CMLL En Busca de un Idolo #57 (10/26/2013) 
Recapped: 11/01/2013

Feliciano congratulates Negro Casas & Virus on their fine coaching jobs thru this competition – they both got one thru, and now they'll have a cibernetico with everyone. Both are happy with the idea. Virus thinks all the técnico team strife will make it easy for the team to win. They both tell each other to prepare well, but Negro Casas ignores Virus' boasts.

Rudos all train. Well, Sangre is elsewhere, but we have Mr. Niebla, Zacarias and a woman in a wedding gown for some reason. Niebla tells Misterioso has all the qualities to be great. They ask Niebla about the women, and it's a joke that goes right over my head. Vangellys and Virus practice, Virus submitting Vangellys easily. Niebla also thinks highly of Vangellys and makes fun of Tirantes judging comments. Zacarias tells Niebla to teach Vangellys the spit move, but Vangellys leaves it to the professional. Virus and Tiger have a turn, Tigre also loses in seconds.

Throughout the match, we get words from all four judges about their judging.

They're pretending this match happened before the final for whatever reason.

Match 1: Fuego, Hijo del Fantasma, Negro Casas, Stuka Jr., Valiente vs Misterioso Jr., Sangre Azteca, Tiger, Vangellys, Virus in a cibernetico match
Arena Mexico, 07/26/2013

  1. Fuego reversed huracanrana Sangre Azteca (9:40)
  2. Hijo del Fantasma Phantom Attack on Tiger (10:55)
  3. Virus double arm trap Fuego (13:08)
  4. Misterioso Gori Special Stuka (14:20)
  5. Vangellys Schwien Hijo del Fantasma (15:10)
  6. Valiente inside cradle Misterioso (16:27)
  7. Negro Casas heel kick foul Vangellys (18:09)
  8. Virus pin Valiente (19:44)
  9. Negro Casas casita Virus (21:21)

Winner: Negro Casas
Match Time: (21:21)
Rating: good/great
Notes: Tirantes is also the referee for this match. Zacarias is in the técnico corner.

Virus and Negro start, because that's the best way to go. Quick battle for control, no one getting a hold or pin for long in this first exchange. They last a little longer on the second exchange, and Virus is not afraid to pull Negro' hair to hold him in place. Still, they end up standing and shoving before long. Shove turns to slaps, turns into a Virus armbar. Even though Virus has the advantage, it's close to the rudo corner, so the rudos all decided to come in and stomp Negro Casas. Técnicos all rush in, and a brawl breaks out. They separate themselves, which is good because Tirantes isn't doing anything. Fantasma takes down Virus after is the fight is otherwise broken up and everyone else has to pull them apart (or take cheap shots, if you're a rudo.)

Vangellys and Valiente restart, with the usual even bit leading to zero covers. Tags. To Misterioso and Stuka. Stuka does a lot of rolling to escape moves, still gets armdragged, but armdrags Misterioso next. Headscissors from the mat, to zero pins and lots of annoying camera shaking. Sangre and Fantasma are next to have a quick draw. Fantasma gets in a bit, Sangre chops him, Fantasma shoves Sangre down, so Sangre did end up the worse. Fuego and Virus in (no Tiger still), Fuego showing off with evasion and head fakes. Springboard plancha connects, over the back armdrags sends Virus out. Fuego rolls and poses near the ropes. Tiger in, but Negro in opposite him. Tiger is very concerned, and Misterioso just shoves him out of the way and gets into a chop fight with Negro himself. Tiger is annoyed, waits for Negro to fall down from a chop and shoves Misterioso. Misterioso shoves back, poses and Tiger takes him out with a superkick! Tiger can't believe he did that, but stays into fight his uncle. Negro with various headlocks and sleepers and such. Tiger finally escapes to a running side slam. Tiger yells at Negro to get up, then grabs himself. Chops back and forth, Negro with a big eye poke and chops and trips in the corner. Running boot the face only connects with a little bit of Tiger's face. Negro goes for another, but Tiger gets up in time and superkicks him. Tags to Valiente and Vangellys again, Vangellys stomping Valiente down and celebrating. Whip, clothesline misses, Valiente back with a headscissors. Quebradora and spine kicks. Vangellys slaps Valiente back and chops him to the ropes. Whip, clothesline misses again, Valiente dropkick flips Vangellys. Vangellys out, Valiente start to run, rolls, and tags in Stuka. Misterioso in for the técnicos Whip, reversed, over, under, back with a dropkick. Stuka off the ropes, runs, flips off the ropes to counter a monkey flip and springboard armdrag sends Misterioso out. Stuka runs, rolls to the ropes, and hops up near the ropes for a dive. This match is moving pretty fast, and it helps that there's an edit here. Sangre kicks down and stomps Fantasma as he arrives. Lots of stomps. Sangre moves Fantasma's shirt (to cheers from women), knees him, and slaps Fantasma in the chest. Charge, Sangre lands his clothesline, Sangre rolls back, charges, and lands his low blow dropkick. Sangre taunts the fans and the técnicos. Chop again. Corner whip, Sangre charges in, dropkick in the corner misses, Fantasma monkey flip sends Sangre cross the ring. Fantasma monkey flip sends Sangre across the ring again. Sangre out, Fantasma runs for a dive, and he actually does it – big tope into Sangre. Break.

