CMLL on Televisa #1140 (02/09/2013) 
Recapped: 02/13/13

Announcers talk before the matches – because they've got to start hinting at Dos Leyendas. In unrelated news, Atlantis is guest announcer. We're shown fans getting prizes from Sangre Azteca, Puma, and Pequeño Warrior (though the last is more a choke.) Announcers only hype the last two matches, which also suggests they didn't think they had three.

Match 1: Fuego ©, Hombre Bala Jr., Super Halcón Jr. vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro ©, Skándalo
Arena Mexico, 02/01/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:31
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Edgar. New graphics are do not look 'new', but definitely looking like CMLL's production staff is doing them. The CMLL logo is more prominent, as on Fox.

1: Nitro and Fuego barely get going before tags. Halcón and Skándalo don't do a lot more, but it's more. Dropkick sends Skándalo out. Arkangel takes out Bala with a random urange for two, then sets up the same spot again so Bala can put on a headscissors armbar for a sudden submission. This is right when Magadan is talking about Arkangel's great skills. Alas.

Match goes on because people are aware of the patinas. Nitro dumps Bala, Halcón dropkick Nitro a few times, then gets dropped on his stomach and slowly set up into a tapatía. Fuego breaks that up with a sunset flip, Nitro slowly rolls thru and misses a dropkick. Fuego elbows him, then both técnicos whips Nitro for a double clothesline. Nitro ducks under only to take an enziguri and rolls out. Skándalo in, and rudos crew up double teaming him. Fuego dropkicks Halcón by mistake, but then climbs over Skándalo for a sunset flip anyway. That was some extra drama to set up a sunset flip.

2: Clipped. Halcón is standing on his head when Nitro dropkicks him. Halcón slips out on a Nitro corner whip and missile dropkick to get the advantage back, then headscissors him out. Atlantis get to talk for the first time, doesn’t get to say much. Nitro's upperbody and lower body don’t seem to belong to the same person, especially with the white trunks he's wearing. One is a much larger size. Fuego armdrags Skándalo away. Halcón takes out Arkangel with a springboard tornillo, then gets spun by Arkangel's next shoulderblock. Arkangel ends up on the apron and on the ropes, Bala dropkicks him out and does his tope splash onto the ramp. Clip here, or Skándalo is in and out faster. Gen11due double team Arkangel leading to Bala's corner boost tope on Arkangel. Nitro makes the save. Replay of that, and back live for for Nitro to give Bala a version of the Valiente buster. Halcón in, DDT for him. Atlantis pushes how great it is to come out live for shows, as if that's a scripted talking point. Halcón flips off Nitro's body, but Skándalo clotheslines him from behind. Arkangel inverted facelock sets up a Nitro dropkick to the face on Halcón, and he rolls out. Fuego's tripped up, held in a camel clutch, and Nitro dropkick Fuego – well, where his face was before Skándalo dropped it. Guess that's it anyway. He's captain, though Arkangel stands on Halcón and surfs anyway. Isis – hey, Isis is here – comes in to help celebrate. Replay shows clearly that Nitro missed, what a great idea for a replay.

3: Joining in progress again, which should go without saying on three match shows. Skándalo gets in his corner low blow dropkick on Bala, his ropes one near the ramp on Halcón, and his one near the ropes on Fuego, all in short order. That's not all – Halcón lifted in a tapatía for another way to sort of dropkick someone low. Spinebuster for Fuego, but a double chop goes bad. Rudos kick down Fuego, técnicos are way behind on dropkicking them bout get to it. Triple dive – no, just Fuego with a tope con giro, while Halcón and Bala were just bluffing. Arkangel and Skándalo come back in, and immediately beat the rudos. Arkangel gets in a surfboard anyway.

Match 2: Dark Angel, Estrellita ©, Marcela vs Amapola ©, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
Arena Mexico, 02/01/2013

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  2. técnicas

Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 8:52
Rating: okay
Notes: Entrances? How odd. Estrellita is the last tecnica out, but her music play or Amapola's won't start. Amapola tries jumping Estrellita anyway and gets a bad quebradora for her trouble. Princesa turn up for the save and turn the tide for the rudas. Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Amapola throws Estrellita around by her hair. Dark Angel is dropped and triple kicked. Sugheit dropkicks Marcela in the corner, adds a running kick, then throws her into other kicks. Blanca kicks Marcela right back to her corner. Estrellita comes back in, and Blanca helpfully hands her off to Amapola for the middle rope sit. Rudos stomp her out of the ring. Dark Angel and Marcela are whipped into the same corner to take charges. Rudas group stomp Estrellita for no particular reason and seem on the verge of being disqualified, but Marcela and Dark Angel rush into break it up. They don’t really, but they get beat up and give Estrellita a short break. Corner whip for her, She moves, Sugheit traps herself in the corner, Estrellita kicks at the rudas and has a weird spot with Amapola leaning to a couple dropkicks to send her out, though Amapola can't quite get there for a while. They slap fight on the floor while the other four fight in the ring, técnicas clotheslines Princesas. Tecnicas put on time killing holds, captains back in. Estrellita misses a dropkick, Amapola charges, Estrellita casually walks out of the way, Amapola spears the referee. They're both surprised, but Amapola recovers quick and goes for the Devil's Wings. Bestia Negra stops that, and awards the fall to Estrellita by DQ.

