CMLL on CadenaTres #265 (12/29/2012) 
Recapped: 01/02/13

Announcers – down to three for the moment, but more are around once they get better – welcome us to the show.

Double hair match promo.

Match 1: Fantasy, Shockercito, Stukita vs Demus 3:16, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Warrior
Arena Mexico, 12/25/2012

  1. rudos

  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 16:02
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano

1: Fantasy, back in his winning green, and Olímpico start with a mostly even exchange. Olímpico ends up armdragged out. Shocker and Warrior do the one arm lift/armbar spot. Shockercito escapes that with a casadora armdrag, then headscissors warrior to the ramp – where Warrior runs all the way up to scare the cameraman and steal his baseball cap. Stukita starts off his CMLL career with a flipping run, but Demus soon clotheslines him. Stukita may be the lightest guy on the roster now; he's much thinner than Halcón. Shockercito is smaller but definitely thicker - Stukita is a rail. Demus bites Stuka, drops him with the shoulder powerslam, and slaps him in the chest hard. Demus sets Stukita on the top rope, pulls him off, and drops him with the Valagueza. One two three, no offense for Stukita. Warrior finishes Fantasy, and Olímpico knocks down Shockercito just to do it.

2: Fantasy takes the double death valley driver. Warrior, still in the baseball cap, teases like he's going to dive onto Fantasy, but just runs back and forth for a while. Shockercito gets annoyed with that silliness and attacks Warrior, briefly removing his hat. Demus gives Stukita a Fuerza punt and gets away with it. Giant swing/dropkick spot is brought back, because Stukita is really easy for Demus to swing. Warrior misses a corner charge to start the Shockercito comeback,. He clears out the rudos all on his own, but Warrior comes back in and boots him to stop a dive. Stukita top rope armdrags Warrior (who loses his hat again), and trips him thru the ropes. Fantasy planchas Olímpico, and rolls him around into the cradle. Meanwhile, Warrior comes back in (hmm), Stukita drops him in the center of the ring, and land the torpedo plancha for three. The fans boo, which Karla points out.

Double hair match promo.

Mystery 2013 guy promo.

3: Stukita oles Warrior for a while. He can't quite stick the running front flip, keeps going, and he wand Warrior look lost late in their exchange, with Warrior kicking Stukita in the middle of a dropkick to stop whatever they were doing. Warrior calls a spot and corner clothesline Stukita into the rudo corner. Stukita has no idea if he's supposed to tag out or whatever, but Warrior just steps on his ankle to stop him and hands him off to Olímpico. Olímpico punches Stukita into the técnico corner, so that does that. Fantasy and Olímpico are much smoother, Fantasy showing off some flipping armdrags. Demus does his técnico mocking before facing Shockercito. Shocker doesn't have to duck to get under clotheslines, but does get spun out by a Demus shoulderblock. Demus is so proud of himself. Warrior gives Demus a kiss, which Demus is not so happy with. Shockercito tries a double headscissors into an armdrag, but loses it on the last part and just falls to the mat. Demus sort of sentons him and poses. This match has some good ideas but has not been so smooth. Big spinning headscissors sends Demus out, and Shocker stops to do the Shocker bicep kiss. Shocker belatedly climbs up, but the rudos trip him off and knocks him to the mat. Rudos hold him over the ropes for a Demus dropkick to the ramp. Fantasy knocks Warrior out of the ring, then uses Olímpico to grab to the top rope and moonsault into – maybe feet onto Demus, though it wasn't clear and Fantasy went straight to the floor. Stukita boost dropkick doesn't look great, then Olímpico almost whiffs on the trip spot. Warrior's legdrop to the floor is more a sit. Shockercito crawls to his feet, but Olímpico gives him a half crab /armbar to finish him.

Match 2: Goya Kong, Lady Afrodita, Marcela vs Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit, Tiffany
Arena Mexico, 12/25/2012

  1. rudas

  2. técnicas
  3. técnicas

Winner: técnicas
Match Time: 15:06
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra. Tiffany has a Santa outfit. I think Afrodita might have changed her hair style, or it's just poking thru the mask in a different way.

1: Sugheit has no problem with Afrodita, Sugheit has a problem with Afrodita, the other rudas attack her and start the beatdown there. Rudas go thru each técnicas, mostly yanking Afrodita's leans and all slapping Goya, because there's not much more they can do. Princesas toss Goya off the middle rope for a pin. Sugheit and Tiffany submit the other two at the other time. Tiffany's needs some more practice.

2: Rudos maintain control. Marcela is the only one they try doing spots with, but she's all the one who gets to star the comeback by evading corner charges, and holding the rudas in place for a Goya corner splash . Afrodita leisurely walks off the apron for a silla on Tiffany. Easiest dive you can do it still doesn’t look right. Goya quickly submits Blanca, and Marcela pins Blanca. Afrodita is incredibly soft with Tiffany.

Double hair match promo.

