CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #416 (11/09/2013) 
Recapped: 11/09/2013

Match 1: Gallo, Smaker, Tritón vs Felino, Puma, Tiger
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 10/29/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos

  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:20
Rating: good
Notes: Little introduction, and the Cat Family has apparently decided to attack the técnicos on the ramp. Gallito made it to the ring untouched. Zacarias is with the rudos. Smaker takes a big backdrop into the ring at the whistle. Referee is Wily el Loco

1: Felino runs around clotheslining Smaker. Puma boos Gallo for getting close to the ring. Felino whips Triton – wearing his white gear for the first time in a while – into a boost in the ring by Tiger, but Triton headscissors Puma instead of whatever the rudos wanted. Gallo dropkicks Tiger out, and Triton and Gallo launch topes on the younger rudos. Felino and Smaker in, Felino dropkick to the knee, casita, Smaker escapes, drop toe hold, casita, one two three.

2: Puma and Smaker in as we join, evasion, and Smaker headscissors Puma. Corner whip reversal, Smaker flipped to the apron but sing kicking back. Springboard armdrag sends Puma to the ropes. Smaker quebradora – doesn’t come close to landing Puma in the right position, weirdly, but they keep going with Smaker going for Puma's mask. Puma rolls out and grabs his head, but seems okay. Triton and Tiger in. Triton flipping run, ducks a clothesline, back with a headscissors. Triton charges, Tiger flips him to the apron, Triton surprises Tiger, kicks him away, and comes off the top with a tornillo armdrag. Tiger runs away up the apron. Felino in, but Gallo to face him. Felino demands handshake, but the rooster isn't falling for it. Over, under, and stuck by a Felino chop, Felino telegraphed chop is ducked, and Gallo hits his shown chop. Corner whip, reverses, Gallo kips up but no one's home, and Felino obliterates him with a clothesline. That was great. Gallo headscissors Felino but, but the kittens ram him out. Triton runs into a Puma flapjack. Mouse trap splash, Felino slides in to cover while the brothers hit their pose. Three count.

Smaker interrupts the fun with a springboard dropkick for Puma and Tiger. Corner whip, Felino hops to the middle rope, Smaker chases in to try a huracanrana, and takes the superbomb instead. One two three.

Rudos grab Gallito, Puma pressing him over his and dropping him to the floor on Gallo. Zacarias celebrates with the rudos.

3: Rudos hold the ring. Tiger sets up Gallo on the top buckle and unties his mask. Gallo holds it on, but is pulled down into a tree of woe for a running kick. Smaker rushes to takedown Tiger, but the other rudos jump on him. Corner whip, Tiger clothesline, Felino clothesline, Smaker thrown out of the corner into a Puma superkick. Triton in, with Puma asking for his usual handshake. Triton considers this a long time. Puma kisses the boot. Triton accepts the handshake, accepts the hug, and accepts the hard slap to the chest. Triton takes a big tree cut bump from that, it's great. Whip, reversed, Triton rolls backwards into the dropkick to the backside. Gallo tries to get in, but Tiger kicks the ropes as he steps thru. Hard chop. Whip, superkick. Rudos try to triple team Gallo, but Puma and Tiger superkick Felino by mistake, then Triton and Smaker springboard headscissors them. Técnicos all turn – triple tope, with Smaker and Triton pulling out a tope con giros. Back inside, Gallito dropkick Zacarias, who didn't seem to be doing anyone. Gallito runs for more, but Felino dropkicks him hard, then tosses him out. Zacarias runs – tope? No, to the apron, and off - ah, Smaker caught him, drops him, and Gallo kicks Zacarias. Gallito lays in the boots and punches! Felino and Smaker in, Smaker flips Felino the apron, dropkicks him off, and follows with an Asai moonsault. Tiger in, Triton springboard plancha-ing on him. Puma nails Triton with a superkick. Gallo in and looking for someone to hit. Tiger tripped up into the ropes, Triton's recovered just in time for a high springboard guillotine legdrop. Gallo powerbombs Puma, and the técnicos get three counts.

Match 2: Mephisto vs Titán for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship
Arena Coliseo, 11/03/2013

  1. Mephisto counter powerbomb (2:46)

  2. Titan counter huracanrana (1:12)

  3. double pin draw (10:34)

Winner: none (1-1-1), but Mephisto keeps the title.
Match Time: 14:32
Rating: good but incomplete
Notes: Watching both title matches from the Terra feed. Triton is Titan's second. Volador is Mephisto's second. Commissioner appear ts to be Gustavo. Mephisto holds up a Mephisto sign, delaying the actual start. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Chain wrestling start to a faceoff. Try again, this time leading to headlocks. Titan is shout off, rolls over Mephisto's back, and springboard armdrags him out. Titan rolls to the apron, and dives off for a headscissors on Mephisto. Replay of that. Mephisto is slow up. Titan walks around the outsider side of the ring and rests there. Mephisto then makes it back in first, abut Titan kicks him and springboards – into a Mephisto powerbomb. Three count, done. Replays.

