AAA on Televisa (Regional) #63 (02/10/2013) 
Recapped: 02/17/2013

Announcers hype the main event. Video package: Parka Negra, new champ, Halloween & Mari apache, Vampiro & Joe Lider win the tag team titles (??), Los Consejo win the trios titles, Mini Psicosis is minis champion, Daga is cruiserweight champion, LA Park is Latin American champ – ah, this is just reminding us who the champs are. That makes sense.

Match 1: Argenis, Freelance, Pasion Kristal vs Billy el Malo, Mamba, Yuriko
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, Toluca, 01/18/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 11:50
Rating: ok
Notes: Entrances? Huh. Black Mamba has a long dance to the ring. I'm putting over/under on start time here at 5 minutes. I guess it's just 'Mamba' now? I should figure that out. Yuriko dances, but also tries to kiss people. Billy is not using Bizarro music, but still has the shirt and the facepaint. Oh, wow, they have a Secta scarf now. Freelance wears a torn shirt. Referee is Pepe Casas. Start time is 5:48! This was a good use of six minutes.

Kristal and Mamba, go thru some of the normal opening bits, don’t do anything that seems exotico, are slow at times, and Kristal dropkicks Mamba out. Break.

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Freelance and Yuriko are next, Yuriko just taking Freelance's springboard armdrag and headscissors. Billy lights Freelance up with a big dropkick and stops to mock the crowd. Whip, Freelance flipping run, Billy clothesline misses, Freelance headscissors him out. Those two are moving an entirely different speed than the rest of the match. Mamba in to prove the point, and really struggle to take Freelance's moves. Fireman's escape headscissors does not go well. Argenis knocks down Yuriko with a jumping back elbow. Corner whip, Argenis flips to the apron, Yuriko kisses him, Argenis reels, but gets in the next move, a springboard headscissors. Billy and Mamba (late) kick Argenis down. Rudos chop Argenis, Argenis headscissors Mamba out. Argenis flips off Billy and superkicks him down. Argenis off the ropes, handspring dive fake. Rudos jump Kristal to take over the match. Yuriko hangs Freelance upside down for a soft running knee by Mamba, a dropkick to the back from Billy, and Yuriko powerbomb. Rebound double hiptoss, and Billy running double knee to the face. Rudos snap kick Kristal, then pull her out for a Yuriko dropkick off the apron. That last part took a long time to set up for something the crowd didn't quite see. Freelance takes a backdrop and an ax kick, though the last one was shown not land thanks to the camera work. Freelance boost headscissors on Billy starts the comeback. Yuriko takes a roll bump for no reason. Argenis springboard moonsaults Billy while Kristal springboard dropkicks out Mamba. Freelance and Kristal throw Kristal out by their hair. Everyone wanders around for a minute until they're back in their corner, and then the match just resumes with Yuriko and Kristal. That was awkward. Mamba looks awkward with Kristal – Kristal does the same quebradora to Mamba and Billy Back to back, and it's a big difference. Kristal kisses Billy, headscissors him out, and dances. Billy headscissors Argenis out and follows with a nice tope. Freelance springboard headscissors Yuriko out, and Mamba tosses him into a huge tope con giro to the floor. Kristal Asai moonsault onto Mamba to finish the dives. Back inside, Billy 'ranas Argenis for two, then kicks him, tease his double underhook behind the back piledriver, but Argenis breaks free. Argenis flips Billy to the apron on a corner whip, Billy slaps him and goes up, Argenis slaps him and goes up with him, top rope headscissors, standing moonsault one two three. Announcers argue about if Argenis is in line for a title match.

Match 2: Perro Aguayo Sr. vs Máscara Año 2000, mask vs mask
Plaza De Toros Mexico City, 04/30/1993

Match 3: El Cobarde, Octagón, Perro Aguayo Sr. vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Sangre Chicana, Texano in a relevos increíbles match
Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, 06/11/1999

Winners of last week's Irapuato trivial contest.

Noti AAA

Big chances in Pachuca: Atomic Boy, Fired. Jarochita, Fired (backstage). Pepe Casas, Fired. Dorian Roldan & Konnan fired and La Sociedad done. More info next week.

Match 4: Atomic Boy, Fabi Apache, Lolita vs Gran Apache, Jennifer Blake, Mari Apache
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, Toluca, 01/18/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 15:16
Rating: eh
Notes: Jennifer's now using Call Me Maybe – and apparently the way she spells her name, if the “Jennifer Blacke” graphic is to be believed. She also has a happier attitude, surely nothing foreshadowed there. Referee is Hijo del Tirantes, who Faby immediately yells at. Jesus is still calling her Dark Fabi despite no apparent change. Crowd chants at Tirantes to start the match, then at Gran Apache.

