AAA on Televisa #1181 (12/27/2014) 
Recapped: 1/12/2015

Previously: everyone had a meal, but Niño Hamburguesa had to go be dumb and antagonize the rudos. He got stomped and hit with a plastic hammer.

Footage of AAA wrestlers visiting with Make a Wish children.

Back at the parties, an angry Mascarita Sagrada crashes the rudo party and screams. Taya gives us mock concern, and Konnan decides they all should just beat up the mini. These técnico are not smart. Rudos drag Sagrada to the lobby and try to get his mask (and or tickle him.) Sagrada manages to crawl away. Everyone is amused.

With no segue, it's footage of the Hell Brothers first trios match at Heroes Inmortales. This takes up most of the segment, leaving a minute for Konnan to turn his usual promo in to holiday wishes.

Back at the rudo party, Pentagon Jr. toasts himself for he and Sexy Star (not present) winning the mixed tag titles. And so we see that too. Hey, it's Mary Apache and Cuervo.

Back at the rudo party, Texano brags about beating Alberto in his welcome back match. And footage of that. This kills about 20 minutes. Is this an all rudo episode?

Back at the técnico party, Myzteziz tells Fenix and others how important it was for him to win the Copa Antonio Pena. Only about 12 minutes of that is shown, but this show is flying by if you're only watching new material. Maybe only about 10 minutes of party footage total, it seemed like much more last week. The intros into the footage are much shorter.

An angry and beat Mascarita Sagrada tells the técnicos what happened. They decide to all go together. Cut to the técnicos running the rudos out of the office without any fight.

The técnicos try to break a piñata, which mostly involved someone keeping puling the piñatas away from Jennifer and Jennifer throwing the stick at the piñata. That doesn't work, but Sagrada on Monster Clown's shoulders does work. They rip the piñatas and start hitting each other with the pieces because why not. The rudos think they've won, and then realized the técnicos got the best of them – and Niño finds the candy they accidentally left behind. The Roldans close the show.