AAA on Televisa/Regional/UTDN (05/09/2013) 
Recapped: 05/09/2013

Previously: Perros/Bizarros issues. Axxel fought Daga. Dorian and Konnan came back. DTU people had matches. Mirreyes debuted.

Announcers say hello and hype the main event.

Mexican Power Skit 3. Crazy Boy and Niño Hamburguesa continue working out, which involves a lot of running and some crunching. Crazy tells Niño being a Mexican Power is a big responsibility and he's got to fight evil everywhere. Niño thanks him, then tries to sneak in a sandwich – but Crazy Boy catches him. FIN.

TripleMania promo

Announcement of the annual pre-TripleMania mass on 06/13.

Upcoming events.

Noti AAA

UTDN only match

Match 1: Atomic Boy, Faby Apache, La Jarochita vs Gran Apache, Sexy Lady, Taya Valkyrie
Estadio Beisborama, Córdoba, Veracruz, 04/20/2013

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 9:17
Rating: ok
Notes: Ref is Hijo de Tirantes. Jarochita uses the same music as Octagon, which totally confuses ring announcer Jesus. Jarochita is better at being Sexy Lady than Sexy Lady. Atomic Boy has his shoulder sling and has added beads to his deadlocks. Everyone keeps him away from Gran Apache. Entrances kill about 6 minutes. Rudos all wore blue, fine team unity.

Atomic Boy chases Gran Apache around, but gets blocked off by the rudas. Jarochita and Taya start and everyone lives. Faby wallops Sexy with a dropkick, then gets the best of both rudas before Tirantes trips her up. Casadora armdrag sends Tirantes out. Replay of that trip. Tirantes stalls on the outside. Atomic Boy and Apache get their change, with Atomic Boy sending Apache out after just a couple of moves. Atomic Boy goes near the ropes for a dive, Apache slaps him from the outside, and the rudas jump the técnicas. Lots of slaps for Atomic Boy, as everyone goes to fight their person they've been fighting so far. Mostly brawling for a while. Sexy uses the top rope to give Faby swinging knee smashes to the face. Rudos organize for a corner whip on Atomic Boy, which is their doom. Taya's corner clotheslines are still not great. Sexy Lady gets stuck in the corner and Apache slaps her backside by mistake. Revenge brawling everywhere. Everyone clears out so Atomic Boy can put on a time killing hold on Apache. Rudas break it up, técnicas try to fight them and get high kicked. Rudas whip the técnicas into each other, Jarochita stops Faby and sets her down behind her, Faby big boots Sexy Lady in the face, Taya kicks Jarochita, Faby kicks Taya, and Taya takes three steps backwards before falling down. I have no idea what that was. Sexy and Faby get crossed up, and Faby just kicks Sexy out from behind then crushes her with her tope con giro off the apron. Faby says something to her after. Jarochita headscissors Taya out, slips, goes to top rope, jumps for a what might be a tope con giro, and goes head down into the ground. It looks deadly horrible. She actually got a decent amount of distance, but the other three woman were father back (expecting a plancha?) and can not catch her. Tirantes immediately signals for help, and people at ringside rush over. Replay of it actually hides the impact. Atomic Boy and Apache are going after they've come back from replay. Everyone, including the director, are distracted by the injury – medics are rushing to set up a stretcher. Atomic Boy pulls of Apache's scarf and kicks him around, but they show a replay. It's the same one, from behind the woman, and so we can't see the actual impact. Not sure I'm complaining about that. Back live, Gran Apche has Atomic Boy down, but Tirantes wont' count for some reason. It's unclear. Apache is annoyed. Apache slams Atomic, goes up, tope con giro, and now Tirantes is looking outside for some reason. Apache slaps him, kicks Atomic Boy, sets up for the crucifix powerbomb, Atomic Boy slips down the back, Apache just picks him up for the move again, Atomic Boy reveres to a bad huracanrana this time, Tirantes fast counts three. Crowd doesn't buy it.

