CMLL on CadenaTres #274 (03/02/2013) 
Recapped: 03/06/13

Announcers – which strangely include Tigre Hispano! - introduce the show. Tigre Hispano is revealed to be a fan of the rudos!

Match 1: Génesis & Robin vs Camorra & Guerrero Negro Jr.
Arena Mexico, 02/26/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:20
Rating: eh
Notes: This doesn’t seem promising at all. Referee is Rafael el Maya. Tigre Hispano does not actually commentate on the show.

1: Robin and Guerrero Negro work a wristlock for a while. Guerrero Negro has a Rey Escorpion style outfit this week. That's a good guy to emulate, seeing how it's working for him at the moment. Negro has more frilly pants, so maybe it's more Jerry Estrada. Robin jumping snap mare sends Negro out and causes the crowd to boo loudly. Genesis decides the time to break out the red and silver outfit is when he's facing a guy wearing a red, silver and black pants. Their opening exchange ends with a Genesis headscissors from the mat. Negro tries a monkey flip, Robin puts him up top instead, 'rana off the buckle, standing moonsault, Robin covers Negro while pulling him off the mat, Maya is far away and doesn't see it. Three count. Robin spins Camorra around for a Genesis plancha, then he does a headscissors into a small package into a half crab to be complicated. Would be cooler if it was not slow.

2: Genesis headscissors Negro and dropkicks him thru the ropes. Robin tries a multiple kip up spot against Camorra and is just clotheslined. Robin comes back with a monkey flip and a middle rope headscissors. Thrust kick sends Camorra out. Tecnicos have each had a run, so now is the time for the rudos to take over, and they do so for no reason beyond that. Genesis barely gets over on a Camorra backdrop. Camorra drops Genesis in position, holds him by his ankle, then has to walk over to tag Guerrero Negro before is top rope splash. Camorra gets a submission and that's it.

3: Rudos kick around the técnicos. Robin flips on a dropkick to the knee and lands awkwardly, over rotating and hitting his legs hard. He tries to get up, then eh tries to leave, but Negro keeps Robin in, limping and in pain and all. Camorra lets Robin stay on the mat for a double low blow dropkick, and Robin's able to tag out after. Rudos do corner clotheslines, and then just goof up. Crowd shots seem to be covering stuff up here, including most of Genesis comeback. Robin gets caught going for a 'rana, and is held up for a Guerrero Negro backcracker powerbombed for a pin. Camorra gives Genesis something like a double armbar, which is totally covered up by the fall graphic. Doesn't matter.

Match 2: Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus © vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro ©, Skándalo
Arena Mexico, 02/26/2013

  1. Cancerberos

  2. Tuareg
  3. Cancerberos

Winner: Cancerberos
Match Time: 14:07
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. Isis is with the Tuareg.

1: Cancerberos have jumped the Tuareg. Virus doesn't even have his entrance gear off when we pick up, though he quickly sheds it to slam Skándalo. Other Cancerbero beat up the other Tuareg. Everyone starts to go to their corners, but the Cancerberos still double team Nitro. Skándalo tries to help, but Raziel runs him off. Cancerberos throw out Nitro at about the same time, so Arkangel comes in. Cancerbero holds him and Raziel attacks with kicks and punches. Raziel still has plenty of control of Arkangel on his own, and taunts Skándalo into coming in and being told to leave. Virus clips Arkangel and elbow drops him. Actual pin attempt, announcers counting three when Skándalo breaks it up right after 2. Virus brawls with Skándalo and double kick him out. Nitro in for a chop battle, but Virus trips up Nitro. Virus spinebuster, Cancerbero rolling over the back sentons, Raziel pressed into his spinning splash, Virus senton, that's it. Cancerberos keep beating up the Tuareg for a while, no DQ is even teased.

