AAA on Televisa #1146 (04/26/2014) 
Recapped: 04/30/14

Previously: there was a women's match. There was a La Parka/Cibernetico promo that they didn't show until now that ended up with Socidedad beating up the técnicos. Niño Hamburguesa pinned a Rocker. Suicide beat Pentagon, with the finish edited as much. Sexy Star & Pentagon trained.

Recap: Alan Stone beat Chessman in SLP (in the match that wasn't shown.) Psycho Clown challenged Texano again.

Match 1: Argenis, Ludxor, Venum vs Carta Brava Jr., Eterno, Súper Fly
Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, 04/19/2014

Winner: técnicos (Argenis moonsault Super Fly)
Match Time: 10:38
Rating: ok/good

Match 2: Drago & Faby Apache vs Pentagón Jr. & Sexy Star and Dark Cuervo & Mary Apache for the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship
Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, 04/19/2014

Winner: Pentagon & Sexy Star
Match Time: 12:09 (3:45+8:24)
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Rambo is commissioner on duty, which means this might be his first in-ring appearance (to hold the belts) in AAA since 1995.

Pentagon and Mary start, because why not. Pentagon no longer has sleeves, Mary is wrestling in a Secta T-shirt. Pentagon slips behind and armdrags Mary to the ropes. Another lockup, and Mary gets the armdrag this time. Pentagon is annoyed. Pentagon takedown, Mary twisted into a cruz nipona variation on the mat. Mary breaks free for a kneebar into a reverse Indian deathlock. Pentagon armdrag, into a sort of reverse cloverleaf. Mary's turn, she spins over Pentagon's Jr.'s legs, then turns into an STF. Pentagon Jr. tries his own hold, but Cuervo breaks it up with a running double stomp. Cuervo yells at Faby, casita, Drago breaks it up. Seems like it's one pin to a finish here, but I guess we'll see. Drago's cradle is broken up by Sexy. Sexy implant DDT, Faby breaks the pin. Faby dropkicks Sexy and yanks her around by the hair. Whip, reverses, Faby clothesline misses, Faby armdrags Sexy over, Faby kicks, Sexy goes down. Whip, dropkick, out goes Sexy. Faby runs for a dive, Pentagon cuts her off with an enziguri. Break.

