CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #357 (06/08/2013) 
Recapped: 06/22/2013

Estrellita is guest announcers, though the graphic lists her as Amapola. They both would be offended by that one.

Match 1: Blue Panther, Shocker ©, Super Porky vs Averno ©, Mr. Águila, Rey Escorpión
Arena Mexico, 05/31/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:24
Rating: ok
Notes: Aguila has his craziest mask yet. Mije is with him, Monito with Porky. Escorpion has his title and his mask. Averno attacks Blue Panther and they fight on the outside while the other rudos take the other técnicos. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Averno beats up Panther on the outside, but the match inside starts with Porky doing Porky things to Escorpion. Rudos attack the técnicos after Porky's armdrag. Panther manages to take down Averno, but Escorpion pulls Panther off and holds Panther for kick. Aguila spears Shocker and stomps him out. Double suplex on Porky, Mije tossed on Porky (landing on his Porky's head – how do you miss his stomach?) Mije gets in a senton on Shocker while Escorpion does his corner jumping axhandle on Panther. Porky splashes Averno and Aguila to start the comeback, Escorpion kicks Porky out, then slides thru the ropes to kick Porky down. The other técnicos beat the other rudos anyway.

Tecnicos rush around revenge brawling, including Monito going after Mije.

2: Everyone's still fighting as the whistle blows for fall two. Porky flattens Averno in the corner, and Panther covers for two. Panther/Averno sequence leaves Averno about to be put in a STF until his partners rush in for the save. Aguila punches Panther, but whips him into the the técnico corner, and Panther is able to fight him off long enough tag in Shocker. Armdrags and quebradoras by Shocker. He's sets up the reinera, and the rudos break it up again. Escorpion chops and punches Shocker for an extended time. Averno and Escorpion eventually decided on a corner whip, which goes badly for them to set up the usual Shocker spots. Shocker throws Aguila around by his hair, which seems very wrong. Escorpion sunset flips Shocker, Porky breaks it up with a splash, and Averno has to make the save. Escorpion slaps Porky in the face, Porky needs a break. Corner whip, Porky chokes in and splashes Escorpion then throws him out of the ring the other side. Plancha off the apron. Shocker helps Panther turn it around on the rudos, but they can't get the pin a double clothesline. Shocker armdrags Averno out, and Panther follows with a tope. Aguila and Shocker left in. Aguila's chops have no effect, Shocker back with jabs, big chop, charge corner charge, and Aguila moves, Shocker hits the post. Aguila out after him with the corner ringpost tope con giro! Porky and Escorpion back in, Escorpion tries a sunset flip again, Porky sits misses, Escorpion fouls Porky from behind. Referee waits no time before calling it.

Shocker challenges Aguila, Aguila tries responds in English then switches to Spanish to call Shocker “100% toad” and accept the challenge. Porky is still out of breath making his own challenge to Escorpion. Blue Panther challenges Averno, Averno is less willing to accept, and he and Panther fighting into the crowd. Shocker and Aguila brawl a bit too.

Match 2: Máscara Dorada, Místico ©, Valiente vs Ephesto, Mephisto, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Mexico, 05/31/2013

  1. Estetas del Aire

  2. rudos
  3. Estetas del Aire

Winner: Estetas del Aire
Match Time: 13:08
Rating: good
Notes: Tecnicos have matching masks and coordinated outfits. Mephisto is in a half Mephisto, half Jason mask, and Volador has the other half of the mask with his Volador mask. Referee is Maya.

1: Mephisto and Dorada start with even fast action. Mephisto's shirt and his pants are very artfully ripped. Or cut with a scissors, accurately. Volador attacks Dorada, but Valiente flips his panther to safety, flips thru a monkey flip, and quebradoras Volador. Rudos knocks Volador in front behind, other técnicos springboard headscissors them. Dorada holds Volador for a Místico dropkick, but Místico gets hits his partner by mistake, Valiente slightly boosts Místico into a headscissors on Volador, and Valiente follows with a bullet tope. Other técnicos beat other rudos.

2: Místico and Volador compete for reactions. Volador acts mad about the crowd booing him. I suspect sound sweeting. Místico gets in a flipping run before Mephisto hits him from the outside, and there Volador boosts into headscissors on the ramp by Mephisto. Running flip into a headscissors on Volador doesn't go nearly as well, as the announcers notice. Ephesto sends Místico out, and Dorada does a super twisty flipping run before headscissors him out. Dorada's boot is coming untied. Valiente in to monkey flip Mephisto cross ring. Mephisto shoves him to the apron on another try, but Valiente flips off the ropes to armdrag him. Valiente does his hop, but Volador dropkicks him before he can do any more. The rest of the rudos in, Ephesto drops Valiente and takes the rebound double hiptoss splash on top of the técnicos. Dorada in, expecting to be attacked from behind, and Volador shows up kick him eventually. Dropkick off the apron for him. Triple powerbomb for Místico, picked up easily again, and held down this time for three.

3: Rudos throw the técnicos around at ringside. Holding and hitting. Dorada reverse springboards into a big dropkick from Mephisto. Volador unties Mistico's mask and get it off. It's all black now. Mistico's left hanging for a triple dropkick to the back. Dorada gets in a dropkick to Volador, but Volador ignores it the rudos can hit him more. Big hiptoss to the apron. Valiente turns a rebound double hiptoss into a headscissors on Ephesto, Mephisto kicks him out, Dorada floating headscissors on Mephisto, Místico springboard one on Volador. Tecnicos – dive – double tope con giro and an Asai by Valiente right in the middle. Crowd is happy. Replays. Valiente and Mephisto are in the ring – break!

That's what happens when the other match has two falls. Volador superkicks Valiente and gives him a big backcracker. Dorada gives him a Sling Blade before Volador can cover. Mephisto kicks Dorada, Dorada turns it around puts Mephisto on the top, climbs up, and of course takes Mephisto's middle rope Devil's Wings. Cover, but Místico breaks it up with a springboard legdrop. Mephisto slaps and kicks Místico back, but charge and gets awkwardly set up on the top rope by Místico. Místico off springboard huracanrana, but Ephesto breaks up that pin. Ephesto attacks Místico, but misses a corner charges, takes a knee bump out, and Valiente follows him with his Valiente Special. Dorada in, plancha on Volador and dumping him out. Dorada walks the rope – top rope Asai moonsault onto Volador. Místico flying armdrag on Mephisto, huracanrana, Mephisto rolls thru, Místico kicks out out at two. Místico superkicks Mephisto out, and after him with a springboard shooting star press. Ephesto caught Místico when he almost back to standing – Mistico's knees may have hit the ground before Mephisto got him. Volador and Valiente, in, Volador flipping run, but Valiente grabs him, Valiente buster one two there!

Replays and then the usual end show ending replays. Valiente's tope looks so fast at violent from this camera and they go for quite a while on these replays.