AAA Fusion #31 (05/08/2013) 
Recapped: 05/09/2013

Tonight: Fabi, Octagoncito, Jennifer vs Taya, Mini Abismo, and La Hechicera

Tonight: Joe Lider & Crazy Boy vs Daga & Psicosis.


That first match, soon.


Graphic for that first match. And here it is!

Match 1: Faby Apache, Jennifer Blake, Octagoncito vs La Hechicera, Mini Abismo Negro, Taya Valkyrie
Plaza de Toros Belisario Arteaga, Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 04/27/2013

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 12:25
Rating: ok
Notes: Copetes is referee.

Joined after entrances, and after the whistle, and maybe in progress. Oh no, they're seeing their breath there too. Fabi is very touched by the chant for her, so she tags in to face off against Abismo instead of Octagoncito. Armbars and jumping snap mares. Abismo puts Fabi in holds, but Fabi is able to turn out of a bad crucifix cradle into a leg hold. Flipping armdrag sends Abismo out. Abismo is displeased. Tag to Octagoncito, who armdrags and headscissors Abismo out. Taya tries to attack and does kick down Octagoncito. Punches to the face, whip, and Octagoncito reverses it to a big spinning spinebuster. Taya crawls away and gets spanked. Tags to Fabi and Hechicera. Fabi runs hard into Hechicera and pays for it, but comes back immediately with a headscissors. Abismo stops Fabi with a slap and the rudos assault the técnicos. Taya's forearm smashes are something. Multiple corner double knee drops for Faby. Octagoncito's thrown around. Jennifer's thrown off the top buckle. Corner charging clotheslines on Octagoncito seem silly. Jennifer's thrown around by her hair. Fabi fights off a corner charge with a kick to quickly start the comeback. Jennifer throws Abismo around inside while the others fight outside. (We don’t' actually see Jennifer's big move.) Rudos stall on the outside. Break.

History of the Cruiserweight championship video – all the champions with their belts after the win. This doesn't seem to be setting up anything besides

Tonight: Joe Lider & Crazy Boy vs Daga & Psicosis.

Taya and Jennifer restart. Jennifer easily blocks and ducks Taya's kicks, Taya dodges Jennifer's dropkick. Jennifer hiptoss a running Taya. Kick. Corner whip, Jennifer clothesline in, bulldog out. Jennifer is so thrilled with how that looked that she's signaling for another even after Abismo has slapped (in her general direction), then sells the slap a few second later. Oops. That slap wasn't close to being close, possibly why she didn't know to sell it. Abismo and Taya taunt Jennifer, Jennifer tries a rope push off flipping double armdrag but that goes horribly. It just spirals. Rudas slap each other by mistake, which may be the safest thing right now. Hechicera and Faby come in for a bit of Hechicera running into Faby and Faby moving out of the way. Faby fireman drops Hechicera in the corner, goes the middle rope and lands a moonsault. Can't think of the last time I saw here do that. Taya breaks up the pin before a count, but Copetes wasn't going to bother to count anyway. Taya blockbuster suplex on faby, and dance. Taya sings at Faby as he gets up, Faby catches her and drops her with the Devil's Wings. Abismo kicks Faby in the head to break it up. Kick to the back side. Abismo drops Faby hard with the brainbuster, and she semi-consciously rolls her self out. Octagoncito fights off Abismo with a kicks and chops, Abismo goes to the middle rope and Octagoncito frankensteiners him off. Hechicera knocks down Octagoncito and slams him and her middle rope splash lands. Jennifer fights off Hechicera with forearms. Whip, reverse, Jennifer sunset flip, Hechicera sit – Jennifer moves out of the way part way, gets landed on, kepes on going if she hadn't. Jennifer dropkick Hechicera out. Abismo comes over to check on her, then goes up on the apron. Octagoncito comes into dropkick Abismo off. Jennifer only then does his tope onto Hechicera and Octagoncito his Asai tornillo. Faby and Taya left in, Taya knocking Faby down as she looks out. Taya northern lights suplex – that's her move! One two NO. That's not her move? Faby and Copetes argue about something, but Faby recovers in time to dropkick Faby. Taya clothesline turns into a backside with bridging cover, Copetes counts one two three.

History of the Heavyweight championship video. Mesías' wins looks not so good here – winning by DQ, the cage match with the finish not even shown here, hitting Jeff Jarrett with a guitar. Zorro! Whatever happened to that fellow.

Tonight: Joe Lider & Crazy Boy vs Daga & Psicosis. Or, now!

