AAA on Televisa #1170 (10/11/2014) 
Recapped: 10/24/2014

Previously: people won matches, Cibernético complains a lot.

Alberto, still in WWE mode, catches the viewer up to speed by explaining via a phone call to someone never quite explained. He's in an office somewhere. He's going to get revenge on Perro and Texano in SLP. That's all we get.

Footage of the annual Antonio Pena mass.

Match 1: Aerostar vs Hijo del Fantasma © for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
Domo Deportivo Noe Hernandez, Zumpango, Estado de México, 09/26/2014

Winner: Hijo del Fantasma (fireman's carry powerbomb)
Match Time: 12:31
Rating: good
Notes: Seconds are Niño Hamburguesa and Eterno. I think Hijo is wearing a Consejo shirt/hoodie, but we never get to see the back of it. Rafael el Maya, wearing a Rafael el Maya patch on his shirt as if that was his promotional affiliation, is referee.

Super Fly wanders down to ringside with a chair about 12 minutes in, and Aerostar opts to dive on him instead of Fantasma. Fantasma took advantage to attack Aerostar as he got up, and beat him with his first move after they came back inside. All three rudos stomped Aerostar (with Niño Hamburguesa no real help.) Aerostar took an unprotected chair shot to the head, then Super Fly used Aerostar's firecan to light him on fire twice. Fantasma was standing too close, and seemed to get shot in legs, and didn't really sell it. Aerostar shook all over the mat. Security stopped Super Fly from doing any more.

Perro Aguayo Jr. promo for Heroes Inmortales and Alberto del Rio.

Backstage footage of Aerostarbeing attended by medics. He's got a cut on top of his head form the chair shot (though they're focusing more on the fire.)

Match 2: Bengala, Blue Demon, Fénix vs Pentagón Jr., Steve Pain, Villano IV
Domo Deportivo Noe Hernandez, Zumpango, Estado de México, 09/26/2014

Winner: técnicos (Demon scorpion Villano IV
Match Time: 13:27 (3:07+10:20)
Rating: OK

Highlight package of the cruiserweight title match from TripleMania leads into a plug for San Luis Potosi.

Match 3: Angélico & Jack Evans vs Averno & Chessman
Domo Deportivo Noe Hernandez, Zumpango, Estado de México, 09/26/2014

Winner: Angelico & Jack Evans (by DQ)
Match Time: 7:02
Rating: OK
Notes: Angelico had Averno up for the crucifix powerbomb when Eterno, Steve Pain and Hijo del Fantasma all ran in for the DQ. (Rafael el Maya was back to playing fair referee this week.) Blue Demon Jr. ran in for the save, Cibernético after him – but Cibernético instead attacked Demon from behind with a chair. Cibernético unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a Hell Brothers t-shirt, then handed the same to Chessman and Averno. They were in on it, though the other rudos were not and confused. They left as the new Hell Brothers beat up and unmasked Demon while Cibernético continued his rant against AAA and the Roldans.

In a face to face interview, Alberto tells Perro he's going for the title and then Perro's hair. Perro says this is his place, he's the king, no técnico is stop him, and the only Patron is him. Alberto says Perro always needs backup, always needs a group, and doesn't have it to face him one on one. Perro gloats at what he did to Dos Sr. at TripleMania, and tells Alberto his WWE title aren't worth anything. Perro does his WWE catchphrase mocking – he's not a catchphase, and he's not interesting in titles or mask, just Alberto's hair. Alberto, stripping off his coat, angrily tells Perro for disrespect his dad, and says Perro is just doing an act for the cameras, but Perro angered him for real at Triplemania, and Alberto is going to shave him at TripleMania.