CMLL on Televisa #1151 (04/27/2013) 
Recapped: 05/02/13

Announcers – Miguel, Leobardo, and Felipe Bravo (Televisa boxing announcer) – introduce the show. Felino joins as guest commentator.

Match 1: Metálico & Molotov vs Disturbio & Hijo del Signo
Arena Mexico, 04/19/2013

  1. rudos

  2. tecnicos

  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 7:21
Rating: ok
Notes: This is random. And joined in progress. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Metálico chases Signo around, until his chest catches up with Signo's knee on the way back in. Signo bangs Metalico's head into the buckle a couple times, then brings him back in and trips him over the bottom rope for a Disturbio legdrop. Molotov and Disturbio are lost, then Molotov is caught into Disturbio's hammerlock backbreaker for a pin. Signo brings Metálico back in, Disturbio slams him, and Signo lands his top rope splash for three.

2: Rudos stay in control, and the camera mostly stays with Signo beating up Metálico. Signo happy to kick and choke. Rudos chop Metálico, Metálico fights back, Metálico gets slapped down. Rudos still let him go free to tag Molotov because CMLL is weird. Molotov start the comeback with a headscissors armdrag bit, but the rudos stop it right away by kicking him out. Metálico slips and slams Signo while Disturbio isn't paying attention, then Disturbio accidentally boosts Metálico into a huracanrana on Signo for three. Top rope huracanrana and a half crab finishes Disturbio.

3: Abrupt edit. Metálico breaks up a Disturbio pin on Molotov, which the sound editor wants you to believe happened even before the whistle blew. Sure. Metálico with a fireman's carry on Disturbio, but Signo breaks up the pin, and the rudos clothesline the técnicos in the corners. Rudos whip the técnicos into each other, técnicos spin each other down, and it goes differently for each pair: Signo submits Metálico to his hold while Metálico does the same to Disturbio on his. The feuding pair are left in, Metálico knocks Signo down but can't get the three count, Metálico modified casita gets 2, Metálico suplex is blocked, and Signo pulls off the behind the back mask pull to setup a small package for the win.

Match 2: Averno & Mistico vs ValienteRey CometaGuerrero Maya Jr.FuegoVolador Jr.Sangre AztecaTigerNamajague in a cibernetico #1 contenders match for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 04/19/2013

  1. Fuego springboard huracanrana (5:19)

  2. Volador & Averno powerbomb Guerrero Maya (6:32)

  3. Tiger backcracker Fuego (7:40)

  4. DQ Namajague [foul Rey Cometa] (9:57)

  5. Averno pin Rey Cometa (10:20)

  6. Valiente Buster on Tiger (11:07)

  7. Volador backcracker Valiente (11:45)

  8. La Mistica on Volador (16:45)

Winner: Averno & Mistico
Match Time: ? 
Rating: good
Notes: lineup screen before the match reveals they've filmed an unmasked video clip of Namajague. I would not have expected that. I wouldn't have expected they got around to Rey Cometa, honestly. Also, taking Namajauge's appearance here as a sign he's defected to Mexico and will never be going back to NJPW. When they call him “far eastern”, they mean the Yucatan peninsula. Terror Chino is referee,

Averno & Rey Cometa start, as far as we see. Cometa gets yelled at for backing Averno in the corner and refusing to let go. Calm down, Terror Chino. Battling armdrags, trip into a Cometa headscissors, face off. Maya and Tiger are in next. Felino is interested in how Tiger does. He and Maya trade half crabs and Tiger armdrags Maya away as Miguel mentions the weight limit (78 kg.) Maya gets his own armdrag, and they do the zero trips. Sangre and Valiente are next. Sangre's mask now has a tail, which works well when he spins around wildly. Sangre knocks down Valiente and stomps him madly, then chops him into the ropes. Valiente comes off a whip with headscissors, keeps running and topes Sangre into the barricade. Crowd cheering for that when Místico comes in, which sure makes it seem like they're cheering for Místico. (Místico seems to think so, and Magadan starts yelling as if he's got to be heard over the roar of the crowd.) Namajague is his opposition. This used to be a great matchup, but their timing on the block spots aren't as good. Místico sticks with just normal kicks and they don't go more karate than that. Crowd audibly booing when Místico stops to pose, and the rudos rush Místico before be can do more. Volador trips up Místico, rudos hold him off the apron, and Volador dropkick him thru the ropes. Replay. Back live, and técnicos are diving at the rudos – two tope con guys by Cometa and Fuego and and a Maya tope in the middle of it! Místico and Sangre Azteca left in, oh no Sangre is doomed. Místico chant. Místico off the ropes, an wildly missing on a headscissors. He didn't execute it wrong, Sangre just moved out of the way and Místico looked like a fool. Never seen that. Sangre flips Místico to the apron, Místico high kick to knock Sangre away, Místico springboard – into Sangre counter dropkick! COVER HIM, SANGRE! Sangre lets Místico crawl to the corner so eh can get in his low blow dropkick. Even then no cover, and Mistico's allowed to go free. Fuego in, springboard huracanrana looks off but it's enough for the shock pin on Sangre Azteca. Sangre laments his poor station in life.

