CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #367 (08/17/2013) 
Recapped: 08/22/2013

Logo open.

Match 1: Oro Jr. & Stigma vs Disturbio & Guerrero Negro Jr.
Arena Mexico, 08/09/2013

  1. técnicos
  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 5:00
Rating: ok for vastly clipped
Notes: Referee is Terror Chino. This is greatly edited.

1: Joined at the end of Stigma/Disturbio's exchange, which is probably the second since Oro Jr. gets nothing in before the rudo double team – Negro trip over the bottom rope, Disturbio legdrop, Negro dropkick to the backside. Stigma fights back with armdrags on Negro, Disturbio kicks him down, Oro planchas him. Oro pulls off a kip under slap, and runs to the corner corner for his moonsault bodyblock. Stigma has a long set up into a simple submission.

2: Stigma headscissors and armdrags Guerrero Negro out. Disturbio gets the advantage by just not going on a corner whip, then breaking Oro Jr. in half. Stigma evades Disturbio, but is quickly beat by Guerrero Negro. Canadian Destroyer in the opener, very indy.

3: Tecnico comeback is clipped or not existent. Oro Jr. suddenly quebradoras Guerrero Negro, then hooks him in an upside submission. Disturbio breaks it up, leaves, and patiently ask for a tag. He gets it and returns to kick Disturbio around. Backdrop on Oro Jr, rolling senton for two. Stigma breaks it up late. Stigma can't get a casadora move, Disturbio gets Stigma up on his shoulders and drops him with a fireman’s carry powerbomb. That does it. Oro Jr. runs right by the pin because that's what the situation requires. Guerrero Negro drops him and moonsaults him for the other pin.

Announcers open with JCC, Rey Bucanero, Roberto and JCR.

Match 2: Delta, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. ©  vs Misterioso Jr. ©, Puma, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 08/09/2013

  1. técnicos
  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 15:41
Rating: good
Notes: No entrances, though they do kill a few seconds with in-ring introductions. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Pairs are Delta/Tiger, Maya/Misterioso, and Fuego/Puma. Rey Bucanero says he needs to talk to Terrible to figure out the Tiger/TRT situation. Puma does the best job of interacting with the crowd within seconds. Fuego fires up after a couple quebradoras, and the show goes to break just as the rudos trip him running the ropes.

That bit is repeated after the break. Puma attempts to dropkick Fuego, bu the técnicos tie him up and out. Both sides loiter on opposite sides of the rings for a moment, then Delta and Tiger come in and have awkward moment. Tiger kicks Delta in the chest as he kips up, then superkicks him down. Puma in for the old Cat-a-pult spot, and that's enough for one pin. Maya puts Misterioso up and tries to fighting with him, but Puma runs over to trip him up and Misterioso puts Maya down with his Rosa Driver. Puma and Tiger do their pose while Misterioso gets his pin.

Rudos post Fuego between the falls.

2: Delta is hung and dropkicked in the corner. Rudos smack around the various técnicos. Corner charges for Fuego, Misterioso hammering Fuego over and over with clotheslines in the corner. Misterioso chops Fuego hard in the back. Puma sit on the middle rope, and holds Maya upside down for a Tiger low blow dropkick. There seems to be more painful things you could do to a guy in that position, but Maya does seem to be in a lot of pain after. Puma runs Maya form corner to corner for clotheslines, but Maya ducks under, punches Maya a few times, and chops him down. Rudos stomp down Maya, then hang him for a running kick to the chest from Tiger. Fuego backflip under a double clothesline, and leads the cats into clotheslining Misterioso. Tecnicos dropkick the técnicos. Misterioso manages to knock Delta out instead of the ring himself, Maya sunset flips him, Misterioso rolls thru and dropkicks him. It's all coming up Misterioso. He fakes out a dive, stops to pose, and gets inside cradle by Fuego from behind one two three! It's all not coming up Misterioso.

Tiger and Puma are not happy with their partner and try walking out on him. Misterioso tries to walk out on them first, but then it turns out no one leaves at all.

