AAA Fusion #18 (02/07/2013)
Recapped: 02/09/13

Announcers welcome us to Korakuen Hall for an international Reina de Reinas tournament.

Video package: Tokyo. A lot of this is the same sort of shots as from the Tercera Caida show in Japan, but now focusing on the tournament. There's footage of the temple they went to, general Tokyo shots, and a look at the merchandise table from the press conference. Lolita has a very well considered signature.

Jennifer Blake (in English) says she's always wanted to travel and wrestle in Japan, so wrestling in Korakuen Hall is a dream. Fabi Apache explains the importance of Korakuen Hall. Jennifer says the Japanese style is stronger, and they don't often get to wrestle in singles matches often, so this a good chance to be show what they can do one on one. Fabi also talks about the difference in styles as we see clips of people brutally kneeing each other in the face on the show. One appears to be Ayumi, so the other must be Shuri. Fabi assures us the Mexican style is better, and the Japanese people like the different styles of lucha. Fabi mentions it's been many years since he's been back – clips of Mari and Fabi in action from their last trip here (production!) - and she's glad to be part as part of AAA. Jennifer says being the Reina de Reinas is being the best women in AAA, so of course it's her goal. Fabi talks about the many hairs and championship she's won (hint about how she's going to be doing here!) and catches herself calling Jennifer an American. They both talk about how good the other one is, which would make a lot of sense if they were opposing each other. Fabi talks about Kaguya's kickboxing background and says she has a good future. Jennifer mentions how she's teamed with Kaguya and thinks it'll be an interesting match with Fabi. Jennifer gushes about Sexi Star being one of her best friends, so it was 'an interesting experience' to face her in the ring. (Jennifer was doing so good not using the past tense until this point.) Jen says the match with Sexi Star will be hard hitting and a lot of moves. Huh. Both talk about it being a big honor, and we hear Sexi saying about the same thing from the press conference.

Reina de Reinas video package, narrated by Jesus Zuniga. More shots of Mickie James and Pimpinela Escarlata than you'd expect. I guess this aired at the show.

The four participants come to the ring to pose before the match. Sexi Star, being Sexi Star, hold her belt over her head upside down. Dorian Roldan comes to the ring to take the belt and pose with the women. Kaguya informs them when it's time to leave.

Matchups are shown for the first time: Fabi Apache vs Kaguya and Sexi Star vs Jennifer Blake.

Bernado interviews Jennifer. This one is actually backstage. Bernado asks his question in English, Jennifer tries answering in Spanish and gets about half way before giving up. Jennifer says she knows Sexi's style, but she wants the title.

Shot of Dorian and Sexi getting ready backstage. Someone appear to be selling Dorian Roldan pictures.

Jose Manuel does the ring announcing, starting off in Japanese to say hi to the people, then switching to Japanese.

Match 1: Sexy Star vs Jennifer Blake in a AAA's Reina de Reinas semifinal match
Korakuen Hall, 11/27/2012

Winner: Sexi Star
Match Time: 11:10
Rating: eh
Notes: Opening match kicks off about 20 minutes into the show. Referee is an unidentified woman. Both women show off their ability to do rolls before starting this.

Rolling. Still rolling. Now slapping each other in the face, that's better. Lockup spots, with them walking back and forth and doing nothing. Now back to rolling. Now dancing. I would classify this as a slow start. Sexi armdrags Jennifer, then claps for it. Lockup, Sexi Star armdrag, and more clapping. Lockup, Jennifer armdrag and clapping. Now back to dancing. Finally, too much dancing, and Jennifer kicks her. Sexi Star kicks at Jennifer, Jennifer catches and spins her, and slowly armdrag her. The two just sort of run into each other, with Jennifer kicking and kneeing Sexi. Jennifer holds Sexi on the ropes while they call spots. Jennifer miss a clothesline, then feeds herself for a headscissors. Jennifer goes to the apron, Sexi rolls to the apron, then just stops. Sexi stops to yell at the crowd, and Jennifer kicks her in the back. Head into the buckle a few times. Slaps to the chest. Snap mare, spine kick, and Jennifer is taking over this match. Jennifer tosses Sexi by her hair. Jennifer shoves Sexi down, catapult hold into a half crab, into an inverted campana. Crowd is appreciative. Jennifer drops Sexi in the corner, then ruse the ropes to run on Sexi's back. Jennifer batters Sexi up more, and then Sexi just stops selling and slaps and kicks back. Jennifer hits Sexi. Whip, Jennifer wheelbarrow faceslam, cover for two. Whip, sort of back elbow. Jennifer adds a legdrop. Pose. Jennifer forearms Sexi into the corner. Corner whip, Jennifer charges in, corner clothesline, bulldog out, one and Sexi has her feet on the ropes. Jennifer with a modified full nelson, and then she falls backwards onto the mat to add a bodyscissors. I have no idea what that is, but wacky submissioner Jennifer Blake is by far the best part of this match. Of course, this hold also seems to exist to position the women's bodies in certain positions, especially when Sexi juts out her upper body in an attempt to bridge out. Sexi gets out and is completely fine, punching and kicking Jennifer. Sort of a choke on the ropes, except Jennifer is facing up, so, uh, yea. The photograph is happy. Sexi Star snap mares Jennifer Blake, then sends her into the ropes and kicks her. One two no. Sexi back suplex, and sitting on top for a pin, but that just encourages Jennifer to kick out quicker. Sexi argues with the ref and Jennifer attacks her from behind. The women kick each other at the same time, grab each other, corner whip, Jennifer charges in, Sexi kicks her away, standing octopus hold, Jennifer starts to break free, Sexi inside cradle one two NN. Both slow up now. Sexi kicks Jennifer and knocks her into the ropes. Whip, clothesline out, Jennifer flips all the way to the floor. All the ringside people come to help her out. Sexi off the ropes, but Jennifer pulls her out and sends her into the buckle. Jennifer back in, waits for something, off the ropes, tope with Jennifer not really making it because she hits the ropes. Jennifer gets up and matches off to get a chair. Jennifer sits Sexi in the chair, backs up, charges, and sort of dropkicks Sexi over, though the dropkick is not very well aimed. Jennifer throws Sexi back in, and pins for two. Sexi breaks free and gives Jennifer a front cracker one two NO. I'm okay with this one being done at any time. Five minutes ago, anyway., Sexi clothesline misses, Jennifer taps Sexi with her boot on the end of a superkick, one two NO. Jennifer whip, Sexi Star plancha, Jennifer spins her out into a side slam one two NO. Jennifer goes up, flying nothing into Sexi's boots. Sexi swinging fisherman's suplex, one two three.