Mari and Fabi walk thru the opening exchange until Gran Apache breaks it up with a slap. They resume, but it's a slower exchange than they usually do. Fabi sends Mari out with a kick to the back of the leg. Gran Apache comes in, Atomic Boy comes in to face him, Gran Apache leaves, and Lolita tries to get Atomic Boy to leave. Lolita wants Gran Apache? Crowd gets on Apache for refusing. Lolita dropkick misses, Apache lifts Lolita on her shoulders, Apache sets her back down (Lolita escaped, I guess), Lolita swings and misses, Gran Apache swings and does not miss. Crowd back on Gran Apache. Pumphandle front slam. Crucifix powerbomb fails, as they all must, and Lolita escapes in a headscissors. Lolita with a series of one foot dropkick that all do not look good, but she just won't stop doing them – five in total. Jennifer breaks up the pin while Mari clears off the tecnicas and the rudas take over the match. Lolita thrown around by her hair. Mari front suplexes Jennifer on Lolita, then Mari wheelbarrows Fabi for a Jennifer frontcracker. Atomic Boy is spinebustered and kicked in the head. Gran Apache unties a buckle while the woman beat on his latest rival. Apache runs Atomic Boy face first into the buckle, which Jesus freak out about. A second time. Apache rips at Atomic Boy's mask. Lolita, unable to help, leads a crowd chant instead. Rudos let Atomic Boy go to bleed on the outside, but Gran Apache runs around and hits him with a chair there, swatting away the woman while he's at it. Announcers hype the contest winner. Atomic Boy's mask is about ripped off at this point – the camera gives a nice nearly full shot of his face for whatever reason – and Apache hits him with a chair again. Andres wonders why this isn't a disqualification. Make him booker! Apache brings Atomic Boy back in to work on the cut again. Rudas stomp on Lolita, and bend her over for an Apache chair shot. Atomic Boy makes a run on Lolita but is put down. Fabi comes in and is stomped a bit. Corner clotheslines and chops for Fabi. Lolita slapped around. This beatdown is taking forever. Gran Apache slaps Mari by mistake, Atomic Boy dropkick Jennifer, and the women attack Gran Apache. Double spinebuster, Atomic Boy moonsault on Apache, and he goes for Apache's forehead. Fabi tires to use the char, but Tirantes decides now is the time to get involved. They end up hitting the rudas with the chair anyway. Gran Apache runs away, then comes back, everyone comes back. Atomic Boy and Gran Apache have a chop battle, which does not play to Atomic Boy's strengths. Atomic Boy sends Apache out with a reverse bodyscissors armdrag, tease a dive one way, then goes up the corner for a top rope rope con giro. Jennifer accidentally kicks Mari by mistake, Jennifer and Mari tease fighting, then do the big hug. Lolita clotheslines them both to stop the party. Fabi headscissors Mari out and follows with a headscissors off the apron, Lolita headscissors Jennifer out, but hits her feet on the ropes on her tope con giro thru and lands badly. Jennifer, who had no chance to do anything, stands over Lolita for a split second before Fabi rushes over to kick Jennifer away and check on Lolita. Ringsinde person checks on Fabi too, with the Doctor walking out too. Gran Apache next spot is supposed to be teasing a dive, even though there's no way he'd do one over on that side now, and he keeps doing it because Atomic Boy is going to cut him off with a plancha anyway. Gran Apache fouls Atomic Boy, Tirantes is not at all distracted but counts three at all.

Lolita is rushed to the back. Fabi attacks Hijo de Tirantes and gets in the casadora armdrag. Replay shows Lolita was able to complete her roll and land on her upper back, not her head or neck. Still not great, but better.

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Match 5: Cibernético & La Parka vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Parka Negra in a super libre match
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, Toluca, 01/18/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 10:04
Rating: eh
Notes: Rudos generously allow Parka to dance, though Parka Negra has a word for him when he makes mean gesture. Parka Negra will not be danced against! Perro charges Cibernético and the fight is on.

At first it's rival vs rival, but Perro runs around to get in a shot on Parka too. Crowd is behind Perro louder. Perro sets Cibernético on the barricade, grabs a drink form a fan, throws it at Cibernético, Cibernético ducks down, and the front row gets soaked. That encourages people to throw drinks at Perro, which he soaks in. Negra hits Cibernético with a chair, then throws it at Parka. Negro goes for the mask, while Perro hits a chair into a chair into Cibernético's groin. Cibernético double clotheslines both rudos about 10 seconds later. Revenge brawling. Parka topes Negra as the other two brawl. Cibernético tease a chair shot on Perro, which causes Taya, Daga and a guy in a black mask to run out for the save. The black mask guy actually gets Cibernético, and hits him with a chair, though it's not really clear who it is and the announcers don't really ask. I assume this is Halloween or at least meant to be Halloween. Perro middle rope double stomps chairs onto Perro. Cuervo, Escoria, and Espiritu run out for the save, though it's mostly brawling between the two teams. The lesser guys keep fighting, while Parka Negra just walks off to the back, then comes back with a light tube and walks Parka back to the ring. Cibernético is standing there, challenging to bring it. Negra takes a his time coming into the ring, then knees and punches Cibernético to take him down. It feels like Cibernético is either supposed to be knocked out already or in the back with the other guys, because the rudos want to focus on Parka but Cibernético is still hanging out (and getting all the crowd's attention.) Cibernético just leaves the ring while the rudos rip up Parka's mask and bloody his face. Cibernético decides to come back and walk over enough to get hit, and the crowd is still chanting for Cibernético. Parka starts to make a comeback after a missed corner charge, but the rudos stop him and Cibernético. Crowd is very loud. Parka makes another comeback, but again Parka Negra this both guys to stop it. Rudo whip Parka a third time, Parka escapes an attack for a third time, and it finally sticks. Crowd looses their minds when Cibernético hits Perro with a chair. Taya wanders out, looking lost. She pauses a couple times, as if uncertain if this is her cue, but eventually comes to the ring and jumps on Cibernético's back. Cibernético never tosses her off, Taya just gets back to her feet after Parka Negra kicks Cibernético. Parka Negra has been busy setting up a plywood board in the corner, right behind where Perro Agauyo is struggling to his feet. Taya makes the criminally unwise decision to help Perro up right in front of the board, and kind of hold him there. Parka clotheslines Parka Negra, Cibernético slowly charges, Perro drags, and Cibernético carefully puts Taya thru the wood. Perro fouls Cibernético, Parka Negra this Parka with a light tube he's at ringside for minutes, one two three.

Plug for all the firings next week.