CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #337 (01/19/2013) 
Recapped: 01/19/2013

Magadan, JCR and JCC welcome us to the show. No wrestler guest announcer this week.

Match 1: Hijo del Fantasma, Stuka Jr., Valiente © vs Namajague ©, Puma, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 01/11/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:50
Rating: very good
Notes: Every highlight in Puma's entrance video is against Rey Cometa. It may be all the same match. Namajague has no video, comes thru the side entrance, walks into the ring and shoves Stuka down. Namajague stomps Stuka and backs away before the other técnicos react. Puma and Tiger stop Stuka from getting revenge. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Valiente and Puma start on the mat, battling leg holds and armbars. It's pretty active. Puma nearly gets a triangle armbar, but Valiente escapes in time and pulls Puma into a cavernaria. They trade cradles, then trade kneebars, Puma applying one while putting a boot in Valiente's face. Valiente escapes to a toe hold, Puma get the to the ropes, and they're both limping as they stand. Valiente fireman carries Puma and puts on a seated armbar, but Puma escapes for his on inverted figure four. Valiente is in trouble, but not too far away from the ropes. Puma fixes that with a modified tapatia. Valiente breaks free just enough, and they get to a standoff. Tags to Fantasma and Tiger. They also have a hold for hold battle. It's slower than the one before but good for these guys. Fans chant for the rudos. Fantasma armdrags Tiger away a couple minutes in, Tiger going out and Fantasma posing on the ropes. Namajague steps in, and leaps and rolls over Stuka's sliding attack. Both shoulderblock, neither man goes down, but Namajague quickly clotheslines him. Namajague is all fired up. Namajague immediately goes to work untying Stuka's mask. Puma does his best to distract the referee. Puma's a good partner like that. Namajague chops Stuka into the ropes. Whip, big punch misses, and Stuka clotheslines Namajague onto his head. Stuka angrily stomps Namajague as the cats complain about cheating técnicos. Stuka works on Namajague's mask and whips him, Namajague out, Stuka out, Namajague in and tagging in Puma before running away! Stuka can't get to Namajague, so he tags in Valiente. Chop fight urns into forearms instantly. Evasion spots, Valiente does the hop, Puma superkicks him. Puma with punches and stomps and a chop to knock Valiente into the corner. Puma wastes time posing, so Valiente turns it around and chops him in the corner. Puma gets in a headbutt to knock Valiente down. Corner whip, Valiente double springboard headscissors to send Puma out. Tiger in and knocking down Valiente. Fantasma charges him, misses the charge, Tiger misses a corner charge, Fantasma misses a corner kick, and gets himself stuck, Tiger superkicks him. Tiger & Puma borrow a group pose, then Puma whips Tiger - into a Fantasma trip to send Tiger right out of the ring. Puma charges, misses, flips Fantasma to the apron, Fantasma swing kicks him back, climbs to the middle rope and moonsault Tiger. Meanwhile, Valiente gives Puma the Valiente breaker to finish him.

Namajague dropkicks Puma out, but Stuka quickly kicks him. Slam in the middle of the ring, Stuka heads up – but Namajague trips up Stuka, and pulls off Stuka's mask as he's hanging on the top rope! Namajague spikes the mask on the ground and stomps Stuka. No way the ref could miss that, and he awards the fall to the técnicos.

Fantasma gives Stuka his mask back. Tiger and Namajague celebrate their loss, then Namajague stomps Stuka some more.

