AAA on Televisa #1088 (03/16/2013) 
Recapped: 03/17/2013

Video package: Texano has an open challenge, beats Argenis, then beats Argenis up some more for daring to challenge him.

Texano Jr. is already in the ring, and demanding silence and respect for the champion. Texano is annoyed, because he's put out this open challenge, and no one has accepted. That's a good point, why isn't Mesías accepting? Anyway – and we don't get to the anyway, because Texano is cut off by music no one recognizes. It's Zumbi – or Zumby if you're the guy operating the chyron – and a joke if you're Texano. Texano asks him if he really wants the shot. Zumbi's not worried about the size difference, he wants the shot. Sounds Zumbi borught his fan club. It's on.

Match 1: Texano Jr. vs Zumbi for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosi, 03/03/2013

Winner: Texano Jr.
Match Time: 0:53
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee, already out there, is Copetes

Texano slaps Zumbi, Zumbi ducks the next and slaps him away. Texano clothesline misses Zumbi hits with a jumping spinning kick (carefully shot.) Zumbi headstand heel kicks looks neat, but Zumbi isn’t coming close to making contact on these. Kick to the midsection, off the ropes, jumping legdrop to the back of Texano’s head one two NO. Texano clothesline, and Zumbi flips. Powerbomb, pulled up and dropped for a second. Kneebar, and Zumbi screams in pain. Zumbi gives.

Texano does not give, so Zumbi screams some more. Texano lets go to get his lasso, and whip Zumbi a few times for challenging him. Texano gets his hand raised, and someone else's music plays. No one knows the music, but do react when they see Blue Demon Jr. with a microphone. Blue Demon says good night to the people, and stop to pose at the Blue Demon chant. No chyron for Blue Demon. Zumbi lays on the mat while Demon explains he's heard Texano has challenged anyone from any group, anywhere in the world, so he's answering on behalf of his Demonios. The microphones are really screechly. Demon says Texano is good, but suggests Demon has that title match at Rey de Reyes. Crowd is a bit unhappy they're not getting that match, but Demon gets the back. Texano refuses, saying he's busy that day, and he gets to pick when he's defending the title. Texano hits the catchphrase and turns to leave, but he's interrupted by Joaquin Roldan. Demon pats Joaquin on the stomach as he comes in. Joaquin says Texano defended to face anyone, even independent guys like Demon, AAA is going to make him live up to his word, and so the match is on for Rey de Reyes. Demon celebrates while Texano storms off.

Mega champion Rey de Reyes promo.

Upcoming lineups.

Rey de Reyes Group 3 promo.

Match 2: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Argos, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Texano for the AAA World Trios Championship
Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosi, 03/03/2013

Winner: Psycho Clowns, first defense
Match Time: 8:56
Rating: ok
Notes: Texano has his belt under a hoodie here. Mini Clown is with the técnicos. Monster climbs halfway up the light tower to pose for no reason at all, but AAA pulls out a split screen to cover it. Referee is Piero.

Psycho and Texano start with quick near falls and a face off. I bet this all stems back to unresolved Guapos U issues. Or maybe not. Psycho shoves Texano down, Argos dropkick him and avoids Monster Clown. Mascara in, Murder clotheslines him, Texano boosts Argos into a dropkick on Murder, then kicks Monster as he tries to come back in. Rudos corner clothesline Murder, and hold him for Texano's low blow dropkick. Catapult hold, for Psycho Clown, Texano wheelbarrow legdropped Argos on top. Murder in and brutally forearming Argos in the back before the help can arrive. Argos gets trapped underneath, and bites Murder's hand to make him scream. Whip, double spinebuster, double tapatía, Texano kicks to the head. Psycho back in again, but caught and given an ugly looking pump handle slam by Argos. Psycho lands on his head, and Argos is immediately concerned, but they keep going. Rudos corner clothesline Psycho, then Mascara tries the same on Murder but is flipped to apron and tripped off after a delay by Monster. Psycho is late, but turns up top e Mascara thru the corner. Murder says out the two other Consejo guys (missed by the camera), and Monster comes back in to help. Argos is slid to Psycho to hold for a double dropkick to the backside. Clowns kicks and slap around the world champ, then give him a flying sit. Mascara evades Psycho and Murder to throw himself out, which leaves Monster in to do armdrag and jumping jacks. Texano kicks him, but Texano and Mascara screw up and Mascara’s kicked out. Monster shoulderblocks Texano, and armdrags him out. Into the ropes. Monster kicks him free and all the way to the floor. Monster slingshot tope con giro onto both. Argos in, to dive, but he has no idea Murder is behind him, and Murder flips him with a kick. Murder presses Argos over his head, and drops him in the ring. Murder goes up, Psycho helps him keep his balance, Murder exchange his mind and does a plancha to the outside instead. Psycho and Argos left in, bad looking Destroyer on Argos, one two three. Crowd is thrilled.

