AAA Fusion #28 (04/17/2013) 
Recapped: 04/18/03

La Parka says he'll be on Fusion for the first time, and he'll be the papa of Parka Negra & Pentagon. Chessman's father is left undetermined.

TONIGHT: Flamita, Jinzo, Laneloth vs Eterno, Lucky Boy and Niño de Ebnao

TONIGHT: Fenix, Electroshock, La parka vs Pentagon Jr., Parka Negra, Chessman

Parka Negra dramatically puts on his mask away from the camera, revealing whoever's under th mask has much shorter hair than Zorro used to have. Unsure why I'm making that comparison.

Open. Still includes Sexy Star.

Fenix, still crying, is so happy to be the first Fusion champion. He must win more, he's wants more, he can never rest. Kiss the belt.

Match 1: Flamita, Jinzo, Lanzeloth vs Eterno, Lucky Boy, Niño de Ébano
Arena Lopez Mateos, 04/06/2013

Winner: Eterno
Match Time: 11:14
Rating: ok/good
Notes: No entrances. Flamita's trunks say MEAVE on the back. I dunno. Referee is Piero.

Lucky Boy and Lanzeloth start off looking very staged, both doing headstand escapes of headscissors which look cooperative. Bernardo touches on Jinzo's reveal as Tribal when he starts with Niño de Ebano, and Jinzo quickly lands a shining Wizard from behind, whatever hat might be. Crowd is into him as he chops Niño and dropkicks him out. Flamita and Eterno are the last pair, and the crowd seems loudest for Eterno., though it also seems like there are 12 people who are on mic and we're not hearing the rest of the crowd. Flamita handspring back flips into a dropkick. Eterno waves in his partners, superkicks Flamita out, and forearms Jinzo himself. Three rudos have a series of spots which ends with an inverted powerslam/flying double stomp combo. Eterno is a blow averaged sized guy, even by lucha libre standards, but he is much bigger than his two partners. Jinzo takes an Eterno missile dropkick low blow, then Eterno gives Flamita press slam double knee gutbuster. Maximum Velocidad follow with a springboard senton con giro and an quebradora (that nearly misses), and all the rudos cover, and the técnicos break it up with kicks. Tecnicos stomp down Eterno until his partners make the save. Jinzo fights of corner charges by flipping two guys to the apron , king Eterno away, boosting Lanzeloth into a dropkick on the other guys. Eterno recovers and dropkick Jinzo out, then punches Lanzeloth in the corner. Corner whip, charge in, Lanzeloth tags Flamita and monkey flips Eterno, Eterno lands on his feet and turns around to take a headscissors into an armdrag that doesn't really come together. Tecnicos pose, never a great idea after missed move, and Jinzo runs across the apron to vault over the ring post and tope con giro Jinzo. Four masked guys left in, técnicos roll out, rudos fling themselves to the apron, springboard to the top rope, and come off with tope con giros on the técnicos. Eterno and Jinzo make it back to the ring while the other four recover. Eterno shoves the smaller Jinzo in the ropes. Jinzo gets up and slaps Eterno in the face. Eterno slaps Jinzo back. Back and forth until Eterno gets in a heel kick. Off the ropes evasion, Jinzo almost makes it on his running front flip, but does connect on a backflip toe kick to Etenro's head. Niño de Ebano in with a plancha on Jinzo, Jinzo clothesline misses, Niño armdrags him out, poses, and almost slips waiting for Lanzeloth. Their sequence ends with a Lanzeloth top rope flip armdrag, and Niño de Ebano flies over the bottom rope on his way out. Lucky boy in, long set of reversals includes Lucky Boy doing the Titan handspring backflip headscissors spot, then getting blown up by a Flamita dropkick. Falmtia gets the headscissors/armdrag spot to work this time on Eterno, followed by a four rotation headscissors on Eterno. Lanzeloth does the AR Fox run up the post moonsault onto Eterno, that didn't take long for someone to take. Maxima Velocida are knocked off the apron by a Jinzo springboard dropkick, and Flamita follows with a Brillo plancha into an armdrag on Niño de Ebano. Jinzo claps his hands and lands a tornillo onto Lucky Boy. Eterno and Lanzeloth in, they do the clotheslines in the corner ignored bit, running fireman's forward slam, pump standing moonsault, and Lanzeloth can only get two. Eterno and Lanzeloth battle on the buckles, very carefully punch each other, and Eterno gives Lanzeloth a top rope swinging neckbreaker! That's a bit crazy. Three count.

