AAA on UTDN #106 (11/21/2013)
Recapped: 11/26/2013

Previously: Ladies had problems. Juvi solved some of his problems. Mesías has a match with AJ Styles for the title because of reasons.

Announcers preview the show.

Highlights from last week’s show.

Joaquin Roldan is in a backstage production room. AJ Styles and translator Angelico stop by for greetings. Mutual admiration.

Guerra de Titanes 2010: Hernandez & Illegal vs Lider and & Nicho v Silver King & Ultimo Gladiador in a match I can’t actually be happened three years later. Also, why is this airing? (Maybe they don’t want to air the ones with LA Park and Wagner)

Later: AJ Styles vs El Mesías

Upcoming Events

11/22: Aguascalientes
12/08: Tepic – Guerra de Titanes

Black and white footage means a flashback to Cuervo giving Faby his number while Mary looks on. I have no recollection of seeing this before. The rest of the recap of their relationship is a bit more familiar.

Match 1: Faby Apache, Jennifer Blake, Mascarita Sagrada vs Mary Apache, Mini Psycho Clown, Taya Valkyrie
Domo de Parque Solidaridad, Tonala, Jalisco, 11/03/2013

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 9:10 (4:48+4:22)
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Referee is Hijo del Tirantes.

Sagrada and Psycho Clown aren’t smooth to start, but Sagrada redeems himself with a wacky dance. Jennifer quickly headscissors Mary out. Faby kicks and DDTs Taya, but Mini Psycho attacks her to start the beatdown. It works better when one person does a move rather than Psycho Clown trying teamwork bits. Faby turns it around after just a minute or so, and the rudos are thrown around and kicked in short order. Faby and Tirantes have their usual argument. Break.

Guerra de Titanes 2011: Sexy Star beating Pimpinela for the Reina de Reinas championship.

Everyone’s reset back to their corner. Taya dances, gets surprised by a Jennifer clothesline. Kicks and armdrags. Mini Psycho Clown knocks down Jennifer, flips himself to the apron, and takes a forearm off. Diving headscissors off by Jennifer is pretty cool. Apaches in, Mary asking for a handshake. Faby does not go for that and their sequence ends with a Faby headscissors. Minis in, crowd chanting for Mascarita for a moment. Chop fight is a bit silly even. Psycho misses a chop, ducks down, and Dorada sort of jumping kicks his back. Sagrada rams Psycho around before getting a double headscissors into an armdrag that started to fall apart at the end. Cuervo comes out to watch, so it must be close to the finish. Mary knocks over Faby with a heel kick. Corner whip, Mary runs into a fancy kick, Taya grabs Faby, Mary swings and hits her partner. Faby dropkicks Mary out, Psycho missile dropkicks her. Sagrada evasion, headscissors sends Psycho out. Sagrada follows with a thru the ropes tope con giro. Faby dropkicks Taya off the ropes, Jennifer tope into Taya goes wrong but it’s tough to tell what happens with the camera switch. She still hit Taya, but almost straight up. Apaches in, Mary grabs Faby, Cuervo moves in, and Tirantes turns around to not see it. Cuervo readies scissors, but walks into a Faby kick. Faby kicks away Mary and headscissors Cuervo – but pops back up to kick Faby and brainbuster her. (“Michinoku Drive” says the announcer who does seem to know Mary’s usual finish if not what those words mean.) One two three.

Rudos kick out the other técnicos so Cuervo can cut off a piece of Faby’s hair. Shots of the crowd fine no one all that concerned. Rudos pose on the stage and make hair cutting motions while the técnicos do the same.

Guerra de Titanes 2011: Chessman, Elijah Burke, Gunner versus Psycho Circus. Man, remember where you where giant TNA star Gunner came to AAA?

Mexican Powers/Juventud Guerrera recap, including a Juvi backstage promo from Heroes Inmortales they didn’t get around to showing until now. “Welcome to Anarquia”.

Match 2: Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans vs Eterno, Juventud Guerrera, Steve Pain
Domo de Parque Solidaridad, Tonala, Jalisco, 11/03/2013

Winner: Anarquia
Match Time: 17:43 (8:37+9:06)
Rating: good
Notes: Rudos have a one arm salute and a group A pose. They’ve worked hard on this, though not hard enough to update their music past Rage Against the Machine. New gear too. Juvi’s t-shirt has three exclamation marks on it, the sign of a true anarchist. Piero is referee.