Tiger and Fuego chop fight, off the rope evasions sets up the Tiger dropkick to the backslide. Fuego out, Tiger tornillo following on the rudo side. Maya and Averno in, Maya gets in his springboard armdrag and quebradora. Heel kick, Maya getting in all the Maya spots. Springboard inverted tope appears to only barely hit if it all, Maya adds a senton, and Volador breaks up the pin with a kick. Double whip by the rudos, two man powerbomb. Volador adds his own senton one two three. Booooo.

Cometa off the top immediately with a tornillo armdrag on Volador. Namajague in and knocking down Cometa with a clothesline. Stomps. Slam, and Namajague say that's it. Namajague going up for a moonsault, but Cometa dropkicks him out. Cometa takes a look, runs, and lands a huge double tornillo onto Namajague. Replay, Fuego in and quebrada onto Tiger one two NO. Fuego off the ropes, something that doesn't go quite right into a small package for two. Tiger misses a clothesline, Fuego over, waved by, handspring right into Tiger's backcracker, and that's it for Fuego.

Místico and Averno in. Crowd boos loudly. Don't think it's for Averno. Replay of the last finish. Místico chant does come up. Místico flipping run, headscissors on Averno. Místico waved by rung up the ropes, flip off, and flipping armdrag sends Averno out. Místico rolls and poses, and Volador backs him out of the ring. Valiente into face Volador. Crowd loud for Volador. Valiente decks him with a back elbow. Chop. Corner whip, Valiente charges in, Volador moves out of he way, Volador monkey flips sends Volador into the ropes. Volador calls for another one, but Valiente dumps him over the top rope. Valiente powerslides thru the ropes to chase Volador, who backs off and tells Valiente to go back to his corner. Comet and Namajague in, Namajague telling Comet to unzip his top for a fair fight. Chops back and forth. Cometa shoves Namajague back, and Namajague blows him up for a big spear. Namajague batters Cometa with chops. Corner whip, reversed, evasion, Namajague foul kicks Cometa. Everyone saw, including the ref, so Namajague's done. Namajague argues, but can't talk his way out of this (for a few reasons.) Namajague poses and leaves.

Averno turns Cometa over, covers and gets three count. He is so happy with his self.

Valiente complains about that, runs past Averno, runs up the corner and slips and misses on a headscissors try. Averno picks him back up, whip, reverses, Valiente quebradora. Averno out, Tiger in, Valiente springboard plancha on him for two. Off in the background, Namajague throws Cometa around on the ramp before losing. Tiger kicks Valiente down and covers for two. Tiger argues, gets up, and runs into the Valiente Buster one two three.

Valiente fired up, with Volador in to face him. Volador off the ropes, over, waved by, handspring caught into a Valiente waistlock, Volador back elbows free, Valiente shoves him into the ropes, then chops him up for the Valiente Buster, Volador reverses position, then stands Valiente up to pull him own in the backcracker one two three.