2: Virus goes after Arkangel's arm, handing it over to Cancerbero for pump armbars over the top rope. Cancerbero pumps it so hard, he pulls Arkangel over the ropes and to the ramp. They go after Skandalo's right knee next. Raziel kicks and clotheslines Skándalo around, but stops him from leaving. Double armbar/legpull by the other Cancerbero, Raziel goes for the dropkick, but the Tuareg pull him out. Virus out, and Arkangel slaps him in the face repeatedly. Great chops. Tuareg send the Cancerbero into the barricades. Arkangel brings Cancerbero in, but doesn't seem sure what they're doing. Whip into one corner for clothesline, but he only goes with. Arkangel dumps Cancerbero in the middle of the ring, but no one goes up for a splash. Finally, off to the opposite corner, and Skándalo gets in his first low blow dropkick. Arkangel kicks down Raziel himself, and lands his low blow elbow drop. Nitro gives Virus with a turnbuckle smash, then puts him in a modified hammerlock, and holds it for a while. Virus doesn't fight it, but doesn't dive up for a while, and then just does. Announcers are unsure if it's over for a moment.

3: Virus gets in a sunset flip on Arkangel, but Skándalo breaks it up with a dropkick. Skándalo gets in low blow dropkick #2. Nitro spinebusters Skándalo, then whips him into a big boot. Arkangel gives Raziel his urange backbreaker for a two count. Raziel takes Arkangel down and goes for punches, but Arkangel turns it over for his own punches. Cancerbero reaches in at Arkangel, and Arkangel kicks at him. It's enough to get Raziel in control, but Arkangel fights a whip by grabbing the ropes. Skándalo attacks Raziel, and Arkangel is free to put a tapatía on Raziel. Nitro and Skándalo add dropkicks. Cancerbero runs in, but Nitro chops him down. Whip, Cancerbero back elbow, and he goes for the ma, but Nitro forearms him questionably low. Virus in for a chop fight. Virus chop fights are the best part of this match. Nitro wins via clothesline, and covers for two. Corner whip, Nitro runs in - well, walks in – and Virus kicks him away. Middle rope elbow drop, cover one two NO. Virus puts on a hold, and the Tuareg race into break it up. Cancerbero and Raziel attacks them. Tigre Hispano has no control of this match now. All four fight in corners. Cancerberos whip Arkangel into Skándalo, then try it again, but the whip is reversed and Cancerbero is run into the corner this time. Arkangel takes down Raziel, and Skándalo trips Cancerbero into a low blow headbutt on his partner. Skándalo with the slow casita one two three.

Skándalo grabs Virus as he runs in, but Nitro hits his partner by mistake. Virus is tripped up running the ropes, referee turns to yell at Arkangel goes for that, and Raziel runs back in to foul Nitro. One two three.

Match 3: Camaleón vs StigmaSoberano Jr.HöruzHombre Bala Jr.AkumaEspanto Jr.Herodes Jr.CholoBobby Zavala in Block A of Sangre Nueva
Arena Mexico, 02/26/2013

  1. Höruz half straight jacket front cradle Akuma (10:00)

  2. Camaleón cross legged reverse bodyscissors Cholo (11:34)
  3. injury stoppage Höruz (13:29)
  4. Herodes gutwrench powerbomb Camaleón (14:17)
  5. Hombre Bala Jr. running front cracker Espanto Jr. (15:00)
  6. Stigma springboard 'rana Herodes (16:06)
  7. Bobby Zavala dropkick Stigma (17:29)
  8. Hombre Bala inside cradle Bobby Zavala (21:17)
  9. Soberano Niravalock Hombre Bala (26:49)

Winner: Soberano Jr.
Match Time: 26:49
Rating: ok
Notes: Joined with everyone going to their sides. This is rudos vs técnicos. Referee in the ring is Tirantes. Terror Chino and Rafael el Maya manage the floor, though they're not seen until during the match.

