AAA on Televisa #1068 (10/27/2012) 
Recapped: 10/31/2012

Today – the rest of Heroes Inmortales. Or the amount they have time for. But now – a word about their digital invasion.

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12/09: Puebla

Halloween happens upon Gran Apache – wait, no, Maestro de Maestros – and gives him some presents. iPad! Watch! Just for being such a great maestro, no other reason. Well, maybe one small favor: Halloween wants to replace Gran Apache in his mtch to night so he can get closer to Mari. Apache understands, and will tell Mari and Dorian that he's hurting and suggest Halloween as partners. Halloween assures Apache there are more gifts to come. Fabi Apache, troublemaker, shows up and Halloween leaves before he's caught. Fabi's still got it figured out, and is upset about Apache selling out a daughter like that. Gran Apache insists they're from someone not Halloween, and why shouldn't people give a legend like that. Fabi isn't buying it.

Match 1: Atomic Boy & Fabi Apache vs Fenix & Lolita and Halloween & Mari Apache and Alan Stone & Jennifer Blake for the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship
Domo Centro de Espectaculos, San Luis Potosi, 10/07/2012

Winner: Mari Apache & Halloween, new champions
Match Time: 11:05
Rating: great
Notes: Abbreviated entrances. Faby is carried out on a carpet! Alan Stone is the only one without an entrance video; it's almost like someone thought there was no need for one! Alan might have turned back rudo, it's so tough to tell. He's not listed as Mixed Tag Champ even though he wears the belt. Jesus announces Halloween is not the only surprise – so is the referee, Sexi Star. Konnan is out with her, which actually could be a point to his recent extra curricular activities! Perhaps I shouldn't assume.

Luchadors go in and out frequently. Halloween & Atomic Boy start, with Halloween connecting a superkick, and Atomic Boy coming back with a casadora bulldog (that almost goes wrong.) Dropkick sends Halloween, inside springboard plancha sends Atomic Boy out. Lolita gets Jennifer with a rope bounce armdrag and a headscissors. Halloween gleefully kicks the young lady, but takes a flipping armdrag and leaps into the crowd. Alan Stone reintroduces himself with a wacky stripper dance. He and Fenix go back and forth, until Fenix crushes him with a powerslam into the buckles, and Alan goes forth no more. Halloween again comes in, but he's knocked to the apron, slide dropkicked out, and crushed by a slingshot legdrop. Fenix is crazy. The Apaches are in next, Mari upset about Fabi being cheered. She knocks down Fabi to feel better. Sexi, who mostly busies herself with telling people to stay near their corner, kicks some invisible dirt onto Fabi. Fabi recovers to armdrag Mari out, but Alan and Jennifer rush into knock her down and attack Atomic Boy so he can't get in. Alan & Jen drop Fabi with a casadora frontcracker, then Atomic Boy with a superkick/german suplex; they're a fun team, too bad this is all we're seeing of them. Fenix breaks up the pin here – because he doesn't want to be stuck with two rudo teams? Fenix and Lolita spinebuster the champs, then Fenix lifts Lolita into a Gori Special, drops her backwards into a splash on Jen while he leaps forward to splash Alan! Mari and Halloween break up the pins – because they're just jerks? Rudos batter Lolita a bit, then drop her with a double spinebuster and put her in a double tapatía. Fabi and Atomic turn it over to a triple tapatía the other way, then Jennifer and Fenix turn it back over for a quadruple tornillo the original way. (This means Fenix is helping apply the hold on his partner Lolita, oops.) Alan goes to the top rope, and the three on the top move so Alan can accidentally splash the others.

Ring clears out from there. Lolita just barely makes it to her target on her tope con giro. Fenix's run up the ropes tornillo goes a lot smoother. Crowd's very into the match at this point, but they do count along loudly when Sexi (speedily) counts them all out. Not sure how that works. Atomic Boy and Alan Stone make it back in, Atomic Boy getting a two count (no break up) on a back suplex. Alan chops Atomic Boy while slowing down the pace. Atomic Boy recovers enough to run into Atlantida, Alan dropping him forward into a big backbreaker. Fenix breaks up the pin because – he's a big fan of Atomic Boy? Halloween and Mari attack Fenix. Fenix makes a comeback, but Mari tosses him into a Halloween middle rope spear. That's enough for three, Mari holding Lolita off with a stiff clothesline.