Místico in and headscissoring Volador out. Averno immediately scoops Místico up and puts him on the top rope to go for his mask, which gets a big reaction from the fans. Averno pulls it off, but Místico keeps the mask in front of his face. Averno argues with the referee, then pulls Místico down. Whip, Místico huracanrana one two NO. Volador sits in the ring and watches the other two. Místico off the ropes, sunset flip and rolls back in time for Volador to dropkick Averno by mistake. Volador snap mares Místico and rips up his mask, pulling it off as well. No DQ called, and Místico puts it back on. Volador covers, only gets 2. Volador ducks a clothesline, superkick to Místico, backcracker on Místico! Averno sees Volador standing up, hits him, and pulls him into the Devils' Wings. Referee inspects the pin, one two NO. Volador up and shoving Averno. Face off. Chop fight, Místico breaks it by running thru, rudos double powerbomb him. Pin? Anyone? No, the rudos just take a break. Averno miss a clothesline, Volador fireman's escape headscissors, Volador off the ropes, top con giro onto Averno. Místico points up, Operacion Dragon springboard shooting star pres to the floor is caught (sort of) and the rudos throw chuck Místico into the barricade! Averno back in first, Volador in from the opposite corner. Crowd behind Volador. Both run, Volador torito, two count. Místico is walking around on the outside. Volador flips Averno tot he apron, then swing kicks him as Averno climbs up. Volador joins Averno on the top rope, Spanish Fly, Volador grabbing his right knee on landing. He's hobbling, but keeps going. Místico jumps and rolls into the ring, then gets La Mistica on Volador. Volador gives before Averno can break it up. Crowd not happy.

Announcers talk about the match next week, while the new guy is the only one to note Volador's knee injury. It doesn't seem to be bugging him now. There's an onscreen graphic for the final next week, which I can't recall them doing often – they still haven't really mentioned the hair match for next week – but maybe it's just to explain what this finish is.

Fan Appreciation promo kills a few minutes. This guy likes guys from the 80s, he must be sad to meet Terrible & Felino.

Match 3: Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Shocker © vs Euforia, Mr. Águila, Último Guerrero ©
Arena Mexico, 04/19/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos

  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 6:39
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Babe Richard. Guerreros have already jumped the técnicos. Mije is with Aguila. Monito is with Shocker.

1: Rudos beat up the técnicos everywhere, with the usual feuds (and the odd guy out). Atlantis still has his cape on while he's beat up. Rudos work together to drop toe hold and legdrop Shocker, then Euforia high kicks Shocker out. Guerreros set up the flying sit on Azul, then tell Aguila to actually do it. It works out. Pulpo Guerrero on Atlantis, and this fall is done. Rudos grab Monito for a giant swing and kick to the head. Replay of the finish, which was edited the first time.

2: Rudos stay in control, though the técnicos still let Atlantis tag in Azul. It's no problem, they can kick down Azul just the same. Shocker chases Aguila, rudos attack him from behind. CMLL's promoting a show in Acapulco strong. Shocker starts the comeback for a corner charge, clearing out the rudos himself. Shocker topes Aguila, and Atlantis submits UG. Another quick fall. Atlantis rips up Ultimo Guerrero's mask and punches him a lot. Post fall lasts about half as long as the fall.

3: Atlantis casadora rolls Ultimo Guerrero out and follows with a slow tope. Aguila chops Shocker around and flips, but Shocker stops him and chops him down. Aguila trips up Shocker and walks over his back, but then runs into armdrags. Quebradora by Shocker, who goes for Aguila's hair, and Euforia makes sense the save. Euforia and Azul are last, oddly, and can't knock each other down with a clothesline. Azul ducks the third and gives Euforia his giant armdrag. Elbow drop follows. Azul says this is it. It seem about that time the way this fall is going. Pres slam, Euforia slips free, Euforia kicks Azul in the corner, charge misses, Azul monkey flip. Azul knocks Euforia down in the corner and goes for the senton, but Euforia rolls out. Azul just goes to the ramp and goes for his dive from there instead. Other four in, UG pulls Atlantis mask and Aguila fouls Shocker. Referee sees it all, and calls the DQ. Mije, here with nothing to do, takes off as soon as the fall is done.

UG tells Atlantis he's coming for his mask. Atlantis attacks him, but UG attacks him again and sends Atlantis out while ranting about his mask match. Shocker gets muted while talking about Aguila. Aguila mocks him.

Felino thanks the announcers.

Dia del Niño promo