2: As the match is joined, Puma swings Valiente into the barricade. That's his move. Inside, Fantasma misses an attack on Tiger, and takes the Tree of Woe kick to the chest. Namajague distracts the ref so Tiger can get in a dropkick too. Tiger quebradoras Stuka, than hands him off to Namajague for stomps and kicks to the head. Whip, back elbow. Namajague goes for Stuka's mask again. Referee stops that, so Puma distracts the referee while Namajague puts Stuka on the top rope to go after his mask in front of everyone. Everyone but referee. Stuka fights back with back elbows, but Namajague pulls him down and stomps him. Double chops! Stuka is very hurt. Namajague forearms Stuka in the corner, but Stuka ducks out and double chops Namajague. Puma and Tiger are all over Stuka before he can do more. Namajague whip, backdrop for Stuka, and a clubbing shot sends Stuka out. Tiger and Fantasma in, Fantasma stopping to take off his shirt. Puma comes into help, double spinebuster, spine/chest kick. Fantasma rolls out, and the rudos kick Valiente on his way in. Tiger takedown, mouse trap splash! It's like old times. (Like, 2011.) Stuka breaks up the pin, and the rudos all grab him. Puma drags Stuka around by his mask. Puma and Tiger go for a double trip, but Stuka hops over, and monkey flips Namajague back at them. Double superkick by the Cats to Stuka, Valiente dropkicks them both in the knees, and Fantasma spinning DDTs Tiger while kicking Puma out. Valiente Special! He almost overshoots Puma entirely (Puma took a step forward he shouldn't have) and hits his head on the barricade on the landing. Tiger grabs Fantasma in a waistlock, climbs to the top rope, and springboards into a tornillo off. Fantasma big tope nailing Tiger. Namajague gets ready for his dive, but Stuka's waiting for him. Fantasma grabs Namajague's leg, which throws off the timing a bit and causes Namajague's foot warmers to slip down too far. Namajague ducks a clothesline, slips, recovers, kick caught and pulls into the splits, Stuka head kick misses, Namajague inside cradle, Stuka rolls thru, Namajague big head kick connects! Namajague stops to fix his boot, then gives Stuka a running kick to the had. Tiger Hispano is busy with Fantasma and and not watching the match. Namajague charges again, ducks a Stuka clothesline, and tosses Stuka his mask! Namajague truly has learned the secrets of Mexican wrestling. Stuka picks up the mask, puts it back on Namajague (!) and small packages him one two three! Stuka is smart.

Stuka celebrates, then goes after Namajague again.

Match 2: Marco Corleone ©, Máximo, Rush vs Mr. Águila, Psicosis, Volador Jr. © for the CMLL World Trios Championship
Arena Mexico, 01/11/2013

  1. Bufete del Amor

  2. Invasors
  1. Bufete del Amor

Winner: Bufete del Amor
Match Time: 16:19
Rating: good
Notes: Champions enter together. Challengers do not, but have a matching yellow and red color scheme. Volador has Mije a Kid Volador in Na'Vi outfit. The kid must be one of the luchador's sons (Volador?), because they have no problem getting into the ring. Rambo is commissioner. Tirantes, wearing a black vest over a yellow shirt (the same yellow as the rudos) is the referee. Aguila has a yellow/red Kratos facepaint look

1: Aguila and Máximo start, Máximo being serious (for Máximo) and both looking for holds on the mat. They don't get anywhere after a minute and a half, and tag in Psicosis and Rush. Fans boo, and not for Psicosis. Marco cheerfully claps for Rush. Rush gets an armscissors, Psicosis nearly get to a camel clutch, Rush escapes to a headlock. Zero trips end with a Rush double stomp. Marco and Volador are last, with Marco making fun of the height different, and Volador demands he show how high he can jump. Off the rope evasion, Volador planchas caught and thrown in the corner, Volador manage to fight back with a kick to the face, middle rope sunset flip just stets up dancing, but the other rudos kick the ramp. Doomed! Volador boosts Máximo into a dropkick on his partner, then he manages a double springboard headscissors on his own. Rush wipes out Aguila with a tope, and Máximo leads the rudos into Aero Italiano. Psicosis evades, so Máximo kisses him and covers, but Volador's the captain and Tirantes isn't going to count the unnecessary pin.

Tecnicos do their group pose.

2: Crowd desperately wants a Máximo kiss on Volador, but Volador manages to escape that just in time. No one particularly wants to face Marco, which holds up the match for a bit. Psicosis finally kicks him, and Mr. Aguila helps with punches. Corner whips sets up Marco's leaping fun. Marco punches them both out, only stopping to get his hand kissed by Máximo before each one. Aguila bails before he takes his. Volador challenges Rush into posing for reaction, but Rush makes it clear he doesn't care about these people. Aguila and Rush have a chop fight, which Rush wins by dropkick, then he takes a shot at Volador on the apron for doing his WOO too close to him. Whip, Aguila backflip off the top rope, Rush clotheslines him out anyway. Psicosis tries a running tope and just hits the mat. Rush batters him with gut punches. Corner whip, charge in, Psicosis gets his boots up, and runs out into Rush's superkick. This is going rather smoothly for the técnicos. Volador comes into WOO again, but Rush insists he try to chop him. Volador tries, but Rush isn't feeling anything. Volador tells Rush to run of the ropes, slips behind him, still misses the clothesline and gets powerslammed by Rush. Dropkick to the shoulder. Rush calls Aguila in and chops him down. Wave to Psicosis, chop to Psicosis, wave to Volador, chop to him, wave to Mije – kick to nail Mije! Rush off the ropes, into a triple powerbomb! Aguila holds on for the pin.

