CMLL on Televisa #1157 (06/08/2013) 
Recapped: 06/13/2013

Announcers say Hello and talk about the matches.

Match 1: Lluvia, Marcela ©, Silueta vs Amapola ©, La Seductora, Tiffany
Arena Mexico, 05/31/2013

  1. técnicas

  2. rudas
  3. técnicas

Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 12:37
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Edgar.

1: Lluvia starts off with Amapola, which seems an unfair way to return. Amapola sort of has a crew cut now, I'm not sure what's going on there. Amapola leads Lluvia around for a while, and they battle over wristlocks. Zero trips (Lluvia a little bit behind) lead to angry shoves and yelling. Silueta and Tiffany run ropes despite not reaching a consensus on which set of ropes they're running. They get it together. Silueta throws Tiffany hard down by the hair. Silueta's does nice rope flip armdrags and headscissors spots which Tiffany is slow to keep up with. Marcela gives Seductora her usual double knee drops, but Seductora shockingly connects on an enziguri. I didn't know she could do that. Seductora gets in a sit, but that's the end of her run, and Marcela drops her with the double underhook backbreaker and a springboard double knee drop. Other for in, young técnicas drop the older rudas and tie them in the star. Other two in, Marcela puts Seductora in a tapatía in the middle, which takes some time, but it's one when it's on.

2: Amapola and Lluvia start, and Lluvia just seems very unsure she's in the right place or Amapola is in the right place. And then Amapola spears here and there's no tentativeness in that. Lluvia comes back to headscissors Amapola out. Tiffany drops Silueta with a split legged faceslam and tags out while things are going well. Rudas do take over the match, all taking turns hitting Silueta before Amapola dropkicks her off the middle rope to the apron. Triple faceslam on Lluvia, but still no pin. Tiffany gets the better of a slap fight with Marcela and throws the técnicas around by hair. Seductora adds an inverted powerslam and a dropkick to the face. Amapola back suplex powerbomb Silueta, and still no pin. Rudas have issues with the tags, but Tiffany sorts it out and spins Silueta around into a double reverse bodyscissors. They get into the ropes, so Tiffany end it early into a double armbar. Amapola takes care of Lluvia, and the rudas step all over Lluvia after the fall.

3: Rudas throw técnicas around by the hair. Marcela escapes a double clothesline and dropkicks Seductora to start the comeback. Lluvia clothesline the others, then helps Silueta to the top rope for a dropkick on both. Everyone stands around a moment before the técnicas dropkick the rudas out. Triple – dive tease, técnicas all posing instead. Or doing a cartwheel if you're Silueta. Rudas regroup, Amapola trips up Lluvia, Silueta in with a sunset flip on Amapola, but the roll back is mistimed and the rudas rush in to kick no in particular. Everyone is lost a moment, but Amapola and Marcela get it back together. Marcela dropkicks two rudas, Silueta throws Amapola out, and Lluvia dive off the apron onto here. Other rudas are whipped into each other, then finished by the técnicas.

In the backstage interview, Lluvia challenges Amapola, Marcela just says the técnicas won, and Silueta challenges Tiffany.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday – Estetas vs Avernos.

Sombra uses the Special Invitee segment to hype the Nakamura match. This women knows her Anniversary match results!

Match 2: Shinsuke Nakamura vs La Sombra for the IWGP InterContinental Championship
Arena Mexico, 05/31/2013

  1. Nakamura super fireman's carry bomb (4:06)

  2. Sombra Aztec suplex (2:39)
  3. Sombra Brillante Driver (9:59)

Winner: Sombra (2-1)
Match Time: 16:44
Rating: excellent
Notes: Sombra has a pointy skull shoulder pads outfit going on. Nakamura has his belt and a red hood to match his outfit. Boma Ye is painted on his chest, so I might remember to spell it right. Mima Shimoda carries the flag out behind him. Okumura and Namajague also come to the ring, and Namajague sticks around to be Nakamura's second. Místico turns up to be Sombra's second. Tirantes is referee.

1: Sombra offers a handshake. Nakamura kicks the hand away. Circle. Nakamura kicks at Sombra. Sombra set up for his odd lockup, and they grab each other. Nakamura tries to fight off a waistlock, and gets out to an armbar. Sombra tries to slap free, Nakamura cranks the arm. Sombra knees free, slips behind for an inside cradle, only two. Lockup, Nakamura backs Sombra into the ropes, breaks at the ropes, but while putting his head in Sombra's chest. Nakamura backs up, waves Sombra on, knees Sombra as he comes close, drops him by the mask, goes for a big stomp, Sombra moves, Nakamura teases a knee to the head, Sombra flinches, Nakamura kicks him over. Boot choke in the corner. Nakamura half dances, half struts away when he breaks the hold, then goes for a running something into the corner, but Sombra pop up and back elbows him. Nakamura gets a knee up. Off the ropes, evasion, Sombra dropkick Nakamura down,and the champion leaves the ring. Sombra takes a look, runs, and - tope meets Nakamura's foot as he goes thru the ropes. Místico is concerned. Sombra's laid out over the ropes, and Nakamura comes in to drag Sombra back in the center. Nakamura puts his knee on Sombra's face for a one count pin. Nakamura knees Sombra in the midsection a couple times. Corner whip, Nakamura charges in, Sombra kicks him away, Nakamura charges in again, Sombra sidesteps Nakamura, then picks him up and drops him in the corner. Sombra goes up, Nakamura swing kicks him in the head and climbs up with him. Sombra loaded on Nakamura's shoulders – super fireman's carry bomb! I can't recall seeing that before. One two three.

