AAA on UTDN (10/10/2013) 
Recapped: 10/21/2013

Intro video package is quick. Announcers talk about Texano/Psycho. Flashing question marks for the mystery gringo in the second match is amusing.

Past Antonio Pena winners video package

2007: Charlie Manson (spelled that way)
2008: Cibernético
2009: Mesías
2010: Aerostar
2011: Electroshock
2012: Texano Jr. (disqualified)

Parka Negra II – and it's clearly a new one, because they didn't let the original talk – hypes up Copa Pena.

Match 1: Carta Brava Jr. & El Apache vs Lucky Boy & Niño de Ébano
Domo del Deportivo Plan Sexenal, Distrito Federal, 09/22/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 13:02
Rating: ok/good
Notes: New giant graphics for names! They look good. Referee is Pepe Casas. Maxima Veolicdad are wearing different outfits this week to make my life easier.

It does require me to figure out which one is in to start; it appears to be Niño de Ébano versus Carta Brava to start on the mat, with the rudo controlling the action. Crowd is more than willing to chant for the técnicos. Gran Apache and Lucky Boy circle as a little girl runs down the aisle to the ring, then turns around and runs back. (She and her father here going from one side of the aisle to the other, only she got lost.) Apache does the crane pose. Lucky Boy things about a handshake. He does not shake hands. They did not do a lot before that., and they tag back in Ébano and Apache. Announcers are talking about referees for reasons I'm not that interested in finding out, but there's a Tirantes (Sr.) reference in there. Ébano evades and headscissors Carta out. Match isn't to bad, but they're starting slow. Lucky Boy has good evasion bits with Apache, then gets slapped down. Rope flip armdrag, boost dropkick sends Apache out. Lucky thinks about diving, but turns around and Carta dropkick him. Whip, evasion, Lucky Boy handwalks, but Carta stops that with a dropkick. Apache pulls Niño off the apron, slaps him and runs him into the post, so the rudos have well taken over the match. Double clothesline for Lucky Boy, double boot for him. Think the announcers have confused the técnicos. Niño de Ébano is wearing black this week, it should not be too hard. Ébano's slapped around, then takes the backwards press slam bump tot he floor, which the cameras don’t even pick up well this time. Carta flapjack (“brainbuster”), Apache tapatía, Carta dropkick for Lucky. Carta drops Lucky for Apache's top rope senton con giro. Apache starts to send Lucky out, and Carta pulls him back in. Double spinebuster, two man tapatía, Niño sneaks in for a pin, though I'm not sure why he would try that when the rudos haven't. Rudos let go and slap around the técnicos again. Lucky whipped to Niño, Niño flips him to safety, kick for Ébano, late plancha on Apache. Apache slaps Carta by mistake, Lucky poses to teases Apache into a Niño plancha. Carta elbow drops his partner, lots of standing splashes by técnicos, and Niño boosts Lucky into a standing moonsault. Both cover, one two NO. Lucky Boy boosted dropkick on the rudos. Técnicos psych themselves up. Niño slide out, Lucky does a weird Brillo like flip off the middle rope roll to the floor that can't not have been the plan by the way he does it and lands. Técnicos are both tossed back to he apron, roll back in, run again, and this time do the double Brillo Dorada – only Lucky doesn't catch the middle rope with his foot and falls over the top rope hard. Apache didn't even have a chance to catch him, and stands over Lucky for a moment before punching. Niño de Ébano has no idea what happened and tries to clap for his partner to get up, before going in alone to face Carta. Niño puts Carta in Angelcito, and Apache takes the scenic route around to break it up with a kick. Apache with a cruz variant, laying on his back while applying it (suspended Niño above him) and almost gets himself pinned. Apache lets go, complains and puts on a camel clutch (both announcers call it by that name, hmm.) Lucky returns just in time to kick Apache on the head, then walks up on his shoulder for an armbar. Lucky with an armdrag to take it to the mat, but Carta breaks up the hold. Lucky flips Carta to the apron, Carta smacks him back, goes up, and Lucky hits him with a swing kick. Both to the top rope, Spanish Fly. No pin, Lucky decided to go up again – which gives Apache plenty of time to pull Carta out of the way. Lucky has no idea, does the moonsaults anyway and misses. Apache kicks Lucky in the face, then gets into a slap fight with Niño de Ébano. Apache sells big for Ebano's ordinary chops. Niño kicks Apache out, and Lucky does one more dive- a tope thru the ropes. Apache recovers quickly, and runs Lucky into the post. Niño with a inverted powerslam (cut away in the middle of it, though to tell), one two no. Casita, but both get into the ropes and Pepe Casas won't count right away. Niño moves a bit, one two no. Niño drops Carta and goes up, but Apache runs in and shoves Niño off the top rope and to the floor. Lucky back in, springboard sunset flip on Carta, Carta rolls thru and the rudos grab Lucky for chops. Corner whip, corner clothesline, corner slap, Apache crucifix powerbomb, Carta frog splash, both cover one two three.