Jarochita, already in a neck brace, is carefully loaded into a stretcher and taken to the back. Replays. Apache attacks Atomic Boy and goes after his mask

Match 2: Crazy Boy & Joe Lider vs Eterno & Último Gladiador
Estadio Beisborama, Córdoba, Veracruz, 04/20/2013

Winner: Mexican Powers
Match Time: 18:07
Rating: eh
Notes: Eterno has his title belt. Niño Hamburguesa is out with the técnicos. He's got Mexican Power gear, now that he's an official members. Eterno steals Lider's DTU title and UG helps him put on both at the same time. Lider as has his tag team belt. Piero is referee.

Gladiador and Crazy start with mat wrestling, and Gladiador is actually significantly better at it. Score one for AULL! Gladiador drops Crazy with a hiptoss into a powerbomb, decides he's done, and tags into Eterno. Crazy stops the match, and demands Gladiador come back in. This kill some time so he can get his revenge. Armbar and snap mare related violence takes place, then Crazy tags out to Lider. Lider and Eterno do some bad face slaps, and Eterno has a weird delayed reaction on a spine kick. Eterno stops Lider running the ropes with a dropkick and slowly kicks him out. Crazy and Gladiador continue thru the slow back and forth opening, up to Ultimo Gladiador jumping off the middle rope into a cutter, then getting right back up so Crazy can trip him up to set up another spot. SPOTS. Running boot to the Gladiador's head on the apron doesn't look good anyway. Eterno uses dropkicks and more dropkicks on Crazy Boy, and slides thru the ropes to dropkick Niño Hamburguesa, starting the beatdown. Rudos beat up Lider in the corner, Lider makes a random comeback, rudos work him over again and corner charge him. Eterno goes a long way on a top rope low blow dropkick. UG lands a guillotine legdrop on Crazy Boy, looks at him, doesn't even consider going for a pin. Rudos chest slap and double suplex Niño. Niño goes out, and técnicos bring him back in for – more slaps. Lider trips up Gladiador and pulls him out, then throws a chair at his head. Niño gives Eterno a horrendous headscissors, which Eterno sells as strong as he can. Tencicos kick Eterno Crowd does chant big for Hamburguesa before he lands the corner senton. Crazy Boy gives UG a stunner to set up a Lider neckbreaker, to set up a Hamburguesa splash. Piero starts to count Hamburguesa's pin – what – but Eterno hits everyone with a chair. Chairs are legal this week, I guess. Eterno clears the ring, hits Lider in the head a few times, and pins Crazy after a spinning slam. Lider breaks up the pin and sets up a chair. Burning hammer onto the chair, Eterno taking a chair edge to the eye socket, and Gladiador breaks up the pin. Gladiador back superplex into a chair, and Crazy breaks up the pin with a chair shot. Pause for interior decorating. Crazy claps along to a “Lucha Exrema” chant, but Gladiador beaks up whatever he's trying to do and throws a chair at Crazy. UG teases a Crazy Boy suplex onto chairs, Crazy Boy turns around and does it himself, and Eterno comes in just as he tries a pin. Lider and Eterno knock each other down, and the they do near falls off a shoulderblocks after doing near falls off weapon moves. Niño splashes Lider when trying to hit Gladiador, and Gladiador clears the ring before beating up Niño. Hey, look, a table set up outside. Crazy Boy trips up Crazy and pulls him out near the chair. They reverse, spots and, Gladiador body slams Crazy thru the table. Lider and Niño get up in the ring and have a comic discussion about who's going to dive right after a chair spot. OK. Niño tope onto Gladiador. Eterno back in, slapping Lider as he turns around. Forearms. Lider turns it around with head kicks. Eterno gets in one more kick, cradle neckbreaker, two count. Niño and Crazy are holding Gladiador down on the outside. Chops and slaps by Eterno, clothesline blocked, Lider kicks him and gives Eterno a suplex into a piledriver, one two three.

Mirreyes video.

