CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #339 (02/02/2013) 
Recapped: 02/04/2012

Rey Bucanero, Stuka, and JCR welcome us to the show. Stuka rooting for the técnicos in the opener because they include Fuego! Namajague is dangerous, but Stuka is going after his mask. Bucanero has differing opinion on who will win.

Match 1: Diamante, Fuego, Tritón © vs Raziel, Sangre Azteca, Virus ©
Arena Mexico, 01/25/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 17:08
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Diamante would rise up my personal rankings highly if he did the Diamond Cutter signal once on the way to his ring. Tecnicos and rudos are all using the side entrances; stairs are for main eventers. Rafael el Maya is ref. Fuego is still wearing the shoulder harness.

1: Virus does not let the sling stop him from attacking Fuego's arm, though he does more with the other shoulder. Hold for hold to start. Triton has Sangre trapped in a bodyscissors and manages to keep the rudo on the defensive on the mat for a bit before becoming more even. Crowd actually chants for Diamante! The Raziel chant comes in soon after. Even matchup highlights by Diamante flipping on pout of a wristlock, which is unique if a lot of effort to escape a wristlock. Armdrag spot goes fine, Diamante step up spot does not, and Raziel stand there so Diamante can get a second try.

Sangre knocks Diamante out of the ring, but doesn't last long with Fuego, and that's the fall. Sangre's in total disbelief that he lost to that cradle.

2: One armed Fuego manages a flipping run, but that just gets him dropkicked by Virus so maybe he should not have bothered. The announcers mics are way louder than the ring and crowd noise, it's a distraction. Fuego manages to dropkick Virus, but takes an armdrag on the apron and is slow up. Diamante missile dropkicks Virus, but is stomped down by the other rudos. Triton disappears here. Rudos miss a double clothesline, Diamante sunset flips Virus, Maya counts one, Maya stops counting as everyone watches Fuego springboard to the top rope, Fuego loses his footing and drops down tot he ramp, Fuego springboards again and tries a dropkick on the rudos, but they just move and let him fall because that was awful. Sorry dude, it was. Rudos race to win the fall, Raziel just not fast enough to get his to count.

3: Virus dropkicks Fuego around. JCR spins a tail about Triton renouncing the Occidente Welterweight championship so the young guys in Guadalajara could have a chance to get it. That'd be great if we heard it from Triton. Virus kicks Triton around, then Raziel slaps and back elbows him. Superplex leads to a two count. Rudo whip Triton to the técnico corner just so he can tag out. Fuego comes in to miss dropkick and get slapped. Diamante takes Sangre Azteca's low blow dropkick, then Virus suplexes the much taller man for a two count. Virus slam and senton for another two count. Diamante slides out on a corner whip, Virus chases out after him, Fuego tries to jump off the apron at him and misses, Raziel also dives off the apron and actually hits Fuego with a sort of kneelift and shove, Diamante quebradoras Raziel, Sangre dropkicks Diamante thru the ropes, Triton splashes Diamante in the ring, one two no. What an odd ball sequence. Triton 'rana, Sangre rolls thru, but only for two. Sangre flapjack, off the ropes, dropkick to the face. No cover, Virus tries to pick up Triton instead and gets mall packaged for two. Whip, Triton tries Sombra's hide in the ropes spot and gets dropkicked like Sombra. Guess he did it right then! Diamante springboard dropkick on Virus, Raziel dropkicks him one two NO. Raziel Driver! One two NO. Evasion leads to a Diamante hiptoss, but then he charges into a flip all the way to the floor. Fuego, fired up, chops with Raziel. Fuego stops for a shoulderblock, springboard moonsault bodyblock one two NO. Fuego 'rana, one two NO. Fuego slaps Raziel into the corner, corner whip, reversed, Raziel clotheslines Fuego and puts him on top. Raziel gets in a few punches and stands on the top rope (!), only for Fuego to shove him to the floor (!!!). This match is occasionally insane. Fuego turns around, steps to the rope, but Sangre kicks him off. Sangre starts to climbs, but Diamante gives him a stunner over the buckle! Virus dropkicks Diamante off the apron. Triton in with a springboard dropkick on Virus, then a hard running clothesline. Triton is a bit too fired up. Triton powerbomb, standing moonsault, one two three! Wow, kind of an upset. Triton is thrilled.

Match 2: Guerrero Maya Jr. ©, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. vs Ephesto, Mephisto ©, Namajague
Arena Mexico, 01/25/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:39
Rating: good
Notes: Side entrances for these guys too. Namajague is first out for the rudos, but can't make it to the ring in peace. Referee Rafael el Maya gets in front of Stuka to calm it down. Ephesto & Mephisto enter together. Ephesto has gained so much weight, his shirt isn't doing much to hide it anymore.

