AAA on UTDN #109 (12/12/2013)
Recapped: 12/12/2013

Previously: Mamba/Pimpi, Electroshock/Demon, Jarretts/Perro – wow, does this make no sense after Guerra de Titanes.

NEW. So after seeing the other side of the phone call for a few weeks, here's Fantasma talking on the phone with Konnan and Texano standing nearby. Fantasma quickly wraps up, and they go over the big video conference they're going to have with Consejo, Perros and Jarrett. Konnan takes credit (on behalf of himself and Dorian) for Texano winning the title and last year's Antonio Pena cup (though he forgets what it's called) and Texano is totally fine with that. He just wants to know if Perro is in, but Konnan says not to worry about it.

Announcers welcome us from Aguacalientes.

Upcoming events

12/14: Puerto Vallerta

and that's it.

Mamba, Pimpi, Taya, Faby make challenges for their cage match.

Match 1: Faby Apache, Pasion Kristal, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Mamba, Taya Valkyrie, Yuriko
Plaza de Toros San Marcos, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, 11/22/2013

Winner: rudas
Match Time: 6:59 (2:49+4:10)
Notes: Referee is Pepe Casas

Kristal & Yuriko start, but they quickly progress thru everyone getting a turn, Mamba, Pimpi, Taya (struggling on some armdrags) and Faby last. Faby gets barely anything in before the rudos start the beatdown - this match is moving rather quick. Taya corner dropkicks Faby, Yuriko misses dropkicks Kristal. Rudas hold Pimpi in the corner by her hair as they send it to break.

Match seems edited past the comeback to Pimpi's showcase. So weird. Walking the ropes armdrag/headscissors goes better than it has of late. Kristal makes sure to do a flipping version of the same armdrag (though he doesn’t walk on the ropes as far.) Taya also gets a stink face. Kristal flies over Yuriko on a tope. Faby head kicks Taya, then Taya badly takes a headscissors. Faby tope con giro off the apron wipes Taya out. Pimpi walks the ropes again, and the idea seems to be Mamba shoves him off, but Pimpi instead just fall off on his own. Pimpi drops to the floor, and Mamba insanely does a tope con giro to nowhere, splattering on the floor. Yuriko and Kristal exchange near falls, with Kristal missing (long) on a quebrada. Taya goes over him, Faby DDTs Yuriko and dropkicks Taya. One more sills by Faby onto Faby. Kristal misses a missile dropkick by Yuriko easily move out of the way, and Yuriko drops Kristal with a Devils' Wings.

Mamba and Pimpi repeat their comments from the last show. Faby challenges Taya. Yuriko challenges Kristal last, and the crowd is least into that feud. Maybe because it didn't exist more than seconds ago.

Match 2: Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, Dark Spíritu
Plaza de Toros San Marcos, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, 11/22/2013

Winner: La Secta (by DQ)
Match Time: 11:08
Rating: ok
Notes: Clowns have their belts. Everyone starts fighting before the whistle. Tirantes is referee.

Secta work over the técnicos (and Mini Clown.) Lots of stomping, occasional elbow dropping. Monster's catapulted into a double dropkick. Stomps on Psycho, then a double flapjack/cutter spot where the timing is almost right. Secta do the Shield three man powerbomb, with Espiritu as Roman Reigns. It only puts Murder down for two. Psycho runs in and starts just clotheslining people. Turned out to be easy until Tirantes trips Psycho up, right after Psycho had held up on punching him. Cuervo attempt to giant swing Mini Clown, fails badly. Secta miss bad clothesline and stand around to get run over by the Clowns. Revenge belts shots and such. Rudos again tease hitting Tirantes and never actually hit him because no reason. Comedy with Mini Clown as all técnicos get in their runs (though it's not as one sided as usual.) Cuervo drops Murder with a Tornado DDT and adds a senton con giro for a near fall, only Psycho just whips him with the belt repeatedly. Guys on the outside are have been setting up props for later in the match, which a bit distracting. Espiritu's slide out on his chest, and Monster tope con giros him. Cuervo ducks a clothesline and topes Monsther. Escoria gets caught by Murder and press slammed, then Murder top rope planchas the guys on the floor. Tirantes kicks plastic bucket to Scoria, Psycho blocks it, and tries a sunset flip, Tirantes blocks the sunset flip, and collides with Tirantes. Escoria cracks Psycho with the buckle. A bucket is not enough, so he brings in a wood panel for the corner. Tirantes is still down as Escoria hit Psycho with the bucket, then back up, charge, and tries to huracanrana Psycho Clown into the table. Of course that's reversed into a powerbomb thru the wood. Psycho covers and counts his own pin. Tirantes teases a count, then calls the DQ for the rudos.