Returned in time to see Valiente roll into Tiger's dropkick tot he backside, then Tiger urn out and tornillo suicida Fantasma. Misterioso whip Valiente into the corner, misses, Spears the post, and Valiente lands the Valiente Special on him. Things are breaking down. Vangellys spins and misses on the wheel kick, Stuka dropkicks out, runs for his tope, Vangellys bails around the corner, Negro tries his silla, Vangellys catches him and throw Negro into the post. No problem, deadman's plancha by Stuka instead. Fuego dropkicks Virus from many angles, sending him out. Sangre in, and he fails in all the usual ways. Fuego almost beats him on a missed wheel kick. Sangre huracanrana, Fuego rolls thru one two ??? It sure looks like Sangre kicks out before three, but the announcers say it's three and that's the last we see of Azteca. Tirantes does seem to point at the back, so that seems to be the intended finish.

Quick words from Ultimo Guerrero about Sangre Azteca cover up an edit.

Fantasma superkicks Tiger as they return. Chop in the corner. Corner who reverses, Fantasma kip up, Tiger kicks him in the chest on the way up, and superkicks him when he lands, one two NO. Tiger and Tirantes exchange shoves above the count, and Tiger is ready to slap Tirantes before he holds back. You'd think one of the rudos angry with Tirantes would just end up hitting him here. Whip, reversed, Fantasma flipped to the apron and landing badly. Tiger's punch is blocked, Fantasma wing kick, Fantasma runs up the ramp, runs back, Phantom Attack connects. One two three.

Tony Salazar talks about Tiger, so I guess this is everyone talking about why the loser is a loser.

Negro and Vangellys exchange kicks and punches, with Negro winning via rebound forearm, but Vangellys getting right in his face and backing Negro into the corner. Chops. Corner whip, Vangellys charges in, Negro gets his feet up, and kicks him away. Vangellys stomps Negro, Vangellys trips Negro up and punches and stomps to him. Vangellys is really taking it to Casas. Front suplex, off the ropes, dropkick to the shoulder sends Negro out. Tags to Misterioso, while Fuego comes in. Chop fight seems like it should go Misterioso way, but he instead swings and misses on a clothesline to set up Fuego's back bend. Misterioso just gets Fuego with the next one before he can bend again. Evasion, Fuego leapfrogs repeatedly, dropkicks Misterioso off, and follows with a big tope. Fuego right back in – and another second tope! That seems to happens to Misterioso a lot. Virus tries to kick Fuego off the apron, Fuego ducks and knocks Virus. Springboard plancha in, Virus clothesline blocked, Fuego off the ropes, into a Virus powerbomb. Virus ties Fuego's arms and legs up, and submits him.

Tony Salazar says Fuego advanced to the final and is good, but doesn't connect with the crowd.

Virus fights Fantasma off with chops. Clothesline misses, Fantasma headscissors sends Virus sliding out. Misterioso in and fired up, so he's about to do something dumb. Fantasma runs at Misteiroso, Misterioso tossed Fantasma up and drops him with a flapjack. Misterioso tries to go for a dropkick, técnicos trip him up, but Vangellys rushes in and gets in the dropkick himself. Stuka rushes in and dropkicks Vangellys out, then runs into Misterioso and gets knocked back. Misterioso clothesline caught, scoops up, and dropped in the center of the ring. Stuka goes up, taking his time. Torpedo splash meets knees. Misterioso Gori Special, one two three.

