CMLL on Televisa #1139 (02/02/2013) 
Recapped: 02/02/2013

Negro Casas is special announcer.

Match 1: Estrellita ©, Luna Mágica, Silueta vs Amapola ©, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
Arena Mexico, 01/25/2013

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  2. técnicas

Winner: técnicas
Match Time: 9:34
Rating: eh
Notes: Joined at the whistle with the rudas having attacked the técnicas. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Rudas are forced to actually make tags after their opening attack, but still go thru the técnicas one by one without much trouble. Amapola focuses on Estrellita, but not obsessively so. Lots of Sugheit kicks. The rudas all come into stomp Estrellita, but she ducks a double clothesline and dropkicks Amapola out. Rudas stand around and watch Estrellita leave to the apron to plancha on Amapola – there appears to be a messed up spot by Luna in the background, but that not too big of an assumption. Silueta has a nice fireman's suplex, while Luna has trouble applying her own hold.

2: Highlight of Luna's showcase is Magadan prompting Negro to say something about her, and Negro saying he'd rather talk about the rudas. Silueta is all armdrags, including a top rope flying one. Blanca and Silueta have a little trouble with a casadora headscissors, which sadly turns out to be their last spot. It was going well up until then. Amapola vs Estrellita is the most back and forth of the three tecnica exchanges, but turns into the rudas taking turns throwing Estrellita around by her hair. Estrellita tries to fight back, and is swung around into a back suplex. Rudas go crazy stomping Estrellita, shoves down Tiger Hispano when he tires to get stop it. He takes a big bump, recovers, shoves Amapola, and Amapola takes a bigger bump. Anyway, DQ and this is over like that.

Estrellita and Amapola keep fighting.

Announcers say hello, and are joined by Negro Casas.

Magadan handles the Televisa plug.

Match 2: Atlantis vs Mr. Niebla in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 01/25/2013

Winner: Mr. Niebla
Match Time: 9:15
Rating: good
Notes: Atlantis waits for Mr. Niebla on the ramp for some reason. It's a really bad call, because Mr. Niebla is coming thru the crowd and attacks him from behind. Niebla uses his chain, which makes some sense. Referee Is Tirantes, who does not get involved until the whistle blows. Zacarias comes down the normal entrance – we never saw, but he could've been the distraction. Monito is in Atlantis' corner. Clock seems to be going before the whistle, but close enough.

