CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #374 (01/19/2013) 
Recapped: 01/19/13

Match 1: Marcela vs Princesa Sugheit for the CMLL World Women's Championship
Arena Mexico, 01/13/2013

  1. Marcela step over armbar w/facegrab (2:27)

  2. Princesa Sugheit pendulum backbreaker (3:14)
  3. Marcela Michinoku Driver (5:23)

Winner: Marcela (2-1)
Match Time: 11:04
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. Sugheit is replacing Blanca – they don't quite explain it's due to the flu. No seconds.

1: Sugheit gets an early advantage with a well placed kicked and a legdrop on the leg. Sugheit puts Marcela in the ropes and kicks the left leg. She's in no hurry. Marcela pulls herself up on the apron. Sugheit charges, Marcela blocks, rolls in over here and rebounds armdrags her somewhat successful. Clothesline caught into the double underhook backbreaker. Marcela leans back to cover, but can only get two. Marcela off the ropes, Sugheit sunset flip roll thru kick to the face one two NO. Sugheit spine kick. Corner whip, Marcela up to the middle rope, springboard sunset flip one two NO. Marcela immediately puts on a step over armbar with facegrab, and that's that.

2: Marcela dropkick Sugheit repeatedly. A third is too many, Sugheit moves and kicks Marcela. Fireman's carry powerbomb one two NO. Camel clutch, Sugheit changing the facelock portion around and yanking Marcela's face. She's warned, so she switches to a double armscissors with leg grab. Marcela is hurting, but not enough to give up. Sugheit lets up, and kicks Marcela in the ribs. Stomp on the hand. Tree of Woe, running kick to the ribs. Tirabuzón, elbow ground in, and around into a cradle one two NO. Sugheit slaps Marcela in the backside. Corner whip, Marcela up to the middle rope, middle rope dropkick knocks Sugheit over. Corner whip, reversed, Marcela kips up into a headscissors. The speed of the match is much different when Marcela is in control. Double arm bridging suplex by Marcela, but only for two. Clothesline, no caught, and turns into Sugheit's pendulum backbreaker. Marcela gives.

3: Marcela casadora is turned into a tailbone drop. Sugheit puts on the double armscissors again, turning it over to a backslide like pin for two. Sugheit gets up and shakes her head. Sugheit charge, into a drop toe hold. Marcela tapatía! Sugheit shakes her head no, and Marcela rolls her back into a double pin, but both get a shoulder up at two. Whip, Marcela knee lift, Marcela knee lift, Marcela horrendously painful looking dropkick to the face. Replay makes it look more to the shoulder, but that was crazy live. Sugheit to the floor, Marcela slaps at her, but leaps right into Sugheit's kick. Sugheit back in but in no hurry. Marcela tries to come thru the ropes and gets kicked. Marcela blocks a ring post smash, kicks Sugheit away, and lands at op rope plancha - but Sugheit rolls thru one two NO. Marcela clothesline misses, Blanca sit down powerbombs one two NO. Sugheit covers again, no. Sugheit covers again, NO. Clothesline, Marcela blocks and tries for the double underhook, Sugheit breaks loose, Marcela kicks her and slams her. Off the ropes , springboard double stomp – no, Sugheit gets her boots up and Marcela bounces into the center of the ring in a lot of pain. Sugheit slowly covers one two NO. One person chants Marcela. Crowd has been way out of it for most of it. Sugheit tries to supelxes Marcela, but Marcela bocks and front suplexes her. Marcela rolls Sugheit over, goes up top, and sort of lands a top rope splash – she was turning because Sugheit wasn't in the position he wanted for it (though that's the position she put her in.) one two NO. Marcela grabs Sugheit by the hair, Michinoku Driver, sit on top pin one two three.

Marcela says she prepares hard no matter who she faces and wanted to win for the Arena Mexico fans. She's still willing to take on Blanca – for the title or for their hair.

JCC interviews Erika before previewing the next match.

Match 2: Máscara Dorada, Shocker ©, Valiente vs Black Warrior, Terrible ©, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 01/13/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:07
Rating: okay
Notes: Referee is Terror Chino. Comandante is with the rudos.

1: Valiente shows off with a multiple kip up armdrag on Tiger. Warrior yanks Dorada's arms around, but Dorada still flips to an armdrag comeback. Moonsault to the floor follows. Valiente headscissors Tiger out and topes him on the camera side. Terrible and Shocker are in for the fist time to finish it (as far as we've seen.) Terrible gets in a kick to he back and a couple clothesline, but the third is caught into the Dos Caras Clutch for three.

JCR interviews the Revolucionarios. Rey Escorpion makes fun of the Guerreros. Rudos officially name themselves the name we've been using for weeks. Oh well.

