AAA Fusion #5 (11/07/2012) 
Recapped: 11/08/12

Last Month: Dr. Wagner Jr. & LA Park teamed, barely got along, but noted how awesome they were together should they manage to stay that way.

Our friend LA Park again says he and Mesías would be the best trio ever in the history of the world, totally invincible, if Wagner will just agree to it.

Announcers hype the main event, and the mixed trios opener.

Mari Apache and Maestro de Maestro note they face Fabi Apache once again. Halloween is a good partner, but Gran Apache is deadly. Gran Apache laughs off Cuervo.

Cuervo & Faby Apache tells their opponents to prepare for war.

Match 1: Cuervo, Fabi Apache, Lolita vs Gran Apache, Mari Apache, Taya Valkyrie
Arena Neza, 11/03/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 10:55
Rating: good
Notes: Mari has her belt. Ring announcement really bounces around the arena. Lolita is dressed up like Tiffany, more or less, with a black open top jump suit. She's got a bit cut out of one leg, and it's exposing either an ugly bruise or an indescribable tattoo. It has to be a tattoo, but it just looks like a red bruise on TV. It also could be a Dia de la Muertos bit I'm just not getting. Cuervo and Fabi enter together. Referee is Copetes.

Cuervo and Apache are fighting before the bell, which starts everyone taking out everyone else in turn. Taya is last woman standing, and picks Lolita back up to forearm her a bit. Lolita ducks a clothesline and hooks on a satellite armbar, but Gran Apache breaks that up with a slap. Rudos take the ring from there.

They slap and kicks around each técnico for a while before doing anything to them. Catapult hold, Taya split legged legdrop on Lolita sounds good but doesn’t seem right. Not as hard as a normal legdrop. Cuervo takes a backdrop, a Mari senton, and Taya moonsault. Probably should be a count on the pin – Taya thinks so – but Copetes doesn't bother when he sees Fabi coming in. After she's slapped around for a while, Faby makes her comeback off a boot to counter a corner charge. Kicks all around, until the rudos roll out to regroup.

Lolita vs Taya in a dance contest and pose off. Crowd seems more behind Taya. Taya and Lolita struggle a bit, including Taya tumbling into an armdrag.

Mari boots Fabi in the face as he's posing, so life is normal for them. Fabi rallies back and headscissors Mary out.

Cuervo's flurry off offense ends with a DDT, and boosting Fabi into a pescado on Apache. Cuervo adds his own tope to the Maestro de Maestro, guess this is just dive time. Taya moonsault to the outside onto the pile. Lolita and Mari back in, Lolita pins Mari with a casadora cradle but Copetes is slow getting down and Lolita barely gets one. Mari knocks Lolita with a hard clothesline, calls for the finish, brainbuster. One two three. Announcers note the faster count.

Bernado interviews Dr. Wagner Jr. - is he interested in the trio? Wagner is okay with teaming with, not sure about LA Park. Park keeps talking about wanting his title or his mask, which makes Wagner not to trust him, and Park wouldn't be able to do it. Wagner takes he can beat the traitor and Mascara if he and Park work together, and if Park accepts that Wagner is better.

Main event graphic.

Consejo Paid Announcement: Silver King is not going to surprise Wagner with a betrayal, he's going to beat Wagner when he knows he's coming. Mascara will take care of LA Park.

Match 2: Dr. Wagner Jr. & LA Park vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. & Silver King
Arena Neza, 11/03/2012

Winner: Consejo
Match Time: 18:08
Rating: so bad
Notes: Silver has a separate entrance. Mascara wears his mask to the ring, and I've finally figured out he's doing it because no one will know who he is if he doesn't. La Parka is wearing his old mask. Copetes is the referee for this match as well. More interestingly, the Mexico State commissioner is insisting Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. unmask before the match starts. He doesn't like this idea. Not sure why Silver King is okay. Rudos stall, but the commissioner is not getting off the apron until something is done. Copetes tries to tell the commissioner to get lost and calls for the whistle, but the commissioner is unmoving.

Mascara and the commissioner chat for a bit. Copetes tries getting everyone to go to their corner. Crowd is into chanting for Wagner, so that's good. Park and Wagner argue over whatever, and give each other mean hand gestures. They argue. Mascara did talk the commissioner into leaving.

Silver/Park relay is Felino comedy. Totally domination, until stopped by an argument with Wagner and following rudo double teams. No problem, La Park makes his own comeback and kicks Silver King around. Wagner comes inf or no reason, and LA Park gets angry at him for no reason. Silver tries to take advantage, gets beat again, but Wagner sneaks into cover while LA Park is strutting. They argue some more. Break.

Wagner's unmasked Mascara Año 2000 on the ramp when we return, but Park takes the rudo over to snap mare himself. LA Park tease a kick, but choose to argue with Wagner instead. Shoving, Wagner goes down easy and dares Park to kick him. They pose off instead, which seems appropriate. Wagner takes over in the ring, his turn to totally demolish the rudos. Park tries to sabotage Wagner, which doesn't work. Mascara gets in very token offense. Silver doesn't get it even that much. Park finally succeeds in tripping up Wagner, the third attempt, and comes in the ring to kick him. Park rips up the mask and poses, which is the only thing that gets a lot reaction here. Park bite at the mask and punches Wagner's head for a while. Consejo politely ask him to stop so they can get in some stomps. Park wanders off to go pose, then takes care of Consejo 1 on 2 without much trouble. Wagner replays Park with a trip of his own and punches Park out. Wagner rips up Park's mask – maybe that's why he wore an old one – but also steps out of the way so Mascara can stomp park out. Wagner makes a 1 on 2 beatdown, Wagner Drivers for both guys. Park comes back in, Wagner off the ropes and avoiding, then knocking down his partner/rival with a tope. They punch at each other, Consejo break it up, Silver death valley driver on Park, Schwein on Wagner, three count. Thank god this is over.

Consejo pose and leave. LA Park complains about the Wagner chant, which gets one started. LA Park yells and gets bleeped at Wagner. This goes nowhere.