CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #441 (05/03/2014) 
Recapped: 05/07/2014

Match 1: Gallo, Pegasso, Rey Cometa vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Kamaitachi, Shigeo Okumura
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 04/22/2014

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:17
Rating: ok

Match 2: Valiente vs TritónDeltaGuerrero Maya Jr.Stuka Jr.Rey CometaAvernoMephistoEphestoNiebla RojaTigerPuma in a CMLL's Reyes del Aire Tournament match
Arena México, 04/27/2014

  1. Tiger Canadian Destroyer Triton (7:15)
  2. Guerrero Maya Jr. pin Ephesto (7:53)
  3. Niebla Roja quebrada Guerrero Maya Jr. (10:28)
  4. Puma reinera Rey Cometa (11:31)
  5. Delta guillotine double stomp Tiger (12:23)
  6. Valiente Buster on Puma (13:51)
  7. Averno Devil's Wings Delta (15:37)
  8. Stuka top rope splash Niebla Roja (17:00)
  9. Averno & Mephisto two man powerbomb Valiente (19:26)
  10. Stuka casadora cradle Averno (20:51)
  11. Stuka Jr. back suplex piledriver Mephisto (27:08)

Winner: Stuka Jr.
Match Time: 27:08
Rating: good
Notes: It's rudos versus técnicos. Referee is Edgar, no outside refers.

Averno and Delta start, with Delta being knocked down to set up an armdrag. Faceoff, and Averno stretches his back. Averno armdrags Delta to set up a Delta armdrag, Averno trips up Delta to set up a Delta headscissors, trips to set up the standoff. Mephisto and Maya in, though Mephisto is busy arguing with someone. Lockup, Mephisto drop toe hold, double chickenwing around into an armdrag, Maya kips up to armdrag Mephisto himself. Mephisto and Maya exchange quick trips up until Maya is able to pull Mephisto into a cradle on the mat. Mephisto hammerlock, Maya jumping snap mare sends Mephisto out, Maya chases onto the rudo side, and that starts a big standoff between the sides on the outside. Stuka and Roja resume in the ring, also exchange armdrags and quick knocks downs. They tag without getting after. Ephesto in and knocking down Valiente right away. Stomps and then chops. Corner whip, Ephesto charges in, Valiente moves, Ephesto's caught in the corner and Valiente spanks him. Valiente off the ropes, double duck down, Valiente slides out and Ephesto counter topes him. Amapola notes it's Ephesto signature move. Tiger and Cometa in, Cometa flipping run, Tiger misses a clothesline, Cometa headscissors him to the ropes. Cometa to the apron and off with a diving headscissors on the rudo side, celebrating and getting away before the rudos react. Puma in, and Triton springboards in – they're the last two to start. Replay of the headscissors. Triton on takes out Puma with the handshake. Puma kisses Triton's boot, then surprises him with a superkicks him. Whip, reversed, Puma misses a late senton, Triton springs off Puma's back and springboard into a headscissors. Cometa in, and out the other way with a rope grab tornillo. Roja in, Triton springboard armdrags him, then dropkick out. Maya in this time, his thru the ropes tope con giro. Tiger in, Triton rolls over his back, blocks slaps, wristlocks Tiger and triple bounce into a headscissors. Triton claps, runs, and gets in his double springboard moonsault. Delta and Averno in. Averno back elbow, stomps. Averno goes after Delta's mask. Averno misses a clothesline, Delta back with a springing headscissors. Delta off the ropes, his cartwheel backwards roll into a headscissors on Averno. Stuka over, waved by, handspring, Roja clothesline misses, but he gets in the flapjack up kick. Stuka out, Roja out after with a rope grab tope con giro. Triton springboard plancha Tiger, Tiger misses a clothesline, Triton corner kip up, Canadian Destroyer one two three. Triton is out first.

Maya in and dropkicking Tiger out. Ephesto replaces him, and knocks Maya down with a jumping shoulderblock. Ephesto misses a clothesline, Maya shoulderblock, springboard reverse tope, senton, but Ephesto kicks out at one zero. Ephesto runs into a spinebuster, Maya reaches down, Ephesto trips his Ephesto roll, Maya blocks and pins him for three.

Mephisto shoulderblock Delta out before he can even get in. Mephisto waits for someone else to get in, but they're letting Delta crawl back in, just to get kicked. Mephisto shoves Delta in the corner and slaps him hard, drawing the ire of Stuka. Mephisto just slaps him off the apron. Corner whip, Delta kips up, runs to the the ropes, grabs the ropes, waves his hand no, then Mephisto charges into a kick to flip Delta to the apron. That was odd. Delta springboard headscissors sends Ephesto out, and Delta follows with a tope. Tiger off the ropes, over, slides out, Cometa slides out after him. Tiger backs off, and Cometa just looks around a bit confused. Not sure what was supposed to happen there. Roja back in, now to face Maya. Did we lose sequence. Roja slaps Maya into the ropes. Chops. Knees, whip, evasion, Maya behind the back armdrag, leapfrogs, quebradora. Maya waits for Roja to get back up, but Roja needs a breath. Maya goes for the springboard tope, but Roja moves and throws Maya on to the mat. Stomp, then to the apron – springboard splash, quebrada, one two three.

