AAA on UTDN #107 (11/28/2013) 
Recapped: 11/30/2013

Previously: Secta and Psycho Circus fought. AJ Styles and Mesías had a match which was heavy on the slow motion, apparently. No wonder the rudos were able to beat them up, they were moving at twice the speed! Apparently that match had no finish. There was a main event as well, but Fenix lost that.

Announcers – outside in a park! - set up the show. They don't list the matches, so that must've been decided later.

Oh, they're going to show the same dumb Guerra de Titanes highlights every week. I'm ignoring them

Match 1: Faby Apache, Jennifer Blake, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Mamba, Mary Apache, Taya Valkyrie
Auditorio General José María Arteaga, Querétaro, Querétaro, 11/15/2013

Winner: rudas
Match Time: 8:02 (2:43+5:19)
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Mamba dancing to the ring allows us to see some empty sections of seats on the side we're not supposed to notice. Mamba helpfully waits until Pimpi is done with his long entrance to attack him. Referee is Pepe Casas.

Three on one beatdown. Jennifer's kicked hard. Corner charges for Faby. Jennifer's slapped hard by everyone for a while. Mamba accidentally dropkicks Taya to start the comeback after about two minute. Quebradordas and spinning DDTs – spinning everyone everywhere. Pimpi spanks Mary Apache around the ring, which is not a usual way mean Mary Apache is treated. Break as the rudos regroup.

Upcoming events.

Pimpi slaps Mamba in the chest hard, Mamba slaps harder to the back of the head. Pimpi dances his way out and back into of double teams. Rope flip double armdrag takes care of Mary, and the rope walk version sends Mamba out. Jennifer takes out Taya with a rolling corner senton, Mamba loudly slaps her down, Jennifer pulls of a big spinning headscissors to send Mamba out. Faby's sucked into a Mamba slap from behind, but the rudos start hitting each other to set up the headscissors comeback. Pimpi nearly beats Mamba a couple times before dropkicking him out. Rudos dropkick Pimpi out and avoid the técnicas dropkicks. Tecnicas turn it around on corner charges, headscissoring and kicking them out. Faby pulls of her diving headscisosors on Mary, Jennifer crushes Taya's face on a silla. Taya just got knocked down hard. Exoticos are left, Pimpi missile dropkick is misses, Mamba sentons Pimpinela, then spins him around on the mat. Mamba goes up, poses, and lands a top rope legdrop . One – one again, two three. Hey, Mamba's finishing move is a legdrop, who knew?

Mamba celebrates the big win for about 2 seconds, then stomps Pimpi a few mot times. Mamba does cut that off when the técnicas return and is happy with the victory. Mamba insults the Queretaro people and yells at Pimpi for taking his mask way back when. Mamba's here for revenge – hair versus hair. Pimpi shows concern, but explains he helped Mamba by getting him out of the closet by forcing him to switch to be an exotico and is okay with the hair match. Jennifer challenges the women on behalf of her and Faby. Taya cackles, and Fany dropkick everyone. Taya ends up alone in the ring with the técnicos and takes a DDT. Jennifer gets scissors – I don't know – and cuts off parts of Taya's red hair. Rudos return to stomp any more barbaric barbering.

Match 2: Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Niño Hamburguesa vs Eterno, Juventud Guerrera, Steve Pain
Auditorio General José María Arteaga, Querétaro, Querétaro, 11/15/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 14:51
Rating: good
Notes: Steve Pain has a mohawk that matches Eterno. Mexican Powers, clearly concerned about this betrayal, dance in wearing cowboy hats. Juvi starts screaming at the técnicos, Crazy Boy hits him with his hat, and things degenerate from there. Referee is Hijo de Tirantes.