Lots of shoving and arguing to start the match. It takes a minute for thinks to settle down to really start the dance. Jack dances while Eterno yells at the crowd. Jack pulls out a neat cartwheel to set up a headscissors, then they both do tricky counts to set up a double dropkick spot and more shoves. Suicide evades and ahs a big hitch in the middle of a double rotation headscissors on Pain, but gets him out. Juvi shoves Suicide, but demands to face Angelico for some reason – then goes to pose. Angelico gets more cheers, and chops from Juvi. Juvi points at himself and yells at lot. Counters and reversal, set up Angelico kicks and a running knee to knock Juvi down. Zuniga demands a disqualification. Angelico instead covers for two. Kick and chop battle won by Juvi, somehow. Angelico off the ropes, evasion to set up the head kick from the amt. Juvi plays dead and rolls out while Angelico poses. Pain gets the better of Jack with kicks as the announcers are still claiming every other move should be a disqualification– comedy. Suicide surprises Pain with a missile dropkick to set up a flurry of kicks from all the técnicos. Pain’s knocked down, Angelico kicks him over, Suicide twisting back spin senton (not quite a shooting star press but pretty close) and Angelico suplexes Jack into a flipping splash. Jack backflips under another clothesline and head kicks Eterno. Suicide dropkick to the knee, Jack bridging inverted chinlock, Angelico running kick to the face Angelico quebrada to the back, the técnicos all cover but Juvi breaks it up. Juvi throws suicide and Jack out, then spikes Angelico with a spinning headscissors into a DDT. Again with the disqualification call. Rudos stomp everyone in the ring. Jack springboards in, but is caught by the younger duo, and held up for a Juvi frontcracker. Juvi holds him over his knee for dropkicks by the others. Suicide in and forearming, but Pain cuts him down with a kick and shot to the midsection. Chops for him. Break.

Guerra de Titanes 2011: Hector Garza vs Fenix? Oh no, there are other people I n this match they’re working hard not to show. Perro hits Fenix with a chair and Garza finish Fenix. I had to go look at results to find out Mesías was in the match – Halloween is more visible and he’s just running in. Also, Toscano shows up, which means this is more TV time Toscano’s gotten in months. They show the Consejo main event run-in too, though not as much the guys they attacked.

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Rudos give Suicide corner charges, building to Pain’s running dropkick to the face. Juvi brings Suicide back to the center of the ring for kicks to the chest. Suicide should probably stop sitting up after each one, he wouldn’t get hurt that way. Juvi covers for two, but the crowd pays attention to Jack jumping on the back of an unsuspecting Steve Pain. They almost spill into the crowd, but Pain fights Jack off. Whip, double back drop for Suicide. Rudos all pose. Angelico in and jabbing Juvi repeatedly. Angelico’s strength is not his jabs. Juvi turns it around with a waistlock, and the other two superkick Angelico into a German suplex. Juvi tells his team o take a break and goes for something on Angelico, but Angelico escapes, calls for the turnbuckle powerbomb, and – waits long enough for Pain to break it up. Pain powerbomb mixes with a Juvi top rope cross body on Angelico. Juvi starts cover, then remembers to move Angelico around so Eterno can add a low blow dropkick. Jack in and swinging wildly, but the rudos stomp him too. Jack fights up to his feet and kicks Pain and Eterno, but runs into a double boot. They charge in Jack’s backflipping kick, and his springboard blockbuster drops down. Jack crawls for a tag, Juvi drags him back, Jack front rolls Juvi to in front of him, backflips under the clothesline and makes a diving tag – well, both guys, but Angelico turns in and clothesline and back elbows everyone himself. Suicide comes in to help pose. Oh, I guess Angelico is also tossing him into a headscissors on Pain. Crowd has a mild reaction to this. Suicide Shooting star press to the floor. (“Moonsault impacto!”) Jack springboard spin kicks Eterno in the face. Juvi up and choping hack, but also whipping him into his usual dive. Juvi takes a look outside, then sends Angelico back in. Headscissors blocked into a Angelico faceslam almost gets lost half way but they pull it together. One two NO. Angelico sets up a camel clutch, Juvi flips over to escape and tries a sunset flip, Angelico blocks it and double stomps him. One two NO. Whip, Angelico feeds himself awkwardly into Juvi’s rolling front facelock, and Suicide runs into make the save with a dropkick. Whip, blocked, Suicide kicks Juvi and superkicks him down instead. Running shooting star press, Pain breaks up the pin. Whip, Suicide leaps into a Pain powerslam one two NO. Pain slams Suicide, looks at the corner, then picks Angelico back up. Angelico places on the top rope, Pain superplexes him one two NO. Pain goes for a moonsault Jack crotches him and hangs Pain upside down for his double knee drop to the face. That wasn’t the stomp. Eterno tires to come in, Jack kicks him off, then connects on a near middle rope twisting splash, but Eterno breaks up that pin. Eterno blocks a huracanrana into a big powerbomb. Eterno covers, Angelico breaks it up. Corner whip, Eterno runs up the corner and flips out, but Angelico didn’t follow him in. Angelico connects on a big dropkick to land Eterno in the corner, throws him with turnbuckle smash corner powerbomb. Jack goes up for his 630 senton, Pain grabs him Jack fights Pain off and goes out after him with a moonsault tornillo. Suicide up top - - his own 630 senton misses. Juvi in while Eterno goes out with a running corner moonsault. Juvi drops Suicide with Final Justice one two three.

