CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #430 (02/15/2014) 
Recapped: 02/15/2014

Match 1: Stigma, Stuka Jr. ©, Tritón vs Boby Zavala, Camorra, Sangre Azteca ©
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 02/04/2014

  1. rudos
  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:17
Rating: below average (thanks to the Camorra section.)

Match 2: Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Puma & Tiger for the Arena Coliseo (DF) Tag Team Championship
Arena Coliseo, 02/09/2014

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 19:31
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Watching the TV version, which starts with Puma and Maya circling. Referee is Besita Negra

1: early exchange leads to a Puma bow and arrow, Maya escaping on top for a zero count. Maya gets a front hammerlock, Puma fights and runs it around into an elbow lock. . Maya around into a hammerlock. Tries to headlock his way out, Maya stops that, and puma goes low for a takedown into a modified figure four. Maya gets a hand on the ropes. Puma argues it, gets nowhere. Maya takes Puma down by his arm, traps one and pulls the other for an armbar, then switched over to put more pressure on that one arm. Puma starts to slip fee and gets in a single leg. Snap mare, modified surfboard. Maya slips out to a kneebar, Puma to armbar, Maya out to a standing surfboard, Puma stands on his head and headscissors out. Faceoff. Lockup, Maya gets an armdrag and armbar, Puma crucifix cradle for two, quick and forth before they get back on their fee. Puma offer handshake, Maya accepts, Puma turns into an armdrag, Maya battles back to armdrag Puma away. Puma backs off and tags in Tiger. Delta rolls in as well. Tiger wants a handshake and Tiger accepts it, no shenanigans. Tiger waistlock, Delta headlock, back to the to the other arm, Tiger around to a front facelock, Delta slips out and goes for a backmounted sleeper. They fall backwards into a cradle for two. Tiger takedown, half crab. Delta's not moving much at first, but trips Tiger to put on his own toe hold. Delta going mat work heavy after Maya is something. Delta switched to – well, he gives up half way thru and and Tiger trips him onto his chest to try his own moves. Delta cradles Tiger for two, then gets in another cradle for two, Tiger turning into an anklelock from that then switching to a STF. Tiger switches to a fujiwara, Delta easily rolls out of that, Delta rolls away, and Tiger pulls him back for a headscissors. Delta escapes, and tires to pull Tiger into a nudo lagunero, can't quite get it, then won't got right away as Tiger tries to reverse it into a sunset flip. Tiger gets it eventually for two. Delta surfboard, armdrag, Tiger armdrag of his own, standoff. Tiger kicks Delta. Whip, clothesline misses, Delta back with a back spring headscissors. Tiger lands in the corner, Delta shoulderblocks him runs – right into a Puma superkick. Whip by the cats, Delta tossed into Tiger's upraised feet, though Delta lands before he his face hits the feet. High low takedowns on Delta. Maya steps the run with a plancha on Tiger. Whip, Puma rolls over Maya's back and attempts to clothesline him out – Maya can't get over and goes thru the ropes. (Puma starts checking his arm HERE – either he hurt it trying the clothesline, or maybe it was something he came with that just got worse.) Tiger does his running tornillo onto Delta, while Puma goes out the other side for a tope con giro on Maya. Puma grabs his left bicep as he lands, so it very obvious something is wrong. Replays of the dive. Back live, rudos whip Maya, take him down, and Puma lifts Tiger on his shoulders – Mouse Trap – broken up by Delta legdrop a little late. Maya inside cradles Puma away, then pulls him into the suástica while Delta submits Maya. That's it for both of them.

