AAA on Televisa #1082 (02/02/2013) 
Recapped: 02/09/2013

AAA's announcers welcome us to the show and hype the main event. Jesus handles the Teleivsa plugs. Opening video package hypes all the ongoing storylines.

Regional show: Billy Boy and Gran Apache talk about their 03/18/2007 match while we see it.

Regional show features a 2 minute video package going over the minis feud.

Match 1: Dinastía & Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro & Mini Charly Manson
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, Toluca, 01/18/2013

Winner: Dinastía
Match Time: 12:14
Rating: good
Notes: Rudos both come out to the (Mini) Vipers music. Mini Abismo Negro's first TV match in years. Pepe Casas is ref.

Abismo and Dinastía start on the mat, then Octagoncito comes in to show off his kip up ability. Toluca crowd is loud. Octagoncito is too fast for Charly, but they battle to a standoff. Dinastía manages to get a Dinastia chant started. Evasion bits include Dinastía handwalking and rolling to the ropes, then sliding thru them. Abismo approaches, Dinastía kicks him away, then, slingshots into a headscissors. Abismo misses the dropkick, takes his bump off the ropes and flips on to his feet, then dances. Dinastía smacks him with a spinning toe kick to the head. Octagoncito springboard flips in to face Charly, who slaps him down. Octagon chops back, but turns into a an Abismo superkick. Charly kicks Dinastía a she comes in, and the rudos take over the match. Corner clotheslines for Octagoncito. Charly sends Dinastía in the corner with a nice dropkick. Abismo and Charly batter Dinastía with clotheslines. Corner whip, Dinastía moves, Abismo hits the corner, Charly charges in, Abismo sings and slaps his own partner by mistake. Dinastía kicks Abismo, then Octagon gives him a rolling face slam. Tecnicos pause the match to get the crowd going – there should be more offense here, but everything stands still for a moment for no reason. Octagoncito headscissors Charly while the other two move towards the other corner. Charly fights back with a dropkick and kick to the face, then chops Octagoncito in the corner a bit. Corner whip, reversed, Octagoncito corner headstand headscissors. Abismo in to karate pose. Octagoncito blocks his kick, and gives him a quebradora. Dinastía in, and felled by one hard Mini Abismo chop. Dinastía ducks the next, goes thru a whole series that doesn't seem to lead anywhere, and chops Dinastía. Dinastia's chops are not that strong, but Abismo open his top to let Dinastía have a clean shot, and then bends over when he connects on it. Dinastía celebrate, and is kicked in the chest. Mini Abismo charges, dropkick, but Dinastía does a split to duck underneath and Mini Abismo goes out. Charly in and dropkicking again. Kick to Dinastía as he gets up, then a big back suplex. Two count. Charly forearms, clothesline mis as Dinastía back bridges under and all the way around to a headscissors. Charly out slides outside, Dinastía swings thru the ropes, kicks Charly, and follows with an Asia moonsault. Octagoncito and Mini Abismo in, one more time, probably to finish it. Face off, then Octagoncito flips off Abismo's chest. Timing of the evasion spots seems off, but Abismo gets in a low blow mule kick (which Pepe was looking right at), leading immediately into DDT. Octagoncito doesn't sell a foul, just the DDT. Mini Abismo starts to go up, but crotches himself on the top turnbuckle. Crowd is greatly amused. Octagoncito gets to his feet, slaps Abismo, forearms him in the face, climbs up and pulls off the super 'rana. Octagon off the ropes headscissors sends Abismo out, Octagon thru the rope stop con giro! Guess it'll be Dinastía and Charly finishing it. Dinastía plancha, kick to the midsection, tease for a move, Charly breaks free, pumphandle powerbomb. Dinastía rolls towards the corner, Charly goes up, stopping to look around, and splashes – nothing. Top rope sure ain't working for the rudos. Dinastíal. Tope rope – well, not sure if it was suppose to miss or another, but Dinastía does land on his feet, and immediately adds a standing shooting star press one two three.

The two hour slow motion version includes replays of the match here.

In a backstage interview – and these are all fairly obviously taped back at the AAA offices much later but OK – Dinastía is ecstatic over the win. He likes his chances of winning the minis title from Mini Psicosis, because he just beat the first minis champion, Mini Charly Manson. Jesus says it was all luck, but Dinastía says he proved what he was capable of by winning QPPLC and he's going to be the next champion. Jesus tries to get Dinastía to calm down, but that just isn't possible. Jesus says Dinastía will have to worry about “Nicho el Millionario” (who's that, I only know a Psicosis) but Dinastía says he'll have Drago supporting him.

