CMLL on Televisa #1125 (10/27/2012) 
Recapped: 11/02-4/12

Match 1: Acero, Pequeño Halcón, Shockercito © vs Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Violencia, Pequeño Warrior ©
Arena Mexico, 10/19/2012

  1. rudos

  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 13:01
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Edgar.

1: Warrior does one arm lifts with Shockercito to start (or whenever they joined this). Double rotation headscissors leaves Warrior standing fine, which sets up the next 'rana better, looks really weird. Violencia's face paint looks different, but it may just be him using purple. Halcón goes thru spots as if he's in an empty facility, but does remember to raise his arms. Olímpico & Acero are last, almost all for Acero until Olímpico gets in a camera shaking spear. Acero makes a replay hidden comeback, Halcón helps by dropkick Olímpico out, Warrior dropkicks him out, Shockercito goes up top but Warrior just goes the other side the ring and refuses to come closer until Shockercito comes down. Warrior relents, runs, Shocker jumps over him, is flipped back to the apron, Warrior taunts, Shocker's 'rana is caught (sort of) for a crucifix powerbomb into the the corner.

2: Olímpico flattens Halcón on a casadora try, but goes for a pin instead of the beatdown. That doesn't get two, so Warrior comes in so set up an Olímpico casadora splash onto Halcón. No pin there, too many people covering. Warrior goes nutty clotheslining Acero in the corner, taking a swing at Violencia before he calms down., then almost knocking off the apron with a high ten. Violencia knocks Acero down but misses a senton. Shockercito lights up the rudo with a dropkick, but he's still able to tag in Olímpico. Olímpico slaps Shockercito right away. Shocker rallies back with a boost dropkick, sending Warrior out., then Olímpico boosts him into a headscissors on Warrior on the ramp. Violencia backdropped back in for a Halcón springboard splash and a quebrada, while Acero much easier beats Olímpico.

3: Acero and Violencia are better when they're not touching each other, but recover from early stumbles on that part. Violencia takes a big hiptoss all the way to the floor. Crowd is anti-tecnico (usual.) Shockercito gets in a top rope spinning flipping armdrag and headscissors to an armdrag on Olímpico. Warrior/Halcon section is unnoteworthy until Warrior takes a backdrop to the floor. Halcón oddly scoops him up and justs sits him back in. That's a fail, Violencia just knocks him down to set up the Warrior slingshot legdrop. Olímpico springboard DDT for Acero. Shockercito dropkick for Olímpico, Warrior dropkick for Shockercito, stunner, triple rudo dropkick, triple rudo dropkick, triple dropkick! Rudos cove,r then stop covering together, and get the pin.

Demus 3:16 promo for Dia de Muertos. Kids can get in free if they're costumed, but the mascotts are trapped in a cage (and with Demus' shock stick!)

CMLL Cartela: Sunday in Arena Coliseo: Felino, Tama Tonga, Terrible vs La Mascara, Diamante Azul, Shocker

Match 2: Máximo vs Rey Bucanero in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 10/19/2012

Winner: Rey Bucanero
Match Time: 5:54
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Babe Richard.

Quick even exchange to start. Bucanero bails, unwilling to face a man he's wrestled 100s of times and feuded directly with directly at least once. Or maybe he just doesn't like the Beso chant. Bucanero comes back in and almost gets kissed, but fights Máximo off. Máximo gets a series of cradles instead, all for two, until Bucanero trips him up while running the ropes. Bucanero slaps Máximo around, but is distracted by the Beso chant again, and nearly gets kissed again. Chinlock, in a eight minute match! It does not last long, Bucanero elbow dropping Máximo instead, then going to the top for his rolling senton. Two count. Máximo goes for the kiss a third time, Bucanero fights him off and rolls him up but still two. Fight goes outside. Máximo is gently whipped into the barricade, which loudly bangs. They've clearly gimmicked it someway. Back in, Bucanero misses a corner back elbow, rolls out, and is hit hard by a Máximo tope. He barely was in place before Maximo hit him. Replay. Back inside, kiss attempt four. Bucanero fights Máximo off, Máximo lands a plancha, Bucanero rolls thru for tow. Kiss attempt five (!) Bucanero cover sup, Máximo cradles him for two. Kiss attempt six, Bucanero turns his back to avoid it and gets inside cradles. Kiss attempt SEVEN works – but it's not the finish! Máximo off the ropes, into a sit down powerbomb one two three. Wow, Máximo is awful.