Argos is out on the mat, but Texano and Máscara bring in chairs to destroy the Clown. Demon runs in for the save, chops, punches and throws Mascara out. Texano and Demon have the big face off. Chop fight, Demon with forearms, and Texano's thrown out, almost on top of Argos. Demon poses. Champions and Demon pose together.

Match 3: Cibernético, El Mesías, Electroshock vs Chessman, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, LA Park
Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosi, 03/03/2013

Winner: técnicos  
Match Time: 11:22
Rating: ok
Notes: Guys are introduced in a random order: Chessman, Electroshock, Mesías, LA Park, Perro and Cibernético last. Rudos attack as soon as Cibernético gets to the ring. Referee is Copetes.

Usual brawl, while the announcers push Rey de Reyes hard. LA Park has no obvious problems with his partners or friendship with the guy he team with last week. Chessman and LA Park put on time killing holds while Perro throws in a chair, Cibernético grabs it, Perro begs off, Copetes takes it away and drops it right in front of Perro anyway, Perro hits Cibernético, picks the chair back up and hits Cibernético. Crowd doesn’t like this, and Chessman protects Copetes' ears. Cibernético is bleeding, and Perro bites at the cut. Other rudos work over Electroshock, who in turns make the comeback. Mesias headscissors on Park, Electroshock cutter on Chessman, Mesías tope on Park, Electroshock same on Chessman. LA Park just sort of got ran in to, no attempt to break the fall. Cibernético and Perro in, but Cibernético has the chair now. Perro dropkick misses, Cibernético smacks him with a chair. Perro fairly obviously cuts himself on camera (or more, they're bad at picking angles to conceal this.) Cibernético goes to work on the cut. And works on it for a while. LA Park grabs a chair, but just kind of watches from outside the ring while Cibernético chokes Perro over the ropes. Electroshock gets his own chair so he and Park can stare at each other as if they're about to do something. Electroshock eventually gets to hit Perro in the head with a chair. Cibernético kicks Perro in the head repeatedly. Mesías chases LA Park thru the ring for no reason, except they're probably bored at this point. The Cibernético beating up Mesías bit has gone for a few minutes now, and they finally get the idea to take outside so the other guys can use the ring. Cibernético rams and grinds Cibernético into the light tower post. Mesías chops and armdrags Park out, Park trips him from the outside, and Park and Chessman hit each other by mistake a few times. Park knocks Mesías out of the ring, only for Electroshock to come in, and the rudos to screw up some more. Mesías slingshot planchas both, Electroshock sits on top, and the rudos kick out at two. Double sunset flip spot, rudos block, but miss punches into the mat and get inside cradle anyway for two. Chessman kicks Mesías, Electroshock gives LA Park a cutter, and they face off again. Electroshock quebradora escape into an armbar, then letting go for no reason expect he has more moves. Upkicks sends Chessman to the ropes, Electroshock charges, Chessman moves, Electroshock goes thru the ropes and to the floor. He nearly lands on an wood panel, and kicks it away to make some room. Chessman pescado tornillo follows. Mesías and Park right back at it, Mesías kicks Park coming thru the ropes, Park is stranded there for a moment before Mesías gives him the front cracker. Mesias goes up for the splash, lands the splash actually, and Perro breaks up the pin. Cibernético back in to fight him, Perro kicks him questionably low – announced debate the DQ – snap mare, double stomp, and Perro immediately leaves the ring. Perro brings the wood panel in, and tries to find chairs which are still in good enough shape to unfold and support it. They could’ve used a distraction here. Copetes walks over and starts setting up chair, and Chessman holds the chairs from the outside. Maybe they could get a proper table and not spend a minute on this next time? Cibernético is still out, and the other guys are just gone. After spending all this time to set this up, Perro promptly whips Cibernético into the opposite corner. I have no idea. Perro charges in, Cibernético moves, choke on, chokeslam thru the wood panel. One two three, Chessman just short of stopping the count.

