CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #380 (03/02/2013) 
Recapped: 03/02/2013

Match 1: Dalis la Caribeña, Dark Angel, Estrellita vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
Arena Coliseo, 02/24/2013

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Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 8:09
Rating: eh
Notes: Not shown here, but Estrellita tried to jump Amapola only for Amapola to come thru a side entrance and attack Estrellita from behind. Rudas take the early portion of the fight. Referee is Maya.

1: Corner charges for Dark Angel. Trip and kicks to the chest for Dalys, then Sugheit shakes her until she leaves. Estrellita takes Amapola's sit on the ropes and some stomps. Estrellita turns it around for punches, but Blanca breaks that up. Amapola knocks Estrellita around, Estrellita fights back, everyone stomps her and attacks the other técnicas, continue until bored. (Too late.) Amapola misses the corner charge to set up Estrellita's plancha, Dalys clotheslines the other two, and they put on submits for the win. Dark Angel and Princesa Sugheit's are on two different pages as to the hold, but they get enough of it and it really doesn’t

2: Dalys demonstrates how to do a bad headscissors, losing Blanca before she finishes the move, but whatever. Dark Angel dropkicks out Sugheit and brings Estrellita back in, and she dropkicks Amapola a lot. Estrellita puts Amapola in a hold, rudas beak it up, Princesa goof up against the other tecnicas, but Blanca trips Dalys when she tries to go for a dive. Dark Angel has to chase Sugheit around the ring via the apron so she can dive into Sughiet's kick – Sugheit doesn't seem to be paying any attention this week. I know the feeling. Amapola spears Estrellita, rudas stomps and throws are around Estrellita until Maya objects, Maya slips and decides its' a shove and gives the fall and match to Estrellita. Estrellita makes her own comeback anyway.

JCR interviews Dalys and Angel, who are both picking Estrellita to win the hair match.

Okumura and Namajague interview with Miguel, just showing Okumura's promo.

Match 2: Fuego, Máximo ©, Stuka Jr. vs Namajague, Niebla Roja ©, Shigeo Okumura
Arena Coliseo, 02/24/2013

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:22
Rating: good
Notes: Rudos have jumped the técnicos and are attacking them at ringside, especially Namajague on Fuego and Okumura on Stuka. Referee is Maya.

1: Stuka takes a backdrop in his jacket. Crowd chants for him. Namajague argues with Maya about his unzipping of the jacket (which gives time for Stuka to get the zipper to actually work.) Namajague makes sure to hit Stuka with the jacket before going for the mask. Whip, reversed, tilt-a-whirl slam by Stuka, who almost lost Namajague. Okumura breaks that up and goes for Stuka's mask himself. Okumura slam, and he argues with Maya over something. Maya won't let Namajague come in to help, I guess, so Maya has to pick up Stuka in a headlock and tag Namajague to make it work. Namajague taunts the técnicos by holding Stuka just out of reach for a tag, and Máximo ends up attacking Namajague for it. Niebla Roja fights Máximo off. Cristo face slam, one two three. Niebla Roja is proud of his work. Rudos beat up on Fuego and Stuka in between falls. Stuka takes a DDT on the ramp, and Fuego's kicked underneath the ring.

2: Stuka takes a corner back elbow, but clothesline Namajague in the back of the head when celebrates. Okumura kicks Stuka to stop him from getting gore, and punches him in the head repeatedly. Rudos beat up Stuka in their corner, and Namajague back elbow sends him out. Namajague works over Fuego, getting in a headbutt, and all three rudos are allowed to come in now. Niebla Roja gets in the flapjack kick. Namajague misses a corner charge, Fuego dropkicks Okumura out, Stuka deadman's plancha, Fuego dive we mostly miss, Máximo looks to dive, Niebla Roja slips behind for an inside cradle, one two NO. Niebla clothesline blocked, spun, and kiss of death for the win. Tecnicos go for revenge, and Stuka goes for Namajague's mask.

Dos Leyendas promo.