Match 3: Alan Stone, El Elegido, Toscano vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
Estadio Beisborama, Córdoba, Veracruz, 04/20/2013

Winner: Mirreyes
Match Time: 8:25
Rating: eh/okay
Notes: and right into this week's entrance. Alan is looking less like Intocable this week. They do the lap dance bit again. Mirreyes turns their backs on the Rockers, get attacked. Tirantes is referee.

Punches and headbutts oddly enough. Rockers clear the ring to 3 on 1s. Rockers are actually slipping on the mat while trying to do spots, which is no good. Toscano takes a clothesline out. Elegido runs very carefully and takes the flying sit on the ropes. Machine inverted atomic drops Alan and Devil tries to add a dropkick, but slips and falls down. Fans don’t pick up on it, and the rudos just hold Alan for a kick to the fan. Toscano evades multiple corner charges and headscissors Machine Rocker to start the comeback, Alan adding a tope con giro onto Soul. Quebradoras for the other two Rockers, Toscano & Elegido cleaning the ring and dancing. Showcases start with Toscano, and Machine slips and falls down on the stop sign. It's very fitting for the spot, but it looks like another moment when they lost their footing. Toscano ends up headscissoring him out, armdragging and quebradora-ing Soul, and flying armdragging Devil. Soul gets in his monkey dance with Alan, greatly amusing the announcers. Rockers work together to knock Alan down, but Alan fights back with head kicks and a push off to a headscissors. (Another slip!) Rolling faceslam drops Machine, and a tricky headscissors sends Machine out. Devil does his own dance, is dropkicked out right away. Elegido's offense looks least impressive of the three, including Soul pretty much hiptossing himself and taking a poor quebradora. Elegido slowly topes Soul. Machine goes for his dive, but Toscano cuts him off with a plancha. Toscano whips Machine, and Machine completes the tornillo to the floor. Toscano adds a top on him. Alan backcrackers Devil and covers him and gets the undramatic three count.

Match 4: Cibernético, Cuervo, Escoria vs Daga, Halloween, Psicosis
Estadio Beisborama, Córdoba, Veracruz, 04/20/2013

Winner: Secta Bizarros
Match Time: 7:43
Rating: ok
Notes: Halloween and Daga have their titles. No stapler? Tirantes is referee and has the referee camera. Cibernético leads out the Secta Bizarros, and the fight is on as soon as they get to the ring.

Bizarros win the brawl and clear the ring. Corner charges and a painful looking chair to the throat for Halloween. Everyone stomps Psicosis. Psicosis slide out after a double clothesline and the Perros walk out, as they do, but the Bizarros come right after them. Somehow, this turns it around for the Perros, who punch the guys as they walk at them and immediately start to destroy them. I guess Halloween always new walking out was a tactical advantage. Triple legdrop by Halloween and Psicosis for Cibernético. Psicosis staples Escoria in the back a few times, then staples Cuervo in the forehead. Halloween runs Cuervo into a chair. Cibernético is not interested in selling for Daga. Cibernético running is a struggle. Daga gives Escorpion a cradle DDT as the beatdown just keeps going but now with moves. Rudos straight jacket Cuervo to set up a Daga dropkick. Cibernético breaks thru a double clothesline and clothesline the rudos to start his own comeback. Boot to the chair to the face for Daga. Cibernético teases a chokeslam on Psicosis, holds him there and lightly falls from a Halloween spear. Cuervo comes form the save, and he and Psicosis take a while to set up a Cuervo throwing Psicosis over his shoulder sand thru a table on the floor. Cibernético chokeslam Daga on the ring barricade in a spot that sounds better than it looked. Escoria spin kicks a chair into Halloween's face and standing moonsault pins him for a count of one. Halloween death valley driver looks good., but he'd rather sets up a chair spot than go for the win. Escoria sat down, chopped, Halloween goes up, Escoria crotches him. Escoria moves the chair and pulls Halloween off the top into a DDT on the chair. Escoria goes to the apron, stands on the outside of the ropes looking away, and tornillo moonsaults on Halloween for the pin.

Cibernético celebrates his own success on the microphone and promises a win at TripleMania. Replays. Psicosis is strechered out, but the announcers do not see concerned.

One more set of replays.