Very little post match shown.

Show recap and that's it.

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A Fondo: Rey de Reyes part 2 video package. I'm still not sure how Parka won the 2005 one, and the clips do their best to explain it. The 2007 clips include Rey Misterio Jr. handing La Parka the sword for the win. That's the first time they used a sword for the trophy, and the first time they've been able to show Rey Misterio Jr. - he was cut out of the original airing because WWE only gave him permission to appear before the live crowd but not on TV. (They probably wouldn't be thrilled about this if anyone was aware of it.) There is no sound for the 2008 one; they play music over the top of the footage of Zorro winning. Whatever happened to that Zorro? He does not talk here. They spend extra time on the ones Electroshock and Chessman won, because they're around to talk about it (and don't have to talk about four of them like La Parka.) Electroshock is a better promo. Extreme Tiger's win is quickly skipped over, much like real life. Perro is not around to talk about his win, but they show a big chunk of the final instead.

Match 1: Cinthia Moreno, La Jarochita, Lolita vs Jennifer Blake, LuFisto, Taya Valkyrie
Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosi, 03/03/2013

Winner: rudas
Match Time: 10:41
Rating: ok
Notes: La Jarochita enters to La Bamba, which is an odd choice unless she's about to be Lady Octagon. She's got her QPPLC belt and a collapsible fan. So weird to have a tecnica trio without an Apache. So weird to have an entire AAA women's trios match with no Apache! Jennifer is acting like a tecnica, so this will go badly for her. LuFisto gets last entrance. Referee is Copetes.

LuFisto and Cinthia have a long, 3 minute slow back and forth to open it up. It's about the same as the early Fusion match. LuFisto sidesteps a dropkick, drags Cinthia over to the ruda corner, reaches to tag Taya...and Taya's looking the other way, posing for the crowd. Oops. The story is supposed to be everyone angry at Jennifer, so LuFisto just argues with Jennifer instead. Announcers keep the Fusion show top secret and talk about Jennifer's problems with Taya back in Pachuca instead. Match does not pick up much with Jennifer, but she does manage to dropkick Cinthia out and slaps Taya in the chest for a tag. Taya and Jarochita are next and are fine considering it's these two, but they also keep it simple and slow. Jarochita surprises a posing Taya with a dropkick to the back, and tags are made. Lolita armdrags and dropkicks LuFisrto, does a pin thru the ropes when LuFisto is resting in another area, and gets attacked from behind by Taya to start the beatdown. Seconds off offense there, how odd. Corner attacks on Lolita end with a LuFisto corner senton. She goes for a pin, then remembers she's in Mexico and not to bother. (Copetes seems confused at the idea he'd count something here.) The blonds team up for a wheelbarrow frontcracker on Cinthia, then LuFisto adds another rolling senton. Taya does the splits while pulling Jarochita's arms, which would seem not to help. Jarochita kicks LuFisto away on a corner charge, has all sorts of trouble getting on LuFisto's shoulders, then LuFisto walks cross ring so Taya can clothesline Jarochita off! Everyone lives, though Jarochita has a hard landing on her head and shoulder. I can't believe they tried that. Taya covers here, and Cinthia breaks up the pin. Cinthia lays LuFisto down and top rope double stomps it, but Taya breaks it up. The Doctor is out to check on Jarochita. Cinthia dropkicks Taya out and planchas her. Other four in for some amusing weirdness. Lolita blocks a Jennifer kick, kicks her, and gives her a crucifix lift into faceslam. LuFisto meanwhile captures the returning Jarochita in a crossface. Copetes counts the pin – only 2 – and then turns to ask if Jarochita gives up. Jarochita hangs on, while the other two ignore it and keep going. Jennifer gives her spinning sidewalk slam to Lolita, Copetes counts another two count. Copetes signals two, and then keeps watching those two – as LuFisto still has the crossface on Jarochita! It's been about 30 seconds at this point. Jennifer puts on her catapult into a crab, then switches to another weird hold, and LuFisto – apparently having let go after 40 seconds of her hold – breaks up Jennifer's submission. Powerbomb on Jennifer, safe spinning back fist and inverted death valley driver on Lolita, and that does it.