Angelico and Jack Evans are working out at an outdoor park (sure!), and Angelico is nervous about their new partner – he's never met him! Jack Evans vouches for the new guy, saying he met him in a tour of Australia and he's even better than Jack. He's here right here – Australian Suicide, who talks right to the camera, and wears his mask and gear. Jack says the three of them together is going to be some “Love Action”. OK.

Match 2: Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans vs Eterno, Pentagón Jr., Steve Pain
Domo del Deportivo Plan Sexenal, Distrito Federal, 09/22/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 19:08 (7:20+11:48)
Rating: good
Notes: Steve Pain has his evil American flag. What country is Jack from again? Pentagon Jr. talks to the camera. Jack has a Mexico flag, there's my answer. Piero is referee.

Eterno and Angelico start, though it takes more than a minuet for them to get around to locking up. They do some chain wrestling, then Eterno runs into some armdrags. Eterno gets in a springboard jumping one of his own, evasion on kick and clothesline spots, and dueling dropkicks. Eterno turns around to pose, and Angelico dropkicks him out. Pentagon and Suicide start, with Suicide slipping on his first backflip off the middle ropes, thens lipping on his next backflip in the ring, and looking very nervous for a moment. Face off doesn’t come a moment too soon. Suicide looks sad walking back to his corner. Jack dances with Steve Pain, pain kicks him in the face. Chops. Jack flips to the apron on a whip, front flips in, springboard front flips over pain again, and then running front flips into a double heel kick on Pain. Via Mexico standing moonsault meets knees. Pain: “VIVA AMERICA!” Corner whip, Jack springboard backflips to the apron because why not, kicks to Pain's head, Jack climbs up, but Pan crotches him. Pain doges for his running dropkick, but Jack pulls himself up on the corner just in time and Pains slides his way out. Jack with a twisting moonsault onto Pain on the floor. The match accelerated with those two in. Suicide backflips to escape Eterno, but Pentagon drops him with a backcracker and the rudos have taken over. Rudos beat down time. Pentagon welcome Suicide to AAA with the loudest chop possible. Jack takes the loud chop too. Pentagon is very proud of himself. Break.

Perro Aguayo talks up Copa Pena.

Daga & Psicosis talk up Copa Pena. Psicosis has 10 times the energy of Daga as they cut between them.

All the rudos stomp Angelico. Pain holds Angelico for a double low blow dropkick by Eterno and Pentagon. Técnicos are knocked down in each other,with Pentagon Jr. landing the staircase dropkick on Jack, the others adding the own dropkicks on Jack and Suicide. Rudos in no hurry here, as Pentagon annoys fans at ringside and the other rudos mess with Jack. Jack backflips off a double backdrop into a headscissors on Pentagon to seemingly to start to the comeback. Double clothesline misses, but Jack's backflip double back elbow meets dropkicks from the rudos, who all pound Jack into the mat. Suicide runs in and attacks everyone, and the técnicos beat him down. Pain flapjack cutter on Suicide, then a giant swing/dropkick by the other two. Rudos pose. Pain forearms Suicide in the head many times, and just starts swinging his arms when he gets bored. Suicide still reaches for a tag, and enziguris Pain, but Pentagon grabs Suicide before he can tag out. Suicide gets a jawbreaker, and Eterno grabs Suicide. Another enziguri for him, Pain grabs Suicide's leg, but he breaks free to make the tag. That was a bit much. Angelico clothesline and back elbow everyone. Crowd is reacting to the hot tag for once, or at least to Angelico becoming in (lots of female screams.) Jack boost dropkicks Eterno and Pentagon out, then slide out to the apron. Everyone seems lost for a second, then Suicide kicks Pain in the corner on the way up top – shooting star to the outside. That gets an an immediate replay. Angelico back suplex/Jack Evans springboard double knee to the chest. Suicide and Jack kicks Pain back and forth, Angelico adds more kicks, Suicide standing shooting star press, Angeilco suplex on Jack into a flipping splash, and it doesn't really matter because the other rudos break it up. Pentagon and Suicide have an argument as everyone else clears out. Suicide is shorter than Pentagon, which makes him short. This turns into kicks, snap mares, kick to the spine, which they can make low but seems a little anti-climatic. It's followed by a Pentagon pumphandle cradle piledriver, so yea. Jack breaks up the pin by running over it. Whip, quick reversal, Jack spinning kick to the head causes Pentagon to fall over. Jack springboard twisting splash, Pain breaks it up. Pain with measured side kicks to Jack, who stays up and asks for more. Pain kicks Jack low, which is the way to when someone asks you to kick them again. Double pumphandle face first powerbomb, Angelico's turn to break it up. Angelico spins over Pain's back and pulls off the head kick from the mat. Eterno breaks up that pin. Eterno powerbomb broken up by Jack and Suicide. Eterno and pain kicks out Suicide and Jack, hug, and then run for dive - but the técnicos rush in and dropkick them out the other side. Camera people have to run around ring, but the técnicos give them time by high ten-ing before diving. Suicide does a rope grab tornillo. Jack does his normal dive, now into a headscissors on Pain, which throws him on top of Eterno. Pentagon and Angelico left in, evasion, Pentagon Sling Blade one two NO. Pentagon fireman's drops Angelico in the corner and starts to climb up, which seems like a very bad idea. Sure enough, Angelico pops up for a super German suplex, but Pentagon elbows him away. Angelico gets in a head kick anyway, and plucks Pentagon off for the crucifix powerbomb but to the corner. Jack struggles climbing the ropes for a moment, but lands his 630 senton, and Suicide lands a tornillo splash (hitting the ropes on the way down.) One two three.