2: Tiger takes Shocker's run off offense. Black Warrior 'contributes' by dropkicking Tiger after Shocker gives him the stunner, but Warrior also turns around a sunset flip so Terrible can dropkick the técnico. Valiente dropkicks Warrior, but Terrible slaps him around before leaving Warrior in charge. Corner whip, Warrior misses the corner charge, Valiente misses the corner charge, Warrior trips up Valiente, Valiente crawls to the ropes just in time to take the 619. Tiger tags in and stops Valiente from tagging out, taking a swing at Dorada while he's at it. Tiger chops Valiente and celebrates chopping Valiente, but Valiente comes back with a springboard plancha and a quebradora. And another quebradora! Comandante trips Valiente up so Tiger can get in a kick, and then throws Valiente into the barricade. That's not nice. Warrior spears Dorada, and Terrible backdrops the técnico. Shocker tags in again, but gets stomped by everyone. Tiger superkicks Shocker in the corner,. Warrior kicks Shocker into the center of the ring and lands his middle rope guillotine legdrop. Terrible top rope splash to finish it.

3: Warrior puts Valiente into a armscissors, but he holds out and scoots close enough to grab the ropes. Tiger gives Valiente a tree of woe kick. Rudos slap Dorada around. Terrible gives Dorada Michinoku Driver, and Shocker breaks up that pin. Terrible overwhelms Shocker with slaps. Shocker rallies back with forearms to Terrible's face, moving him corner to corner before knocking him down. Mixed reaction to Shocker's posing – more cheers, but the boos want to be heard. Terrible takes the hip bounce out, Shocker springboards to the outside of the ropes and out with a plancha. Valiente and Warrior in, Warrior knocks down Valiente for a two count. Warrior shoulderblock for a two count. Corner whip, charge misses, something goes wrong with an armdrag but Valiente puts Warrior in the ramp trap half crab anyway. Dorada wraps up Tiger and that's the match.

Terrible chokes JCC and the rudos complain about Shocker. Tiger challenges Mascara Dorada to a mask match he's never going to get.

JCR interviews Sombra, who says his team is going to win.

Match 3: La Máscara, La Sombra ©, Titán vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión ©
Arena Mexico, 01/13/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. Revolucionarios
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:13
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Titan has his belt in entrances. The Revolucionarios dancing is always hilarious. Referee is Rafael el Maya.

1: Rey Escorpion tries claiming a foul on a Titan hiptoss. That's a new one. Sombra/Dragon Rojo chop battle turns into a forearm to the face battle. Dragon Rojo seems to get the worst of that. Mascara tags himself in on a corner whip, and planchas Rojo. Headscissors sends Rojo out, and Pólvora in. Flapjack, dropkick to the face sends Máscara out, so Titan comes in with a springboard headscissors. Rey Escorpion bots him in the face, so Sombra springboard dropkicks him. Sombra huge tope con giro take s out the rudo. Máscara trips up Pólvora one the way back in and puts him in a tapatia, though tries a couple tries to get Pólvora up. Pólvora gives, and Titan flips off the top into a slow 'rana on Dragon Rojo for the other pin.

2: Mascara cleans out the masked rudo with superkicks, then Rey Escorpion with a flipping armdrag and a rolling dropkick. As someone (in the crowd, I think) oddly makes a Tarzan yell, Titan is worked over both rudos. Titan uses some 1 on 2 attacks, including kicking Rey Escorpion into a reverse bodyscissors no Pólvora, holding his partner up for a dropkick. Handwalk backflip headscissors sends Escorpion out. Sombra and Dragon Rojo tussle before the Pólvora gets in a cheap shot from outside. Dragon Rojo knocks a complaining Titan off the apron for good measure. Sombra makes his own comeback, rudos eager to roll right over him. Boost dropkick sends Dragon Rojo out, springboard backspring headscissors ends Escorpion to the ropes, but Dragon trips up Sombra from the outside. Pólvora trips up the tecnicos from the outside, and Escorpion catapult Sombra into a double dropkick. Scorpion finishes it.

3: Dragon Rojo runs Sombra from corner to corner for clotheslines and a low blow dropkick. Very obvious clip here – mostly they've just been coming into falls late to cut time until now. Rudos stomp down Sombra, but he gets up and fights back for a moment. Pólvora flapjacks Sombra. Mascara rolls under a double clothesline and dropkicks Pólvora to start the comeback. Quebradora for Escorpion, Dragon Rojo turned into a tope on Pólvora. Titan springboard armdrags Dragon Rojo, then goes out with a top rope springboard moonsault. Sombra and Escorpion in to finish it. Escorpion runs into a powerslam, Double moonsault nicely saved by Escorpion one two three.

Announcers wrap up the show.