Máximo rushes in, but gets caught in a wheelbarrow and held up. Psicosis cut his throat twice, then lands the top rope senton for three.

3: Máximo keeps going for that kiss, and Volador keeps narrowly avoiding. Maximo back bridge cradles him instead, but Aguila breaks that up. Aguila puts on a camel clutch, but Rush breaks that up with a kick to the face. Rush celebrates, then stomps Aguila, then lights him up for a German suplex one two Psicosis dives in to break that up. Rush leaves, Marco comes in swinging, Psicosis ducks and kicks him to the ramp. Uh oh. Rudos come together to kick down Máximo and Rush, Aero Italiano connects on Psicosis, Psicosis rolls thru and covers while Aguila and Volador get casadora cradles on the other two, one two everyone kicks out. A Rush wheel kick sends Aguila out, and Rush follows with a tope con giro. Psicosis up top, waiting for someone to get up, then landing a top rope plancha on Rush. Máximo pulls himself up, looks, off the ropes, and landing a tope onto Psicosis. Volador to the apron – Asai moonsault onto Máximo, and taking out Alexis! Marco flaps his arms, runs and Aero Italiano dives onto all the rudos. Mije is concerned. Aguila and Marco in, Marco slams Aguila and covers one two NO. Tirantes is doing the slow count bit. Marco gives him a look, but Aguila sneaks in a couple eye pokes. Before he can do more. Corner whip, reversed, Marco flipped to the apron and punching Aguila down form there. Marco climbs up, but Volador's hits him with a swing kick. Aguila and Volador climbs up for the superplex, Rush and Máximo slip underneath, stacked up superplex. Psicosis top rope splash on Marco, while Rush and Máximo cover to the other rudos, one two everyone kicks out. Rudos clear out everyone but Máximo, and he's given the swinging ate bomb. Aguila covers one two Rush breaks that up. And Maximo kicks Aguila, and then play invisible football with his head. Corner whip, Máximo corner clothesline, drops do to all fours, and Rush boots off him for a dropkick. Aguila stumbles forward, but not too far – Marco tries his springboard clothesline anyway and just makes it. Aguila tries to roll out escape, but Máximo pulls him back. Máximo suplex! Máximo floats over to cover, but the other rudos are in to break it up. Rush back in, dropkick is sidestepping by Psicosis and Volador. Psicosis shoulderblocks him out, and Volador headscissors Máximo as he comes back in. Psicosis runs to dive on Máximo, then holds up when he gets close to the ropes and hide back in the corner. I don't know what happened. Mr. Aguila comes back in the ring – corner top con giro onto Máximo (maybe Máximo went around the corner?) and Psicosis topes Rush the other way. Marco springboard clothesline – into Volador's superkick! That was well timed. Cover, Tirantes stops counting because Psicosis is in the ring, Rush comes in and while Tirantes is arguing, pulls Volador up and straight foul kicks him! Rush is fired up. Psicosis break free for Tirantes, and fouls Rush! Tirantes saw that one, so he pulls Psicosis off by the horns and calls the match for Rush. BOOOO.

Tecnicos celebrate. Psicosis protests, pointing to Volador still down form his foul, but he's getting nowhere. Replays. Break.

Volador get the microphone to say Bufete del Amor did not win good. They may still be the champs, but Volador wants a hair vs mask match with Rush. Rush has no use for this. Psicosis challenges Marco & Máximo to a mask/hair vs hair/hair match and puts them down for cheating. Máximo explains that in love and war, all is legal. Máximo says he's okay for the match if the fans want it. Rush yells at the fans. Both he and Volador are still selling the fouls. One more set of replays.