Why did they show the graphic for the last match after the match?

Texano Jr. vs Psycho Clown video package leading into their face to face segment, which seems a lot like their one last week.

Match 3: El Mesías, La Parka, Psycho Clown vs Chessman, Parka Negra, Texano Jr.
Domo del Deportivo Plan Sexenal, Distrito Federal, 09/22/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 11:10
Rating: ok
Notes: Jesus makes this a no DQ match. Or he just announces it that way. Piero is referee. Tecnicos all attack Parka Negra before the match for shoving Parka.

Negra and Chessman are cleared out quick, and Texano decided to hide by standing in the corner. That doesn't work. He and Psycho Clown exchange chops and forearms, then run into each other and almost fall down. Psycho big boot knocks Texano in the corner, then avoids the charge, superkick Psycho and the other rudos crotch Psycho. Rudos rush to the other técnicos and stomp them. Psychos' brought back in and stomped. Trip, dropkick to the head, and bull whip shot to the leg for Mesías. Piero objects to the bullrope -it's no DQ! Piero takes the bullrope away anyway. Rudos all stomp Parka. Rudos hold Psycho Clown, who's mask has been ripped, and Texano cracks him in the head. Psycho falls over face first, with both his arms next time we see him. He's bleeding next time we see him, how surprising. (I think you can actually see him blade on camera if you slow it down at one point - he lifts his head just enough to get room.) Texano works over the cut while the other rudos keep the other técnicos as bay. Texano gets another chair and uses it smack Psycho as well. Mesías throws down Chessman on a whip, but Texano quickly kicks him to put Mesias down and keep the rudos up. Rudos are just basically smoothering the técnicos here. Texano smacks Psycho in the corner, then goes to grab his bullrope, and punches Psycho with a lasso assisted punches. Parka takes down Parka Negro and scrambles with him, but Chessman breaks that up and parka Negra punches Parka wildly on the ground. Parka ducks a clothesilne, headscissors Texano, avoids Chessman and dances – but Parka Negra blindsides Parka and the rudos all stomp him. Rudos throw Parka out, then stomp Psycho as he returns. This is a long beatdown. Psycho avoids a corner charge, one telegraphed as soon as he's in the corner. Chessman slaps Parka by mistake, but Texano drops Psycho with a dropkick. Crowd chants loudly for Psycho. Texano stomps him in the head and tosses Psycho out. Mesías corner whip, Texano misses the corner splash this time, Mesías ducks the other two, and pulls off a horrible looking boosted dropkick to Parka Negra. Chessman and Mesías stare at each other, perhaps in shock how bad that looked. Mesías gets them moving again, Parka helps, and helps by doing a nearly as bad one foot jumping dropkick with a lift from Mesias. Parka and Mesías go out either side with dives, leaving Psycho and Texano and Texano's bullropes Texano bullrope misses, Psycho quebradoras Texano, throws him down by his hair, and smacks him with the bullrope. Texano tries to crawl away, but Psycho brings him back at hits him with the ropes It hurts so much, Texano stands up. Psycho huracanrana (??), Texano reverses to a Styles Clash for two. Psycho fires up, but charges into the the Tornado Texano. Two count again. Psycho again up, looking fine and fired up. Psycho with lots of punches to knock Texano down. To the ropes, Chessman grabs Psycho, Texano kicks and gets his ally instead. Psycho kicks to the midsection, sit down powerbomb, one two NO. Psycho pounds the mat. Psycho lifts up Texano and drops him with the Schwein, one two Parka Negra break sit up. Parka Negra turns to the crowd, then turns back so Psycho clotheslines him out. Psycho Canadian Destroyer one two three. Crowd cheers.

Psycho yells about the title match on the microphone while Texano is attneded to by the doctor.

Announcers wrap up and hype Heroes Inmortales.