Soberano and Herodes have an even battle to start, Soberano out armdragging him. Next duo are Hombre Bala and Akuma, a battle on the mat until Bala gets in a jumping armdrag to send the rudo out. Camaleón gets a chant as he faces Espanto. They get to a face off quick, then start throwing slaps at each other. Camaleón takes down Espanto before they break themselves up. (Tirantes don't care.) Cholo and Höruz exchange holds on the mat, Höruz slipping out and flipping over Cholo before making the tags. Zavala and Stigma are the last two, with Stigma flipping out Zavala's offense but unable to do anything on the ground. Camaleón and Akuma back in, evasion, Camaleón dropkick and armdrag. Akuma flips Camaleón to the ramp, he slaps the rudo away, backs up, and outside middle rope springboards in for and armdrag. Camaleón keeps quebradora-ing Akuma till he rolls out – but he rolls tout the técnicos side and gets stomped a bit. Rudos help him out. Espanto and Soberano in, with Soberano pulling out a neat escape a nice looking 'rana. Rope bounce headscissors looks great. Espanto out, and Soberano easily flies thru the ropes for a tope. Bala and Zavala in, evasion, Zavala misses a clothesline, Bala flipping armdrag. Bala slaps Zavala whips, Zavala grabs the rope and flips Bala to the apron, Bala slaps him away, backs up the ramp, and does his thru the ropes splash into the ring, though eh this the ropes on the way thru. Zavala just gets up and chops Bala, so not sure how effective that bit was. Corner whip, Zavala charges in, no one home, and Zavala takes the Lagunero knee bump to the floor. Bala tags Höruz, who runs up the buckles and off with a nice plancha. Still, that leaves him in rudo side, and the rudos seem to be the attacking him as we go tot replays. They break bout of the play just in time for a four person dive (!) though Stigma's gets lost off screen. Crowd shot. Could really use a replay here. Instead, Tirantes looks befuddled. Cholo and Stigma back in, Stigma climbs up enziguri, Stigma kicks, shot to the head, clotheslined blocked and Cholo knocks Stigma on his head with a chop. Whip, reverse, evasion spots and Stigma with a big spinning armdrag. Akuma blows Stigma up with a spear – that may be Akuma's best spot of his CMLL career. Höruz planchas Akuma, clothesline turns into a half straight jacket forward cradle, and Akuma is pinned for three. One down, eight eliminations left.

Zavala immediately runs over Höruz with a shoulderblock. Camaleón in with a springboard plancha on Bobby, and then a flipping armdrag to send Zavala spinning out. Cholo in and clotheslining Camaleón. Chop, and Cholo stares at the técnicos. Whip, reversed, Cholo springboard reverse clothesline! That was unlikely. One two NO. Cholo with a try for a headscissors submission, or maybe a takedown, but it wasn't really clear and Camaleón gets out of it right away. Maybe it was Cholo's finish? Whip, reverse, Cholo jumps for an armdrag before it's even there. Camaleón jumps on Cholo's shoulders, Cholo throws him down and kicks him in the ribs. That's the Cholo I know. Cholo middle rope moonsault misses! That's not the Cholo I know, except for the failing part. Camaleón ties up Cholo's legs and locks on a reverse bodyscissors for the submission. Two rudos down already.

Herodes and Höruz in. Höruz off the ropes and flipping run, then more evasion until a double shoulderblock spot. Höruz grabs his head and rolls out, Herodes just steps out. Espanto in but taking a flipping armdrag into a headscissors from Stigma. Crowd seems to like Stigma. Stigma lines up Espanto runs, and pulls off a fast version of Pegasos's rope grab turning tornillo dive. Zavala in, but Soberano gets him with a flying headscissors. Soberano tires for a walk up the ropes into a casadora, but he can't get that to work and Zavala throws him off before it can totally fail. Zavala adds a high speed dropkick. Soberano stood up, chopped down. Whip, reversed, Zavala backdrops him. Zavala off the ropes, rope bounce into a headscissors to send Bobby out. Bala in, Soberano flips him back to the apron, then helps him stand on the top rope – highest possible springboard reverse tope to the floor! Straight up and straight down. Not too far away, the ringside people have Höruz on a stretcher. He must've blew out his knee on the flipping run, because it's explain his quick exit, and Bala and Zavala would’ve landed on him if they didn't wait to let the dive happen. Announcers never bring attention to it, and Höruz was hidden from view on the camera side until he was taken away. 6 left to go.

