AAA Fusion #3 (10/24/2012) 
Recapped: 10/27/12

Announcers hype the main event.

Ultimo Gladiador tells the camera that he's returned to the scene of his greatest triumphs. They're facing great opponents, but this is the place of great tradition, where he got started and he's going to give 100% to win.

And the main event graphic again.

The Corona logo is back on the mat on on the video screen. Hmmm.

Match 1: Astro de Plata (IWRG) & Freelance vs Dr. Cerebro & Mike Segura
Arena Lopez Mateos, 10/21/2012

Winner: Astro de Plata & Freelance
Match Time: 9:34
Rating: good/great
Notes: Dr. Cerebro wears his mask to the ring. Astro & Freelance take some time to turn up for whatever reason. Referee is Pepe Casas.

Match is mostly worked in pairs of Astro/Cerebro and Freelance/Segura. Not sure if Cerebro is Astro's current trainer or if they've just worked together a lot, but they seemed almost as in sync as Freelance & Segura (and the one time the weren't, Astro de Plata was smart enough to improvise rather than force the spot.) Cerebro gobbles Astro de Plata up on their first exchanges, Suicida & Freelance battle to a fast moving draw, then Astro de Plata starts to get in more tricky offense the second time thru. Plata slips on what looked to be an overhead headscissors, but realizes he's standing behind Cerebro and just gives him a backcracker instead. Segura comes in to stop the kid, and helps a lot on a casadora into an armdrag. Freelance comes back in, and Segura and Freelance spend almost as much time fighting as they do flipping over each other. Freelance gets in a couple headscissors, a back spin one sends Segura out.

Cerebro and Plata come back in, with Cerebro putting Plata down with a faceslam off a slingshot in and an outside/in dropkick. That cues the beatdown – announcers note how Cerebro and Segura are now acting like rudos – and Freelance is treated to a big electric chair suplex and dropkick. Plata's hiptossed to the stage.

The rudo advantage doesn't stay long. Freelance drops them with a springboard back elbow, then clears the way for Plata to running springboard back in with an armdrag on Cerebro. Segura clears him out, Freelance springboard headscissors Segura out (while hitting his own head on the mat, not that it seems to affect him) and follows out with an easy but long springboard plancha. Dr. Cerebro nails Freelance with a tope, lands on his feet and proudly walks towards the corner Astro de Plata runs towards that corner, leaps over the top rope and headscissors Cerebro on the floor in amazing spot. It's basically Mascara Dorada's ramp running floating headscissors, but with the added disadvantage of going all the way to ground level.

Freelance and Segura come in for the finish. Segura gives Freelance a Michinoku Driver, but it doesn't keep him down for long. They battle on the top rope, Freelance gives Segura a standing on the top rope 'rana. Seems like a normal pin should do it, but Freelance starts for a leg hold, seems to get confused, ends up with a sort of kneeling figure four pin, and Suicida's counted down even though he gets his shoulder up before three. Both guys seem confused and unhappy.

Bernado interviews Vampiro. Vampiro says being tag team champion is a big responsible, and rambles a bit. Vampiro calls Chessman “a bit of a copy of Vampiro.” Really? Vampiro's happy to represent AAA champion, it's been a long time since he's been champion. Vampiro explains that if not for him, there's no Cibernético or Chessman, no Mesías. I'm learning so much! Vampiro is happy to be in his casa, AAA.

Recap for Heroes Inmortales of Vampiro & Joe Lider wining the tag titles. This is good, because the match hasn't actually aired yet. This is just pretty much every spot that isn't bad Vampiro punching cut together for a 3 minute package.

Chessman yells at the camera that Vampiro say he's a great star, but he was just lucky at Heroes Inmortales and he'll lose tonight. Vampiro says he's paranormal, but Chessman is the real paranormal and he'll be the pain in Vampiro's life.

Match 2: El Mesías, Fenix, Vampiro vs Chessman, Silver King, Último Gladiador
Arena Lopez Mateos, 10/21/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 20:06
Rating: bad
Notes: Silver King is with Troilli. Copetes is referee.

Rudos jump the técnicos after an odd delay. Chessman goes right for chairs, which look to be oldest metal chairs in existence. Vampiro hit and dumped in the crowd. General beatdown with chairs. Vampiro is just going to wrestle in his leather jacket, I guess. Troilli splash on Mesías. Fenix takes the backdrop to the apron. Vampiro takes off his jacket! This is just a lot of Mesías and Vampiro laying on the mat and being stomped, while Fenix occasional takes a spot, like being tossed off the stage into the crowd. Mesías teases a comeback, but is thrown down and stomped again. Rudos start to get lax, and Mesías gets in another shot, but it doesn't account to much. Mesías does get to look at the fans a lot. Gladiador 619 seems like the first wrestling move in about three minutes. Break, seven minutes into this beatdown.

Silver and Mesías are in a long, and Mesías powerslams Silver. What happened to everyone else? This is also not the comeback, because Silver blatantly fouls Mesías to get control back. Vampiro is smacking people around on the outside anyway. Beatdown just ends, with everyone going to their corner. This is lazy.

Mesías looks not at full strength in his técnico run, with a worse powerslam on Silver (which might be Silver's fault) and a flying elbow drop on Gladiador because he set him up too far for the splash, I guess. Stuff with Chessman takes a bit more effort but doesn't look that good. Fenix legdrops Gladiador off the ramp, but looks off on his spots. Vampiro knocks Chessman out of the ring with a clothesline and does little more. Silver King and Fenix come back in, and Silver has no interested in what whatever Fenix wants, shoulderblocking him out of the ring at his first shot. Fenix doesn't pick this up, and interferes in the next Mesías/Wagner sequence, causing Mesías to look really stupid at one point. Everyone starts hitting big moves on everyone else. Silver and Mesías take each other out, Fenix accidentally kicks Gladiador but still spinning toe kicks Chessman out. Ultimo Gladiador blows Fenix up with a flying frontcracker. Fenix still kicks him out of the ring lays him out with a double tornillo. That leaves Chessman and Vamp in, though not for long. Vamp choke Chessman with one hand and fight off Silver with another until Mesías hits Vampiro by mistake. Silver pulls Mesías in an anaconda vice while Chessman spears Vampiro for the win.

Highlights focus on Fenix. Chessman says the Maniacos are the best trio, and he's more no abnormal than Vampiro and better than Vampiro. This is rambling too. Vampiro tells the crowd to cheer for his partners. Vamp says this is Chessman's moment, and is one of the best heavyweights in Mexico, everyone knows AAA has the best lucha libre in the world, he beat Chessman at Heroes Inmortales, and as long as he's Vampiro is wrestling, he'll be the #1, the original, and doesn’t get that much after with that fight before Chessman attacks him. Everyone seems to show more intensity in this fight than they did most of the match.

Super Crazy and Ricky Marvin are back in Mexico, with new titles, and they'll be on next week's show.