Upcoming lineups

02/03 in Pachuca

02/18 in Irapuato

2 Hour: Trivia question for winning 2 tickets to Irapuato's show (which airs before every break, and has to do with the second match – what is the real name of the person who lost their mask at TripleMania I)

Infierno Rockers video package. They're upset with the Psycho Circus, and Uro Rocker is their secret weapon. Uro's vocabulary appears to be limited to “yaaaaaaaa.” Video package or pre-match goes a minute longer on the two hour show.

Match 2: Cuervo, Escoria, Espíritu vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, Toluca, 01/18/2013

Winner: Rockers)
Match Time: 10:36 national/12:06 regional
Rating: ok
Notes: Escoria will not give up his Bizarros look, despite being put back into the Secta. He probably shouldn't. Escoria used to be a slim dude, is suddenly jacked. Hmm. Piero is ref. Crowd chants Secta before the match.

Cuervo shoulderblocks and dropkicks Soul out, but Machine gives him the running tornillo tope. Machine celebrates, and spins around into a Espiritu dropkick. Whip, reversed, clothesline misses, Espiritu headscissors send Machine out. Devil dropkicks Espiritu in the knee and acts crazy. Corner whip, charge in, Espiritu puts Devil on top, and Devil comes off with a headscissors to send the Secta guy out. Escoria rushes in and drops Soul with a Sling Blade. Corner whip counters lead to an Escoria top rope moonsault tornillo and a cradle, which the Rockers break up. Cuervo and Espiritu are attacked on the apron. Triple headscissors counter face first powerbomb on Escoria. That's too long of a name. Clearly a clip here, Escoria rolls out selling, then is the next guy back in. [Rudos corner whip Cuervo, and give him corner clotheslines, including Devil doing a monkey dance on the way in. Machine adds a low blow kick to the thigh. Rudos slap down Espiritu and stomp him. Two man powerbomb, and a machine rebound hiptoss slap, Hijos del Averno stytle] Rudos screw up and chop Soul out by mistake. Other Secta in and dropkicks the other rudos out. AAA attempts a split screen to catch the dives going out opposite does at the same time – it works better than usual. Tope con giros all around. Espiritu, Escoria, Soul and Devil, who all went out camera side, all come back in together. Espiritu chops Devil a bit. Just as they get going, Escoria and Soul seem lost on something, and then we get the crowd shot cut to cover out something. Escoria is now on the outside and Soul gives him a slow speed tope. Devil, caught in the ropes and leaning out, pulls himself in with no trouble and dropkicks Espiritu out the other way, then follows with an easy tope con giro. Machine back on the apron, but Cuervo dropkicks him off. Cuervo slides out with him, Machine comes in, Machine thru the rope tornillo is not on target or well caught. Alas. Machine and Espiritu make it back in, Machine sends Espiritu into the buckle and climbs up, Espiritu slaps him and goes him up top Machine shoves Espiritu down and leaps – into a powerbomb. Espiritu's got his one won, but Soul breaks it up. Whip, reverse sort of, Soul kicks Espiritu, double underhook – suplex? DDT? Not clear! Espiritu slides down and Escoria breaks up the pin, that's all that matters. Escoria drops Soul in the corner, and lands on him with a t op rope 450 splash. Devil's turn to break it up and do his own move – wheelbarrow suplex looks a bit of control. Cuervo clotheslines him. Cuervo has a shoulder brace on, thought it was just a weirdly cut shirt. Cuervo's big move in a Psicosis CMLL style layout front cracker. Cuervo adds what I guess was supposed to be a Pedigree but Soul didn't think so judging by the non-bump he took. The Rockers music starts to play, and Cuervo looks out to see if that means Uro Rocker is on his sway. No, Machine Rocker is just behind him for an Infierno suplex one two three.

Cuervo took that oddly and may be hurt. No replays, no post match interview, quick to the Upcoming lineups.

Two hour show: Rockers stomp down Cuervo, so Fabi Apache runs to the ring to make the save. This is not the best of idea. Rocker pause, then grab her and force Fabi into the corner. They tease hitting her, but Cibernético (in a hoodie, hood up) runs in with a chair and hits Soul with a chair. The other scatter. Cibernético gets the microphone to talk about the Secta, let the ugly Rockers know he's aware of them, and hit his catchphrase. Replays.

Toscano, hiding in the bushes for some reason, is making a secret phone call. He blames Silver King for causing all the problems and will meet up with his friend in Monterrey (so I guess this is supposed to be Elegido, since Elegido gave him his phone number last week.)

