AAA Fusion #33 (05/22/2013) 
Recapped: 05/26/2013

Flag presentation.

Today: Chessman talks about TripleMania XXI

Also: Axel, Dinastía, Pimpinela vs Argos, Mini Abismo Negro, Mamba

Bernardo interviews Axel, who's happy to fight in front of the people of Puebla. Still nervous. He hopes to demonstrate his passion for lucha libre. Axel notes he ran into Argos in that other lucha libre promotion, Mini Abismo Negro is very good, and Mamba is strong. Talk about Daga wraps it up.

The stuff coming is mentioned

Chessman talks about his challenge in Durango. Chessman feels Heavy Metal is a great luchador, but he'll beat Metal and then win the TripleMania, then come back here on Fusion to be champion.


The stuff coming is still mentioned – we're told more with Chessman talking about TripleMania too

Bernardo interviews Argos – he feels he's much better than Axel. Argos is happy in Consejo. Pimpinela will be a tough challenge, but Dinastía doesn't concern him much.

Perro vs Cibernético TripleMania commercial, this one voiced over by Hugo Savinovich

Match 1: Jinzo & Saturno vs Ángel Mortal & Fresero Jr.
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 05/17/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 10:00
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Copetes. No introductions, just jumped into the odd match. The ring appears to still have bills on the mat from Fresero's usual entrance, and no cares to clean them up.

Pairs are Jinzo/Mortal and Saturno/Fresero. Saturno's CMLL past is refereed to obliquely, and he quickly sheds Fresero from the ring via headscissors. Jinzo and Mortal are in and out quick. Saturno comes up limping after a handspring, but keeps going. Springboard tornillo armdrag, walk up the ropes double bounce tornillo armdrag sends Fresero out, and Saturno follows with a running slingshot turning tornillo. Mortal and Jinzo just look at each other for a while, each expecting something to happen, then Mortal talks to Fresero and has him come back in. Fresero quickly dropkick Jinzo out. Saturno top rope plancha is caught by Fresero, and thrown with a fallaway slam. Rudos flip Saturno with a double back elbow. Fresero backdrops Jinzo to set up a Mortal senton. Mortal throws Saturno down to set up a Fresero kneedrop. Fresero thinks his knee drop looks really cool. Announcers talking about Fresero working as a referee for AAA in the past. Corner charges on the técnicos. Match turns back on Fresero going or a boost off Angel de Mortal, but tripping and falling down. That was the designed spot by how everyone reacted next, but it looked like the rudos screwing up. Saturno middle rope headscissors Mortal out, Jinzo dropkicks Fresero, Saturno top rope moonsaults Angel Mortal. Jinzo waits for Fresero to get up, waits a while for that, then just stands there waiting for Fresero. Fresero slaps him, as he should. Chop fight. There sequence is a bit rough. Jinzo takes a backdrop to the floor, but comes back into a dropkick Fresero out. Jinzo runs up the corner, and lands a double tornillo to the floor. Other two back in, Saturno misses a big reverse plancha. Another plancha is caught, and Mortal drops him with a spinning slam. Mortal and Saturno having timing issues, Saturno armdrags Mortal and drops him in the corner for a Jinzo 450 splash, and that does it.

Coming up: that other match.

TripleMania commercial.

Mamba says he's going to get better of Pimpinela in their match. SNAP.

Video of Chessman's title match challenge, and Texano accepting.

Chessman talks about his challenge. He's going to win, the biggest win of his career.

Coming up: that match

Coming up: that match

Bernardo interviews Mamba – he's focused on Pimpinela to prove he's the best exotico. Bernardo has Mamba give his lucha background and talk about making it to TripleMania.

TripleMania promo.

Coming up: that match

Match 2: Axel, Dinastía, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Argos, Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 05/17/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 13:56
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Piero. There's a técnico drum section – wait, that must be Porra Fresa! They chant for Axel as this match get started.

After some tagging, match actually gets started with Dinastía and Mini Abismo Negro. They scramble on the ground without getting anything but a standoff. Tags to the exoticos. They're just in briefly. Argos, with a Volador-like mask, faces off with Axel and does a flipping run. Axel counters with an armdrag into a headscissors, Argos barley holding on and then not able to slide out of the ring for a moment. Axel follows with a slingshot into a headscissors on the ground, Axel dragging his forearms on the ground in the process of the move. Axel comes back to pose, and gets blown up by the other rudos. Abismo and Mamba clear the técnicos and take control of the match. Beatdown includes a poor clothesline spot with Mamba on Pimpinela. Rudos bring it together, and Axel takes a triple snap kick. Same for Pimpi. They decided to clothesline Dinastía instead, técnicos trip out two of them, and Dinastía faceslam Abismo. That was just poor strategy. Revenge brawling on the outside, Dinastía holding Abismo with an armbar inside. Técnicos settle down after a moment. Offense runs goes Pimpinela, Dinastía, Axel.

Pimpinela orders the rudos to set up his moves, and send the lesser ones out with a rope flip double armdrag. Abismo slaps Pimpi around, but runs right into his backside and takes an armdrag and a kiss. Pimpi walks up the corner with Abismo's help, and dives off with a tope con giro on the ropes. Mamba seems hurt after impact, though we didn't see what happened. Dinastía goes thru Abismo, has timing and positioning issues with Argos and does a complicated roll pose instead of doing more. Crowd doesn’t seem to be in Axel, but they don't seem into much of this match. He does 1 on 2 headscissors spots, then something odd with Mamba to send him out. Headscissors into armdrag still doesn't look great. Axel puts on the camel clutch, but Mamba breaks it up with a dropkick to the back of the head. Dinastía dropkicks Mamba and kicks him a few times, but Mamba doesn't go down. Dinastía off the ropes, and Mamba drops him with a dropkick. Mamba calls for something – brainbuster, one two no, though Mamba may have let up before 3. Mamba misses a clothesline, Dinastía springboard into a sunset flip one two Mamba reverses right in time for Abismo to kick the exotico. They roll out, and Axel faces Abismo. Axel walk up the corner, flipping armdrag, and out he goes. Argos knocks down Axel, but Axel rallies back and Pimpi helps set up the senton con giro tope spot, Axel actually doing the top this time. Pimpi kisses Argos, then apron plancha on him – or not, as Argos moves out to the way and Pimpi crashes and burns. Dinastía helicopter headscissors Mamba out, but Argos fut shim off with a way late springboard dropkick. Argos powerbomb for two. Argos argues the count, then kicks Dinastía. Back to arguing. Dinastía Core Red one two three.

Announcers wrap it up. One more TripleMania promo and done.