Rudos take the brawl and start using the chairs, which were already thrown in. Shots to the ribs and such. Lider's suplexes onto an unfolded chair so he can get his dumb bump in early. Rudos pose until the técnicos attack them from behind and send the lesser ones out. Niño splashes Juvi, who responds by standing up and staggering around so the técnicos can clothesline and kick him. Juvi's held upside down and dropkicked out, but the rudos break up the next spot by pulling out Lider and Crazy Boy. All three Anarquia stomp and punch Niño in the ring before stopping to pose. Face yank on Niño. Double suplex by on Niño. Eterno grabs his back and hobbles around. Careta on Niño, with Juvi posing on top. Crazy runs in front of the hold and dropkicks everyone. Juvi gets up and forearms Crazy in the back to stop him from more. Low blow missile dropkick on Crazy Boy. Rudos hold Lider, kick him, and drop him hard on his face. Pain/Juvi double team spot must have not gone right the first time, because there's an odd camera shot and booing as they try again (a headscissors plash, basically.) Niño turns around a corner whip and splashes Juvi, then walks around to avoid a Pain clothesline. Crazy Boy is late dropkicking Pain in the corner. Eterno misses a clothesline and Lider slaps him into the same corner, so Niño can do the big rolling senton onto everyone. Rudos add apron dropkick to the side at the same time. Crowd is thrilled. Rudos regroup, técnicos hang in the ring. Feels like a break should go in here. Lider and Juvi resume, loudly chopping each other. Juvi evades and drops Lider with a reverse stunner for two. Hard chops. Lots of reversals lad into a Lider powerslam on Juvi. Eterno comes in so Lider can do a bulldog and a clothesline at the same time. Tags to Pain and Niño. Pain's shoulderblocks can't knock Niño over, but Niño just sticking his arm out can cause Pain to flip around. Eterno dropkicks Niño, who starts to go out and changes his mind. Eterno pounds Niño with a dozen forearm to the back. Niño comes back with his horrible headscissors. Crazy out shoulderblocks Pain and stomps him on the mat. Middle rope pump splash to Pain's back. Corner whip, Pain charges in, running boot to the face brushes Pain. Pain backs up and yells at the crowd. Running clothesline goes better. Pain charges a third time, but Crazy back elbows him, rests Pain's face on a buckle and kicks the buckle. They showed that from far away to make it look like Crazy kicked Pain in the face but not far enough away. Crazy DDT, Eterno breaks up the pin. Eterno Styles Clash takes some effort to set up, but is complete. Niño breaks that up with a kick. Eterno kicks Niño and tries to suplexes him, but Niño falls on op for two. Juvi breaks up the pin with a chair, then tosses it to Lider to dropkick him out. Juvi pescado – into a Lider chair shot, oh. Eterno runs up the corner, keeping his footing, and diving off with a moonsault. Crazy and Niño lead the crowd in cheers, and Crazy pulls the ropes apart for a Niño tope con giro. Pain and Crazy left in, Crazy charges and pin puts him on top. Chop fight, Crazy super cutter one two NO. Crazy grabs pain and gets a Crazy chant start chanting. Crazy drops Pain to his knees, but runs into a high kick to the face. Pain up to the middle rope, Crazy comes close, and pulls Pain off by the leg. Crazy out to the apron. Everyone else out on the floor. Crazy goes to the rope , but Pain, trips him up. Pain top rope superplex,. Crazy gets right back up. Pain, Kicks him and and drops him with a Skandalo Driver one two three. Huh. THE POWER OF SKANDALO. Anyway.

Juvi rushes into hit Crazy Boy. Niño crawls and it and gets beat. Lider does a little bit better but gets subdued. Rudos do their A poses.

Classicos AAA: Texano Jr. vs Mesías. OCTAGON JUNIOR ALERT.

Upcoming events.

Match 3: Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans vs Daga, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Pentagón Jr.
Auditorio General José María Arteaga, Querétaro, Querétaro, 11/15/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 16:10
Rating: great
Notes: Hijo de Pirata Morgan has his two belts. Daga has his non-Perros music. Angelico and Jack have their belts. Huh, Daga didn't have his belt, hmmm. Copetes is referee.