Demus 3:16 promo for Dia de Muertos

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday @ Arena Mexico – Volador, Mr. Aguila, Black Warrior vs Atlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr., Atlantis for the trios titles.

Match 3: Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpión ©, Tama Tonga vs Euforia, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero ©
Arena Mexico, 10/19/2012

  1. Team Rey Escorpion

  2. Team Ultimo Guerrero
  3. Team Ultimo Guerrero

Winner: Team Ultimo Guerrero
Match Time: 8:53
Rating: ok
Notes: Ultimo's Guerrero enter as a group. Tama Tonga enters separate from his partners, but not too close to the ring. Guerreros stare at him, and not Rey Escorpion and Dragon Rojo running in from the crowd. Ref is Tirantes.

1: Scorpions clear the ring via brawling quick, then toss Niebla Roja into Dragon Rojo's missile kick. Tonga and Euforia have a little problems setting him up, but eventually get Euforia sitting on the ropes right for a flying (not spinning) kick from Escorpion. UG throws punches with both hands and gives Tama and Escorpion trouble, but Tama grabs him and Escorpion knocks him down with a nice left right combo from Escorpion. Stomp to the face is brutal. Escorpion spins too much time looking at the crowd and Escorpion is able to come back up and slap. Dragon Rojo dropkick him from behind to stop that. Tonga brought back in double boot, Tonga adds a double underhook bodyscissors DDT for three.

Scorpions keep the lesser members of UG's team out of the way while ripping up UG's mask.

2: Euforia takes Dragon Rojo's low blow dropkick. These guys look like they're hitting each other hard, except for Dragon Rojo's corner clothesline. Rey Escorpion legdrops the back of UG's head, then goes after his mask again. Escorpion's team decides to just bring everyone in and hit them. Tirantes is NOT counting them. UG flips Niebla to safety, while Euforia flips Tonga to the same corner. UG clotheslines Tonga from inside of the ring while Euforia goes after the other two. Dragon Rojo flipped to the apron for Niebla Roja's shiranui, and the Guerreors slide dropkick both Tonga and Rojo to the floor. Roja and Euforia in – and out with big topes. Escorpion and UG in, slap fight, UG wins with a spinning chop. UG puts a hold, but no the Pulpo Guerrero – a sorted of suspended inverted cloverleaf. Escorpion gives up fast.

3: Escorpion knocks Niebla around, but Niebla Roja comes back and gets in his flapjack kick. Dragon Rojo drops him with the layout faceslam, but Roja just gets a piece of him on a springboard dropkick. Tonga show off his leapfrogs and a double chop, but Roja knocks him into the corner and lands his new corner rolling double heel kick. Escorpion tags himself in, so Niebla tag in Euforia. Euforia shows off a técnico rope bounce counter, because he's awesome, and leads the rudos to hit each other to his advantage. Escorpion knocks him down, only to take the highest monkey flip to the floor ever. Rojo rips up Euforia's mask, Euforia rips up Rojo's mask. Rojo is hook, and out as soon as UG comes in. UG kicks Tonga off the apron, demanding Escorpion come in to fight him. Tonga comes in instead of for a screaming chop fight, UG winning by kick. UG stops to hit Rojo and Escorpion, out that allows Tonga to get the drop. Rudos all beat UG down in the corner, getting booed. Rudo getting booed! UG whipped to the técnico corner, UG moves, Tonga hit the corner , UG side slams the other two at the same time. Tonga charges, side slam for him too! Niebla Roja in, UG tells him to run, and UG tosses him into a tornillo to – nowhere, Tonga was way too far back to catch him. That sucked! Tonga chokes Roja while actually checking on him. Escorpion kicks UG down, Euforia kicks Escorpion in the corner, but misses his charge and spears the post. Rojo runs down the ramp and dropkicks him from there, taking him side out in the process. Rey Escorpion fouls UG – now everyone but Escorpion is dead. Escorpion feels he's won, no matter what Tirantes calls.

Escorpion celebrates. Quick shot of the NJPW guys. Dragon Rojo returns to unmask Ultimo Guerrero. Those two rip up the mask (or at least try to ) as the stretcher comes for Niebla Roja. He does not seem as wrecked as he'd expect. Miguel explains the Satanico bit these two have been pushing. After replays, Euforia's unmasked too, and Escorpion and UG yell at each other.