2: Big spinebuster keeps Titan down and hurting. Whip, Titan back with the handspring jumping side kick. Titan waves Mephisto to the ropes, Mephisto sunset flip, Titan rolls thru and dropkick. Titan waits for Mephisto to get up. Clothesline caught, and turned into Devil's Wings – reversed into a huracanrana for three!

3: Volador stalls as long as possible to give Mephisto a big break. Tigre Hispano finally tells him to get lost, and Volador still hangs out on the apron to say hello to the rudo fans. Mephisto buys a little more time with a handshake fake out. They get running, Titan bend under a clothesline and reverse springboard headscissors Mephisto, then puses another headscissors to pull Titan over the top rope. Titan scoots around the apron waiting for Mephisto to get up, and flattens him with a top rope Asai moonsault. Many replays. Both make it back in, Titan huracanrana one two NO. Titan victory roll one two NO. Titan bodyscissors cradle, Mephisto bending his legs back so Titan can cradle them, one two NO. Mephisto flips Titan to the apron, but Titan swings kicks him to keep the run going. Springboard headscissors sends Mephisto back out ramp side again. Titan runs, and dives over the top for a big tope con giro. Both down for a while, a good time for some replays. Titan grabs Mephisto and throws him in under the bottom rope. Mephisto turns it around, snap mares Titan, traps him in one arm, and pulls back the other for an armbar. Titan in trouble for a while but Mephisto can't hold it. Mephisto gets up ad puts Titan in a Gori stretch, twisting the arms, then lifting Titan up higher for a Gori Bomb, but Titan slip out the back for a sunset flip one two NO. Mephisto retreats to the corner, Titan charges in, Mephisto flips him to the apron, Mephisto springboard dropkick to knock Titan to the floor! Mephisto to the apron – reverse springboard tope con giro, Titan gets hit but Mephisto hits the floor harder. Mephisto is immediately in some pain. Replays show Mephisto went a little bit to the side of Titan, who only got his arm on him. Triton buys some time by arguing with Tigre Hispano about whatever, while Volador presses on Mephisto's back, including his lower back. Both Titan and Mephisto roll in, but Mephisto rolls right back out. Volador massages Mephisto's back a little more. Maybe it's his hip? Titan hangs out on the apron, waisting for Mephisto to come over so he can shoulders him. Springboard plancha, Mephisto rolls thru one two NO. Titan punches Mephisto while Volador and Tigre Hispano talk. Titan walks around while Mephisto is having trouble moving. Still, he manages a big flapjack and a running kick to Titan's face. Mephisto grabs his back and bends over, then drops down to cover, one two NO. Titan and Mephisto clearly chatting as they slowly get up. Titan off the ropes, Mephisto tosses him, kick caught, and into a dragon screws him. That's clearly supposed to be the set up to something else the way Titan reacts, but Mephisto grabs the bottom rope and is not letting go. Volador helps him grab. Titan tries to pull Mephisto back, but Tigre Hispano orders him to back off, and Volador not so secretly pulls Mephisto out. That dragon screw bump made whatever was going on much ore painful. Titan backs off in a neutral corner while Volador and Mephisto check on Mephisto's – ankle? Maybe it's a cover because of the move? Maybe it's also hurt now? The doctor comes over, and seems to tell Mephisto that's it, but Mephisto gets back in the ring with help from Volador. Volador and the doctor chat. Titan kicks Mephisto as he comes in, and bends over to listen. Mephisto shoves Titan way, Titan waistlock rolling up with back bridge, Mephisto turns it into a double pin, one two three.

Triton is sure Titan just won and Volador is confused. Mephisto is not getting up. Triton finally figures it out when the ring announcer says “empate”. Mephisto is limping slightly now, so maybe he did hurt two different things? He stands long enough to get his belt put on him. Replay of the finish.

Magadan interviews the champion, who needs to lean on Volador to stay standing. Mephisto credits his experience for overcoming being injured on his dive. A draw is a win for him. Volador's experience in these matches also helped. Volador says he, Averno and Mephisto are going to keep taking it to the new stars on paper. Triton and Titan are hanging out in the ring the whole time, and Triton is still irritated.

Match 3: Namajague & Shigeo Okumura vs Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. for the Arena Coliseo (DF) Tag Team Championship
Arena Coliseo, 11/03/2013

  1. Fiebre Amarilla

  2. técnicos

  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 18:39
Rating: great
Notes: Namajague wears his belt to the ring. Commissioner is Gustavo. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Delta and Namajague start, trying waistlocks, armbars and hammerlocks. Delta hiptosses Namajague into the ropes to break them apart. They keep going and exchange armdrags. Okumura and Maya go with leg locks and headlocks. Okumura whips Maya to his corner, Delta flips May to the apron, Delta whips Okumura, reverses, and Namajague whips out Delta with a missile dropkick. Maya gets Namajague for a top rope plancha, Okumura slaps Maya on the back and turns him around for the Michinoku Driver. Namajague plans Delta with a German suplex for the other pin.