Replays. The move looked extra painful because Nakamura did it facing out, Sombra's legs hit the ropes on the way down, and he landed even more on his head. Match is paused while the doctor checks on Sombra, who landed hard there. Nakamura leans in his corner while Namajague fans him. The doctor rules Sombra is okay to continue, even as shaken up as he is.

2: Sombra's still on his back as the fall officially starts, so Nakamura stomps him. Crowd chants for Sombra as Nakamura walks around and kicks at Sombra (giving him some more time.) Sombra slowly gets to his feet, but one crowd shot later, he's down again. Nakamura boot chokes him. Sombra up, Nakamura front facelock choke to drop Sombra to his knees, and a knee to the face to take him the rest of the way down. Only a two count. Short chop fight, and Nakamura sidestepping a Sombra dropkick. Nakamura kicks to the chest, Sombra shaken but blocking the third - so Nakamura hits him with the other foot to the back of the head. Whip, clothesline misses, Sombra headscissors, Sombra reverse springboard dropkick and the crowd is back into it. Corner whip, Sombra charges in, Nakamura kicks him away, Sombra powerslam,. Sombra to the ropes, springboard moonsault, Nakamura rolls forward, Sombra lands on his feet and realize he's got nothing else to moonsault, Nakamura swings, misses, and Sombra straight jacket German suplexes him for three. Ultimo Dragon used to call that the Azteca suplex, I think, and that works here.

Namajague checks on Nakamura as Sombra hugs Místico. All tied up.

3: The two are fighting before Televisa cuts back to the ring. Sombra evades, evades, and lands a jumping forearm to the face. Both turn it around on each other with knees and forearms in the corner, Sombra coming out on top with a slap. Sombra backs up, charges in, flipped to the apron, and forearming back. Sombra springboard dropkick in, and Nakamura out to the apron. Nakamura rests there. Sombra poses, then reaches over the ropes to grab Nakamura, but Nakamura kicks him in the face. Sombra draped over the apron, and Nakamura lands a running knee to the face. Knee drop to the back of the head! Namajague clips on the outside, while Nakamura goes back in – running slingshot tornillo onto Sombra! That looks like a complicated dive from a guy who doesn't do a lot of complicated dive (so, not a good as when Tiger does it), but it still worked. Both back in after replays, Sombra blocking a kick and turning into a powerbomb one two no. Sombra can't believe it, but no one else seemed to thank that was it. Místico leads the cheers. Sombra fires up and the crowd starts chanting for him. Clothesline – no caught into an armscissors. Sombra desperately tries to prevent his arm from being extended and scoots to his lower body to the ropes in time. Nakamura feigns letting go, and puts the full hold on for for a few seconds until Tirantes puts on a count. Nakamura pulls Sombra up by his mask, and holds him in the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Nakamura gets a knee up, but Sombra responds with a springboard dropkick. Nakamura goes over the top, his leg getting caught in the ropes briefly, and he's running around grabbing it as Sombra goes up – top rope moonsault to the floor! Sombra celebrates, then bend over tired. Replays of the move. Nakamura back in, Sombra resting on the apron and meting Nakamura with a shoulder. Nakamura knees Sombra as he gets in, but Sombra snaps Nakamura's neck over the top rope. A lot of fighting for simple stuff. Sombra bin with a springboard plancha for two. Sombra casadora cradle, one (Nakamura slipping out) two no. Sombra huracanrana, one two NO. Both up, both off the ropes, Nakamura jumping kick to the face knocks Sombra down, but Nakamura doesn't have much left at the moment either. Místico works hard to get the crowd chanting for Sombra. Nakamura high kick misses, but the swing around back foot kick connects right on target. Nakamura sets Sombra on the top rope, punches him in the midsection a couple times, and lands a running kick to the midsection. One two NO. Both slow up. Nakamura sets Sombra on the top rope, climbs up himself, and tries to scoop Sombra on to his shoulders again. Sombra escapes to a sunset flip, and pulls Nakamura off for a big powerbomb one two NO. Both men exhausted. Sombra grabs Nakamura in a waistlock and lets up for the suplex, but now it's Nakamura's turn to escape. High kick, Sombra ducks, back foot kick, Sombra ducks again, Sombra big slap to the face. And one from the other hand. And a third, followed by a big a clothesline flipping Nakamura over. One two NO. Tirantes has all sort of hitches in his counts. Sombra both frustrated and fired up. Sombra picks up Nakamura, drops him in the center of the ring, and points at the ropes. Double moonsault eats knees. Nakamura sets up – Boma Ye to the back of the head! Nakamura's down, in the ropes, and Sombra's doing little better. Nakamura covers, but they're in the ropes and Tirantes won't count. That starts an argument. Crowd loud for Sombra, but Nakamura gives him like a reverse t-bone suplex and sets up for his move again. This time Sombra leaps at him, casadora cradle, Nakamura rolls thru and reverses, then escape for a knee drop to Sombra's head. Nakamura puts Sombra on his shoulders, Sombra slips down the back, Nakamura poses runs for, Sombra inside cradle – Brillante Driver! Sombra holds both leg one two three!

Crowd is on their feet cheering. This is where I wish they still has lights. Sombra climbs to the top rope and celebrate, shrugs Místico, and celebrate more. He is overjoyed. Nakamura can't believe it. Sombra gets his title on quick. Sombra looks overwhelmed by the moment, while Nakamura is in shock. Sombre hugs Místico again, and takes off the belt to show the crowd. Lots of photos being taken. Replays of the finish – it looked like Nakamura wanted the knee to the face one more time, but Sombra was ready for this time. You can see people jumping out of their seats. Sombra goes in the crowd to pose for photos, then joins the announcers, who says he proved it in the center of the ring. Sombra goes back to slapping hands in the crowd.