Leyendas Inmortales #9 (01/18/2015) 
Recapped: 01/24/2015

Histeria talks about his situation – he works dates for CMLL but is free to work here on others dates. CMLL asked him to use the Morphosis name for their shows but he'll use Histeria here.

Match 1: Chicano, El Fantasma, Pantera vs El Indómito, Histeria II, Mr. México
Arena Aficion, 01/13/2015

  1. técnicos
  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 13:19
Rating: OK

Match 2: Canek © vs Mr. Jack [IWL HEAVY]
Arena Aficion, 01/13/2015

  1. Mr. Jack senton (0:37)
  2. Canek armbar (2:00)
  3. Mr. Jack cover (4:52)

Winner: Mr. Jack (2-1)
Match Time: 7:29
Rating: below average
Notes: Seconds are Pantera and somehow both Fuerza Guerrera and Mascara Año 2000 Jr. for Mr. Jack. The rudo seconds trapped Canek's leg in a chair in the third fall and kicked it repeatedly, in full view of Referee Maya. They kept him there while Mr. Jack came back in, with Fuerza attacking Pantera to keep him from helping. Canek no sold the attack moments later and went back on offense. Mascara tripped Canek out of the ring again and Fuerza got in his low blow knee lift. Canek rolled in and was pinned by Mr. Jack for the pin.