Niebla brings Atlantis in the ring just to put him on the top rope and goes for his mask. Tirantes tries to get involved, then decides not to bother. Tree of woe kicks, and Atlantis released to drop on the mat. Zacarias is very fired up. So is the crowd. Snap mare, Niebla yanks at Atlantis' eye hole. Niebla knocks Atlantis back towards the center of the ring, and takes his off his gloves. Big slap to the fight. Whip, reversed, Niebla slide out, Atlantis slides out, Niebla chops him again. Face slap near the barricade. Whip, reversed, reversed, reversed again and it's Niebla who goes into the barricade. Atlantis throws him into the barricade again, with a few less reversal and from a short distance. Back in, Atlantis grabs Niebla's mask and rips it up. Niebla's face is actually blurred out for a split second. Atlantis argues with Tirantes, then goes back to punching Niebla in the face. Niebla head into the turnbuckle. Atlantis with slaps and punches and Niebla cowering a bit in the corner. Atlantis backs up, and is a bit too excited. Chop fight, Atlantis ducks, slaps Niebla. Whip, reversed, under, plancha knocks Niebla over one two NO. Corner whip, reversed, Niebla walks in and slaps Atlantis down. Crowd whistle, and Niebla yells at the crowd. Niebla's face must be very exposed, because his head is blurred here. Slam, and Niebla is going up, Atlantis is up to hit him before get up. They battle on on the ropes, Niebla a wins via headbutt – but slips and crotches himself. Atlantis covers, one two NO. Niebla misses a clothesline, Atlantis quebradora. Atlantis calls for another. Crowd is mixed. Niebla up ad slapping Atlantis in the face. Niebla dance. Spit is – caught! Niebla face comes out off his mask again, Niebla pauses to fix it, and Atlantis dropkicks him out. Atlantis runs – tope. Zacarias and Monito are fighting, or more Monito knocking Zacarias down, and Zac can't stand. Dropkick sends him out. Monito slide under the bottom rope, and lands a plancha off the apron. Replay of Atlantis' dive. Back live, Atlantis in, Niebla slowly in after him. Clotheslines, neither go down. Clothesline, neither go down. Atlantis charges, Niebla flips him, Atlantis shoulder him, and missile dropkick Niebla one two NO. Negro says Atlantis is the crowd favorite, and I'm not sure about that. Atlantis 'rana, Niebla rolls thru, one two NO. Niebla powerbomb, that might be enough one two NO. Niebla slams Atlantis and decides to go up again. Atlantis is sirring, but waits for Niebla to go up – and then doesn’t move. Okay. Top rope splash one two NO. That was odd. I guess Atlantis thought he wasn't in the right spot. Someone at ringside just helped Monito back on the apron. It's a big jump for him. Niebla slams Atlantis and heads to the corner again. Where is Zacarias wandering too? Niebla up – NIEBLASUALT misses! Atlantis causes him one two NO. Zacarias is watching from the ramp for some reason. Slap fight, Niebla boots Atlantis towards Tirantes, Niebla swings for the big slap, Atlantis ducks, Tirantes blocks it (???), Niebla licks Tirantes, Atlantis turns Niebla around, and Niebla fouls Atlantis. Tirantes was turned around by the lick, and missed the whole thing. Niebla covers, one two three.

Zacarias and Niebla dance after the match, and kicks down Monito.

Match 3: La Sombra, Máscara Dorada, Titán vs Mr. Águila, Psicosis, Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 01/25/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:20
Rating: good
Notes: Sombra wears what I think is a Sombra/Dorada fused mask to the ring, but I'm not really sure what it is. Volador is wearing a Predator helmet. Referee is Babe Richard. Mije is with the rudos.

1: Titan armdrags Aguila from the mat, Aguila rolls thru in and brushes his shoulder off. Well then. Meanwhile, Volador seems unaware there is a match going on, and is instead conversing with everyone in the front row. Aguila gets on an anklelock, and Titan is well trapped until he gets in a takedown. Aguila can't move to the ropes, but he can get free, and they battle to zero trip standoffs. Titan flips Aguila over his back, picks the leg from behind, and puts on a toe hold. Why does Aguila have treads on his boot? He's ready to go hiking right as soon as this one is over. Aguila grabs the bottom rope, so Titan just pulls him back and tries something else. Aguila gets annoyed and throws Titan away from him. Titan armdrags Aguila away, and rolls into a standoff. Titan offers a handshake, but Aguila does not care. Dorada and Psicosis in, Psicosis trips up Dorada, Dorada headscissors him from the mat. Psicosis grabs Dorada by the mask, Dorada armdrags him away. Zero trips standoff. Dorada flips out a snap mare. Psicosis tries an armbar, but Dorada just rolls thru and armdrags him away. One more armdrag and Psicosis out. Psicosis thinks about it, and comes back in. Shoulder to shoulder, Psicosis armbar, tag to Volador. Volador's actual mask is all black with neon pink highlights, theme of all the Invasors this week. Corner whip, Dorada kicks Volador away, Volador backs up, and Sombra waits for a longer than normal time before doing the springboard headscissors. Volador runs, Sombra tells Volador to stop, Volador kicks him, Sombra slaps him back, Volador kicks him, off the ropes, and into a big jumping 'rana by Sombra. Invasors kicks out Sombra, técnicos springboard dropkick them out. Titan and Dorada set up for dives, but Volador trips them both up. . They slide out, Aguila tope con giro, Psicosis tope! Sombra knocked into the corner, Volador charges, Sombra lifts him up, Volador Spiral one two three.

