CMLL on Televisa #1126 (11/04/2012) 
Recapped: 11/07/2012

Spoogy Halloween graphics set up the announcers on the show. No one but Morales gets to talk. They'll make up for it later.

Match 1: Pegasso, Starman, Triton © vs Arkángel de la Muerte ©, Hooligan, Skándalo
Arena Mexico, 10/26/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:12
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Edgar. Isis stands on the apron with her team, which seems vaguely illegal. I mean, it's okay when a parrot does it, but a belly dancer?

1: Arkangel twists Triton around. Hooligan kicks and slaps (or misses) Triton around, and tempts fate by allowing Triton to run. Triton is still booted around, though he does make it out so Pegasso can come in. A quick even exchange causes Hooligan to bring in Skándalo, while Starman comes in for the técnicos and controls the actions thru armdrags and Arkangel bumbling around to his partners. Rudos all end up elbow dropping each other, get dropkicked out on camera side right, técnicos run for dives, but pull up and pose instead. Dr. Morales has no idea what Isis' name is, but Riano knows every woman's name so they're taken care of there. Arkangel and Triton chop fight ends with a bad looking discuss clothesline by Arkangel. Arkangel is set on forcing Triton to do things he doesn't do well, though he does let Triton get in motion for springboard following that. Triple bounce headscissors sends Arkangel rolling to the apron, and Hooligan stumbles over the ropes coming in. Hooligan and Starman's back and forth ends with a Starman rope bounce armdrag, then a diving overhead headscissors to the floor. Pegasso and Skándalo gets off track when Skándalo misses the bottom rope on a push off move, and they're both a little shaken by that. Failed corner charge sets up the Skándalo Driver, but Starman breaks it and turns it into a Pegasso sunset flip by one dropkick for three. Why didn't anyone think of that sooner.

Remaining rudos take out Pegasso, but Arkangel is responsible for some more friendly fire. Triton dumps Arkangel in the corner and lands the 450 splash well for the fall.

2: When the match resumes – after Starman and Isis have a confrontation – Skándalo holds Starman down long enough to unmask him. Rudos take turns knocking Starman around, having taken over the advantage here randomly. Rudos try double teams, and Arkangel is successful in not hitting his teammates this time, leapfrogging Skándalo to set up a dropkick to the knee, bridging inverted facelock, dropkick to the face combo on Starman. Triton tries to put Hooligan in a hold (!!) but that rudos break that up and press slam him onto Skandalo's knees. The numbers catch up to Pegasso, and he takes a low blow dropkick out of the ring. Isis participates, grabbing Starman's leg from outside as the rudos attack him. Isis holding Starman from the apron goes predictable bad, Skándalo kicking her when Starman moves, and Isis carefully falling to the ground before taking a bump. Tecnicos hold Skándalo for a revenge low blow dropkick. Replay of that. Back live, Skándalo pulls off Starman's mask, and that's just it.

Tecnicos get their arms raised, but Skándalo goes after Starman some more. Skándalo shows off his new Starman mask. Starman covers up his face, and Skándalo pulls that st-shirt off as soon as he gets the chance.

Hype for Tuesday's cage match in Guadalajara.

Match 2: Delta vs Tiger in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 10/05/2012

Winner: Tiger
Match Time: 7:44
Rating: eh
Notes: To the past! Referee is Tigre Hispano

A minute and a half of mat wrestling before they start avoiding each other off the ropes. Delta first with a spinning headscissors, but his roll over the top rope meets a Tiger kick. Delta takes a big flip into the barricade. Tiger brings him back in for a tree of woe kick to the midsection. Dropkick to the head knocks the técnico free. Tiger knocks Delta around with a corner clothesline and superkick, and Delta responds by flipping out over his charge and diving off the apron to connect on a dropkick. Replay of that. Delta back in, to add his ring post tope con giro. Delta throws Tiger back in, springboard senton lands on Tiger's chest hard Delta gets back up, quebrada, but only two. If only he moonsaulted form the top rope. Five past the five minute mark. Delta throws Tiger in the corner, and gives him a Negro Casas like running kick to the face. Replay of that kick. Back live where Tiger is somehow up and celebrating, then covering Delta in the ropes. Delta grabs the bottom rope to escape the pin. Chop fight, Tiger winning via kick. Tiger corner whip leads to both guys on the ropes, Delta top rope headscissors roll one two NO. That was at least a neat idea. Delta brings Tiger in place, and pulls off the Super Crazy climbing moonsaults bit. All three hit, but Tiger still kicks out. 3 minutes left. Delta jumps on Tiger's back, and flips him over in a sort of backcrakcer/sort of sunset flip. One two NO. Delta is sure Tiger didn't actually kick out, turns to argue with Tiger Hispano, and Tiger sneaks in a low blow foul while Tiger Hispano is looking the wrong way. One two three. Crowd approves.

