AAA on Televisa #1137 (02/22/2014) 
Recapped: 02/23/2014

A Super Fly pretaped promo (!!!!!) explains he turned on Aerostar because he was angry about being left off TV. It seems like he turned rudo last time to join the Milicia, but this time is to get revenge on the técnicos.

Match 1: Jinzo, Ludxor, Venum vs Carta Brava Jr., Fresero Jr., Súper Fly
Centro Civico Nueva Aragon, Ecatepec, Estado de México, 02/09/2014

Winner: Rudos (Super Fly super powerbomb on Jinzo)
Match Time: 13:57
Rating: good
Notes: Super Fly has new music and came out wearing a Seminestra mask before unmasking with new yellow and black colors. Not sure. Fresero and Jinzo have title belts.

Match is proceeded by Chessman talking about his dislike of Blue Demon Jr. - Chessman trained with his father and respects him, but doesn’t think much of Demon Jr.'s dedication.

Match 2: Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans vs Chessman, Daga, Pentagón Jr.
Centro Civico Nueva Aragon, Ecatepec, Estado de México, 02/09/2014

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 15:18 (3:13+12:05)
Rating: excellent
Notes: Referee is Hijo del Tirantes.

Angelico and Daga start with counters, but when they go to stereo poses, Angelico dropkicks Daga out and poses. Angelico is booed. Suicide and Pentagon are next, and trading kicks. Suicide heel kicks Pentagon, off the ropes, over, flipping run, and back with aback flip to headscissors Pentagon. Suicide of the ropes, up to Pentagon's shoulders, and off with a headscissors. Handspring dive fake and pose by Suicide. Announcers go quiet – oh, it's a break.

Jack dances, Chessman kicks him. He never learns. Jack set on the ropes and slapped hard. Jack has the neon green look going around, but I think that's more to match to Angelico. Clothesline misses, Jack grabs onto Chessman and flips off, then back flips under a clothesline enroute to a front flip double heel kick. Jack kips up, Pentagon attack from behind and is glanced by a backflip kick. Suicide and Angelico into add their own kicks, and Pentagon takes an inverted chinlock, headkick, quebrada series. Daga breaks up Suicide’s pin, but stands there in place for the tecnicos to armbar and kick. Angelico adds a heel kick, then points Suicide into a running spinning shooting star press. Angelico tosses Jack on top, but Tirantes won't count the pin because Suicide is helping Jack cover. Besita Negra agrees! Chessman runs over Jack with a clothesline, and the rudos layout the other two. Daga and Suicide into one corner, Suicide kicks Daga away, but charges into a toss into Chessman's spear. Suicide's held for chops, including the loudest one ever from Pentagon Jr. A chop so hard, it gets a replay! Chessman slaps Angelico down loudly and Daga chokes Angelico in the corner. Corner whip, Pentagon corner charge, Angelico flips him but Daga still clothesline him. Daga whips Angelico out into a Chessman side slam, then he and Daga hold Angelico in position for a moment to set up a Pentagon Jr. low blow missile dropkick. That takes longer to do than normal, but it still hurts Angelico a bunch. Rudos hold Jack so Daga can get a chance to chop, though his isn't as loud as his partner. Whip, clothesline, Pentagon wheelbarrow for a Daga frontcracker, then pulls back into a Pentagon backcracker. Rudos are very proud of themselves. Chessman & Daga out. Suicide in and met with a Chessman kick. Suicide gets up and forearms everyone, but Chessman just headbutts him. Pentagon with a loud chop to the back. Chops. Double side backbreaker, Chessman superkicks sends Suicide tumbling out. Angelico kicks as he comes in and thrown right back out. Pentagon geos out after Suicide and throws him back in. Poor guy, more destruction for him. Whip, Suicide gets in a dropkick on Pentagon. Daga grabs Suicide, whips him, but Daga reverses into a spinning DDT. Chessman grabs Suicide’s leg and slaps him, but Suicide enziguri his way out. Angelico's up on the apron, Suicide dives and makes a tag. Clothelsine for Pentagon, for Chessman, for Daga, corner smash for Daga. Pentagon up and stumbling around, Angelico misses him, but Jack lands a springboard kick to the head. Angelico back elbows the other two, and lifts Jack into a boot dropkick on both. Jack runs, and launches his dive onto Chessman and Daga. Rudos recover and punch Jack, and Suicide adds a shooting star cannonball onto the group. Pentagon misses a clothesline, Angelico with kicks and a side kick to the head. Running knee knocks over Pentagon one two NO. Whip, clothesline misses, Pentagon back with the Sling Blade, Suicide barrels into the pint o break it up before Pentagon can get a count. Chop fight with Pentagon and Suicide. Pentagon clothesline misses, Suicide jawbreaker, off the ropes, running glancing knee to the back, standing moonsault one two Daga breaks it up. Daga chops Suicide into the corner. Corner whip, Daga rebounds out, Suicide leaps over, swings and misses and Daga back with a bunch of slaps to the face and a forearm to finish. Dragon suplex! Wish they didn't zoom out on that. Daga holds not the bridge, but Jack breaks up the pin with a double stomp. Crowd boos Jack. Whip, Jack springboard backflips over Daga, cartwheel kick, Daga staggers around and falls down. Jack to the ropes – springboard twisting quebrada one two Chessman breaks it up with a big slap to the back. Crowd is behind the rudos and therefore pleased. Chessman tortures Jack with chops, Jack ducks over and leg kicks a few time, off the ropes, caught in dropped with a layout frontcracker. Chessman thumb across the throat one two Angelico breaks it up. Crowd hates Angelico the most. Corner whip, Chessman springboard into a counter dropkick to the back. Daga in, jumping side kick knocks down Angelico. Corner whip, Daga charges in, Angelico kicks away Daga, Angelico ducks under, Angelico legsweep misses, up kick connects. Angelico calls for the end. Crucifix powerbomb into the corner, Daga hitting the top rope hard. Jack up – Jack down, Chessman rips him up. Angelico manages to kick away Chessman from him, but this is falling apart for the tecnicos. Pentagon backcracker on Angelico, Jack gets back up and moonsaults onto Chessman! Suicide in with a Pentagon, Pentagon grabs a clothesline and turns into a half nelson powerbomb one two Angelico flies into break it up. Thought that was it for sure. Angelico knees lifts, whip, reversed, Angelico tries to clothesline Daga, Daga kips under and up to side kick Angelico out. That was craziness. Superman dive! Back to Suicide and Pentagon in again, Pentagon charges in, Suicide kicks him away, Suicide head kicks Pentagon down. Middle rope tornillo moonsault one two thr-NO. Fair count by Tirantes, just not three. Suicide pulls Pentagon away from the corner and goes up again. Shooting star press this knees! Package piledriver! One two three! Could be a million, he's not getting up for a while.

Pentagon celebrates for a couple seconds, then sits up Suicide and unties his mask. The doctor is out to check on Suicide, but Suicide's too busy trying hold his mask on. Suicide fights, Chessman smashes him in the back with a chair. Jack and Angelico recover, make the save and scare the rudos off.

Match 3: Cibernético vs El Elegidoel Hijo del Perro AguayoElectroshock in a AAA's Rey de Reyes Tournament match and in a tournament semifinal match
Centro Civico Nueva Aragon, Ecatepec, Estado de México, 02/09/2014

Winner: Perro Aguayo Jr.
Match Time: 11:05
Rating: OK