Guerra de Titanes 2011: that time Mesías beat AJ Styles, which is kind of relevant to this show and probably should’ve been pushed harder. Exciting match opening chain wrestling. Exciting standing. And not a lot more before showing the finish. Oh right, AJ Styles was just a warm up act for Rob Terry. They show much more of this match, which was a lot less of a match.

AJ Styles stands for photos until Konnan kicks everyone out. AJ and Konnan have not nice words for each other. Konnan is unclear why AJ is defending the TNA title here – hey, me too – but he’ll be all over him if Dixie gives him the okay. They exchange more insults.

Match 3: El Mesías vs AJ Styles for the TNA Heavyweight Championship
Domo de Parque Solidaridad, Tonala, Jalisco, 11/03/2013

Winner: AJ Styles
Match Time: 19:32
Rating: good
Notes: Mesías is wearing his Kane mask because reasons. Jack Evans is his second. Announcers work hard to get the crowd to cheer for Mesías. Angelico is AJ Styles’ second. Jesus Zuniga mentions AJ Styles because that’s a thing he does. Mesías gets the microphone to suck up the people and talk about all things he’s done – the best thing would be the winning the TNA title. Oh. Mesías says AJ is one of the best in the world and so they’re going to have the best match for all the fans. Styles claps, may have no idea what was said. He also may, but that’s not as fun. Mesías thanks everyone and they do the belt presentation. They have a TNA heavyweight championship graphic? Jesus does big introductions: “In the blue corner” – the corners are all yellow. The ropes are all blue. “The best wrestler of the world!” Piero is referee.