Eterno's partners are stunned, and impressed. After plays, the luchadors pick up money from the ring.

TONIGHT: the other match

here's a shot of Parka Negra looking stern.

La Parka does another promo, which is different from the other one but not so much you would be able to tell if you were not paying attention.

Last Week: Daga, Psicosis vs Crazy Boy, Joe Lider

Match 2: Electroshock, Fénix, La Parka vs Chessman, Parka Negra, Pentagón Jr.
Arena Lopez Mateos, 04/06/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 25:00
Rating: okay
Notes: Entrances are shown, and there's so much time left.

Tecnicos all point at the Parka Negra fan girls for some reason. Crowd again sounds like a few people shouting near one microphone, though less so than the previous match. Lots of tags and people leaving without touching; it's two minutes plus before first contact, so it's going to be that sort of match.

Match starts off as a Fenix sequence, surviving big moves from each guy to come back for a series of moves. Pentagon turns the tide and traps him in there, and it turns of minutes of Fenix being trapped with Electroshock coming in to complain to Piero, chop, and no-sell Pentagon's chops. Parka seems much less interested, but not overly dramatic. Rudos don't even concern themselves with Electroshock for a while, and only then so they can take his belt. Chessman takes off his own belt, and the rudos hit all the técnicos. It turns into a slow speed brawl. Parka Negra and Parka end up near a woman who won't stop yelling at the rudo. Parka Negra takes it out on Parka, so Parka tries to cover her mouth so Parka Negra will stop hitting him. It doesn't work for poor Parka. Electroshock and Pentagon are paired off, which is a bad idea, and Electroshock takes an offered beer to throw in Pentagon's face. Pentagon shakes it off to give Electroshock a fireman's side drop on the ramp. Fenix takes a big backdrop out of the ring onto the ramp. Fenix is slow up, and the doctor checks on him after a couple minutes. I'd say even the doctor is moving slow in this match, but the doctors are not often face. Fenix recovers in time to be tossed back in the ring for a headscissors onto Pentagon Junior. Comeback takes place twelve minutes into the match, with a lot of revenge brawling. Belt shots for everyone, even despite Parka Negra doing his best to run from them. Piero finds time to tease elaborately tease a DQ. Tecnicos showcases are long and slow. Electroshock's gets a long bit offense before a break.

Fenix is next. He pulls off his toss flip huracanrana and handspring cutter on Pentagon Jr.. It feels like I've seen those with a guy just about Pentagon Junior's size. Parka Negra gives Fenix a Canadian Destroyer, and Fenix pops right back up so Parka Negro can clothesline Fenix on his head. You're doing it wrong. Electroshock breaks the pinfall and comes in for even more offense. Parka finally turns up to break up a Chessman pin on Parka, and showcase his one armed offense. Crowd chants for Parka a lot less after he's doing stuff, but they do the same for Fenix too. Fenix does the bit of hanging a guy on the barricade and toping into them. I still don't understand that. Maybe if I saw whatever video Fenix saw it in, then I'd get it. Other técnicos clothesline the other rudos out (which is a struggle with Parka Negra) and land topes. Pentagon gives Fenix big moves, Fenix kicks out, Pentagon is surprised, Fenix gets the three count with a powerbomb reversed into messy huracanrana of all things. That was one of the worst spots they did all match. Pentagon can't believe it, I'm with him, but the crowd does make a loud noise.

Rudos beat up Fenix after the match for no particular reason. Tecnicos don't help much. This drags on. No one seems to care. It also just ends with no point. Replays. The finish still looks bad.