AAA Fusion #24 (03/20/2013) 
Recapped: 03/27/2013

Announcers hype the matches

Tonight: Jinzo & Flamita vs Lucky Boy & Niño de Ebano

Tonight: Psycho Circus vs Inferno Rockers


Reinas del Ring present the AAA banner. Ah, not enough material for an hour.

Atomic Boy comes to the ring with his right arm bound to his body by a meter of gauze. He's half mumufied! Atomic Boy gets the microphone (!!!) and says Gran Apache broke his arm. He hopes to return soon, but can't even finish without Gran Apache's music playing. Atomic Boy doesn't notice this, and gets hit by a Gran Apache chair shot to the head. Tough to get your hand up when it's glued to your side. Piero finally holds Gran Apache back from more stomps as the doctor checks on Atomic Boy. They stick with this, and Gran Apache being ordered to the back, for a while. No break leading into

Match 1: Flamita & Jinzo vs Lucky Boy & Niño de Ébano
Arena Neza, 03/01/2013

Winner: Flamita & Jinzo
Match Time: 8:20
Rating: okay/good
Notes: Piero sticks around to referee this. Maxima Velocidad are wearing matching yellow gear and fused masks. I have no help of telling them apart. Flamita tries to do a running front flip when his name is announced and nearly can't land it.

Usual Alto Impacto style match, with guys just doing moves and only selling when it times get out of the way for someone else to do their moves. I've got técnicos and rudos listed up there, but there's no real sign of either being having sides. Maxima Velocidad manage to send the rudos both out and follow with a double Brillo Dorada. Lucky & Ebano do a slower version of the Young Buck's More Bang For Your Buck finish on Flamita soon after, but Jinzo makes the save. Match has some slow moments as they maneuver each other in spots for moves. Jinzo has a nice if slow developing cartwheel jumping head kick, then a corner tornillo. Flamita adds a twisting tope con giro, so everyone's gotten in their dives. Flamita gives Lucky boy (I think) a standing on the top rope frankensteiner and a springboard tornillo splash for the win.

Enough time to see everyone raise each partner's arms and lots of replays.

October 2012: Infierno Rockers introduce Uro Rocker. And that debut match. If you told me Uro Rocker would last longer than Samuray del Sol in AAA, I would've been very sad. I am very sad. Oh wow, they're going to repeat all of this match, botched spots and all.

Match 2: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
Arena Neza, 03/01/2013

Winner: Inferno Rockers
Match Time: 10:34
Rating: ok
Notes: Psycho Circus have Mini Clowns and the belts. Copetes is referee. It seems like the crowd has shrunk a small but noticeable bit.

Rockers jump the Clowns right after the whistle, and rip up a Psycho Circus t-shirt. Rocker shave trouble with a double rebound hipotss bit, but turn it right into a powerbomb. They follow by totally stealing the Raziel/Cancerbero headscissors splash bit! It's a good bit to steal. Monster takes a triple faceslam, and Murder a flying sit. Murder trips up to clowns to start the comeback, and this is familiar. Soul is press slammed into a double gutbuster. Mini Clown gets squashed on the flying sit again. Tecnico showcases from there, highlighted early by Machine getting Monster in a casadora cradle and Copetes doing that thing where he just stops even pretending to count after two because someone is supposed to break it up, and Psycho being late doing that. Psycho crazy stomps take the show to break.

Psycho gets in a hanging backcracker. Murder and Devil have problems getting Devil up for a powerbomb, but Murder turns out to be very strong and just lifts Devil up all on his before dropping him hard. Machine sends Murder out, other two clowns send Machine and Soul out and tope them. Murder press slams Devil, but Uro Rocker has reappeared, and tosses Mini Clown off the ramp. Murder walks out to the ramp to confront him, with Uro backing off. The other Clowns root Murder on from the ring, and the other Rockers cheat somehow – announcers say mask pull, but we don't see it – and cradle them for the win.

Murder noticed in time to move to the ring, but not break it up. The match is lost, so Murder goes off to facing off with Uro Rocker. They exchange forearms, the other Rockers jump in, and Murder lays the three smaller ones out. Uro forearms Murder in the back of the head as soon as he's laid out the other other Rockers. Uro Rocker lifts Murder up and slams him in the corner. Soul top rope senton onto Murder. The Rockers stomp the Clowns.


Clowns recover to go to the back, and that's it.