Regional show: Perro Aguayo Sr. vs Mascara Año 2000, 04/30/1993, TripleMania I

Match 3: Drago, Fénix, Octagón vs Daga, Pentagón Jr., Silver King
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, Toluca, 01/18/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 8:38 national (11:14 regional)
Rating: okay, but a mix
Notes: Pentagon Jr. scares a kid into taking off his Octagon Jr. mask. Daga wears his belt to the ring, and has his own t-shirt! Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Silver is back to wearing his Black Tiger robe. Drago has the Undertaker lights out gong for some reason.

Rudos attack the técnicos at the whistle, but Octagon is tossed into a headscissors to make the comeback. Drago flips over Silver's back and headscissors him on the next pass. Running slingshot tornillo onto Silver and Pentagon. Odd clip [Octagon blows a quebradora with Daga, Daga dropkicks to the apron and slide dropkicks him to the floor. Octagón trips Daga up going for an Asai, then sets him over the barricade.], then odd cut to Fenix toping Daga, who's hanging over the barricade for some unknown reason. Fenix hits him in the lower back, but has no one to break his fall and hits the barricade himself. I have no idea what that was. Fenix is up find because he's a crazy man. Pentagon and Fenix back in, Pentagon flips Fenix into a 'rana to send him out. Fenix presents his midsection for Silver King to kick, then Silver add a jumping enziguri. Fenix makes sure to land on his neck. Octagón back in and spinning armdragging Silver, then he just wanders back to his corner. Fenix yells to Octagon that he needs to get Silver king and bring him to the corner. Rudos whipped at each other, reverse, técnicos just run by the rudos, rudos clothesline them into the corner anyway. Rudos work over the técnicos in the corner, abut Drago breaks it up with kick. Dragon stops that with a short clothesline. Whip, evasion, Daga clothesline bocked, Drago kick to the head. Drago off the ropes, flipping armdrag into a big DDT. One two rudos break it up. Whip, clothesline misses, but rudos double chop Drago after a flip. Whip, Drago tries a handspring, but Pentagon dropkick him in the face. Crowd chants for the técnicos. Daga chops Drago back in the corner. Corner whip, Daga charges in, leaping forearm, and running back elbow by the other two. Pentagon backs up, Silver goes to all fours, Pentagon tries to leap off Silver, but really gets no leap on the back elbow. That wasn't horrible but it couldn't have been the idea. Silver tosses Daga up for a high elbow drop on Drago. Rudos slap around on Octagon. Pentagon shows off a dance move, and the rudos kick Octagon out. Octagon seems less than interested in this match. Fenix in, the young guys pull of a double leapfrog, a double backbreaker, and a double superkick. Silver King lifts Fenix on his shoulders, and Daga adds a double stomp do knock Fenix down. Silver puts Fenix on the top rope, and Pentagon Jr. pulls him off with a super backcracker. Octagon back in, and get sin shots before Daga and Pentagon overwhelm him with punches. Daga slams Fenix, as Silver brings in a chair. Silver sets up Fenix in the corner, and Daga adds a dropkick go the hanging técnico. Octagon back in. Pentagon tells Octagon to come and bring it, Octagón does not, and Daga trips him from behind. Silver dropkicks Octagón down. Rudos attempts a flying sit on Octagon, but the técnicos pull out Pentagon, then Daga takes a big backdrop to the floor. Octagón, showing no emotion, flips Silver to the floor on the other side. Octagon stands on the middle rope on that (ramp) side for no obvious reason. Drago and Fenix get him to stop, and stand on the ropes on the camera side – see, the idea is supposed to be that he spreads the ropes enough for Fenix and Drago to dive thru them, but Octagon is whatever poor condition that he can't even remember to do it on the side where there are two rudos. Tecnicos land their thru the ropes tope con giro. Silver comes back in, and starts taking clothesline bumps before Octagon is even close enough to touch him, which is sort of hilarious. Two count. Silver just ignores Octagon's spinning armdrag, then gives Octagon a jumping enziguri, which Octagon sells in the most comedic fashion. One two NO. Both guys look at the crowd. End this bit, please. Silver puts on a leg lock, and Fenix kicks Silver, which gives both he and Octagon an excuse to leave. Fenix gets in a head kick and spikey Michinoku Driver on Daga for two. Corner whip, charge in, Daga putts up a a back elbow and drops Fenix with a reverse brainbuster for two, Fenix putting his feet on the ropes. Daga climbs up the ropes. Not sure why everyone else is watch them from the floor. Fenix hits Daga and joins him up top for the Spanish Fly, and adds a jumping double stomp for whatever reason. One two three.

Fenix makes belt motions.