Video package of the match we just saw.

Bernado interviews Fabi about her match. She's happy to be back in Japan. Kaguya is strong, but it's very important for Fabi to win. Fabi thanks the fans for their support.

Match 2: Kaguya vs Fabi Apache in a AAA's Reina de Reinas semifinal match
Korakuen Hall, 11/27/2012

Winner: Kaguya
Match Time: 10:46
Rating: good
Notes: Exciting footage of Fabi waiting to open a door! They're doing every trick to strech this in a 52 minute show. It's amazing and also annoying. Fabi's graphic lists her as Sexi Star. Referee is the same woman. Kaguya seems to reach out for a handshake before the match, but Fabi ignroes here.

Lockup, Fabi armdrags Kaguya over, then holds on for another armdrag, but Kaguya armdrag her way. Fabi quick takedown, Kaguya armdrags her away, Fabi quick trip for a zero cover, same the other way, faceoff. Or more, knee off, since they're both one one when they do the pose. Lockup, no Fabi kick. Whip, big boot to the face. Snap mare, chinlock. Fabi breaks free and puts on a crooked figure figure. Fabi rolls thru into a modified STF. Crowd appreciates it. Kaguya reaches the ropes, no, Fabi pulls her arm back before h can, . Kaguya is pretty well stuck, but gets there arm free to get to the ropes. Fabi slams Kaguya, legdrop, one two NO. Fabi tries for the camel clutch, Kaguya blocks, Fabi slaps Kaguya in the face and finishes the hold. Kaguya starts to break free, so Fabi slaps her again, and bounce off the ropes for a quick dropkick t the face. Corner whip, Kaguya charge up the rope and off with a running knee to the face. One two NO. Armscissors, Fabi locks her hands to block it from being applied. Fabi spins, and gets her foot on the bottom rope. Kaguya pulls Fabi back, and attack the arm with a kick. Whip, reversed, Fabi armdrag, Fabi off the ropes, spinning armdrag, Kaguya slides out. Fabi off the apron, quick, tope con giro knocks Kaguya down. Multiple replays of the dive, and Kaguya is very slow to recover. Fabi waits in the ring while the referee and everyone else at ringside checks on Kaguya. Kaguya is not moving. She did land strongly, but strongly on the blue mats they've got set up. The match stops for quite a while. Kaguya is given water and stirs as the fans start clapping. Kaguya is staggered and has trouble even getting back in the ring. Fabi gives her plenty of room to get back in the ring, hanging at the other side, and not being quick to approach. Kaguya still looked out of it. Corner whip, Fabi runs into a headscissors. One more, with Fabi almost landing on her head. Casadora cradle by Kaguya one two NO. Kaguya is either doing a great job of selling or is half out of it now. I'm not sure, which is the idea. Fabi sets up a tapatía, teases it, and puts it on. Kaguya doesn't dive, but doesn't do much of anything. Fabi lets go, grabs Kaguya by the hair, Kaguya trips her up and puts on a rolling forward roll into a headscissors. Fabi is in the hold for a while, then gets her foot on the ropes. Kaguya looks more alert now. Corner whip, Fabi kicks Kaguya down. Fabi picks up Kaguya, Devil's wings, Kaguya breaks free, kick to the face, enziguri one two NO. Kaguya grabs her head. Off the ropes into a Fabi clothesline, and Fabi outs on a inverted figure four. Kaguya is stuck in the center of the ring. Kaguya is out of reach of the ropes, but drags Fabi close – then Fabi drags her back. Kaguya pulls herself to the corner, Fabi charges in, Kaguya slips out, and slaps Fabi after she hits the buckle. Kaguya missile dropkick, Fabi rolls thru to her feet and connects on the shining wizard one two NO. Fabi calls for the end sets up Kaguya for a powerbomb, Kaguya breaks free, head kick, ax kick, and Fabi is down. Kaguya goes to the top rope, gets her footing, and Fabi slaps her in the face. Both up top, Fabi almost loses her footing, top rope suplex one two NO. Crowd thought that might bit. Fabi goes for the powerbomb again, and get it this to, one two NO. This match has picked back up. Crowd chanting for Kaguya. Fabi lift, no, Kaguya sunset flip one two NO. Fabi up and laying Kaguya out with a hard kick to the side of the head. Fabi powerbomb, no, Kaguya victory roll one two three.

Fabi is frustrated, sure she got her shoulder up. The referee and one of the ringside woman check on Kaguya, who is not in great condition and grabbing her head, but eventually gets to her feet. She shakes Fabi's hand, and they hug. Highlights of the match and hype for Sexi Star vs Kaguya. That'll be, uh, something.