Camaleón in, and corner headscissoring-ing Zavala, then turning around a whip and dropkicking Herodes in the corner. Herodes sits down n in the corner, Camaleón picks him up for another whip but Herodes flapjack him. Gutwrench powerbomb, one two three. Break.

Bala dropkick Herodes out. Espanto Jr. in on him, but Bala heel kicks him. Whip, reversed, Espanto Jr. charges in, Bala ties him in the corner, backs up, and pulls him off with a running front cracker for three.

Zavala in and talking trash to Hombre Bala. They exchange slap, then Zavala gets in a dropkick to the backside on the whip. Soberano in and headscissoring Zavala – he's got Zavala's number in this one. Zavala's out, Soberano up top – headscissors to the floor on Zavala! Stigma and Heroes in, Herodes knocking both down Stigma with a shot to the face. Herodes climbs the top rope, does a flipped onto his feet, and back elbows Stigma. So random. Corner whip, charge, Herodes flips Stigma to the apron, Stigma blocks his punch and slaps him back. Stigma springboard 'rana falls apart, but but Stigma sort of all on top one two three. Probably should've just done another move there. Down to Hombre Bala, Stigma, Soberano Jr. vs Bobby Zavala.

Stigma and Bala high ten, and then Bala tells Stigma they have to fight. Wait, what? Stigma is confused, and so am I, but Tirantes is weirdly okay with this. Did everyone forget Zavala is left? Stigma gets in a kick first, but Bala comes back with a handspring cutter one two NO. Announcers just roll with it and don’t try to explain this in the least. Crowd seems confused. Stigma spinning DDT on Bala. Bala. Bala dropkicks Stigma hard into the corner, then charges in – diving tope. Zavala rush in and dropkicks Stigma hard too, then covers him himself. One two three. Well, at least someone where is thinking.

Zavala celebrates, Hombre Bala rolls him up, and Soberano breaks up the pin. There's no possible reason to do that, no matter what the rules. It's an elimination match, you want to see everyone else get eliminated. Soberano yells at Bala, who shoves Soberano backwards into a Zavala German suplex one two Bala breaks it up. Why did you push him and then break up the pin? And now you're going to attack him, argh. I was liking this match, for real, and they had to be stupid. Stigma is laying on the ramp, and Terror Chino checks on him first to see if he's okay, and second to tell him to move already, because the técnicos have spots to do. Stigma moves, and Soberano gets dropkicked in position for Bala's splash. Crowd boos. Bala throws Soberano up the ramp, but Zavala throws Bala back in. Sit down powerbomb on Bala, Bala starts to roll away, Zavala grabs him and covers, then stops covering at one. Oh, I had such hope for you Bobby. Zavala stalks after Soberano on the ramp, and promptly gets superkicked. Ah, they needed an excuse for a stage dive, and that's it. Soberano comes off with a plancha. Soberano promptly springboard into a Bala powerbomb for 2. Bala double knees to the back. Bala goes to the apron, and pulls Soberano with a Spanish Fly to the floor. It's a big move, but I have mentally checked out. Zavala stomps Bala as he comes in, rips off his own shirt, backdrops Bala and dropkicks him. Two count. NOW ZAVALA IS UPSET THAT IT WAS ONLY TWO. Whatever dude. Zavala small package, two count. Zavala stares at the crowd, and Bala inside cradles him for three. An appropriately weak finish. Zavala is livid, arguing and stomping Hombre Bala.

