AAA on Televisa #1174 (11/08/2014) 
Recapped: 11/13/2014

Previously: Mascarita won. Taya won. Demon & Fenix won, kind of. Suicide won, then got beat up. Monster Clown won. Parka watched bad match, which Cibernético should've stopped sooner.

Antonio Pena video package, with video from the annual mass. A lot more still images this year, including a photo with him and Vince McMahon.

A video package much like the TripleMania one introduces this show, though this is more general roster people and less matches. Uro Rocker is still around, apparently.

A Did You Know about the beginnings of AAA's major events.

Guerra de Titanes ad before even the first match!

Upcoming events includes Leon 0 and nothing else. Phone sing up ad.

Ladder match video. Hey, they explained the way one wins a ladder match, which is not a bad idea.

Match 1: Angélico vs Jack EvansJoe LiderHijo del Fantasma ©BengalaAerostarSúper FlySteve Pain for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
Domo San Luis, San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosí, 10/12/2014

Winner: Fantasma (retains title)
Match Time: 13:56
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Maya, who stays in the ring during the match because he's never actually watched a ladder match, I guess. He tries counting pins because he didn't see that video package.

A Did You Know claims Antonio Pena created the ladder match in the mid 90s. I don't even think Antonio Pena would claim that. He would've taken it from WWF (who were doing them before AAA formed), who took it from Calgary, who were doing them in the 70s. Maybe they just brought to México, because nothing else makes sense.

More upcoming events.

Jesus starts reading the list of Copa Pena winners during this match, as if he's got the match confused. Aerostar is taken from the match after landing on his back hard on a tope con giro attempt on Super Fly – he turned over very last and landed hard on the small of his back, but was able to walk off with assistance. Super Fly and Joe Lider have moments where the ladder just slips out from underneath them unplanned and they fall down hard. Fantasma shoves Jack off and climbs up last to win.

Did You Know: Antonio Pena invented the career vs career match. And also getting around the finish of a career vs career match, but they're not mentioning that part.

Copa Pena illustration.

Match 2: Myzteziz vs La ParkaBlue Demon Jr.Australian SuicideZorroPentagón Jr.FénixVillano IV for the Copa Antonio Pena and in a lumberjack rules match
Domo San Luis, San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosí, 10/12/2014

Winner: Myzteziz
Match Time: 26:43
Rating: ok
Notes: Worked as a Royal Rumble, complete with over the top eliminations. It was a lumberjack match, but the rudo did not showing up until just before the first addition and the técnico after. Referee was Maya.

Australian Suicide and Pentagon Jr. were the first out. The timer actually froze on 00:02 before hitting zero on Zorro. (No idea why they had the first zero.) Zorro, maybe flashing back to his pre-crazy gimmick, gave a rose to Marisela Pena. His two minutes didn't start until he got in the ring, which meant it ran much longer than they were expecting. Usual bit where the new guy would come in and lay out everyone they could with moves, which blew Zorro up. He looked very fat in his outfit. This also meant Suicide, Pentagon and Fenix spend the match getting beat up repeatedly. They got a ten second warning siren to work by the time Villano IV entered. A lot playing to the lumberjacks with Villano IV in to fill up the 2 minutes. Crowd chanted for “Místico” until Villano IV moved out of the way on a moonsault to let him crash and burn, then went after the mask. La Parka's music actually started a half minute early, then they shit it off. Fenix managed to get in a tope con giro as everyone was trapping people on the other side. Parka give everyone one armed moves. Demon's house of fire included guys repeatedly taking him down and feeding themselves into bodyscissors. It looked absurd. Parka went after the lumberjacks at one point.

Everyone got their moments in the second half of the match, including a Myzteziz/Fenix stereo técnico spot. Zorro's cane was completely legal, as it tends to be. Wrestlers teased throwing people out, but it seemed more as a way to get the lumberjack after them until Suicide was signaled eliminated. Pentagon and Zorro teamed up to get Fenix out, Villano V, Zorro and Zorro's cane teamed up on Parka. Zorro took an absurd trip out of the ring on a Demon rope grab headscissors. Pentagon and Myzteziz took a long break while Demon and V4 fought, confusing the announcers into believing the older two were the only two left. A Demon headscissors took V5 out, with Demon sort of throw himself to the floor.

Crowd picked up the Místico chant as soon as they realized he and pentagon were the only ones left. Lumberjacks and other eliminated guys left, allowing Myzteziz to do dives unobstructed. Pentagon dominated Myzteziz with kicks (and with Myzteziz taking big bump off the kicks before Myzteziz came back and landed a big tope. Pentagon caught Myzteziz on a springboard with a powerbomb, but could only get two. A big spinning DDT by Myzteziz gets two. Some fan support for Pentagon here. A corner spot goes a bit off, but Pentagon ends up with a backcracker for another two count. Myzteziz pulls out a Canadian Destroyer for a two count that everyone thinks is three. Finally, Mistica does it.

Fenix, for no obvious reason besides setting something up here, returns with the edecans and Joaquin Roldan to help present the award. Both Fenix and Joaquin congratulate Myzteziz. Myzteziz thanks everyone, thanks AAA, riffs off Wagner's catchphrase, and says it's a great honor to win something that honors Antonio Pena. Split screen with Marisela not really reacting but getting on screen.

Another Did You Know credits Pena from bringing cage matches to México.

Wraup up package and Guerra de Titanes hype ends the show.