Puma clothesline Cometa down to pick up. Corner whip, superkick knocks the gum out of Cometa's mouth. Replay of Cometa being knocked down. Puma slaps Comet into the ropes. Whip, Cometa ducks Puma and superkicks him. Cometa off the ropes, rope flip backward rolls, Cometa shoulderblock, rope flip helicopter headscissors leaves Puma down. Cometa runs, casadora – no, Puma counters to a reinera, and Cometa is down.

Valiente in, for the first time in a while, running dropkick to Puma. Puma slide out, and Valiente crushes him with a tope. Delta and Tiger in, Delta rolling into a high speed Tiger dropkick. Tiger charges, misses a dropkick, hangs in the ropes, and Delta guillotine double stomps him. One two three.

Mephisto back elbows Stuka and chops him as he comes in. Whip, Mephisto slides out after a dropdown, and Stuka topes him. Puma and Valiente take over, Valiente firing up the crowd before engaging. Valiente off the ropes, into a Puma flapjack. Casita, one two NO. Valiente bans on the mat. Puma slaps Valiente into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Puma leaps to the top rope and off with a giant front cracker. One two thr-NO! Puma clothesline misses, Valiente grabs him – Valiente Buster. One two three.

Half the field is done: they're down to Stuka, Valiente and Delta versus Averno, Mephisto and Niebla Roja. Delta off the ropes, rolling faceslam on Averno one two NO. Delta powerslams him, Averno, quebrada, but Delta is strangely too hurt to cover. He waits for Averno roll closer to the ropes, then covers – hey, Averno got the ropes, what a surprise. Averno kicks Delta way, charge, hangs himself in the ropes, Delta guillotine double stomp again. Averno is out, but way close to the ropes, and Mephisto makes that clear by breaking with the pin on the outside. Delta and Mephisto mess with the pin long enough for Averno to get out, which greatly upsets Delta. Delta sets Averno up top and climbs up to join him, but Averno jabs him twice, and middle rope Devil's Wings. One two three.

Stuka and Roja in, Stuka evades, but is dropped by a quebradora. Roja does a second to be sure. He's far more técnico in this match than usual. Double chickenwing faceslam, one two NO. Roja kicks and stomps Stuka, then goes to the apron. Springboard splash, roll into the quebrada again – but this time Stuka gets up his feet tops top it. Stuka slams Roja, goes up himself, bomb splash connects. One two three.

Averno and Mephisto, the last two rudos, stomp down Valiente as he comes in. Mephisto whips Valiente as Averno leaves. Drop toe hold, running kick to the face. Averno whips Valiente, spinebuster, cover, one two NO. Averno back in to help – hold, Valiente for a Valiente chop, which goes fine. Whip, double rebound faceslam, Valiente lands on his feet, avoids Averno and clotheslines Mephisto out. Averno tries to toss Valiente to the apron, can't get him there, and Valiente improvises an armdrag. Valiente backs up, runs up – Valiente Special takes out Averno. Rudos recover first, but Stuka runs – tope only hits Valiente! Avernos throw Stuka into the barricade hard, then throw Valiente in. Two man powerbomb on Valiente, Mephisto covers, one two three. Valiente kicked out right at 3.001 there, then rolls out and collapses on the floor.

Averno grabs Stuka and pulls him back in. Averno sets Stuka on the top rope, and goes for his mask. Averno's pulled back, and Mephisto takes over with the mask ripping. Stuka's mask is pretty wracked. Mephisto drags Stuka down for a running kick. Whip, double faceslam is set up, Mephisto leaves to celebrate and Stuka turns it a casadora cradle on Averno. One two three. Nice to know you. Averno protests and is shocked. Mephisto is the last man to realize what's happened. Averno throws a sizable fit. Edgar tells Averno he has to leave, but Averno doesn't want to – and then he storms off, covering his head. Ephesto, who was eliminated more 10 minutes ago, walks with him to the back.

Stuka sunset flip on Mephisto one two NO. Stuka cheerleads for himself. Stuka off the ropes, huracanrana one two NO. Pause. Stuka casadora, Mephisto crawls away. Stuka off the ropes, Mephisto flips him to the apron, slide back past him to the floor, Stuka kicks him and follows with an Asai moonsault. Replay. Mephisto knocks down Stuka, climbs up to the top, top rope plancha, Stuka rolls thru one two NO. Stuka drags Mephisto away from the corner. Crowd has quited down near the end here, though they react when Stuka prompts them. Stuka climbs up, points up, and splashes – into Mephisto's feet one two NO. Stuka surprise inside cradle, one two NO. Si Se Puede chants starts up. Stuka corner whip, charge in, Mephisto sets Stuka up top and slaps him. Stuka leans back as if he's going to fall, but hangs out. Mephisto pull him off, valagueza. One two NO. Both slow up. Mephisto kicks Stuka back, charge in, Stuka casually moves out of his way, Mephisto climbs to the second rope on his own. Stuka slaps him, but he's obviously walking into the Devil's Wings and does. Middle rope Devil's Wings squashes Stuka. One two NO. Mephisto turns to argue and gets inside cradle again, one two NO. Crowd is reacting to the near falls, but there's not a buzz in between if that makes any sense. Stuka slips behind Mephisto, double underhook back suplex into a piledriver. Stuka's mask completely falls off – it's knocks off when Mephisto's sort of headlock is spun upside down – but he grabs it, puts it over his face, then leans on top to cover, one two three.