Pentagon yanks Faby around by her hair. Whip, clothesline misses, Faby back with a headscissors. Faby runs again, but this time it's Cuervo cutting her off with a dropkick. Maybe Faby should try not running. Cuervo corner whip, Faby to the middle rope and back with a headscissors. Mary breaks it up with a kick, celebrates, and Drago gets her with a dropkick. Cuervo kicks Drago into the corner, misses the corner charge, and Drago flattens him with a top rope tornillo. Drago with a flipping armdrag sends Cuervo out, then moves out to the way of a Pentagon senton. Pentagon misses a weak clothesline and is caught in a spinning DDT. Drago pulls Pentagon back up, spinning neckbreaker one and Sexy in to break it up. Sexy kicks Drago to the head and slaps him on the back. She holds him for Pentagon Jr. Pentagon sizes Drago up, and slaps him in the chest hard. Sexy kicks Drago in the head while Pentagon celebrates the loud noise. Drago sneaks in a kick on sexy. Drago and Pentagon exchange kicks, Pentagon catches Drago's kick, Sexy has to run around Drago so Pentagon can toss the foot to him to open himself up for a superkick. Sexy adds her own high kick. Sexy frontcracker, Pentagon backcracker, both over, and Cuervo breaks up the pin. Mary I with her as well. This better not be elimination, or everyone's a moron and I hate everyone being a moron. Corner whip, Mary charges in and clothesline Sexy, and Cuervo follows behind th a double knee. Sexy whipped out into a Mary high kick, falling down before the foot got there. Cuervo top rope senton con giro. Cuervo breaks up that pin, and the ring clears out of everyone but Drago and Cuervo. Drago trips Cuervo into the ropes, Faby kicks him, Drago inverted bridging chinlock, Faby dropkick to the face, and now it's Pentagon's turn to break up the pin. Sexy wipes out Faby with a high kick. Pentagon Jr. throws himself out charging at Drago. Drago and Sexy evade, Sexy flapjack, cradle swinging neckbreaker, Mary breaks it up. Going to be tough for anyone to win with it like this. Mary takes Sexy out with a hard sit down powerbomb, one two Faby breaks it up. Faby Devil's Wings, Pentagon breaks it up with a kick to the back of the head. Pentagon double underhook piledriver on Faby! Cuervo makes the save, which is weird since it's Faby. Pentagon and Cuervo evade, but Pentagon rolls upside down into a dropkick. Drago's turn to break it up. This just pinfall breaks up. Drago gets an armdrag to set up something, but Mary kicks him in the face before he can get it. Mary holds Drago, but Cuervo's dropkick gets her partner. Drago dropkicks Cuervo out. Pentagon in, and Drago backdrops him to the apron. Jumping swing kick sends Pentagon Jr. to the floor, and the rudos helpfully stand around on the floor doing nothing until Drago gets in a moonsault tornillo on both. Sexy up top - s she lands her own tornillo, mostly getting Drago. Pentagon and the Apaches in, Pentagon getting them both with leg kicks, but Mary and Faby both going crawling on him with slaps. Corner whips, Pentagon climbs up, Apache slaps him, and pulls him off into a two woman suplex. Sexy breaks up the pin and kicks Mary out of the ring as she was trying to break ti up. Sexy yanks around Faby's hair. Corner whip, Sexy charges into a Faby kicks. Faby with a wild double stomp, Sexy puled out, swings, misses, Faby German suplex one two Pentagon pulls Tirantes away from counting. Faby holds the pin, and Tirantes look around to get boos. Cuervo DDTs Pentagon, Drago flying DDT on Cuervo, Drago running tornillo onto both rudos. Back inside, Faby catches Mary for the exploder suplex one....two..... Faby gets up and argues Tirantes. Unsure why Tirantes is slow counting now when he wasn't the rest of the match. Sexy attacks Faby, trips her up, and puts her in – I guess that's a Pulpo Guerrero, though it looks a bit off. Faby gives up. That was really simple after everything else. Camera zooms in Faby's left arm, which is taped, just to make sure she had an excuse.

Tecnicos have a fit. Cuervo and Mary walk of right away, and the new champions get their belts. Shot of Sexy & Pentagon's boxer friend applauding. They stick with the rudos celebrating for quite a while longer than usual. Tirantes hangs out on the stage, in the center of the shot, for a while.

Rudos celebrate with the boxing guy and the new champions, though Mamba is not included when Konnan asks for ladies to party with.

Demon/Chessman/Villano IV recap video package. Well, V4 is in this for about five seconds, apparently getting beat easily by Chessman.

Match 3: Blue Demon Jr. vs Villano IV
Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, 04/19/2014

Winner: Blue Demon
Match Time: 18:09
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Handshake to start the match. Referee is Copetes.

