CMLL on Televisa #1131 (12/08/2012) 
Recapped: 12/11/2012

Match 1: Metálico, Super Halcón Jr., Tigre Blanco © vs Artillero, Súper Comando ©, Taurus
Arena Mexico, 11/30/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 14:25
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Edgar.

1: Halcón and Artillero don't get anywhere (or are clipped out if they do.) Metálico holds down Comando in an armbar for a while, but he's able to armdrag away. They go thru a lot more chain wrestling fine, then have a little more trouble when they speed it up. Metálico shows off headscissors and a fireman's escape rope bounce armdrag, but still gets slapped down into the rudo corner. Metálico tries to fight all three, only succeeds for a moment. He does get whipped back to the técnicos, and slide out to allow Blanco to come in with an armdrag. Artillero runs into a kick and a Falcon Arrow for a pin. Halcón smashes Taurus into the corner for the other pin.

2: Taurus clotheslines Halcón while Super Comando freaks out in celebration behind him. Halcón comes back with a spinning armdrag, and we do not get to see what Comando takes of that. Halcón missile dropkick sends Taurus to the apron, Halcón meets him there for a back suplex there. Artillero asks for a handshake and just gets chopped. Blanco runs into a flapjack, and Artillero angrily stomps him a bit. Corner whip, reversed, Blanca charge in, Artillero tosses him up but Blanco headstands (slightly) into a kick. Casadora armdrag sends Artillero flying out, and Blanco follows with a push off headscissors. Blanco comes back in and Comando kicks him around. Blanco makes a tag to Metálico that's disallowed because he has his foot on the ropes, so they have to repeat the spot until Metálico get it right. Comando loudly chops Metálico around and kicks him around. Whip, double flapjack. Artillero kicks Halcón questionably low. Blanco comes back in and is kicked from behind. Artillero goes to work on Blanco's forehead, but there's no way he's bleeding on this show. Blanco held over the ropes for a double kick. Metálico drags his partner back to the corner to tag himself in, but gets trapped on the mat and Artillero unties his mask. Double backdrop for Metálico, and a rough looking clothesline from Taurus. Taurus shoulders Metálico int the rudo corner, and they all stomp him until Edgar's warning get too severe. Metálico starts crawling to his corner, stomps, and Taurus picks him up to push him into the corner. Great. Halcón in, Taurus corner charge, Halcón sets him on top and climbs up, Taurus blocks him (that seems familiar) and gives him a layout faceslam. Taurus covers, but Metálico breaks up the pin from outside. Metálico and Taurus chop it out, Taurus winning and bring in his partners. Metálico escapes the wheelbarrow set up, kicking Comando and armdragging Artillero. Taurus kicks Metálico out, but Blanco clotheslines him. Crowd starting to get restless. Taurus turns in to Blanco's feet, and Artillero dropkicks Taurus by mistake on a sunset flip, thought hat spot didn't look well. Blanco backdrops Artillero all the way to the floor and follows with a plancha. Halcón takes advantage of more rudos screw up but nearly lands on his head on a boost headscissors. Tope con giro to the floor by Halcón takes out Taurus. Metálico in, Comando runs into a high backdrop. Metálico spinning small package one two NO. Comando is concerned. Clothesline misses, Metálico dropkick does not. Dropkick again. Metálico off the ropes, Comando tosses him up and fouls him on the way down. That's it.

Rudos keep out the other técnicos and unmasked Metálico, then stomp him.

Announcers stand with the Copa Junior trophy to hype the match.

Mystery man teaser. You can see a bit more of him.


CMLL Cartela: Sunday @ Arena Coliseo, Terrible, Euforia, Ultimo Guerrero vs Marco Corleone, Sombra, La Mascara

Match 2: La Sombra vs Volador Jr.Negro CasasÁngel de OroMephistoLa MáscaraTigerMáscara DoradaOlímpicoDelta in a CMLL La Copa Junior semifinal match
Arena Mexico, 11/30/2012

Winner: La Sombra
Match Time: 22:46
Rating: great
Notes: Participants are shown while the match is already going. Sides are rudos vs técnicos. Mije and Zacarias are with the rudos. Babe Richard is referee.