Rudas quickly argue with Jennifer Blake, and the técnicas quickly attack them from behind with dropkicks. Jarochita takes Jennifer's head off with a clothesline, and Jennifer superkicks LuFisto (or a bit lower kick than that.) Taya begs off, but Jennifer pounds her in the head n throws her thru the ropes. Or tries to throw her thru the ropes, Taya has some issue with that. Tecnicas question Jennifer, then welcome her onto the tecnica side. They play her music.

Match 3: Angelico, Drago, Jack Evans vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosi, 03/03/2013

Winner: Inferno Rocker
Match Time: 10:19
Rating: good
Notes: Rockers enter first, which is going to make it hard for them sneak attack. Angelico seems to have survived his Fusion tournament injury okay. Jack has a short hair cut. Piero is referee.

Announcers (Jesus) call Angelico Australia, but they work out he's actually South African. Hei s a tough one. Angelico and Machine start, Angelico getting in a jumping leg lariat in the corner and a head kick from the mat in his usual run of kick based offense. Jack seems to be in a happy mood and dances before starting off with Soul. Soul does his own wacky monkey dance, and these two need to have 500 matches. They start off with more comedy, Jack sucking Soul into a stomp on his hand, then jack showing go with a backflips under clotheslines and a jumping toe kick to knock Soul down. Jack sets up for the Viva Mexico moonsault, but Devil knocks him down from behind. Double clothesline misses, Jack springboard moonsault double back elbow knocks them both down. Jack piles two Rockers on top of each other, sets up for the Via Mexico moonsault again, and Machine knocks him down. That's not right! Jack kicks the Rocker away on charges, throw Machine out, and pulls off that Viva Mexico backflip senton on the other two Rockers finally. Hooray. Cartwheel handspring tope con giro into a rana on Machine Rocker just because. Drago kicks around the Rockers and drops Soul with a springboard DDT. Machine slaps Devil out by mistake, and Drago gets him with the double rotation headscissors. Drago superkicks Machine into the ropes and Machine tosses him into a tornillo onto Devil. That didn't go quite right but it was good enough. Angelico takes a monkey dance running clothesline from Soul and attacks from the others. Corner clotheslines for Jack, then held in the center of a big Machine clothesline to spin him out. Drago comes in and hits everyone, but Machine slaps him down. Machine's running this show, it's so obvious that it’s not worth pointing it out all the time, but it's true. Machine tosses Soul into a flying sit on Drago on the ropes. Jack kicks the Rockers again on corner charges, pushes off for Soul to headscissors Machine. Jack grabs both of them and pulls them into the corner. I don't know where Devil has gone to, but Jack knocks to the other one with a corner springboard tornillo moonsault. Devil returns to take a backflip head kick, and Jack poses on the apron before going out with an Asai tornillo moonsault. Jack looks exhausted. Angelico in, forearming Machine away, Machine up and fighting him, Angelico shoves Machine away, top rope double stomp. Angelico grabs his own ribs after impact – maybe he's not feeling so well after all – and Soul grabs Angelico and runs him into the corner post. Drago in, heel kicks and side kicks for Soul. Drago off the ropes, running flip DDT (Jesus: “piledrive” what), Machine breaks up the pin. Drago ducks a double clothesline and gets Soul with a boost dropkick. Drago gives Machine a spinning DDT, but had a little more problems with a Flatliner. Rolling faceslam goes better, but now Drago's walking around waiting for something. Drago charges, Machine throws him face first into the corner, Inferno suplex one two three.

Soul and Devil dance all around.