CMLL on Televisa #1137 (01/19/2013) 
Recapped: 01/19-20/13

Match 1: Estrellita ©, Luna Mágica, Silueta vs Amapola ©, Tiffany, Zeuxis
Arena Mexico, 01/11/2013

  1. técnicas

  2. rudas
  3. técnicas

Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 9:11
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Match is picked up in progress. Edgar is referee.

1: Amapola dropkicks Estrellita out of the ring and stomp her to keep her out. Estrellita fixes her hair. Clip, and Estrellita is coming back in with a flying armdrag. Bad looking headscissors. Amapola puts a stop to it with a kneelift, then throws Estrellita down by her hair. Whip reversals, Amapola spears the post on the way out, and Estrellita planchas her from the apron. Other rudas set up Silueta on Tiffany's shoulders for a Zeuxis silla, but Silueta rolls thru for a cradle and Zeuxis lands hard on Tiffany's lower back. That can't have felt good. Edgar counts that pin while Luna missile dropkicks Zeuxis and puts her in a crab for the submission.

2: Silueta sneaks in an interesting sunset flip on Tiffany, but Tiffany drops her with the sit down faceslam, and the other rudas blow her up with a double dropkick. Tiffany throws Luna around by the hair. Corner back elbows and kneelifts for Estrellita. Double takedown and double snap kicks for Luna. Tiffany and Zeuxis trip Silueta into the ropes, and Amapola gives her a big running dropkick. Estrellita takes one hair toss and she's out. Tiffany does the same to Luna, then puts Silueta in a rolling reverse farmer's roll to finish her. Rudas thrown Luna around more, then Amapola drops Estrellita in the rudas corner. Zeuxis Press finishes it.

Rudas stomp Estrellita for not leaving the ring quick enough.

3: Zeuxis throws around Luna and kicks her in the back. Back elbow sends the tecnica out. Silueta is tripped up to the ropes for Amapola's flying sit. Estrellita is sent in the corner, and Zeuxis jumps off Amapola's back for a dropkick on Estrellita. Zeuxis knocks down Luna in the corner and gives her a running knee. Silueta kicks and slaps at Zeuxis, but she grabs her and tags in Amapola to help. They set up the boost dropkick again, but Silueta moves first and steps off Amapola into a headscissors on Zeuxis. Silueta ducks Amapola clotheslines until Estrellita turns up to dropkick her rival., and then gives Tiffany a swinging neck drop on the top ropes. Silueta missile dropkicks Tiffany too, while Estrellita pounds Amapola near the ropes. Amapola takes the lightest bump into the barricade on the outside. Tiffany dropkicks Silueta out, Luna dropkicks Tiffany, Zeuxis comes up short dropkicking Luna. Corner whip, Luna boosted to he apron, Luna slaps Zeuxis away and lands a silla on Tiffany. Zeuxis out to the apron, tope con giro onto Silueta. Inside, Amapola dropkicks Estrellita and goes for Devil's Wings, Estrellita breaks free and swings, Amapola inside cradle one two no. Estrellita takedown, Star Cross? No, and there's a moment where's it not clear Estrellita has a plan, but then she pulls out a headtrap armbar and it's all okay. Estrellita celebrates, while being very concerned she might have fallen out of her top. She's safe.

Announcers preview the rest of the show.

2013 Mystery Guy Vignette #1.


CMLL Cartela: Sunday @ Arena Coliseo – Shocker, Brazo de Plata, Valiente vs Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Pólvora

Match 2: Diamante Azul vs Rey Escorpión in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 01/11/2013

Winner: Diamante Azul
Match Time: 7:49
Rating: eh
Notes: Joined exactly at the whistle, with Rey Escorpion knocking Azul down and throwing him out. Referee is Rafael el Maya.