2: Namajague waves for the técnicos to stop regrouping on the floor and come in to face him. Maya does, and is immediately hit from behind. Namajague running back elbow to Maya, then he sets up Maya on the top rope and unties his mask. Referee orders may out, so Okumura sets Maya up and does it himself. Learning from the Avernos, I see. Whip, quebradora, then a whip into a Namajague kick. Namajague tags in, whips Delta, reversed, Namajague slides out, spins around, Delta runs, slides out, Namajague slides in. Tecnicos are annoyed, and more so when Namajague kicks Delta sliding in. Maya comes in to face off one on one and gets a few shots on Namajague, so of course Okumura attacks him from behind. Namajague slaps Maya back and to the apron. Delta in, ripping off his own gloves. Namajague and Delta chop each other back and forth. Whip, clothesline misses, Delta headscissors sends Namajague to the técnico corner, Maya pulls Namajague down by the hair, Delta dropkicks Namajague from behind as he argues, Okumura clothesline him, Maya missile dropkicks Okumura to win that exchange. Namajague in, swinging and misses, and Delta headscissors cradles him into figure four cavernaria – that was a different way for getting it to it. Maya submits Okumura to his reverse suástica to take the fall.

3: Delta and Namajague go back to their chop fight. Namajague forces Delta into the corner and gives him his double chop to the chest. Whip, reversed, evasion, they sort of get lost, Delta slips behind and clotheslines him. Delta lifts Namajague up, and Guerrero Maya adds a running flapjack to drive Namajague down. Delta powerslam Okumura as he runs in. Namajague runs to break it up, Maya attempts to springboard off Delta's back for something but slips and falls down. Namajague just slaps and hits Maya as Delta give up the pin. Delta dropkick sends Namajague hard into the bottom rope. Replay. Delta tells Namajague to lave as the técnicos take Okumura. Whip, Maya big quebradora. Maya holds Okumura for a Delta springboard, and Delta's clothesline connects with the right man. That never works. Double spinebuster by the técnicos, double forward bridging cradle, but Namajague breaks that all up. Maya rolls out, and Namajague tells Okumura to get up and help him. Crowd into the match, even though Namajague stops to annoy the crowd. Namajague laves, Delta dropkicks him (that was all odd), and Delta goes for his rolling over the rope headscissors, only Namajague slaps him (questionably low) halfway over the ropes. Maya in, evasion leads to a Maya big spear. Okumura breaks up the pin. Namajague walks Maya all the way back to a corner. Corner whip, reversed, Namajague flips Maya to the apron, Maya slaps him back, Maya goes up top, Okumura this him, Namajague climbs up with him, double superplex! So weird not see a powerbomb in there too. Namajague covers, but Delta breaks that up with a dropkick. Crowd chanting Si Se Puede. Namajague and Maya stay in, but both are slow up. Namajague charges, and dropkicks Maya into the corner. Corner whip, Namajague charges, Maya flips him to the apron and Delta pulls him off. Okumura in but blown up by a Delta dropkick. Tecnicos run to opposite corner – corner topes on both men! Cameras can't pan out far enough capture them all. [Namajague gets up very quick and walks rapidly off screen into the crowd.] Crowd shot and replays. [Namajague is shown walking back to the ring, with two security people behind him a Guerrero Maya Jr. masked fan holding the side of his face. The women sitting next to him is very unhappy about something. Namajague looks back before getting in the ring. This part is edited out of the TV version.] Maya heel kicks Namajague, cradle suplex one two No. Crowd noise is down a bit, with everyone looking in the direction of that fan to try and find out what's going on. Delta in, and Maya lifts him into a dropkick on Namajague. Namajague pounds the mat angrily, then gets up, shoulderblocks Maya, bounces off the ropes again, and get tossed out by Maya. May runs and lays him out with a tope con giro. Okumura clothesline s Delta and signals he's going up. Top rope planchas to the floor on Maya. Delta hops to the apron and comes off with a springboard moonsault of his own. Namajague back in, running and his tope con giro hits Delta. A fan gives Namajague a thumbs up, and does not get hit. Okumura and Maya in, Maya huracanrana, Okumura rolls thru, one two NO. [On the hard camera, you can see a woman explain to a man what just happen with Namajague and the fan – he thinks it was a punch, she demonstrates it was a slap to the face. Hilarious.] Maya runs into a drop toe hold, Gedo clutch one two NO. [Now more people in the front row are discussing it. It's a distraction.] Maya misses a clothesline, Okumura German suplex, one two NO. Okumura punch caught, Sacarifica Maya! One two three. Namajague slides in and kicks Maya down. Namajague leaps over Delta as he slides in, Namajague kick caught, splits, high kicks misses, Namajague inside cradle, Delta rolls thru, Delta huracanrana blocked into a powerbomb one two NO. Namajague punch misses, delta drop toe hold, leg trap campana, Namajague gives! New champions!

Champions get their belts. Replays. Interviews also allow us to see over where the fan was for the first time since whatever happened, and there's still security standing in the area. Tony Salazar walks by as well.