1: Namajague still ends up throwing Stuka into the barricade before the fall starts. Maya checks on Stuka, so Cometa starts with Ephesto. Not a long bit of chain wrestling, and Cometa is rebound armdragging Ephesto out in under two minutes. Mephisto hits Cometa not too hard, but Cometa still flips on the clothesline. Cometa kick Mephisto on a corner charge, and tags in Maya for a plancha. Maya rolls thru a sunset flip and plancha Mephisto again, then springboard armdrags Mephisto out. Maya waste no time – tope into an armdrag! He's doing those smoothly. Namajague did warn Mephisto to move. Stuka grabs Ephesto and drops him in position for the 450, but Ephesto moves. Stuka charges at Namajague, who avoids him, dares Stuka to approach again, and catches him in arm scissors. Meanwhile, Ephesto lifts Cometa up and drops him with the shoulderbreaker. Maya counts that pin, and tuns back to see Namajague holding on as long as possible. Namajague won a fall!

Namajague unties Stuka's mask in between falls.

2: Mephisto holds Stuka so Namajague can give him the double chop. Stuka ties his mask up a bit while he's recovering on the outside, which you don't normally see. Mephisto gives Cometa the high backdrop and kick to the face. Ephesto drags Cometa close enough to the corner for Maya to tag in legally and be forced back to his corner. Backbreaker for Cometa. Namajague knocks the spit out of Cometa with a strong corner back elbow, but Cometa is able to crawl over and tag in Stuka. Stuka misses a wild clothesline, and Namajague chops him. The other rudos come in to help. Whip, Namajague flips Stuka to the apron, and slingshot ts out into a monkey on him to the ramp. Namajague stomps Stuka while Maya comes and is kicked by the other rudos. Rudos slide Cometa out of the ring backwards in painful fashion, but that leaves Mephisto alone in the ring, and Maya pulls him in a 'rana for the surprise pin.

3: Namajague and Stuka's chop fight quickly turns into a fist fight, punches straight to the head. Namajague wins via kneelift and left hook. Whip, Namajague clothesline connects, flipping Namajague on his head. Namajague struggles to his feet, but Stuka scoops him and slams him. Replay of the clothesline, which might replacement the Naito one as the one they show every week. Seems like the rudos must attack Stuka in the meantime – he's out n, and Cometa in and plancha-ing the non-Namajague rudos when the return. Cometa fights two on one with kicks and a boost headscissors on Mephisto. Handspring backflip headscissors sends Mephisto out to the ramp, and Namajague handsprings one more time before posing. Maya and Ephesto have an unintentional staring contest in between some armdrag. Maya and Mephisto go better, when Maya pulling off a surprisingly big backbreaker on the bigger man. Namajague dropkicks Maya out, and Stuka comes in yelling. Namajague drops him with a tope and stomps. Corner whip, Stuka gets in a kneelift, snap mare, and Stuka goes for the mask. Stuka rips it a little bit, and drags Namajague by it a lot. Maya tries to get involved, but Stuka ain't having it. Stuka flipping run, clothesline misses, Namajague grabs him a full nelson, rudos rush in and kick their partner by mistake. Other técnicos in and dropkicking the other rudos out. Everyone ones – triple tope! Mephisto and come back in, clothesline caught and spun around, Mephisto sends Cometa to the corner and putting him top. Super crucifix powerbomb takes a couple tries to set up (because of Cometa footing?) and Cometa of course turns it into a super 'rana one two NO. I think Felino is the only guy to have gotten the rudo to work for him in the last few years. Namajague break sit up, Michinoku Driver, one two NO. Maya smacks Namajague in the head, and calls Cometa over. They both suplex Namajague onto the top rope, slap him there, and climb up. Rudos quickly rush over for the stacked up superplex. Rudos hold on for the pin, but Stuka's ready for this – torpedo splash on Namajague. Mephisto and Ephesto have to let go of their pins to break up Stuka's. Ring is cleared of everyone but Ephesto, Namajague and Stuka, and Ephesto doesn’t last long, taking the knee bump out. Namajague is right behind him, spearing the post. Stuka up top – Deadman's plancha onto Namajague. BRILLO COMETA! That came out of nowhere! Maya tries a casadora on Mephisto, but Mephisto crawls away. Maya clothesline blocked, Mephisto forces him into the corner, Mephisto charges, Maya puts him on the second rope – danger! - and slaps him. Maya climbs up, Mephisto jabs to the side, arms hooked, super Devil's Wings! Mephisto hangs him up for a while, and drops Maya on his face. That's captain on captain and the match.