AAA on Televisa #1168 (09/27/2014) 
Recapped: 10/08/2014

Previously: Dinastía, Ludxor and Venum won. Taya won. Aerostar missed a dive and that's all that happened in that match. Joe Lider turned on his team (after a while.) Cibernético complained a lot. Myzteziz and Perro also had a match with no particular finish.

People having fun on a beach in Cancun.

Jesus previews the show.

Promo for the Antonio Pena mass.

Lots of visiting tourist sites in Cancun footage.

There's also footage of Angelico going to a club and speaking at a school.

And footage of everyone doing a red carpet walk like bit presumably before the show.

Match 1: Aerostar, Angélico, Australian Suicide vs Daga, El Apache, Hijo de Pirata Morgan
Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, 09/14/2014

Winner: tecnicos 
Match Time: 11:36 (2:31+9:05)
Rating: good
Notes: Daga update: No shirt.

Pirata is way over with the crowd for some reason.

Jesus Zuniga kills time and/or talks about the match and the trip before sending it to another video package of fun in the water and beach. Also, footage of the wrestling training, which is mostly the wrestlers putting the fans in hold.

Match 2: Psycho Clown vs Chessman
Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, 09/14/2014

Winner: Psycho Clown (Canadian Destoryer)
Match Time: 9:03
Rating: OK/GOOD
Notes: Referee is Piero Mini Abismo is Chessman's second, Dinastía is Psycho's. Both got involved, with Dinastía taking a powerbomb and Mini Abismo helping out a lot. Blue Demon Jr. came down to the ring while Chessman was still in charge and argued with him. Announcers pushed that Demon still wants a title match, so that hasn't been dropped. Psycho made his comeback soon after.

After Psycho won with the Destroyer, Averno ran out and attacked Demon (while Mini Abismo did the same to Demon to send him away.) Demon returned with a chair, and tossed at at the rudos a they left. Demon offers his help to Cibernético in a promo. A long bit of slapping hands and another video package rounds out the show.