Announcers give Hombre Bala the win, forgetting about Soberano. Bala hasn't, popping up from his stomps to tope Soberano. Both make it back in, neither man the any worse for the dive. Bala knocks Soberano over with one chop. Soberano pops up and dropkicks Bala. Soberano charges and throw himself to the floor on missed chance but, Bala's whip on the floor leads to a Soberano 619. Soberano back in, springboard plancha. Whip, no, Bala reverse it and Soberano goes into the barricade. Even by usual standards, selling has become optional, but rest breaks are still acceptable. Both come back in, exhausted but unhurt. Soberano kicks is caught, Bala cradle powerbomb one two NO. Crowd is back into it. Soberano catches Soberano in a powerslam, springboard moonsault is way too long, Soberano adds a legdrop, one two NO. Soberano 'rana, Bala rolls thru one two NO. Soberano roll thru on a cradle for two. Bala misses a dropkick, Soberano guillotine moonsault and cover but no count. Tirantes won't count because he's absolutely sure they must be under the ropes, and walks slowly over to point it out, only to see they're completely fine and he's a fool. One two NO. Bala up and stomping Soberano. Headbutt. Whip, Soberano tries a casadora, Bala faceslam him and hook on a mounted armbar. Soberano turns free after a few seconds. Soberano tries to crawl away, but Bala chops him in the corner. Stops. Corner whip, Bala charges in, Soberano helps the toss into the corner, Niravanalock! Bala gives up. Crowd is thrilled. Not one of the announcers pick up on the significance of the hold.

Soberano goes into the crowd, into the Tecnico Porra, and grabs a banner. Announcers say it's the biggest match in Soberano's life.

History Capsule: El Espectro

Stellar Moments

Triunfo: Triton bodyblock moonsault and submission on Nitro

Alevoso: Namajague & Okumura pull Stuka's mask to beat him.

Sensacional: Rey cometa tornillo onto Okumura

Combination: Psicosis & Mr. Aguila beat Angel de Oro & Mascara Dorada

Tecnico: Mascara campana on Averno

Match 4: Diamante Azul, Super Porky ©, Valiente vs Kráneo, Morphosis, Psicosis ©
Arena Mexico, 02/26/2013

  1. Invasors

  2. técnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:15
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Rafael Maya. Morphosis is wearing his Histeria great. I guess he decided he should be fine if Psicosis is fine. Invasors enter separately to kill some TV time, I guess. Mije is with Kraneo.

1: Pairs are Valiente/Psicosis, Azul/Histeria and Porky/Kraneo. The first two do mat wrestling, the second two do height jokes. The battle of the large man starts with a Kraneo shoulderblock and dance, but Porky armdrags him and stomachblocks him the next time. Invasors rush in to attack, and take over the match. Valiente's held for a dropkick to the chest, and Mije throws Valiente on top for the pin. Rudos toss Azul off the top rope, Psicosis adds a senton, and that's that.

2: Valiente takes the swinging gate bomb. It's tough for them to give it to the other two. Crowd chanting for Porky, but it sounds like 'boring'. Match isn't that bad. Corner clothesline for Azul, and the smaller rudos kick him out for a Kraneo takedown. Kraneo holds for a Mije diving headbutt. Rudos miss corner charges on Valiente, he headscissors Psicosis out and sentons him into the camera side barricade. Giant armdrag on Azul, then Histeria takes a trip into the corner for the corner senton. Porky gets in his own finish for the win.

3: Valiente headscissors Psicosis and threatens him on the outside. Morphosis tries martial arts with Super Porky, can't actually knock him down. He can make Brazo de Plata run a little bit. Rudos try double teaming Azul, but it doesn't take. Azul even manages most of a quebradora on Kraneo, then Kraneo takes a big bump out on a clothesline to the floor. Azul follows with a tope. Other four in, rudos kick down Porky, Valiente planchas them over, then keeps splashing them to block Porky. Porky finally just stops Valiente by chopping and shoving him. Mije gets involved, Porky hipchecks him, then gets in his splash. Porky sits on top for 3.

Valiente threatens Porky after the match, but they seem to work it out.

Announcers wrap up the show.