Escorpion doesn't do all that much with Azul out there, throwing him right back in. Azul puts Escorpion on the top rope and goes for his mask. I guess that's a plan. Slam, senton, two count. Whip, kick to knock down Azul, another two count. Chinlock by Escorpion. Azul shrugs him off, then kind of walks over to Escorpion, only for Escorpion to hit him in the midsection. Whip, reversed, Escorpion drops down to one knee and doesn't appear to touch Escorpion, Escorpion takes a flip bump anyway. Azul legdrop looks off too. Azul picks up Escorpion, Escorpion slaps him down. Whip, and Azul flips Escorpion all the way to the floor. Azul hurries to the ramp so he an connect on his ramp tope con giro as well. Replay. Escorpion thrown in, and he catches Azul with a boot on the apron. Escorpion tries that again, and takes a dragon screw thru the ropes. Azul pounds the top buckle and, looks around, then climbs up part way. Escorpion stops him with chops and heads up. Top rope superplex, the two almost slipping off the top rope before starting the move. Escorpion covers, one two NO, Escorpion thrown off into the referee. Escorpion up first , small package on Azul, two count. Escorpion and the referee argue the count. Escorpion tries another cradle, gets another two count. Escorpion headlock, but Azul just turns it into a backdrop, one two NO. Azul headlock, but now Rey Escorpion turns it into a back suplex. One two NO. Whip, reversed, Escorpion slide out and waits there, Azul slides out, Escorpion back in, and out with a slingshot tope con giro. Galavision US break.

Escorpion throws Azul back in, sneaks in behind, and puts on a cavernaria. Azul breaks free. Escorpion kicks Azul as he gets up, powerbomb, no Azul just sort of falls out the back. Escorpion quickly covers to cover for a two count. Escorpion clearly calling the spot for Azul as they both lay on the mat. Escorpion punch misses, Azul scoops him up, starts to put Escorpion in the escuedo, then decides to German suplex Rey Escorpion instead. I think that was supposed to be a display of strength rather than Azul forgetting the finish, though you never know with him. Three count anyway.

2013 Mystery Guy Vignette #2.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday @ Arena Mexico – Terrible vs Rush for the heavyweight title, and a tournament to determine contenders for the Light Heavyweight title, featuring none of the guys pictured.

Match 3: Atlantis ©, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Felino, Mr. Niebla ©, Negro Casas
Arena Mexico, 01/11/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. Peste Negra
  3. Peste Negra

Winner: Peste Negra
Match Time: 13:22
Rating: eh
Notes: Peste Negra enter as a group with Zacarias and dance with the edecanes. Monito is with the técnicos. Referee is Babe Richard, refereeing his one match of the week.

1: Pairs are Felino/Maya, Negro/Delta and Atlantis/Niebla. Dr. Morales does a live plug for Accion, plugging the channel it's on in Mexico (which does not exist in the US.) Rudos goof around and don’t take the técnicos seriously. Triple boot on Atlantis by the rudos, but he immediately makes his own come back. Atlantis take a knee while his partners submit the Casas brothers. Atlantis throws Niebla into the barricade.

Replays cover up the fall break being edited out.

2: Felino is in full silliness mood, and Guerrero Maya has no patience for it. The técnico gets in a tope and one armdrag before Felino rolls out. Niebla slaps down Maya and does a wacky dance, but Maya recovers, dropkick, and runs up the ropes to armdrag him. Crowd is anti-anyone who's opposing Peste Negra. Delta/Negro have a big chop fight, which Negro wins via heel kick. Delta catches Negro going for one too many kicks, and gives him a Dragon screw thru the ropes. Popular move today, though Escorpion did a better job selling it. Springboard dropkick sends Negro out, headscissors sends Mr. Niebla out, and delta cartwheel rolls into a headscissors on the outside. Felino charges over to a take a quebradora. Rudos randomly attack Atlantis from outside, Casas brothers double suplex him, and Mr. Niebla lands a top rope splash for the fall. That wasn't much.

Zacarias kicks Monito in the corner. Negro demands Zacarias pull of a heel kick, and so he does. Niebla drags Monito in the middle of the ring for a totally unjustified legdrop. Monitor ties to roll away, but Zacarias puts him on the ropes so he can land his 610

3: Felino concentrates on stinking people. Negro wins a chop fight with Delta via headbutt, and then grabs his head and asks for a tag out. Rudos continue to slow speed brawl until Atlantis makes a random one man comeback. He runs the rudos into each other, Felino and Niebla fight, then make up. Niebla manages to slap Atlantis down, does his dance, catches the spit – on his eye – and gets dropkicked out. Atlantis topes him. Maya drops Negro way to close to the corner for Delta's moonsault, Negro rolls out of the way anyway, Delta hops over him and tries a casita, Negro reverses and puts on one of his own. That's one pin, and Maya feeds himself into the superbomb for the other. Monito sees it going bad, and turns to leave – but Zacarias cuts him off the apron. Monito hides until it's safe, then hurries to the back.

Announcers recap the show.

2013 Mystery Guy Vignette #3 – so, did they find out they couldn't use Thunder (or remember Trueno might still be around!) and change their minds on the name? He's pretty clear it's Thunder here.