Daga and Angelico chain wrestle. Angelico gives up that for kicks, and takes a Dragon screw. Daga kicks, gets the same treatment. Crowd boos Angelico. Daga trips Angelico form behind into a rear naked choke, almost pins himself. Daga is unhappy with the count. Daga misses a clothesline, gets dropped by an Angelico high knee. Daga rolls over to make tag, and one camera switch later Pentagon J. is standing in the ring. That was strange. Pentagon chops Suicide very hard. Suicide comes back with kicks, Pentagon catches one and flips him, evasion, Pentagon lifts Suicide up and Suicide comes back down with a huracanrana. Crowd booing the técnicos now. Corner whip reversal and counters leads to Suicide doing a front flip, then armdragging Pentagon. Suicide flips off Pentagon (and onto his knees) then quebrada into a spinning DDT, with Pentagon doing all of the spinning. Hijo del Pirata Morgan and Jack Evans in. Lockup, Jack shoves back – no, a backflip. Jack runs past Pirata, flips over him, and knocks him over with a spinning toe kick to the face. Daga in, clothesline misses with Jack flipping under, and Jack cartwheel kicks Daga in the head. Head kicks lead into the inverted chinlock, kick to the face, quebrada combo on Daga. Tencicos all kick around poor Pentagon Jr., Suicide running shooting star press, Jack, suplexes into a spinning elbow drop on Pentagon. Rudos break up the pin with stomps for all. Suicide's left in with all of the rudos and takes the usual set of hard chops. Corner whip, corner clothesline, Pirata quebrada moonsault. Pirata grabs Suicide's legs, and slingshots him into a Pentagon press and tosses into the corner. Suicide lands just about on his head. Replay of it, still painful. Angelico in for his roll over the back, sweep set up kick, but Pentagon just jumps and lands hard on Angelico with a double legdrop before he can do the upkick. Daga uppercuts Angelico. Pentagon slaps Angelico down. Angelico held for a two man backbreaker on a dropkick out. Jack in with jumping knee and kicks, then runs a way – but still gets flipped by a forearm and superkick. Pentagon gives Jack the loudest possible slap. Crowd is very entertained. Daga wants a try. His slap to the chest is loud too, but not quite as loud. Pirata places third, but they're all very good in the hitting someone hard department. Suicide in but kicked and stomped into the mat. Angelico starts an Evans chant as the rudos drag him around. Corner whip, Pentagon charges in, Angelico gets a boot up, boot for Daga, handspring off Daga's back into a huracanrana on Pentagon – only Pentagon blocks it and tosses Jack back to Daga for a sort of powerbomb. That looked like it hurt, but maybe Daga was supposed to add a backcracker. Pirata cradle suplexes Jack, but Copetes sees a shoulder slightly off the mat and won't count it. Everyone else has gone back to their corner, but Pirata just tags the rudos back in. Whip, double clothesline Mesias, Jack springboard backflip double back elbow knocks down Pentagon and Jack. Hijo del Pirata left in, he grabs Jack by the leg, Jack rolls free, backflips kicks him and dives to tag in Angelico. Clotheslines for everyone, though the rudos are not really expecting. back elbows for all, and middle rope clothesline for Pirata. Suicide in, Angelico tosses him into a double dropkick on Pentagon and Daga. Angelico goes up top – shooting star press onto Pentagon, Jack twisting tope onto Daga. Angelico and Pirata in, Angelico gets in his upkick from the mat this time and covers. One two Pirata has the ropes with both hands. That's never going to work out. Angelico off the ropes, into a spinning side slam one two NO Jack breaks it up. Whip, reversed, Pirata misses a clothesline Jack running flip kicks him in the shoulder. Jack rolls Pirata back over and positions himself by the ropes – springboard twisting moonsault,, but Pentagon breaks up the pin with a double stomp. Pentagon gets the crowd making noise, then whips Jack. Whip, toss – European uppercut on the way down! How many languages does Pentagon Jr. speak? Suicide break up the pin. Corner whip, Pentagon reversal, Suicide kicks him away and away, Suicide rope flip tornillo moonsault, and Daga slingshot breaks up that pin. Whip, quick reverse, Suicide gets behind, Daga breaks free kicks and forearms suicide, then German suplexes him. Daga belatedly decides he wants turn it into a jacknife pin, can't get over, and has to make up an inside cradle to make it work after Copetes already starting count. It ends up two anyway. Daga assaults Suicide with a chop, and the male members of the crowd go nuts. Corner whip, reverses, Daga to flips the apron, Suicide runs up the buckles and kicks him. Daga goes doesn't go down, so Suicide comes flying up – crazy headscissors almost lands Daga on his head. Pentagon in, Pentagon back to the apron via Jack headkick. Jack runs the other way, Pirata flips him the apron, Jack falls off, trips Pirata, and head kicks him from the ground. Angelico back suplex, Jack double knee smash to the chest, then straight into a springboard moonsault onto Pentagon Jr. Angelico with all sorts of kicks on Pirata Morgan. Corner whip, Angelico runs in, Pirata moves and clotheslines Angelico down. Pirata sets up Angelico's legs in the ropes. Crowd chanting for Pirata as he pulls Angelico out of the corner with a front cracker. Pirata put on an inverted figure four – but Suicide makes the save. Pirata chops Suicide towards the ropes, moving him back with each shot. Fireman's drop, Pirata moonsault, one two Angelico dives in to break up the pin. What's it going to take to finish this? Corner whip, Angelico Pirata runs in, corner clothesline misses, and Angelico smacks Pirata in the chin with a flying knee. Finisher melody time, Jack and Suicide run into positions as Angelico lifts up Pirata Morgan. Crucifix powerbomb onto the buckle, 630 senton, Suicide tornillo plancha one two three.

Jeff Jarrett has a phone conversation with Hijo del Fantasma. If they actually showed Hijo del Fantasma on the other side, I would declare this the best show ever. Anyway, Jarrett's coming to Guerra de Titanes but first he has an exciting video conference with Consejo tomorrow. Wait, shouldn't this have happened before last week's run-in? Time is a tough concept. Karen pushes the issue with Marisela again.