs Akio (Japan, 190 pounds) - your ref is Charles. Blue Pajamas. Circle. Lockup, Backing Nunzio into the corner, break - no, Akio will get in a slap. Nunzio doesn't appreciate that. Lockup, no, Nunzio behind with a waistlock, waistlock takedown, fireman's carry, big ol slap to the face. Akio angry, and ramming Nunzio into the corner, shoulders, kick to the midsection, spinning heel kick. Akio checks his face as Nunzio is down. Stomp. Whip Akio, Nunzio slides under, back with a 'rana one two NO. Corner punches? One two three four - shoved off, Nunzio charges back, gets backdropped to the apron, Nunzio gets in a punch, but Akio gets in the jumping swing kick to the head. Nunzio's out on the floor, so Akio goes to collect him there - and while he's there, might as well do a Russian leg sweep into the barricade. Look at that empty front row; Cole was talking about people needing a lot of time to get in, hope he's right. Akio throws Nunzio back in, jumping enziguri to Nunzio while he's still on his knees. One two no. Chinlock. Nunzio up and rallying, but Akio really stops him before he starts with a slam. Akio with a slam, and goes up - top rope stomp (maybe?), Nunzio counters with a boot but Akio catches it and rolls Nunzio to his feet. Akio tries for a clothesline, Nunzio ducks and drops him with a reverse neckbreaker. Nunzio covers one two NO. Nunzio picks up Akio, Akio tries a punch, Nunzio blocks and lands his own, another, whip, clothesline, clothesline, side slam. Off the ropes, dropkick to the face, one two NO. Corner whip, reversed, Akio charges into a knee, Nunzio quick to the second rope and lands the Sicilian Slice (Cole calls it!) one two NO. Nunzio yells in frustration. Corner whip, Nunzio charges in, Akio moves out of the way and throws Nunzio in, Nunzio staggers back, AKio quick to the top and off with a fabulous moonsault bodyblock (Tazz is impressed!) one two TH-NO! Akio can't believe it - and Nunzio cradles him, one two THREE. (6:32) awwwwwww. Akio is in shock. 

Judgment Day: John Cena vs JBL [WWE, I QUIT]
from WM 21 to here (3:56)

Moments Ago: the Cabinet arrived. JBL still has the old WWE Title Belt.

And that's it.