CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #326 (11/03/2012) 
Recapped: 11/10/12

Announcers welcome us to the show. Dragon Rojo is guest commentator when the matches start.

Match 1: Dark Angel, Goya Kong, Marcela © vs Amapola, La Comandante ©, Tiffany
Arena Mexico, 10/26/2012

  1. rudas

  2. rudas
  3. técnicas

Winner: técnicas
Match Time: 14:24
Rating: good
Notes: Comandante is now using the TRT music and wears a TRT t-shirt hoodie. Tiffany still doesn’t like Marcela. Referee is Terror Chino.

1: Dark Angel and Amapola start off with a good back and forth exchange, slightly off at a couple points but still entertaining. Casadora armdrag sends Amapola out. Dark Angel dances and armdrags Comandante around until Comandante just runs over her with a shoulderblock. Goya comes in – to dance. Comandante tells her to spin again, and hits her as she turns around. Goya turns it around to smash Comandante in the corner, but the ruda slide out before the big splash. Tiffany tries her luck and is able to stay one step ahead of Goya on corner charges and sit downs, avoiding being flattened. Dropkick sends Goya slowly rolling out. Marcela flies in with a plancha on Tiffany, Tiffany wants the slap fight, Marcela fight back with her knee lifts and springboard knee drop – twice, actually, before Tiffany can get free. Marcel and Amapola in, slippery springboard armdrag and a double underhook backbreaker by the champ, Amapola turns around a corner whip and spears Marcela once, but spears the post on the next time. Tiffany in but knocked down by Marcela and dropkicked out by Dark Angel. Comandante in, but she's just run into Goya's midsection and bounces out. Dark Angel tope on Comandante, Goya flattens Amapola with a belly bump, then slams Tiffany for Marcela's double stomp. That's one pin, Rosa on Amapola for the other.

2: Rudas suddenly in control, as shown by Amapola throwing Goya off the ropes and on to her head. Kicks and elbow drops on Goya. Tiffany lands a senton too. Dark Angel tags in, and Comandante asks nicely for a handshake. Dark Angel kicks and chops instead, which have minimal effect. Comandante asks for just one shot which feels Sarah. Dark Angel thrown around by her hair a bit. Double hiptoss, and lift up for an Amapola missile dropkick. Marcela hung on the ropes, and Comandante knocks her down with a middle rope axhandle. Back to Goya, rudas all strike her from the corner. Dark Angel tries to help, but is thrown back out. Corner charges for Goya, sat on top, and Tiffany is able to pull her off for her inverted crucifix powerbomb. That looked more believable then I would’ve guessed, though it still is Goya just taking her own bump. Tiffany rolls Goya to towards the ropes, while Amapola helps Comandante scoot across the top rope (!) and land her top rope splash. Comandante covers, referee starts to count, then changes her mind and decides Comandante is not legal. She yells at him and leave, while Tiffany and Dark Angel are fighting around them. Goya has no idea if she should stay or leave, and settles for scooting towards the apron. Tiffany whips Dark Angel to Amapola, who submits her to an impressive nudo lagunero variant. Referee informs the técnicos they aren't hurt, so Comandante clotheslines Marcela as she comes in, giant swings her around a couple times, and covers for the pin.

3: Tiffany drops Marcela with a wheelbarrow faceslam. Dark Angel is choked and kicked in the corner, then Comandante chokeslams her for good measure. Goya tires to stand up to Comandante, and Comandante can't shoulderblock her down. Comandante give sit another try, and Goya is budged but doesn’t go over. Comandante seems more hurt. Goya give sit a try, Comandante flies out of the ring, but Tiffany straightens things out by slapping Goya down and kicking her in the face. Rudas manage a double spinebuster on Goya and follow with a double dropkick. Goya tries biting Tiffany, but the rudas break it up. Goya break thru a double clothelsine, but the rudas drop her with back elbows. Goya is sort of able to kip up, and sort of able to push off for a double armdrag. Other técnicas in, dropkick and headscissors sends Tiffany and Amapola out. Dark Angel helps Marcela to the top rope, and she planchas both rudas. Dark Angel climbs up to the top rope turnbuckle herself, and planchas both rudas too. Comandante spinebuster sGoya in the ring, running splash just misses, Goya barely moving out of the way. They're both up slow, Comandante slips by Goya a couple times but turns into a palm strike to the head on the third try. Goya adds an elbow drop, then runs. Her senton seems to miss Comandante, but she lays back on top for the pin.