Sombra, wearing body paint similar to his usual shirt, and Negro Casas battle to a draw while they show us everything but the ring. Volador sends out Mije to fight Mascara. Mascara kicks him back. Volador tells Mije he's done his best, and pulls down the hood on his hoodie, but keeps it on while fighting Mascara (and for the entirety of the match.) Mascara is wearing his shirt too. Got to sell the merchandise. They have a battle of rollups for zero counts before tagging out. Olímpico runs Delta over as they both come in. Delta lets Olímpico runs the ropes a few times, dropkicks him out when he tries, and follows with the roll over the top rope headscissors to the floor. Delta comes back in to roll and point at the rudos. Tiger and Mascara Dorada face off. Chop fight, Dorada shoulderblock, Dorada leaps over, but rolls into the dropkick to the backside. Whip, clothesline, springboard armdrag by Dorada, and then a headscissors into an armdrag to send Tiger out. Angel de Oro and Mephisto in, Oro managing a big sit down hiptoss on the bigger man. Oro flips to the apron, but is dropkicked off while trying to slingshot back in. He lands in front of the rudos, who happily stomp him before he gets in the way. Sombra rushes over to make sure nothing more happens. Meanwhile, Delta springboard armdrags Ephesto out, then reverse headscissors Tiger. Powerslams for Tiger, leaving him into the corner for a running boot to the face. Delta covers for two. Evasion, Delta handspring meets Tiger backcracker one two three. Bye, Delta.

Dorada springboard headscissors Tiger out, then immediately follows with a springboard tope con giro to the floor, all in one motion on that. Replay of Delta's elimination and break.

Sombra and Volador are back in as they resume. Double flipping runs, Sombra headscissors, pausing shoulderblock, hide in the ropes and Volador dropkicks him out. Volador follows with a big tope con giro of his own. Olímpico and Máscara in, Olímpico back elbow and boots and clotheslines Mascara round. Olímpico makes the mistake to stop to dance – a mistake on so many levels – and Mascara recovers. Casadora into the campana, Olímpico is done. Immediate replay.

Negro and Angel de Oro exchange kicks, Negro winning that. They switch to forearms, Negro uses his low bounce off the ropes trick to win that. Negro climbs up backwards to the top rope, a usual Achilles heel for him, and Oro dropkicks him out. Oro middle rope moonsault wipes him out. Mephisto in, but Dorada springboard planchas him. Torito one two NO. Dorada under a Mephisto clothesline, springboard - into a counter dropkick! Mephisto ties up his legs Dorada cradles him one two NO. Dorada slaps Mephisto, corner whip, reversed, Mephisto charges in, Dorada flips him to the apron, Mephisto slaps him away and climbs up. Dorada charges from the opposite corner of the ring, walks up to the top turnbuckle, but gets smacked by Mephisto in the hip. Mephisto slowly steadies himself on the top, holding on Dorada – top rope Devil's Wings! One two three.

Máscara in, rolling dropkick sends Mephisto out. Mascara topes him right away on the rudo side, but there's not enough of them left to really attack him. Sombra and Negro in, exchanging chops. They both pause for the crowd, who's way into this. Negro heel kick, off the ropes, Sombra slips behind and clotheslines him. Corner whip, Sombra charge in, Negro kicks him away., Negro charges out, Sombra powerslams him. Sombra has plans for more, but Negro rolls out. Tiger comes in to face Sombra, all excited. Sombra is not impressed. Sombra does the Volador howl to try and taunt him into coming in, but Tiger ain't budging. Sombra tags out to Angel de Oro instead. Oro misses a charge, but turns into a Tiger superkick. Tiger slaps Oro into the ropes. Whip, Oro does the outside in moonsault sequence for two. Oro slaps Tiger into the ropes. Whip, evasion, Oro slowly rolls into a Tiger dropkick to the chest one two NO. Tiger shoves Angel de Oro into the corner, corner charge, corner clothesline, corner clothesline blocked into a Oro's Skayde Speical one two three. Replay and break.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday @ Arena Mexico – Dragon Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpion vs Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, Niebla Roja

All three remaining rudos in as they resume, with Volador and Mephisto giving Mascara a rebound double hiptoss and Negro kicking Máscara down after it. Sombra and Oro come in with springboard dropkicks. Máscara superkicks Negro out. Odd crowd shot here, then all three técnicos toping all three rudos on the same side. Máscara and Volador back in, Volador clothesline misses, Máscara superkicks him. Máscara casadora, but Volador slips away before the campana. Volador flips Mascara to the apron, they fight and climbs up, Máscara shoves Volador off, Volador backflips into his feet, Máscara clothesline misses, Volador superkick, Volador backcracker, one two three.