2: Rudos whip Sombra into the corner, Aguila running back elbow, Sombra running back elbow, Sombra whipped out, he swings at Volador, Volador ducks under and gives him a front cracker. Psicosis dropkicks Dorada. Whip, Psicosis takes Dorada down, catapult up, Volador slaps Dorada back down, and Aguila adds the legdrop. Dorada is too hurt to roll out. Psicosis stands him up, whips him, and Volador gives Dorada the big hiptoss to the ramp. Now he's really in pain. Titan in, and attacking the guys on the apron before trying Psicosis, but that doesn't work much. Swinging gate bomb on Titan. Rudos hold Titan down on one knee for Psicosis to kick repeatedly. Psicosis off the ropes, Sombra pulls him out, then springboards into dropkick Volador. Aguila misses a clothesline, and Dorada wipes him out with the floating headscissors. Psicosis charges Dorada, Dorada flips him to the apron, drops to one knee, and Titan (a moment late) gives Psicosis a boost dropkick of the apron. Dorada and Titan tease stereo dives. Titan does his tope con giro, while Dorada fakes out again, leaps to the apron, and springboard moonsaults from there. A nice one, too. Sombra and Volador back in, crowd loud. Volador clothesline misses, Sombra powerslam, double moonsault connects correctly one two three.

3: Rudos are still recovering as this fall is supposed to stat. Sombra catches his breath and waits for Volador. Volador talks trash and takes off his shirt. Sombra does not talk, but does remove his t-shirt and then neither of them hit each other. Dueling flipping runs, Volador clothesline misses, Sombra springboard backspin headscissors. Volador sent to the corner, and Sombra hammers him hard with a clothesline, but Volador races out to superkick him. Both down, Sombra grabbing his nose, both waiving for support. Just as they get up, Aguila kicks Sombra out of the ring while Dorada springboard dropkicks Volador out. Aguila flips Dorada to the apron, Dorada slaps him back, inside springboard headscissors sends Aguila out. Crowd shot. Psicosis misses a clothesline and Dorada dropkicks Psicosis down. Dorada charges Psicosis on the mat, Psicosis monkey flips Dorada out, and Dorada takes the big bump out of the ring to nowhere. Titan in, but stomped by Psicosis. Whip, reversed, Titan back bends under the clothesline, springboard push off headscissors sends Psicosis out. Volador kicks Titan down, Sombra springboard planchas on Volador. Volador charges, Sombra tosses him out. Aguila in clothesline misses, Dorada springboard dropkicks him. Action is moving fast. Titan to the apron, other two runs – triple dive! Titan springboard moonsault while the others did tope con giros. Replay of the dives from two angles. Titan and Volador back, but Volador must pose first. Evading, Titan handwalk, backflip big spinning headscissors. Aguila spinning heel kicks Titan down, Dorada off the ropes, under, and around for the Sling Blade. Psicosis headscissors counter faceslam on Dorada. Sombra springboard silla to the head on Psicosis, then a dropkick when Psicosis drops down too soon. Sombra calls Mije in, Mije kicks him around, Sombra throws him. That was handled speedily. Sombra bumps Volador, into the ropes, Volador catches him with a dropkick. Volador up top – tope rope moonsault to the floor! Aguila in, Titan springboard armdrag in. Psicosis misses a clothesline, Titan tries handwalking again, and the rudos both dropkick him! NO! Aguila covers, Dorada tries to break it up with a springboard splash, but only gets his own partner. That was not good. Destroyer on Dorada, package powerbomb on Titan, that's the match.

A rare post match backstage interview has the Invasors quickly talking about them being the best. This is followed by shots of fans having fun watching the matches, as if to convince you that it might be fun to come to Arena Mexico to watch a show and root for your favorite.