3: Goya does her usual offense. Video freezes during it, but that's okay. Sugheit kicks a lot. Why am I watching this match? Sugheit goofs around. Blanca is able to trip giant Goya Kong just by grabbing her foot as she runs by. Got to work on the lower body strength, I guess. Marcela/Blanca is only decent part of this match, though it also includes Marcela giving up on a double underhook backbreaker pin because she either didn't mean to do cover, or she didn't want a kickout there. Afrodita cause the rudas to hit each other, leads them into a Marcela plancha, and the two smaller tecnica splash the rudas into Goya's ready to finish it.

Match 3: La Máscara, Shocker, Titán vs Black Warrior, Felino, Pólvora
Arena Mexico, 12/25/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 16:05
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Maya.

1: Pólvora really wants to fight Shocker for some reason. Shocker is not as interested until Pólvora hits him. Titan tags him in, Pólvora and Shocker circle, and Pólvora now slaps Titan. (Cameras miss it, of course.) Shocker lets Titan back in, who starts swinging, but Pólvora demands Shocker again. Tag out! Shocker back in. Shocker armdrags and puts Pólvora in various armbars, which he can't escape but can use to cradle Shocker for pins. Felino reaches out from the apron, and gets slapped in the face. Pólvora uses the moment to tag off. Warrior and Shocker have a random intense faceoff, and a chop fight inside. Warrior invites Shocker to take it outside, then just laughs as Shocker leaves. Shocker comes back, Warrior leaves, Pólvora comes in again. Shocker has had enough of this and tags in Mascara. Mascara's fans shriek. Pólvora tags in Felino. Referee Maya seems a bit frustrated wit this. I am too. Zero trips, then Mascara oles Felino until Felino decides to stop and tease striping. Mascara does as well. Tags, and Warrior just stares a hole thru Titan as he flips in. He laughs and the young dude. Titan armdrags Warrior, Warrior takes him out with a dropkick to the knee. Leg twisting goes on until Shocker breaks it up. Warrior inside cradle suplexes Titan for fun, then celebrates. Titan struggles to his feet just to get Kicked down. And again! Warrior grabs a leg, and Titan immediately hooks a 'rana. Mascara jumps in to prevent the rudos from breaking up the pin. Titan gets the three count, and Máscara trips up Felino for the casita. Shocker chases Pólvora away.

2: Rudos return to beating up Titan, who apparently is unable to fight back from kicks to the inner leg tonight. Felino does strip off his Santa vest, so Mascara does strip off his hoodie, then quebradora Felino out of the ring. Warrior stops Mascara with a DDT, but Warrior comes back with kicks leading to the superkick. Titan hops back in to fight Pólvora, who just rather leave. I think we missed a Shocker turn, but that's okay. Titan slowly walks avfter Pólvora up the ramp, and they're both on pace to get counted out with ease. Titan finally grabs Pólvora and pulls him back, but Pólvora breaks free and demands Titan go back first. This ends up with Shocker and Felino in the ring, Shocker refusing Felino's handshake. Shocker goes on his usual run off offense, and also does the ole bit with Pólvora. Pólvora manges to chop and dropkick Shocker into spinning around and falling position for Warrior's elbow drop. Pólvora Driver, Shocker's pinned, and that's it.

3: Corner clotheslines for Titan. Pólvora slowly back all the way up and runs back to dropkick Titan in the face. Tian's mask is untied and his hair is pouring out the back. Shocker is the only short haired man who's ever come from Guadalajara. Warrior clotheslines Titan then clotheslines Shocker for trying to help. Warrior low blow headbutts Titan, who complains about the foul but gets no call. Pólvora slaps Titan down. Whip is a bad move, because it allows Titan to handspring side kick Pólvora. Titan dropkicks Pólvora out, but Felino runs him over with a clothesline. Warrior's big boot his his partner by mistake, but he's able to trip Titan and 619 kick him. Máscara, apparently bored of watching, walks in and dropkicks Warrior finally. Mascara miss a corner charge, but Warrior clotheslines him for two. Shoulderblock for two. Shocker ducks a clothesline, powerslams, Warrior for two. Máscara escapes a corner charge, but Warrior urns him over with a good spear. Good enough for the replay. Mascara slides out, and his superkick comes somewhat near Warrior's face. Catapult into the ringpost looks a lot better. Shocker gives Felino a flurry of punches and holds him in a timekilling hold, but Pólvora breaks it up. Titan in, and Pólvora happy about it for some reason. Titan ducks a clothesline, handwalk, backflip headscissors cradle one two three.

Titan goes after Pólvora's mask, and throws him up the aisle. Shocker and Mascara strut in the ring. Titan gets the microphone, notes he beat Polvora again, says he's a man of few words, but wants the title and a title match. Pólvora just walks off and leaves, so I guess he's a man of no words. Titan gets the microphone, say he'd like it in Arena Coliseo, Arena Mexico or his favorite Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, but he wants the match. Pólvora returns, and tells everyone to be quiet. This gets a little bit of reaction, so Pólvora keeps doing it, and then decides he's leaving. Shocker's got him cut off though, so Pólvora is stuck in the ring for lack of any place to go. Titan threatens to beat Pólvora, but the referee gets in the middle of that. Pólvora poses to boos

CMLL History Capsule: Ringo Mendoza sings. And also talks about his career. It seems like they're jumping over a lot of years here.