Match 2: Crazy Boy & Joe Lider vs Daga & Psicosis
Plaza de Toros Belisario Arteaga, Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 04/27/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 16:32
Rating: eh
Notes: Rudos are still wandering to this ring when the whistle blows. Niño is with the técnicos. Props are set up around the ring. I really should not bother with this one. Copetes is referee.

Lider slaps Daga around as he gets to the ring and the técnicos double team him. STO into the buckle, sure. Psicosis is slapped around while Crazy Boy continues to do moves. Daga pulls out Lider and throws a chair at him to turn it around for the Perros. Crazy's held over the top rope for a double stomp/hanging spinning DDT, the second one of those in the first two minutes. Psicosis throws a chair directly into Lider's face, then goes for his stapler for more. Daga boost dropkick Lider into the corner. Crazy Boy is bounced back and forth between two guys to set up a dropkick/German suplex spot that doesn't look right. Nino Hamburguesa comes in for absolutely no reason, is cared of the técnicos, then does the Mexican Power dance. Psicosis throws a chair at him which seem totally fair. Rudos throw a grocery cart in the ring. Other técnicos stay out of it mostly as the Perors put Niño thru the front of the car, then hit the cart with chairs. I'm not sure how that hurts. Psicosis stands on Niño as Daga staples Lider in the head a few times. Niño is let free, and Lider's tripped into the cart, then Crazy is sort of tripped into a short of moving cart. Perro throw the cart out. They could end the match now, they just wanted to do the cart spots. Unsurprisingly, Lider immediately starts the comeback, with an STO into a buckle #2 for him. Crazy has all sort of trouble butterfly suplexing Daga. Niño land a top rope splash onto both rudos (and lands about on Daga's head, which is not cool.) Match stops to lead cheers. I mean, stops for a minute or two here before they get done with the crowd and done with bringing chairs to it. Lider DDTs Psicosis for a near fall. Daga breaks that up. Lider is bleeding, as usual. Daga kicks Lider around and goes a long way on a missile dropkick. Crazy Boy breaks that up, and gets in an overly complicated stunner and kick to the face. Psicosis breaks that up, but tags a legdrop tot he back of the head by Crazy. Crazy gives Psicosis something like a high knee for a near fall. Daga breaks that up, and he and Lider stand around to look at the crowd for a moment. Daga ducks out of the way of a charging Lider, and Lider forearms Niño off the apron instead. Daga spinning toe kick barely comes clsoe to Lider, but it's enough o send Lider. Daga out with a Silver King tornillo, totally overshooting the guys there to watch him. Crazy Boys sets up for a dive, and Psicosis hits him with a chair. Two count. Finish it! My clock says there's 10 minutes left in this show, which is very concering. Psicosis goes for a stapler, Crazy Boy kicks him and takes it away. Crazy swings and misses with the stapler, Psicosis kicks him and DDTs Crazy onto a chair. Psicosis has the stapler back, and staples Crazy Boy while totally blocking it from the camera. I think he got him on the mask? Daga, alive, slides even more chairs in. Psicossi has to hop over won when when he's whipped into the corner, and its' not even the one Crazy grabs to hit Psicosis in the head. Crazy tot he middle rope, Psicosis fights him off, then chops him on the middle rope. This goes on for a while, Crazy chops back, cutter off the middle rope onto chairs makes absolutely no sense at all! Crazy Boy lands on more chair, is fine. Crazy Boy has no idea how his moves are supposed to look, they just looked neat on a YouTube video he saw. Of course, that's also not the finish. Daga breaks it up, and Crazy hits him with a chair. Crazy sets up spots with chairs, and then starts his own chant. There are a few front row girls who are going along with every chant, but I'm not sure it's more than them. Crazy Boy's set up doesn't make any sense, except as a way for Psicosis to hiptoss him onto chairs. Crazy Boy rolls to the apron, and crotches Psicosis on his way thru, because of course he's fine already. This wrestling is fake, why would any of it hurt. They attempt to do a swinging neckbreaker onto the cart, which is really dumb, but they mostly miss and hit the floor, which is really just as dumb. Lider waits for them to get up so he can dive, but they're never giving up. Daga catches him and drops him with the double knee gutbuster one two NO. End this match! I don't even care who wins. Daga goes up top, Lider pops up to chair shot him in the back. Lider slips under Daga, Daga fights him off, reverse headscissors drilling Lider into the mat, one two three.


TripleMania promo and done. Show seems to be a few minutes shorter than usual.