Cuervo explains he's going to Japan, which is much more important than these people. Well, probably. Cuervo threatens Psycho Circus, but is interrupts by Consejo. Fantasma says Secta is good in the ring, but Consejo are better negotiators. Secta have problems with the técnicos, with Perros and with their own heads. Texano talks about a deal with Perros, Jarrett, Konnan and Dorian and so the Secta are being sent to Japan on the same day as Guerra de Tirantes and Consejo will take their trios title shot. Psycho Clown demands the referee is not Tirantes.

Match 3: Angélico, Fénix, Jack Evans vs Hijo del Fantasma, Silver King, Texano Jr.
Plaza de Toros San Marcos, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, 11/22/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 12:28
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Copetes is referee. They had three refs for two matches? Fenix has his belts, so do Jack and Angelico.

Rudos jump the técnicos. Two straight matches of that. Técnicos do quickly making a comeback off a double faceslam by Angelico. Angelico tries to slide thru Fantasma’s legs to set up the next spot but Angelico has no idea and just stands in the way blocking him. Angelico forces him way thru the rest of spot, ending with jumping knee to the face. Fenix runs over Texano with a kick, Angelico boosts Jack into a twisting moonsault on Texano has been aimed better in the past, but Fenix's boosts off Angelico for a twisting senton goes fine. Silver’s taken out with jumping kicks and flying knees. Fenix handspring cutter on Fantasma, and back suplex springboard double knee onto the other guys. Fenix adds a top rope frog splash, one two rudos break it up and take back over the match in the same instant. Double press slam gutbuster on jack, Fantasma flips out Jack with a clothesline. Announcers are breaking up Teddy Hart, always concerning. Silver suplexes Fenix to set up a bullwhip shot. Corner clotheslines and dropkicks on Angelico. Jack's crotched on the rope and takes the biggest possible bump. Jack ducks a double clothesline and springboards into a flipping back double back elbow to start the comeback, only everyone stays down for a moment. Angelico gets up when the rudos do, rolling over Silver King and set up Texano for dropkicking Fantasma. Fenix comes in to tope con giro into him. Angelico sends Silver King into Texano, who holds on to him in a front facelock for about five seconds until Jack kicks him over for a DDT on Silver. Texano probably should’ve let go. Flipping suplex on Texano, Fenix senton con giro, everyone stands there and no one tries a pin. Fantasma gets up on the apron so he can be kicked off. Técnico try to organize something and do it poorly even before Angelico superkicks Fenix. Angelico’s flying knee on Texano miss but he goes out anyway. Angelico tosses Jack out for a headscissors on Silver, but that doesn’t work so well either. Everyone takes a moment to regroup again – oh, it's because Jack and Silver are due in next. They reverse whips to set up a missed corner charge by Jack and a big slap by Silver King. Clothesline to the back of the head, Jack set up on Silver’s shoulders, Jack escape to a backslide bridge but Fantasma breaks it up. That looked like a painful bridge for Jack. Fantasma slaps Jack hard. Spinebuster, kneebar, and Fenix breaks up by a springboard legdropping Fantasma. Fenix and Fantasma battle over forearms, Fenix gets flipped to the apron, knocked Fantasma over with a kneelift, but misses a running dropkick from the floor and Fantasma dropkicks him back to the floor. Fantasma tope con giro into Fenix. Jack kicks around Silver, Silver tosses him up to the top rope, and pulls him for an inverted powerslam. (“Super face!”) Angelico break up the pin, kicks Angelico Silver a lot, and rush him over with a kick. Texano breaks up that pin, Angelico avoid a corner charge and knees Texano in the corner. Finishing sequence time – crucifix powerbomb, no, Texano escapes that right away and the other guys weren't near the corner. Texano pumphandle piledriver (called as such), one two NO. Angelico gets in his usual avoidance to set up the high kick and goes back to the crucifix powerbomb. This time, Texano goes into the corner, and falls down. No one to dive, so Angelico just covers – one two NO. Angelico is doing pretty good for being dropped on his head seconds ago. Texano escapes the next move, powerbomb, one two three.

Replays include a blow spot because reasons.

Backstage skit apparently joined in progress, with Psicosis and Daga angry with Perro while Cibernético stands near by. Konnan is also around. Psicosis & Daga want to know why Perro's teaming with this idiot. Cibernético does not like being called an idiot. Perro says he's not turned on his friends, they’re all going to be professional. Konnan wants to know if Perro's in for his alliance or not. Way to give away the big plan right in front of Cibernético. Perro is not deceive enough, and Konnan tells him he's got to pick a side. They walk off, and Cibernético laughs at their plans – they're just going to turn on Perro.