Ultimo Guerrero is high on Stuka's future.

Down to Vangellys, Misterioso, and Virus vs Negro Casas, Fantasma and Valiente. Fantasma clothesline Misterioso and goes for the Phantom Attack again – ah, no, it's the armdrag this time, into the armscissors. Vangellys stomps Fantasma before he can put it on. Chops. Fantasma blocks Vangellys chops and punches back. Fantasma grabs Vangellys for a powerbomb, but Vangellys reverses it to a Terrible style Schwein. One two three. Nice knowing you, ghost.

Tony Salazar is more positive on Fantasma than Fuego, but also says he needs to be more sympathetic to get a crowd reaction.

Virus in to face Negro, but Misterioso shoves away his trainer to do it himself. Negro shoulderblock gets knocked down by Misterioso. Virus is clearly annoyed with Misterioso. Misterioso off the ropes, shoulderblock knocks over Negro again. Misterioso grabs Negro, loosely, Negro battles back with kneelifts and kicks. Misterioso chops and clothesline Negro until he falls down. Misterioso off the ropes, kind of a shove, looks like they got lost. Negro back to kicks, snap mare, kick to the chest one two NO. Misterioso dropkicks Negro out, runs for a dive, but rolls to stop and pose instead. Valiente inside cradles Misterioso one two three. Misterioso lost by being stupid, as always.

Tony is NOT high on Misterioso.

Negro Casas dropkicks Virus in the knee, but goes after Vangellys and gets hung over the top rope and kicked for it. Virus covers, but only two. Virus crucifix cradle on Negro one two NO. Virus tags in Vangellys, and they brawl again. Vangellys suplexes Negro and Negro escape to the apron. Vangellys and Negro brawl out there, Vangellys tries to run Vangellys into the post, Vangellys tops, hits Negro and hangs him over the ropes for for Virus. Virus adjusts Negro a bit, and lands his usual running dropkick. Vangellys covers, one two NO. Vangellys misses a low blow elbow drop, end Negro is grateful. Vangellys grabs Negro in a full nelson. Negro reaches – not to get out of the hold, but to pull Tirantes belt and the slightly shove him out of the way. Tirantes looks the wrong way, and misses a Negro heel kick foul. He turns around in time to count one two three.

Ultimo Guerrero says Vangellys could be the next idol of CMLL.

Virus and Valiente exchange chops, Valiente getting in a clothesline and covering Virus for two. Corner whip, reversed, Virus charges in, Valiente kicks him away, Valiente flips out of a monkey flips and dropkicks Virus twice. Valiente fired up, Virus down. Virus delayed cover one two NO. Vangellys is still hanging around on the apron, and Tirantes tells him to get lost. Whip, evasion, Virus backdrop, dropkick to the head. Virus is all fired up now, and takes a swing at Negro. That lures Negro in, and Tirantes occupies himself with Negro. Tirantes misses Valiente landing the Valiente buster on Virus, and there's no one where to count when Valiente bridges forward to count. There is still Vangellys, who dives in, foul punches Valiente, and slide out. Virus casita, one two three.

Ultimo Guerrero says Valiente could be the next técnico idol.

Virus chops Negro back. Whip, reversed, Negro Casas dropkick to the knee, casita, virus shoves him off, Virus goes for the leg lock, Negro kicks him away with two kicks to the face. Virus punch misses, Negro kicks Virus down, scorpion, Virus turns free before it can be applies, locking the legs and getting an STF so easy. It's pretty tight and Negro isn't going anywhere for a while, but he does mange to move the the facelock. Crowd is very loud for Negro, who gets the bottom rope. Virus punches Negro. Corner whip, reversed, Virus stops short, Negro charges into a takedown. Virus middle rope elbow drop comes up empty. Negro casita, one two three!

Virus presses the important of cheating to beat Valiente next week. It doesn't matter how you win, just that you do. Mr. Niebla, observing, agrees. Entrances for the final, and the match is shown right up to the first lockup, with some promos mixed in.