CMLL Stellar Moments

Triunfo: Hombre Bala Jr. frontcracker on Super Comando, and a super Halcón corner death valley driver onto Artillero

Rudo: Okumura dropkicks Monito and brainbusters Stuka Jr.

Lance: Valiente Special on to Averno

Castigo: Averno middle rope Devil's Wings

Combinacion: Aero Italiano on Psicosis, Azul's escuedo on Mr. Aguila

Match 4: Negro Casas vs Guerrero Maya Jr. for the NWA World Welterweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 12/25/2012

  1. Guerrero Maya hammerlock suástica (4:11)

  2. Negro Casas casita (1:16)
  3. Negro Casas casita (5:52)

Winner: Negro Casas
Match Time: 11:20
Rating: good
Notes: Maya is in his Mayan headdress. No Zacarias, who must've been needed elsewhere. Negro wears his belt under his shirt, for a dramatic reveal. Seconds are Starman and Disturbio (in his only appearance on the show.) Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Early chain wrestling includes Negro trying to spread Maya's legs and twisting Maya' s foot. Negro is distracted by the fans chanting for him, and almost gets reversed then. Maya pulls him over for a dueling chinlock, and dueling bridges out of the pin. Maya floats around on top for another two count, then holds Negro with an elbowlock. Negro scoots around to a takedown and traps Maya's leg between his own. Maya reverses into an armscissors, but Negro locks his hands to block, and rolls Maya over on to his shoulder for two. Maya rolls back in time and goes for the hold again, but Negro squirms out and flips Maya on his stomach. Maya escapes to a toe hold, but Negro hooks on his own and keep it on as Maya tries to roll free. They battle over complicated leg holds, Negro eventually escaping to for an armscissors of his own. Maya battles free and rolls to tie up the legs. They're going on the amt a long time by CMLL standards. Maya headlock, Negro shoves him back, standoff with Maya posing. Cirlce. Lockup, Maya hammerlock, Negro back elbows, Maya ducks, picks Negro's leg, and Negro's suddenly in Maya's hammerlock suástica! Negro's done.

That was nice. Maya outsmarted Negro. Fans boo, because they're horrible rudo fans. Negro is so confused as to how he lost. Someone's making a loud horn noise that's so annoying, announcers included.

2: Maya hiptosses a charging Negro, thens tops a whip into the corner to start his armdrag run. Negro out, Maya easily topes him. Replay. Negro grabs Maya by the back of his gear, and shoves him into the barricade. Those are loud, so Negro dos it again, Maya hitting the top of the barricade with his hip and bending backwards over. Negro in, Maya on the apron, Negro hiptosses Maya in. Maya lands on his knees, right in position for the casita one two three. Negro poses. Disturbio happily makes belt poses.

3: Circle. Lockup. Negro holds down Maya in an elbow lock, then steps over knee drops the inside of the elbow. Twice. On the third time, Negro stays setting and twists and bites the free wrist. Maya kicks to the mat in pain, and Negro's warned into letting go. Negro up and holding Maya in a cravate. Negro chokes Maya onto the middle rope, then kicks it. Corner whip, reversed, Negro slide out, Maya slide out and aches him around, Negro slide in, Maya slide in after, Negro misses a clothesline, Maya doesn't miss a running elbow. Maya northern lights suplex one two NO. Crowd getting loud. Negro half nelson sweep cradle, but only two. Negro getting upset with the count, bu the ref don't care. Negro crab, and Maya is slow to move. He does kick Negro away, then puts on his own crab, oddly grabbing at the knees before locking it on – and Negro gets his feet on the ropes right away. Maya lets go, drags Negro to the center of to her in, grabs the arms, and holds Maya up in a tapatía. Negro breaks free, twits the legs, and puts on a crossface. Maya grabs the ropes real quick. Crowd is a mix of chants for both. Chop fight, Negro getting the better of it. Clothesline leave them both staggered. Maya misses his next one, Negro dropkick to the knee, Maya shoves him off and waves his finger no. Clothesline may blocks and goes for Sacrifica Maya, but Negro says his finger no. Negro drags Maya to the ropes, drops a leg, and casually goes to the middle rope. Senton, one two NO. Whip, quick reverse, May goes for Sacrificia May again – and gets it! COVER! Maya stands next to Negro, then sits on top of him while pulling the legs back. Tiger Hispano walk to the other side of Negro at the same time, and Negro hooks Hispano's right leg and pulls back as Maya rolls back. Hispano slowly falls onto top of Maya, breaking up the pin. Maya think tiger Hispano just tripped and slaps him on the back, but Negro has this planned all along – dropkick to the knee, casita, one two three.

Negro starts to get his belt back on, but stop to pose instead. Maya argues about the finish, but gets nowhere with it. Announcers break down the replay many times, then wrap up with a mention of the double hair match next week. Double hair match promo ends it.