Mari congratulate Halloween. Halloween is on one knee, and takes the moment to propose something to Mari, but Fabi and Atomic dropkick them before they can do more. Jennifer clotheslines both técnicos, Alan missile dropkicks both. Gori Stretch bulldog on Fabi. Jen backcracker on Atomic Boy. Alan tells Jennifer to pick up Atomic for more, Alan dropkicks, Atomic moves, and Jen gets hit. Alan recovers and slams Atomic and goes up, but a moonsault misses. What a way to go. Atomic Boy slides him out, Alan evades to dive on to Atomic Boy runs up corner instead of a tope con giro from the ringpost. Jen superkicks Fabi, Fabi breaks free, ducks a punch, Tiger suplex. Sexi doesn't want to count, counts very slow, stops at two, but then counts three.

Mari and Halloween in and stomping Fabi. Mari almost its Halloween by mistake, holds up, Halloween takes that moment to hit on her and gets hit by a Shining Wizard. Fabi kicks around Mari, dropkicking her out. Diving headscissors from the apron. Atomic boy back in, Halloween slide out. Halloween runs around the ring, Atomic Boy set up for a dive – but Apache pulls Atomic Boy out. Big slap. Atomic By misses a clothesline, Apache kick, powerbomb on the apron. Sexi star will allow it! Fabi 'rana on Mari Apache, and Sexi just pulls her of this time. Fabi grabs Sexi, but Sexi waves for help, and holds Fabi in the path of a spear. Sexi counts, totally fair, one two – no Halloween pulls her up. Halloween hands Fabi off to Mari – sit down powerbomb. Sexi counts faster one two three.

Apaches, Halloween and Sexi celebrate.

Silver King turn video package. LA Park/Bruja recap.

Why do you show the graphic of Electroshock in this match when you already knoe Electroshock is in this match? Even if you explain it, it's dumb.

Match 2: Dr. Wagner Jr., LA Park, Zorro vs Jeff Jarrett, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Silver Kain
Domo Centro de Espectaculos, San Luis Potosi, 10/07/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 7:52
Rating: ok
Notes: Ke Changuito is with Silver King. Mascara Año 2000 Jr. wears his mask again. I like how they try to put heat on a guy for wearing the mask he lost when he's teaming with SILVER KING. I do like how they're showing complete entrances here, less match to watch. Jeff and Karen have an American flag and tortillos. LA Park has so many fireworks, and also his apron. Wagner has the Mexican flag and chases the Jarretts around with it. Mascara attacks Wagner from behind – they choose that moment to cut away and stay with the farthest away camera while he's being beat. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

General rudo brawling and beating. Wagner's isolated in the ring for a moment, then LA Park is brought in to be bat and Wagner's taken outside. Jarrett struts, then teaches his partners how to do the same and get gif-ed. This is a good time for LA Park to a try a missile dropkick, but that's not in his arsenal, so he just waits for Jeff to get close enough to knock down, and lets the other Consejo members goof up to start the comeback. Wagner gives Twister to everyone. Zorro canes everyone, Silver taking the worst of it. LA Park does his own strut rather than hit anyone more. Karen dumbly enters the ring and is immediately surrounded by the técnicos. Tecnicos hold her for La Park to his with the cane, and that's enough for the rudos to finally break it up. Wagner unmasked Máscara to reveal the guy we just saw in a promo before this match. I am shocked! Mascara shaved his strong mustache, poor call. Jarrett rallies back against everyone, but Wagner trips him up and tags in Park. Park doesn’t are, shoving Jarret out so he can struts and work with Silver instead. No fool, but doesn’t quite sell the storyline. Silver and Park aren't quite good against each other at first. But pick up as they get rolling. Park clotheslines Jarrett around. Karen shoves him, Jeff grabs him, Park ducks, Karen slaps Jeff. Karen bails to check on Jeff. Park time killing hold, Máscara breaks it up, Park walks off unconcerned.

Wagner evades Silver and goes up for a moonsault, but Silver saves him from himself and kicks him free. Silver miss a springboard senton. Wagner stalls a bit, Silver flipped to the apron, gets kicked off and Wagner lands his apron tope con giro. Zorro tope con giro Mascara the other way – how did he get there? Bad catch, Zorro looks hurt. LA Park corner Karen, takes some tortillo and starts to stuff them in her mouth. Jeff arrives and smacks Park in the head with a chair. One two three. Boos, take a while to start but do pick up.

The post match beatdown is not at all shown.

Heroes Inmortales wrap up and one more Antonio Pena video package.