Handshake. Circle. Lockup, Mesías waistlock, front facelock, AJ hammerlock, Mesías escapes out to a hammerlock and trips AJ into the ropes. AJ grabs the ropes to roll out and regroup. Back in, AJ armbar, wristlock, Mesias around into a pin for one. Announcers bringing up Jeff Jarrett, always a bad sign. They’re also talking about Dixie being a ruda while this is tecnico versus tecnico. Mesías helpfully grabs a headlock during the explanation. Shot off, into an AJ dropkick to knock him up. Mesías back up to the apron only to be dropkicked out. AJ throws Mesías back in. Spine kick. Side backbreaker. Mesías slowly stood up to be smashed into the buckle. Head into the middle buckle. Like with their previous match, these two are working at a different speed the rest of the show. This seems a little faster than I remember that. Mesías with punches and chops to Styles. Whip, quick reverse, AJ waistlock, Mesías trips up Styles, Styles headscissors him from the mat sort of. Styles jumping corner clothesline. Styles to the apron, springboard – no, Mesías shoves him off the ropes ad to the floor. Replay of that in slow motion. Mesías runs, and connects on his shoulder first tope. Styles bends badly to the mat. No replay of that, oddly. Mesias throws AJ back in and drops him with a side backbreaker. AJ kicks out at zero, then gets up grabbing his back. Both taking a moment in the corner to recover. Jesus is reading wikipedia again. Chops by Mesías. Chops and forearms a bit back and forth. Mesías suplexes Styles for a two count. Mesías pulls at Styles mouth for a long moment, then knees him in the back. Mesías kicks and punches Styles. Chops. Back with punches and chops. Casadora blocked and shoved off, and Mesías drops Styles with a clothesline. Jesus notes Mesías could’ve gone for a spear but did not – wait, he’s noticing things! Anyway, it’s at two count. Styles fights free of Mesías with punches to the midsection, and they exchange forearms to the face. Styles escapes from Mesías, and the both clothesline each other. Crowd chants for Mesías. Both slowly get up and chop each other back and forth. Forearms. Styles gets in a kick and a spinning chop to knock Mesías to the back. Styles charges in, Mesías flips Styles to the apron, Styles slaps Mesías back, and springboards splashes in. That might have been a forearm, but they didn’t let us see it. Crowd whistles at Styles. Styles with a fireman’s carry into a headcrusher – you know, a signature move of the world champion here, which Styles has no idea about – and it gets two. Styles suplex into a reverse neckbreaker for two. Replay of that. Styles up top, Mesías approaches, Styles jumps over him and charges, Mesías powerslam him, one two NO. Mesias can’t believe he didn’t win on a powerslam. Crowd was into it. Either the sound doesn’t ravel here or the crowd doesn’t seem a lot into this – it couldn’t be either, to be honest, because it sounds like we’re just hearing the first couple rows again. Corner evasion bits leads to a Mesías backcracker bit, one two NO. Mesías chant the loud it’s been all match. Styles in the corner, Mesías runs into aback elbow, then staggers in place until Styles lands a backflip reverse DDT for two. Jack works hard at the Mesías chant. Styles forearms Mesías into the corner. Mesías runs so he can make faces to the crowd. Corner whip Mesias slides short, Styles runs into a punch. Mesías poses on the apron and indicates he’s going up. Top rope splash, one two NO. Well, that’s a problem. Jack working so hard cheerleading. Long crowd shot. Mesías grabs Styles and tries to suplex him, but Styles blocks it twice, moving Mesías closer to the corner to give him a suplex into the turnbuckle. Both are down and slow up. Styles charges and splashes, but Mesías moves this time and spears Styles. Both down. Konnan (barely shown) directs Chessman and Hijo del Fantasma to run in because of reasons. I guess Dixie called and told him to do it, but I guess that wasn’t something interesting enough to see. The rudos wipe out Angelico first, and Fantasma flips Jack with a clothesline. Rudos attack both Styles and Mesías. Piero puts his arms out and makes faces. Texano is on the stage, hiding behind the entrance screen, but not so much that we can’t actually see him. I have no idea, it’s just weird. Rudo whip AJ and Mesías into each other, they hug each other, then turn around hit the rudos. Texano now stir to life and runs into attack both técnicos. Rudos pop back to life and stomp the técnicos. Piero waves for security to come in, and abunch of geeks are enough to get run the rudos off, though they some how miss Fantasma for a while. Konnan’s really happy about this for some reason, though I’m not sure why since the match still appears to be going – what did he actually do here? He did enough for all the rudos to walk out and leave. Mesías is up and limping and AJ is grabbing his ribs. They both keep fighting, and they’re not too hurt that they’ll go down each other’s clotheslines. AJ backflip kick is really helped by a camera switch. Styles Clash, one two NO. Crowd loudest for Mesías. Angelico and Jack still down on the floor. Styles climbs up slowly, and Mesías pulls him off with a ort of top rope front cracker. Mesías grabs his knee and slowly climbs on top one two NO. Mesías batters Styles with punches in the corner, sets him up on top, and climbs up himself. Mesías tries a top rope huracanrana, but Styles just gets up, slides thru Mesías legs and pulls him off. Styles tries a German suplex, but Mesías fights him off with a back elbows. Styles hooks Mesías’ knees and pulls him into the Calf Slicer or whatever. Announcers cream, Mesías crawls and reaches to the ropes, but can’t get there. Submission.

Some of the crowd claps, but they overall seems disappointed. Styles helps Mesias out and lets him hold the title, but Mesías gives it back to them. Announcers sell this is as the biggest thing which ever occurred.

Guerra de Titanes 2010: Hernandez & Illegal vs Lider and & Nicho v Silver King & Ultimo Gladiador – sure, why not show this twice

Jeff Jarrett has a phone conversation with Konnan and is about Perro is teaming with Cibernético and Mesías. I have no why they would care at all, but maybe this was supposed to air before last week’s skit (where Konnan already talked about Jeff being upset about this – Jeff seems to be just finding out about here.) I still don’t know why Karen thinks Perro is a coward or why they’re talking about Konnan recommending Perro. Jeff seems to think the guy’s name is “Perros”. Karen reminds us Marisela threw a drink in her face using bleeped words. Jeff says he will settle a personal issue at Guerra de Titanes, and I think that one is actually supposed to be mysterious.