AAA on Televisa #1069 (11/04/2012) 
Recapped: 11/07/12

Previously: Los Consejo invaded, caused havoc, acquired a Silver King, won Copa Pena, lost Copa Pena, challenged for a title shot.

(noti AAA without being called Noti AAA)

recaps Vampiro & Joe Lider winning the tag titles, Abyss turning on Chessman, Vampiro making the save, and Chessman turning on Vampiro.

Jesus introduces us to Samurai del Sol as a brilliant talent from Chicago, and says he's looking for Octagon.

And that takes us to the La Parka & Octagon discussion skit that started – what, a month ago? - that seemed to be forgotten. Not so much; Parka introduces Octagon to Samurai del Sol. Samurai says it's a big honor to meet Octagon, he was a big fan since he was young. Octagon compliments Samurai's style. Samurai says lucha libre is his life, and Octagon appears to take him on as student. Wait, is Octagon still a rudo? This was supposed to get to the end of that.

Upcoming Shows
11/09 Puebla
11/15 Naucalpan – new!

The Reinas del Ring walk to the ring with the Antonio Pena flags walk around the ring. They usually don't have time to show this; maybe they were thrown by the extra length of the show.

Match 1: Argenis, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Dark Dragon, Mini Charly Manson, Pasion Kristal
Plaza de Toros Jorge Gutiérrez, Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo, 10/12/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 8:21
Rating: ok
Notes: Full entrances shown. Argenis wears a half Místico/Sin Cara mask to the ring, but takes it off for his normal mask. Jesus tries to escape without being kissed, but it just leads to more talk between Pimpinela and Jesus. Referee is Piero.

Match starts of with some Pimpinela & Cristal on the mat, then hairpulling, and then the rudos rushing the ring. Sagrada takes a low blow dropkick. Beatdown itself doesn't last long, and Pimpi causes people to run into his backside like usual to start the comeback. Argenis has trouble getting to the top rope for moonsault (and they stick with it on TV for a long time.) Everyone goes back to their corners for showcases. Sagrada shows off spinning armdrags with Charly, gets dropped by a Dragon Sling Blade. Sagrada comes back with a spiffy double rotation headscissors that leads to another one sending Dragon dizzily out. Argenis looks bad with Kristal, and better with Charly. Springboard headscissors on Dragon ends his run. Pimpinela walks the ropes, dances, and armdrags. Mini Charly takes the kiss. Sagrada Asai springboard planchas on him. Cristal takes an insane hiptoss to the floor – probably accidentally so - then Pimpi uses Dragon to walk the ropes and leap off with a tope con giro onto the rudos. Argenis and Dragon come back in, Dark Dragon puts him in a Gori stretch (Andres: “Gorilla Press!” - but he corrects himself), Sagrada tries to break it up, Dragon grabs him while the holds is till on, and gives that double underhook piledriver while giving Argenis a Gori Special. That's not the finish, Argenis finish. Crowd way into the match, but that really has to be the finish. Instead, Argenis pulls of a top rope 'rana and a standing moonsault for the win. Wrong guy won.

El Consejo are out right away to attack the técnicos. It's Toscano, Texano, Silver and Mascara, no sign of Argenis (or Semental, I guess.) Pimpi gets whipped, and they try to crotch Sagrada to lit him up by the bullrope, but it doesn't quite work. Texano, Silver and Mascara have cowboy hats, but that would make Toscano's bandanna not look good. Toscano looks at something in his hand and dances – it may be his phone, so I hope he's just playing his own music. He actually does have his ear pieces in, missing Texano's promo, so he is bopping to his own music!. Silver King makes Toscano take them out, just in time for the Joaquin Roldan interruption. Put them back in, you're not getting anything good out of this. Anyway, Texano is upset about being stripped of the Copa Pena win, and Joaquin says the tournament is too important to end with a foul. (But a fake Zorro is cool.) Texano demands Joaquin show respect for the trios champions of his promotion. Toscano is back to dancing around to his music and ignoring this all. Joaquin has the crowd heckle Consejo, which is not settling everything. Joaquin and the técnicos run off, with Psycho Circus running past to send Consejo out of the ring.

Upcoming events.

Dorian Roldan sees a lot of promise for the future, but Konnan is more concerned about the people coming after him – Vampiro, Cibernético, LA Park - not to mention whatever Octagon decides. Dorian unveils his plan – el Texano. Texano is a star of a future, they really should do business with him. (Well, they already did.) Texano is willing to agree he's a big star of the future. Konnan is willing to talk price.

Mesías screaming promo, towards Texano. Mesías is on all the caffeine in the world, very Cibernético like. Texano wants to take on the best, the number one, the cream of AAA? Mesías is the best in AAA, he'll show it.

Match 2: El Mesías, Electroshock, Joe Lider vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Texano Jr., Toscano
Plaza de Toros Jorge Gutiérrez, Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo, 10/12/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 10:38
Rating: eh
Notes: Mascara is wearing his mask again. He wasn't in the last segment. Tirantes is the referee. Lider has his new belt. Electroshock has a cape. Mesías has his belt.

Texano has to be held back from Mesías, Mesías eventually realizes he needs to be held back too. Lider gets in offense on Toscano to start, with the Consejo breaking up every pin. Toscano takes a hilarious bump on a misaimed Joe Lider kick. Tecnicos rush the rudos the next time they do it, setting up less than appealing brawling. Consejo turn the tide of the brawling for no obvious reason. Consejo set up Mesías in various positions for Texano to kick. Mascara forks Electroshock while the others brawl. I guess this explain the all white outfit. Electroshock is the extended focus while the others are kept out. Other técnicos trip up the Consejo to start the comeback. Crowd is very into the show, especially as the Consejo brawl back. Electroshock gets in some revenge chair shots. Consejo members are held in the center of the ring for belt shots to the back. Match settles down to everyone in the corner. Something with Lider and Toscano appears to be cut out. Electroshock makes Mascara take off his shirt for a chop fight, and Mascara probably should've kept the shirt on. Mascara misses a charge and ends up outside, but blocks a pescado with a badly aimed chair shot. Electroshock is totally red in the face from blood, and that's not going to help Mesías and Texano back in to finish. Mesías kicks Texano in the head and finds a complicated way to give Texano a cutter, but tis' only two. Texano escapes the corner charge, kicks Mesías' shoulder and gives it a armbar (bad shoulder?) then puts on armbar, but Mesías grabs the rope bottom rope with his own arm. Texano lets go, but yells at the fans. Texano calls for his finish, powerbomb escaped into a faceslam. Mesías heads up, top rope lands, one two three. That was as clean as it goes.