2: Maya and Puma start off in a chop fight, which Maya wins via armdrag. Maya gives Puma a spinning slam, but misses a follow up elbow drop and gets kicked by Puma. Puma's holding his left arm in tight. Corner whip, reversed, Puma rebounds out backwards and Maya runs in double knee him in the back. Puma rolls thru the ropes, never not grabbing his left arm. The doctor checks on Puma while Maya gives his brother a quebradora. Whip, Tiger clothesline misses, and Maya armdrags him into the ropes. Maya rolls to his pose. Puma seems to be in some pain, and they edit out a bit of Tiger checking on Puma here. Tiger fakes handshake and kicks Delta. Headlock, shot off, shoulderblock, neither guys goes down. Puma's back up on the apron, much quicker in edited form. Chop fight – no, Tiger, turns into a high boot fight. Delta ducks the second and clotheslines Tiger, knocking him thru the ropes. Puma shoulderblocks Delta repeatedly, and slow powerslams him over. Pose. Puma stands up Delta and chops him. Whip, Delta rolls out, then gets back on the apron, Puma charges into a shoulderblocks, and Delta springboard dropkicks Puma out. Delta runs, cartwheel back flip – into Tiger's kick. Tiger has seen Delta have matches before! Maya in, off the ropes, and into a Tiger superkick, Mouse Trap works this time for one pin. Delta crawls back in for the backcracker powerbomb combination. Rudos briefly celebrate before Puma collapses in the nearest corner and Tiger checks on him.

3: Tiger corner whip, may kip up to Tiger's counter kick, and Tiger lands the superkick one two Delta breaks it up. I think something was clipped out to start the fall. Puma whips Delta into the corner, Delta rolls out, and Puma gets an upkick and a right arm clothesline. Puma poses, off the ropes, Maya trips him up, Delta inside cradle, Puma rolls thru, and Maya spears him. Tiger in, but whatever spot they're supposed do with him (ram him into Puma?) gets lost in miscommunication, and Puma takes a phantom bump on his own. Delta dropkicks Tiger out, Maya bullet tops Puma, and Delta moonsaults onto Tiger. Replays. Tiger and Maya resumes with a chop fight. Tiger takedown Maya, and puts him in an inverted figure four, his dad's hold. Delta breaks it up with a double boot scrape. Maya punches Tiger into the corner, then whips Delta into a clotheslines on Tiger. Maya follows with his own. Clip here? Back in time for a Maya dropkick to Tiger's face. Delta pulls Tiger in the corner for a pin, but Puma stops the count and kicks Delta in the face. Puma whips Tiger into a corner clothesline on Delta, Delta rebounds out into a face first powerbomb with Tiger added faceslam one two Maya breaks up the count. Delta slaps Puma into the corner. Corner whip, revers, Puma charges in, Maya sets him on top , slaps Puma, and get out of the ring as Delta goes up – huracanrana, but Maya's attempt at adding a top rope splash has been crossed up by Tiger rushing up the buckles to fight him. Delta just covers Puma, for two, then they both make sure they're out of the way for Tiger's superplex one two NO. Delta & Tiger circle, crowd shot, Puma and Maya are suddenly in. That's not even subtle! Puma press powerbomb Maya one two NO. Puma crucifix cradle one two NO. Puma clothesline misses, Maya a beat late with a takedown but gets on the crab. Maya feeds his leg for an anklelock counter but that doesn't quite happen and Maya more just lets go. Puma clothesline blocked and grabbed – Sacrifica Maya. One two three.

Tiger and Maya in after a crowd shot, Tiger clothesline misses, Maya wipes him out with a spear. One two NO. Maya punches Tiger. Corner whip, reversed, Maya flips Tiger to the apron, Maya goes up, Tiger hits him from the outside, swing kicks him and climbs up – sunset flip bomb. Maya's head jolts violently on impact. Tiger covers one two three.

Delta and Tiger are obviously joined in progress, and even then it's Tiger having powerbombed getting Delta up for a powerbomb. He gets it right, though. One two NO. Tiger pulls Delta near the corner, and slaps the top buckle. Tiger takes way too long, so Delta goes up with him. Top rope superplex looks hurried. Delta covers one two NO. Delta drops Tiger near the corner, goes up, and lands the moonsault without much ceremony. One two three.