Match 4: Cibernético, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, La Parka vs Daga, Parka Negra, Psicosis
Plaza de Toros San Marcos, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, 11/22/2013

Winner: Daga’s team.
Match Time: 9:33
Rating: below average/ok
Notes: Daga & Psicosis are still very unhappy with Perro. Parka Negra tries to out dance La Parka, so of course they but away from it. They face off, and Parka Negra is taller than parka, which wasn't the case previously. Maybe he grew. Parka Negra also looks thinner. Jesus yells at Perro over the microphone.

Cibernético and Perro argue. Parka Negra comes over to annoy both of them. Match starting any time soon? Parka and Cibernético are left in. Cibernético and Parka stall until the Perros finally attack Cibernético from behind. Parka wants come in but Tirantes tells him not to and that appears to be enough. Daga & Psicosis get told the same thing, but it's fine, because Cibernético can just spear Parka Negra with no problem. Perros misses another clothesline, Cibernético runs thru a third, and clothesline Daga armdrag for Psicosis, kick for Daga. Perro dances around to get his chant, then fights Perro. Extended trunks pull tease spot, then Parka holds Perro near the ropes for a while. This match is just stalling. Perro turns a whip into a dropkick to send Parka Negra out after no too much. Perro poses, then turns towards Daga and Psicosis, who clap for him. Perro is happy. Psicosis in, and telling Perro to tag Parka. Perro does, then smiles at Psicosis. Psicosis and Parka tease a handshake for a while. Psicosis is not good with Parka’s comedy, but Parka gets in 1 on 2 on all the rudos. Not sure why they Perros aren't just turning on Parka Negra since he keeps hitting them. Wait, they do a comedy comedy break up, then a comedy Parka running the ropes bit. And then Parka Negra just gives Parka a martinete while Psicosis helps Tirantes look the other way. That was a change of tone. Técnicos are less upset about this than you would think. Rudos attack the técnicos, with Parka Negra going after Cibernético and Daga and Psicosis just attacking Cibernético. No one with the medical staff seems that concerned that La Parka is on the mat and vibrating, and everyone just works around him for a while. It's comedy of another sort. Doctor finally shows up and climbs in the ring while the rudos are destroying Cibernético. Perro finally decides maybe they should hit the motionless guy and scare the doctors away. Replay of the martinete. Crowd is so distressed by this that they chant for Cibernético. Rudo go back to stomping him. Perro poses on the outside with a chair then comes in without it to pull the rudos away from Cibernético. Perro helps Cibernético up, and argues with Daga and Psicosis. Cibernético cleans house on the tecnicos, while they’re still trying to get Parka out of the ring. Spear on Daga. Psicosis gets a chair and smacks Perro in the back, then tosses the chair to Cibernético. Perro turns around (fine) and spots Cibernético with the chair, furious. Psicosis helpfully explains to Perro what really just happened. Other rudos join in – and then Parka Negra hits Perro anyway, knocking him into a Daga front cracker. Wait, what was the point of that? Daga actually pins Perro Aguayo Jr. (!!!!!!!!!) with his feet on the ropes, but the camera totally misses it. Other rudos hold Cibernético off.

Daga stomp and angrily punches Perro. Cibernético elbows drops him. Psicosis and Daga strip off their Perros del Mal shirts and toss them on Perros, which the cameras nearly miss. That was really bad production. Daga chokes Perro with the shirt. Konnan walks out to the ring, not too concerned. Psicosis gives offers him to the chair, but Konnan talks with them first. It seems like Konnan's about to turn the chair on the técnicos when a young girl (who had jumped the rail way back when Daga & Perro threw down their shirts and had been hanging around ringside) climbs in the ring and tries to protect Perro. It does look like Perro said something to him, but security immediately pulls her out. Anything, before the Konnan thing is totally clear., the lights go out and everyone yells a bit. Zorro's in the ring when the lights come back on, all the rudos beg off. They all leave without being hit. Konnan stays in the ring, so maybe he’s not a rudo. Perro gets a microphone and says Cibernético proved today he was a real friend. Perro thanks Zorro for making the save from the hart. Perro says Konnan is a living legend and his brother. Cibernético is still not okay with this. Rudos are kind half watching from the crowd. Perro repeats that Konnan is his brother, Cibernético says Konnan is a traitor. In the biggest upset since Daga pinned Perro Aguayo, Konnan does NOT talk. Crowd chants for Cibernético.

Video package turns out to be the Guerra de Titanes preview.