Replays make the senton look much better. Goya dances after the match.

Match 2: Máscara Dorada ©, Super Porky, Titán vs Felino, Mephisto ©, Psicosis
Arena Mexico, 10/26/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:36
Rating: good
Notes: Monito is with Brazo de Plata. Titan is wearing a black monk's robe. Mascara Dorada wears an amazingly jacket. Rudos have Mije and Zacarias in their corner., assuming Zacarias ever gets done dancing with the edecanes. Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Opening exchange includes Titan kipping up and dropkicking Felino, and Felino complaining about a foul on a chop. Psicosis and Mephisto is fast moving. Mephisto and Porky is not. Or Mephisto is not, and he gets splashed on the back. Felino reaches in and dropkicks a stunned Porky, then stinks him. Porky gets angry and stands up to Felino's chops, but a Titan springboard dropkick hits his partner by mistake, and it's really all over for the técnicos. Felino barley is able to slam Porky , Psicosis adds a senton, and – again, the ref won't count. This is beyond annoying. Psicosis thinks quick, and tags Felino while Felino is on the apron and he's still got the pin, but that's not quite right either. Felino come in and sits down on Porky for the three count, after Porky's been laying down for about fifteen seconds. Dorada and Mephisto thru a setup, and Mephisto drops Dorada with a middle rope Devil's Wings.

Zacarias 619s Monito.

2: Zacarias dances for the edecan. Mephisto kicks around Titan, then takes him outside and giant swings him into the barricade. Porky and Psicosis chop fight is even, Psicosis wins by making Porky run. Drop toe hold and legdrop on Dorada, then a giant hiptoss to the ramp. Titan kicked around. Porky held in the corner, and the mascots get in shots. Porky's forced to run again, but this time evades the charges. Belly bump for Mephisto, ramp running springboard armdrag by Dorada on Felino, springboard headscissors on Psicosis. Dorada pescados Felino and Psicosis, they catch him, and toss him just in time for Porky to splash them. Mephisto and Titan back in, reversals, Titan handwalk backflip headscissors cradle one two three!

Monito middle rope splash Mije and sits on his head. Crowd approves.

3: Titan show off some leaping marital arts kicks, and Felino falls down more in fright than actually being hit. Dropkick to the backside sends him out. Psicosis is hamstring kicked right thru the ropes. Titan gets Mephisto with a walk up the ropes five bounce springboard headscissors. He's rolling. Mascara Dorada flipping run, headscissors out for Psicosis. Felino is able to out run him on a clothesline and a dropkick. Felino is fast when he wants to be. Corner whip, Felino charges, Dorada moves, Dorada spin around the corner headscissors. Mephisto charges, Dorada puts him on the middle rope, climbs up to join him, punches him in the head a few times, Dorada shoves him off, Dorada runs back and leaps at him, Mephisto grabs Dorada, holds him for the superbomb and gets reversed into the 'rana. Psicosis pops Dorada in from behind as he runs the ropes, and snaps him over the top rope. Psicosis up top the top rope, senton -misses? Hit as much as the Goya one early, but Dorada rolls out and Psicosis is down and laid out by a Titan springboard legdrop. Standing moonsault, one two NO. Corner whip, reversed, Felino to the middle rope, stopping to take off his vest - didn't the do that in the first fall? - Titan climbs up for a 'rana, but Felino superbombs him one two Porky splashes Felino to break it up one two – hand on the rope, but Psicosis break sit up anyway. Porky totally cheating there. Rudos double suplex on Porky, but Titan and Dorada stop that, and double suplex them the other way. Mephisto climbs on the middle rope, splash on the the técnicos! They throw him up, and everyone gets back up. This is chaotic fun. Mephisto flips Titan to the apron and about slaps him off. Mephisto off the ropes, but into a Titan bodyscissors to take him out. Psicosis missile a dropkick on Titan, Titan boosts off of him to the top rope to a springboard tope con giro into Mephisto. Who's next? Dorada in, yelling at Psicosis, and fireman's slamming him in position for Porky. Middle rope splash. Felino waits for that to be done, back to the middle rope, powerbomb reversed into a 'rana twice in one match! At least it did work one time in between. Porky splashes Psicosis, and that's the match.

Mije runs from Monito Titan kicks Psicosis in the ring for some reason. Highlights and that's it.