3: Fuego back bends under a Misterioso clothesline. Misterioso hits reverse, tries it again, and Fuego back bends again! Far more amusing than it should be. Over the back armdrags sends Misterioso out and Fuego into dancing. Delta seems slow in his sequence with Puma, but helpfully lifts Maya up for his rope running armdrag on Puma, and boots him up for a headscissors on Tiger. Delta slams Tiger and pulls him into position for a top rope splash by Maya. Delta covers, but can only get two and is very upset about it. Delta handsprings into Tiger's backcracker, and Maya breaks it up that time. Maya heel kicks Tiger, and northern lights suplex him, and it's Misterioso turn to break it up and do a move. Reverse powerslam, Fuego breaks the pin. Fuego moonsault actually knocks Misterioso down, but Puma stops Tigre Hispano from counting and kicks Fuego in the side. Whip, reversed, Puma kicks Fuego and clotheslines him for two. No one broke it up that time. Fuego casadora armdrag sends Puma thru the rope sand out, and Fuego – gets tripped out of the ring when Misterioso pulls down the middle rope, as he does. Delta springboard dropkicks Misterioso, leaps over Tiger and trips him on the mat. Delta puts on his new submission on Tiger, while Maya rushes in and gives Puma the Sacrifica Maya for the win.

Puma is down on the mat a long time after the Sacrifica Maya, though it seems like dramatic selling of the finish than an injury.

Match 3: Atlantis ©, Marco Corleone, Shocker vs Kráneo, Psicosis, Último Guerrero ©
Arena Mexico, 08/09/2013

  1. rudos
  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:53
Rating: good
Notes: Entrances. Atlantis comes thru the side lower entrance, so UG has to run around the steps for the required attack. UG kicks Atlantis all the way to the ring, where the técnicos just hang out until the Invasors get there. Mije is in Yoda gear. Referee is babe Richard. UG's right elbow looks heavily wrapped. Don't remember that from Tuesday's show.

1: Rudos hold down the técnico while UG goes for Atlantis' mask. It's ripped up good and Atlantis looks to be graying a great deal underneath. Everyone else head so their corners. Kraneo holds Atlantis for UG kicks to the face, then throws Atlantis in his corner so they can beat up Shocker instead. Psicosis quebradora on Shocker is not much good. Invasors double clothesline is better. UG makes a point of giving Marco a hanging suplex. Kraneo adds a legdrop, and the rudos drag Marco back for a Mije low blow headbutt. UG comes in to cover. Psicosis powerbombs Shocker, and Mije is thrown on top for the other pin. All pins for Mije! Babe Richard will not count pins when there are other rudos in the ring.

2: Senton de la Muerte on Atlantis right away. UG rips Atlantis' mask some more, leaving his face half exposed. Psicosis snaps Shocker's neck over the ropes. Marco dances, and leapfrogs his way to the comeback, landing the plancha on both Invasors. Sometime goes wrong after that, and Psicosis misses a dropkick on Shocker by feet. Marco and Kraneo doing sunset flip reverse spot is something, and Marco wins with an inside cradle despite Mije hitting him to break it up. Shocker uses a cradle to beat beat Psicosis while UG runs from Atlantis. Mije begs off from Marco, and Marco teases him, including teasing throwing him tot the crowd

3: Shocker start, with chops and armdrags. Shocker chops Kraneo, Kraneo eye pokes Shocker, but still gets backdropped after a corner whip. UG bails on Atlantis, so Marco gets his showcase next. Marco dances with Mije on his shoulders, which the rudos do not appreciate. Leapfrog punch heavy sequence. Kraneo kicks and chops Marco and does his dance, Marco does Kraneo's dance, and then punches him too. Announcers are very amusing. UG in, and stuck facing Atlantis. UG misses a corner charge, Atlantis kicks him but tumbles on the running tornado DDT. UG moves, Atlantis quebradoras him and goes for the mask. Babe Richard tries to get involved, but Atlantis rips up the mask big enough for UG's face to get blurred out. Atlantis dropkicks UG out, and follow with a tope. Marco gets knocked got the ramp by the rudos, which is not their smartest move. Shocker get his stunner/dropkick bit, then grabs the rudos for Marco, and Marco lands the Aero Italiano. Mije charges, shocker tosses him to Marco who tosses him on both rudos, and Shocker covers everyone for the pin. Babe Richards is fine with all this this fall.

Atlantis again rips up UG's mask bad enough to need blurring, though all the photographers take plenty of shots of it. UG gets away and repairs his mask. That's it.