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YES, the WM21 Video ONE MORE TIME. They keep saying Welcome to the Future but we seem stuck in the past this weekend. At least they've learned not to have green wrestlers try and take Trish's bulldog. (4:17)

Hey, someone let Todd fly solo! "As you can see, Jonathon Coachman is nowhere to be found. 'Where is he', you ask? Do you really care? Does anyone really care? Well just in case his parents are watching, I'll tell you - Coach is in an airplane as we speak, heading over to Birmingham, England, which is of course the site for tomorrow's Monday Night RAW." In case you were worried they might think of a second idea for the weekend shows, this is indeed a "WM21 and since" recap edition of Heat.

build up to WM21 and stills of the match. (3:36)

two weeks ago, we heard about the rematch and the other match (1:18)

Later: Triple H vs Jim Ross
Next: Jericho could actually be singing off the Fozzy album for all we'd know.
Right Now: plugs for the songs. Todd does not screw up the TSOOL title!

WWE Slam Of Week, brought to you by Boost Mobile, is Shelton running up the ladder and clotheslining Jericho off.

Ladder in the Match talk, Shelton's still IC champion talk. "That's really bothering one man", and Todd demonstrates by going behind the TV screen and doing the Jericho pose, complete with shadow effect. This is what happens when they leave him home alone.

2 weeks ago: Shelton and Jericho have a discussion of Fozzy's radio play. (1:32)
1 week ago, on RAW, where they actually have matches!: Shelton vs Simon vs Jericho's song. Jericho's lyrics are bleeped out how annoying. (1831 -
Backlash: Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Chris Jericho for the InterContinental Championship

WWE Rewind, sponsored by WM21 (sucks): Edge wins the Money in the Bank.

Todd explains he's the only one left in WWE Studios - writing the scripts, doing the audio, doing his own makeup and hair. Cutbacks sure have gotten bad. He can also make the camera zoom in and out by just saying it, wow.

Christian vs Benoit, with Edge. Edge talking was so distracting, just listening for more meaning than Edge's two minutes of material about Benoit and the suitcase. And straight on to this week. (5:38)
Backlash: Chris Benoit vs Edge in a Last Standing Match

Next: HBK and Hassan have a civil discussion

WM21: Angle vs HBK stills. (:26)
Three Weeks Ago: Hassan calls HBK a loser. Well, he did. (:50)
Two Weeks Ago: HBK demands a match, and requests a partner (4:24)

Next: Hogan returns, yet again.

RAW Live
Monday - Birmingham, England [RAW]
Tuesday - Nottingham, England [RAW WM Revenge Tour]
(too bad it's a RAW show - the trip would be educational for Josh)
Next Sunday - Manchester, NH [Backlash]
Next Monday - Boston, MA [RAW]
Next Saturday - Rochester, NY [RAW WM Revenge Tour]

HBK vs Hassan, yet again. Shockingly, they figured out this went on about five minutes too long. (3:47)
Back to the stupid HOF people chanting one more match. (:07)
Backlash: Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan vs Hassan & Muhammad Davari
reusing the WM 21 footage with a blue tint is a) inventive, b) unusually cheap, c) La Parka
Backlash: "Stronger" by Trust Company

Next: "oh no Batista is driving the limo"

Last month: suckers bought tickets to the show!

JR vs HHH aka a waste of my time. (1:33)
Backlash: HHH vs Batista II (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship
RAW: Batista vs Christian in a non-title match.

Todd: "Not very good, was I?" Next week is pre-PPV, so maybe one match then. Lovely show we have here.

That's it. Stop playing Hardcore Holly's music.