3: Niebla Roja won't even come near the ring with Máximo in, so the match starts falls Stuka and Namajague instead and that is fine. Namajague knocks down Stuka with a clothesline, and both he and Okumura stomp Stuka. Tecnicos object, and Fuego chases Namajague away. Okumura stays in. Fuego can't knock down Okumura with a shoulderblock, Fuego can back bend under a clothesline well after Okumura's missed it. Crowd seems happy anyway. Springboard armdrag sends Okumura out. Máximo headscissors and butt bumps Niebla Roja, then planchas him from the apron. Stuka and Namajague in, Stuka knocked down by multiple clotheslines, but monkey flipping Namajague into the ropes. Whip, reversed, Namajague teases a martinete on Stuka, Stuka reverses to one of his own, and Okumura breaks it up. Okumura guesses with Maya for letting it happen, Fuego gets into a chop fight with him, Fuego 'rana, Okumura rolls thru, Stuka break that up. Namajague kicks Stuka in the face, and gets Okumura up. Off the ropes, clothesline, técnicos won't go down, and they clotheslined the rudos out. Tecnicos run for dives - but Niebla Roja clothesline them both! Máximo in, Niebla Roja every upset. Máximo spinning armdrag had a little issue, but Máximo still gets Roja out and follows with a tope. Namajague kicks, Stuka catches and pulls him into the spits, head kicks ducked, Namajague inside cradle, Stuka slaps Namajague in the back, Namajague kicks him in the head. Corner whip, Fuego flips Stuka to safety, 'rana – no Namajague blocks it, and powerbombs him. One two three. Brainbuster on Stuka finishes it.

Okumura says they've won again, and demands for the Arena Coliseo Tag team titles. The doctor and Máximo are checking on Stuka, but Okumura still gives him two options “si – or si!” Fuego accepts the challenge and so does Stuka. Okumura says they'll be new champions, and they'll have Stuka's mask and Cometa's hair.

Match 3: Atlantis, La Sombra, Mistico vs Averno, Rey Escorpión, Volador Jr.
Arena Coliseo, 02/24/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:15
Rating: okay
Notes: Third straight match with a fight going on outside the ring as the match is joined. Mije is with the rudos. Referee is Besita Negra.

1: Averno goes for Mistico's mask, and actually gets it all the way off, but leaves to argue with the referee and Místico puts it back on instead of just having in front of his face. Rudos gather to whip Místico, who stops short of a Volador kick. Awkward. Punches go better. Rudos kick Místico out and ram him into the post. Double press slam, rebound hiptoss and boot out for Stuka. Scorpion submits Atlantis, and Averno walks around while giving Místico the Devil's Wings for three.

2: Escorpion chokes Místico with the video camera cable, then press slams him onto front row seats. Inside, rudos spinebuster Sombra and toss Mije on top. Mije gets in an axhandle to the stomach before leaving. Averno goes for Atlantis' mask. Crowd chants loudly for Místico. Averno gives him the testicular claw. Clip? I think so. Volador runs into a quebradora con giro. Rudos kick him away, Sombra springboard headscissors Escorpion, then moves out of the way for an Averno drops Averno gets up, and tosses Místico into a diving headscissors on Escorpion. Sombra headscissors Averno, out, and Atlantis topes him. Volador back in, double moonsault hits ht legs but Volador make sit work for the pin. Tecnicos get some revenge between falls. JCR calls Sombra exact precise while his moonsault is landing on Volador's legs, oops.

3: Atlantis monkey flips Rey Escorpion around the ring. Quebradoras for Volador, quebradora for Averno. Obvious cut to Místico and Rey Escorpion. Místico flips off Escorpion's chest and back with a headscissors. Boost headscissors on Averno, Volador flips Místico to the apron, and pulls his mask so it obstructs his eyes for a moment. Things are thrown off for a moment. Volador pulls Místico to the apron, goes in the ring to yell at the Sombra, then comes back over and misses a corner charge. Volador swing kick, springboard headscissors in. Volador rolls to a pose. Clip again. Sombra tease taking off his shirt, then dropkicks Escorpion when drops too soon on a whip. Sombra off the ropes, but knocked down by an Averno kick. Averno fights back 1 on 2, rope bounce headscissoring Escorpion out and flip armdragging Averno. Volador in, so Sombra's shirt is off now now. Sombra dropkicked thru the ropes, and Volador out with a tope con giro. Escorpion in, and into a big backdrop. Atlantis bodyscissors them both out of the ring, and they chop fight there until Escorpion back off. Místico and Averno. Místico and anti-Mistico chants, pro-one stronger. Evasion, Místico escapes a quebradora, Místico tries La Mistica – boos are light at first, but get stronger as Averno escapes and it's bit off – off the ropes, headscissors on Místico, Volador superkick on Místico, Sombra dumps Volador out. Sombra stats for an Asia, stops, goes in the ring to grab Mije and tosses him out. Volador catches Mije and tosses him to the front row, then Sombra Asia moonsaults him. Místico and Averno back in, corner whip, Atlantis sends Averno up top, Místico pulls him off with an armscissors. I'm to sure how that makes it hurt more, but okay. Atlantis on Escorpion and that's it.

Místico briefly says it was good to win for the people.