Match 3: Diamante Azul vs Misterioso Jr. in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 10/26/2012

Winner: Diamante Azul
Match Time: 5:19
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Bebe Richard

Evasion spots right off the bat, and then into quick covers. Not even trying mat work here. Hiptoss and a dropkick sends Misterioso out, but he slides in as Azul slide out. No problem, Azul just comes back in with a plancha and throws Misterioso down by his mask. Superkick sends Misterioso out. Azul runs, and sends Misterioso back tnto the barricade. Replay. Back live, Misterioso is finally able to trip Azul on the apron and chop him down in the ring.

Azul sidesteps a corner charge to start the monkey flips. Misterioso misses a corner charge, so Azul can set up his ramp tope con giro. This is all Azul. Replay of his dive. Both back in. Misterioso gets in just enough offense so he can be knocked back down again, and Azul flattens him with the corner senton. Two count, so the beating can go on. Azul tries his German suplex, Misterioso breaks free, Misterioso sneaks behind for his inverted powerslam – actual offense! - but only can get two. They show a replay of Misterioso's tumble in the corner, missing a bridging suplex by Misterioso for another two count. Misterioso gets in a sunset flip roll thru dropkick for a third two count. Misterioso off the ropes, Azul slips behind him, German suplex, we're done here.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday @ Arena Mexico

and more hype for the Guadalajara Cage match.

Match 4: Euforia, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero © vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpión ©, Tama Tonga
Arena Mexico, 10/26/2012

  1. Team Rey Escorpion

  2. Team Rey Escorpion

Winner: Team Rey Escorpion
Match Time: 5:33, felt longer
Rating: good for what it was
Notes: Only match on the show with entrances. Dragon Rojo is wearing a Gronda like Devil mask (and his belts), while Rey Escorpion has a pirate skull thing going on. Tama Tonga enters with them, is relatively normal. Guerreros enters together as well, and the brawl breaks out on the stage. Tirantes is ref.

1: Escorpions get the better of the brawl. UG takes Dragon Rojo's low blow, while Niebla is hit with Tonga's corner splash. Escorpion knocks Niebla Roja to the ramp, unaware the Guerreros are beating his partners, and Roja whips him into Euforia's version of Dragon Rojo's missile dropkick. (It's also not good.) Guerreros clothesline Tonga in the ring, then Escorpion and Tonga out of it. Dragon Rojo is thrown at them – hard and past them – and the Escorpion tries to catch but really can't. Also, that's a DQ. Guerreros are upset. Replay shows the Guerrero have bad aim.

2: Guerreros resume beating the Escorpions up. Brawling first, then a double press slam powerbomb on Tonga. Escorpion takes corner charges; Niebla Roja's flipping double heel kick looks out of control, but does set up the senton de la muerte well. Dragon Rojo hurts himself trying to hit Euforia, and the Guerreros give him their flying sit. Guerreros do the huddle dance and pose together to celebrate. Tonga breaks that up just by running into dropkick, and his partners are quickly in with dropkick of their own. A six man brawl brings out, with everyone fighting in the center of the ring and battling each other. Tonga and Dragon Rojo are the only ones left standing, and not for long. Tonga pescado onto Niebla Roja, Escorpion monkey flips Dragon Rojo into a tope con giro onto Euforia. (Euforia goes down grabbing his right shoulder.) Captains left in, Escorpion kicks UG, pulls his mask, and cradles him for three.

The doctor is checking on Euforia, but Dragon Rojo still picks up his ex-partner and rumps him on the barricade. In the ring, Ultimo Guerrero yells at Rey Escorpion and demands a singles match before getting the tag line. Rey Escorpion accepts.

Announcers wrap up. They skip over Tiger vs Delta in the show recap, suggesting it was a late add when they had more show time than normal (and they did, this one went 45 minutes.)