2: Rudas send Estrellita out, but Marcela dropkick Sugheit around. Sugheit pulls up on a Marcela roll and dropkicks her from behind, but Marcela headscissors Sugheit on the next pass. Springboard headscissors sends Blanca to the ropes, and Marcela adds her springboard double kneedrop. Blanca gets out of there before Marcela can do it again. Dark Angel and Estrellita evade until a Dark Angel headscissors, and a push off dropkick to send Sugheit out. Nice roll into a 'rana on Blanca, then she stops Blanca to dance. Blanca is so angry about dancing! Rebound bulldog sends Blanca escaping to the apron. Estrellita and Amapola slap fight while Estrellita also fights the straps on her top from falling down. Estrellita does her own dance move, and then stops until Amapola dropkick her. Good thing that was the plan! Anyway, corner evasion pots end with an Estrellita top rope plancha. Clothesline lays out Amapola, and Estrellita puts on her Star Cross submission, but Amapola is too close to the ropes. Amapola clotheslines Estrellita, but misses a corner charge and spears the post. Estrellita attempts to do the springboard sling to the outside of the ropes like Negro Casas, but it turns out Estrellita is not as good as Negro Casas. I know! She gets over anyway and still does the plancha. Other four in again, técnicas reverse out of the set up for the rudas finishes for casadora cradles and the win. Bestia Negra briefly forgets he has to count both pinfalls, and Amapola and Estrellita keep fighting until they realize no one is paying attention.

Match 3: Máximo, Rush, Shocker vs Mephisto, Terrible, Último Guerrero
Arena Mexico, 02/01/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 6:50
Rating: ok
Notes: Everyone gets the more usual clipped entrances until Ultimo Guerrero, who gets a full one. This makes no sense at first, but then it turns out the rudos have jumped the técnicos and that's what they're actually showing. Referee is Tirantes. Monito is with the técnicos, and attacked already. Comandante is with Terrible and helping on the outside..

1: Shocker protects Máximo from Guerrero while the rudos throw Máximo into the barricade. Other rudos comes into help set up Shocker for the Senton de la Muerte. Atlantis talks about wanting a match against Guerrero as his 30th Anniversary match, or the promotion's 80th. Terrible and Rush fight for about 10 seconds before Terrible gets the submission, and Máximo and UG are in for even less.

UG leaves the ring and climbs over the barricade – the guy manning the gate had it locked! – where a camera is already waiting for him to step over. Magic! Guerrero ignores the psychic cameraman and goes after Atlantis for no particular reason, the two punching on the announcing platform, and then into the a totally unprepared front row. UG backs away, UG untangles himself from his headset, and charges Guerrero into another group of fans. Terrible and Mephisto jump over to grab Atlantis for UG to hit, but Rush is right behind them and attacks. UG throws Atlantis on the ground, while the other rudos slam Rush into the front of the announce desk. Atlantis helped back into his announce seat, but is hunched over in pain. Rudos mess around with Monito in the ring, but we see replays instead.

2: Terrible tossed Monito out of the ring. Atlantis, recovered, takes off his coat. Rush urges him to go beat someone up, because he's Rush, but Atlantis is more content to stand out of the ring yell at Guerrero. Everyone stands and points a bunch. Atlantis gets as far as the apron, and Terrible forearms him off. Good plan, Atlantis. Mephisto goes after Atlantis, Rush goes after him. Terrible and Máximo get involved, though Atlantis just occasionally gets hit until he gets back to the desk. Máximo starts the comeback, with the spin into the superkick spot looking good. Terrible kicks out Terrible, who runs from a Rush dive and takes Rush's superkick instead. Other técnicos get cradles for the wins.

Tecnicos go after the rudos masks, or just throw them into the barricade some. Shocker and Maximo holds UG and tell Atlantis to come back. He does, and UG breaks free and runs all the way to the back.

3: Máximo does his usual, which is more filler while Atlantis rants about Ultimo Guerrero and Guerrero stares at him from the other side of the barricade. Rush vs Terrible is background to a trivia question about the 40th anniversary. Terrible and Rush end with kicks, which makes it sad when Rush's superkick comes nowhere near Terrible. UG and Shocker starts and stops immediately with UG taking the knee bump out. Shocker follows with a pescado. Other four come in, técnicos immediately beat the rudos, match ends abruptly.

Rush invites Atlantis back towards the ring to face Ultimo Guerrero. UG backpeddles and then leaves again, though a little more calmly. Replays.

In a backstage promo, UG says Atlantis isn't permitted to talk about him. Mephisto and UG do the usual. Replays and shots of people enjoying the show.