Crowd chants for Volador as Sombra comes in to face him. Sombra off the ropes, Mephisto kicks him from behind. Whip, clothesline misses, Sombra boosted into a 'rana, Mephisto saves it in time. Babe Richard is being awful lenient about letting multiple people in. Rudo double team fails again, Sombra casadora cradle on Mephisto has to be broken up by Volador. Volador tries straight holding Sombra for Mephisto, and that fails horribly. Sombra flips to apron, forearms Mephisto back, and comes back in with a flip 'rana one two three! Replay.

Final four are Volador, Negro Casas, La Sombra and Angel de Oro. Negro and angel duck each other's clothesline, Angel de Oro dropkick to the knee, casita, Negro out and into one of his own one two three. Negro Casas owns Angel de Oro!

Sombra and Volador back in. Volador misses a clothesline, Sombra springboard backspin headscissors him out. Sombra up top, crowd shot, top rope moonsault to the floor. Sombra hurting, but landing on his feet. Negro goes for his own move, but his silla hits Volador by mistake. Sombra wasn't even in the picture, but that's because he ducked down and the cameras totally missed it. Negro tries to crawl back in, but Sombra pulls him back and gets himself. Replay still misses Negro ducking down. Break.

Negro up top, Sombra catches him up to him, and superplexes him into the center of the ring. Crowd shot as they cover. Sombra up first. Whip, reversed, Sombra sunset flip, rolled back in time for Volador to accidentally dropkick Negro by mistake. Volador is sad, and pays too much attention to Negro with Sombra behind him. Brillante Bomb one two Negro kicks the bridge apart. Sombra is fired up, but tripped and casita-ed one two – Volador breaks it up on purpose! I don't know what Volador is mad about, except he's always kind of this way. He and Negro shove each other. Volador tries to point the crowd is on his side, but Negro don't care. Sombra inside cradle on Volador, Volador rolls thru, front cracker on Sombra. Negro trips up Volador before he can react, casita – would that count? It shouldn't, but Sombra breaks it up anyway. Sombra corner clothesline on Negro, Volador right behind with a running heel kick to the face. Sombra waits for Volador to turn around for a clothesline, but Volador takes off Sombra's head with a superkick instead! Sombra flipped crazy on that. Everyone's down. Negro crawls towards the far ropes and pulls himself up. Volador charges, Negro flips him to the apron and heel kicks him. Sombra charges, Negro flips him to the apron and heel kicks him, then kicks at Sombra's chest as he's trapped thru the ropes. Negro does one too many, and Sombra grabs it and gives him a big dragon screw. Volador and Sombra both climb up, and Volador pulls of Sombra with a tope rope headscissors! Volador covers, Negro patiently waits for the count to get to two and then kicks Volador in the head to break up the pin. Negro takedown on Volador, scorpion. Babe Richard throws his hands up for the half second it lasts before Sombra smacks Negro in the back of the head. Sombra grabs Negro, Volador waistlock Sombra to pull him away, Negro sings and hits Volador by not much mistake. Negro starts to hit Sombra, but then decide he'd rather chop fight Volador. Zacarias runs in and stomps Volador. Mije comes in to argue, and Volador lays him out with a clothesline. Negro shrugs. Mije reverses a whip and dropkicks Zacarias out, then planchas him from the apron. Negro dropkick to Volador's knee, casita, no, Sombra puts a casita on him one two three! Negro gets beat by his own hold.

Graphic for the final two. Sombra misses a clothesline, superkicks, backcracker! Volador not done yet, Sombra to the corner, Volador charges, Volador Spiral! One two NO! The girls are loudly behind Sombra here. Volador is sure that should've been three, and Mije is so sure that he comes in and raises Volador's arm. It doesn't work that way, but nice try. Mije's ordered to leave. Volador goes to the apron, pounds his chest, and slowly goes up. This seems like a bad plan! Sombra jumps out to he middle rope, smacks Volador, and gives him a tight Spanish fly. One two three!

Announcers wrap up. 2013 guy closes it.