Demon backs V4 into the ropes but gives a clean break. Demon takes V4 down, but V4 uses the headstand headscissors to screw Demon into the mat. Demon breaks free and ties up Demon's legs, then pulls an armbar back. V4 around into a cradle, Demon free but fees his arm, but that sets up an armdrag anyway. V4 trips up Demon, and takes him down. Demon toe hold, which Villano pretends hurts instead of reaching for the ropes that are two inches away from him. Demon bow and Arrow doesn't look quite right either. V4 gets to the ropes after Demon tries something else. Crowd claps, because that's what they're supposed to right there, but this has not been the great mat work they're pretending it is. Demon does another hold, a double armbar with feet presses into Villano's collar bone - which doest not look as impressive as when other people are doing it, but whichever. Armdrags back and forth, with a slow V4 roll to his feet and zero trips. Villano IV getting up and down quickly is just not going to happen, unsure if we're supposed to notice. Demon headlocks Villano and holds it in. Crowd starting their own chants. Demon around into a drop toe hold, and holds V4's leg on the ground. Demon occasionally putting pressure on V4's foot. V4 breaks free and forces Demon down with a wristlock. Some whistling. V4 headstands to put pressure on the arm, which gets a good reaction. They get to their feet, shoves, lands slap until V4 gets in a heel kick. Kick to the face too. Kick to the ribs. Demon set head into the buckle. V4 punches to the midsection. Slap to the face. Punch to the midsection. Demon powers out and tries to hit V4, but V4 just slaps him down. V4 uses a full nelson to smash Demon's head into the buckle, which I've never seen before and almost don't see this time since AAA uses the least impressive camera angle to show it. Demon tumbles out of the ring, and is clearly reaching under the ring for something. V4 gives him a moment, picks him up, and sends Demon gentles it to he post. Demon stumbles to the barricade and pus his head over the apron, though we still haven't seen it. Demon charges his head as Villano kicks him in the back. What do you know, he's bleeding. Shocking. That was amazingly unsubtle. It's not much, more just a dark mark in between the eyes, which Villano hammers with elbows and headbutts him over. V4 kicks Demon, then puts on a chinlock so he can bite at the cut. Now the blood is pouring out and over Demon's eye holes, which can't feel good. V4 knuckle punches the cut a few times to get the blood flowing more. V4 DDT. Kneeling surfboard, just long enough for the camera to take a shot (not that the video people use it.) V4 punches Demon, who goes out towards the ramp. V4 grabs a chair helpfully left next to the barricade, waits for Demon to turn around, and hits him in the hair what a chair. Demon gets his hands up. V4 back in, Demon comes in to break the count and leaves. Demon checks him self. He's bleeding quite a bit. V4 knees Demon as he comes in. Whip, clothesline misses, Demon back with a spear. Demon on top of V4 and slapping him in the head repeatedly. Demon goes out to get the chair, and smashes it over V4's head. V4 does not get his hands up at all, though the chair does fold open on impact. Demon does it again, much lighter but the chair doesn't give that time. V4 rolls out and is obviously going to his forehead – at least they cut away to a replay this time. V4 is letting go of the mysterious object on the floor as Demon comes to collect him. Demon starts to go after the mask, stops, and then rips up any way. V4 turns and take Demon down, then tries to punch Demon, but Demon covers up. V4 rips up Demon's mask, exposing his face for a moment. Demon pulls it together and get up so they exchange slaps. V4 wins with punches, Demon falls in to the ropes and bounces back with a forearm. Demon picks up V4 and shoves him in towards the ropes. V4 tumbles out, and Demon just catches up to him on a tope. Both guys pull each other back from getting in. Demon makes it in, V4 turnbuckle smashes him, then kicks him back again on charge. V4 up to the middle rope, missile dropkick and both men are down. V4 crawls on top one two NO. V4 with a tirabuzón, into a cradle, one tow Demon escapes on top one two NO. V44 clotheslines Demon once, twice, then walks into a fujiwara. Demon cranks it in, cranks it in, Villano IV isn't moving, isn't giving up. Copetes is kinda in the way to get to the ropes, but it's okay because Demon just gives it up and turns into across armbreaker. Again, V4 isn't moving but isn't giving up. V4 turns into a cradle for two. Both men are spent. V4 up first, slap, whip, reverses, V4 sunset flip, Demon rolls thru, dropkick, one two NO. Demon kicks V4. And backs him into the corner. Corner whip, Demon runs in, V4 kicks him away, climbs up to the middle rope, and Demon slaps him. Huracanrana one two NO. Crowd is into the near falls and chanting for Demon. V4 catches Deon in armdrag, Anaconda vice? No, Demon reverses to a hammerlock, stands up V4, then pulls him over for a modified Alejandrina. Villano IV holds out, holds out, gives up.

Demon asks for a title match. Chessman, in a suit and with the belt, says Demon claims he had a problem to cause him to miss the match – but everyone has problems and they still show up for work. Chessman denies the title match, saying it'd be Demon's final match. Demon trashes Chessman, who does not care.