CMLL on Televisa #1152 (05/04/2013) 
Recapped: 05/05/13

Intro includes the Arena Mexico history video, announcers (Magadan, Miguel, Riano, Morales) saying hello and shots of recent fan appreciation giveaways.

Match 1: Ángel de Oro, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Ephesto, Felino, Mephisto
Arena Mexico, 04/26/2013

Recapped over on Fox Sports, but this was the longer version.

Match 2: Rey Cometa vs Namajague hair vs hair
Arena Mexico, 04/26/2013

  1. Namajague sit down powerbomb (2:31)

  2. Rey Cometa arm trap hammerlock (2:37)
  3. Rey Cometa 450 splash (10:03)

Winner: Rey Cometa (2-1)
Match Time: 15:21
Rating: good
Notes: Cometa is wearing his Queretaro jersey and brings a Cometa mask with him. Namajague, in his red hair mask (he had two!) runs from the side entrance to jump Cometa. Cometa spots him, swings, misses, and Namajague clothesline him. Stuka and Okumura are out as seconds. Namajague throws Cometa back in. Referee is Terror Chino.

1: Referee demands Namajague unmasked, and he works on it as he kicks Cometa out. Half his face is painted up, as now usual. Namajague to the outside, forearming Cometa in the face, and running him back first into the post. Back inside. Namajague stands on Cometa and chokes him, grabbing the ropes for leverage. Whip, Cometa evasion and flipping run, Namajague tackers him and punches. Crowd shots are so annoying. Namajague covers one two NO. Namajague stands Cometa up, but comes back with chops. Whip, reverses, Namajague puts his head dwn too soon and Cometa kicks it. Cometa off the ropes, Namajague tosses him up and powerbombs him one two three.

2: Namajague stomps down Cometa in the corner to start. Stuka and Okumura whip their towels at each onto the outside, and Terror Chino has to calm don them. Straight jacket chinlock choke by Namajague, and Terror Chino puts on a count until Namajague lets go. Namajague and Terror Chino argue about the legality of it. Whip, dropkick, Cometa knocked down. Namajague charges, Cometa flips him to the ramp and back him up with a sing kick. Cometa runs, and dives rolls over the ramp, but Namajague backs up all the way to the stairs to get away. Namajague waves his finger no. Cometa charges, ducks a clothesline and superkicks Namajague into dizziness. Namajague charges, and takes a quebradora. One more quebradora. Referee being lenient on the 10 count. Cometa goes up to the camera right side of the stage, and does a moonsault bodyblock off into Namajague. Seconds check on both men while we're given a replay. Cometa headlocks Namajague and drags him back towards the ring, throwing him over the top rope on the way in. Cometa goes up, tornillo plancha connects. Comeback up to his feet, off the ropes, slides under a leapfrog under, big spinebuster on Namajague, traps one arm underneath Namajague's leg, modified hammerlock finishes it. Weird time to break out a new hold.

3: Cometa pulls his top down for the big face off. Namajague slaps Cometa down. Cometa slaps him back. Back and forth, Cometa switching to the faceslaps. Dr. Morales name drops Kamikaze Misawa and Samurai Shiro. Whip, reversed, evasion, Comet handspring backflip headscissors spins Namajague out. Namajague clothesline blocked, Cometa slap, rope bounce move might have got botched, because there was an edit in the middle of it and a boo when they came back. Cometa flipped to the apron, Namajague slapped back, Cometa turns to pose, and Namajague kicks him to the floor. Namajague readies himself, runs, thru the ropes tope con giro! Both recover on the outside are slow in. Namajague in first, and Cometa just beats the count. Cometa drags Namajague into the corner by the hair, and slaps him there. Corner whip, Namajague charges in, Cometa moves, and Namajague this the corner. Namajague monkey flip out tosses Namajague cross the ring. Cometa charges, Namajague moves, and Cometa hits the corner. Double chop keeps Cometa at bay. Big boot scraps to Cometa's face. Namajague off the ropes, but Cometa cuts him off with a dropkick. Cometa looks at the crowd, looks at Namajague, runs – Brillo Cometa connects! Replay Cometa up and posing towards the crowd, while Namajague crawls in. Cometa rolls in after him, and is up first. Chop to Namajague, and pulling him around by his hair. Big chop. Whip, Namajague slides out – outside is no where you want to be with Cometa. Cometa teases dive, slide out after him, and Namajague kicks him and throws him in the barricade. Cometa bounces out, right into a huge superkick by Cometa. Cometa slipping a bit. Whip into the barricade, Cometa turns around, Namajague puts up his feet to break, and Cometa smacks him down with a big dropkick. Both roll in the ring, and get up on opposite sides. Crowd chanting for Cometa. Cometa off the ropes, tossed up and dropped down with a spinebuster. Namajague covers with feet on the ropes one two NO. Poor Stuka was going to lose his mind, and he gets up on the apron to argue with Terror Chino. Okumura up on the outside, and Namajague turning around Terror Chino to argue - Cometa inside cradle, one two NO. Stuka waves for support as Namajague stomps Cometa. Corner whip, Namajague charges in, Cometa moves out of the way inside cradle, Namajague rolls thru into a grounded crucifix cradle one two NO – Terror Chino stopped counting before Cometa's left foot was on the middle rope, though both the Japanese did not see. Okumura angrily argues the call. Namajague kick, caught, pulled down to the splits. Namajague out on the mat, and Cometa going up for a moonsault. Stuka thinks this is a big bad idea – and he is right, Namajague get his knees up. One two NO. Namajague slams Cometa and goes up himself. Frog splash hits Cometa's knees! One two NO! Cometa kicks Namajague in the corner and set shim up on the top buckle. Cometa climbs up to join him, Cometa stands on the top rope, and springboards into a top rope huracanrana, one two NO! Cometa is beside himself. That was a beautiful looking move, as shown on the replay. Both seconds reallying for support. Namajague up first and kicking Cometa in the face. Whip, reversed, Namajague clothesline misses, Cometa catches him in the Spanish Fly. Cometa drags Namajague over, stomped him and lands he 450 splash. One two three! Actual Leobrado Magadan call: “Mexico! Mexico! Mexico! Rah rah rah!” That might be enough to make it great.

Stuka carries Cometa around. Okumura argues with the referee. Leo Riano fake cries about Namajague losing. Namajague sits crossed legged, and Cometa shaves a section off. Announcers say the barber is up to 123 heads shaved, which would be a much more believable number if they weren't faking crying before hand. Backstage, Cometa crows about taking Namajague's hair and mask. Okumura and Namajague say it's not over.

Shots of fans enjoying the show.