AAA on Televisa (Regional) #50 (10/21/2012) 

Six sided ring for Heroes Inmoratales, and a nice big entrance area.

Match 1: Dinastía, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito vs Mini Charly Manson, Mini Histeria, Mini Psycho Clown
Domo Centro de Espectaculos, San Luis Potosi, 10/07/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 13:22
Rating: great
Notes: Octagoncito has quite the outfit. Pepe Casas is the ref.

Psycho is ready to start, but Dorada wants Charly and Charly wants Dorada. Or at least he does until he’s in. They kick at each other from a safe distance for a couple moments before Charly checks out, and then so does Dorada. Octagoncito has trouble getting thru his first rolls with Psycho, but they get better by the end. Dinastía moves really fast with Histeria, Histeria doing well to keep up with him. Their highlights include trading superkicks and a Dinastía standing moonsault. Manson breaks up that pin, and starts the beatdown by grounding Dorada and pounding him from top harshly. Rudos take turns kicking around Dorada form there. Octagoncito takes a legdrop/backbreaker on Octagoncito. Charly is way into striking people here; that's what got not-Mini Charly into all the trouble! Big spot of the beatdown is Dinastía tossed to the top rope and superbombed off by Psycho. Other rudos vaguely get the idea that Charly is feuding with Dorada, though they have to be coached to hold on to him. Crowd gets into it when they do.

Match slows down quite a bit as right before the usual corner charge miss comeback spot with Octagoncito. Octagoncito clears out everyone but Manson, leaving Dorada to headscissors him out. Psycho returns and kicks down Dorada, reseting to one on ones without a lot of técnico offense. They make it up individually. Octagoncito looks good with tricky headscissors on Psycho, sends Histeria out with a spinning armdrag and falls backwards while wrangling Charly for a quebradora. Dinastía is all over the place with a ton of moves, including two different backwards rolls (or something like that) into a headscissors. Psycho doesn't seem as athletic here as the others, but Dinastía flipping all around him makes up for it. Dorada tricks Histeria into throwing himself out, and then pulls off a neat casadora headscissors and a triple armdrag/headscissors bit with Psycho. (Maybe Psycho is athletic! Or Dorada is just the best!) Charly stops Dorada's run with a neckbreaking back suplex for two, then gets the same exact count on a body slam. That is an odd back to back. Charly gets angry about fans chanting for Dorada, which spurs them on to chant louder. Dorada comes back with a springboard tope, and Charly misses a corner charge to send himself out. That cues off the dives, with only a couple moves in between: Dorada top rope springboard moonsault, Dinastía middle rope headscissors, Octagoncito tonirllo.

Dorada and Manson come back to finish it. Manson again seems to drop Dorada on his head on a cradle powerbomb, but can't finish him. Other rudo minis step in the ring to distract Pepe starting here. Dorada's double rotation headscissors into a small package looks good, but the finish seems to fall apart for a moment from there. Nothing is botched, but they can't seem to get what they want. Manson finally just fouls Dorada (which was possible the plan all along) and Pepe turns around just in time to miss it and count. Another win for Charly.

Rudos beat up Dorada after the match. Other técnicos fight them off and come back with in with springboard moves, which seems like too much. They go out with dives, but Dinastia is missed and we’re supposed to be watching Charly unmasked Dorada anyway.

Match 2: Abyss & Chessman vs Joe Lider & Vampiro for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
Domo Centro de Espectaculos, San Luis Potosi, 10/07/2012

Winner: Joe Lider & Vampiro, new champs
Match Time: 10:48
Rating: bleh
Notes: Joe Lider has a giant barbed wire bat? Maybe it's just a long stick. Vampiro is back to the bit of taking a camera and shooting the fans. Referee is Piero. Belt presentations held up by Vampiro playing to the crowd behind them. Jesus tries to alert Vampiro that they need him now, but Vampiro just rips the microphone from him, and points it towards the fans. Crowd mics are picking them up, the front row fans are chanting for him. (It's tough to tell what anyone past the front row is doing.) Vampiro goes to the opposite side of the ring to do the same, and now there are louder Vampiro chants, though also some booing. Vampiro walks around, then hands the microphone back. Break.

Back for the belt presentation. Rudos jump the técnicos , hitting them with the belts. Vampiro drops to his knees after a belt shot, then starts getting up while he's being hit, then falls down after one. Vampiro! Rudos waste no time in bringing chairs in to use. Chessman grabs the barbed wire stick on Vampiro, first swatting with him, then very obviously scrapping Vampiro in the head with the barbed wire. It doesn't really get Vampiro bleeding. They try again later, and it still doesn’t take. Chessman hits Vampiro with a chair for a while, which amusing involves Vampiro popping back up immediately from each chair shot so he can take the next right onto his back. Abyss whips Lider into a ladder, though how Abyss makes Lider leap into it is beyond me. The ladder never really comes in to play otherwise.

Match slows down to set up the rudos whipping the técnicos into each other, but Vampiro reverses his as Lider dropkicks Chessman to get the técnicos back in it. Those two disappear, and Abyss and Vampiro tease out a fight for a long time before getting to it. Vampiro, walking around unsteady a few times during this match, can't get Abyss to budge own any shot until he gets Abyss to run in to Chessman, then a superkick does it. Lider returns and he and Vampiro do some token tag team offense, more than expected, but don’t have the greatest timing.

Lider tries to break out the thumbtacks, is stopped by Abyss, and knocked down so Abyss can pour them out instead. Abyss has a dumb idea to superplex them both into the tacks, but Vampiro hits him with a chair and Lider sunset flip powerbombs Abyss into some of them. Chessman breaks up that pin, then misses a moonsault bodyblock into a few of the tacks. Lider outdoes Chessman's craziness with a senton con giro and then gets speared by Chessman into the biggest pile. Chessman ends up with a fair amount of tacks just covering, distracting him for a bit. Match turns back into Abyss as unmovable monster until he suddenly isn't. Lider knocks Abyss out of the ring, mostly so he can jump on him and be powerbombed thru a table. Vampiro and Chessman are left in, but not for long until Chessman accidentally superkicks Abyss when aiming for Vampiro. Vampiro immediately cradles Chessman, and gets the pin and the tag titles. Crowd is very happy.

Vampiro celebrates big. Lider too when he can. Abyss grabs a chair, stares down Chessman for a long while, and then they argue. Chessman tries to calm down Abyss and for a handshake, and actually gets it, but Abyss hits him with the chair anyway. Abyss stands over Chessman and batters him with the a chair for a while, and the técnicos just sort of watch. Vampiro tires to talk Abyss into caliming down, but Abyss shoves him down. Lider runs into a punch. Vampiro gets up, fine and shoves back and forth with Vampiro. Vamp very obviously tells Abyss to hit him in the head to start a punch battle is something. Vampiro clotheslines Abyss out of the ring, though Abyss lands on his feet. He declines to return. Vampiro turns around, and Chessman wallops him with a chair as hard as he can. Straight to the head, which Vampiro has been working hard to avoid – he does get his hands up here. Chessman calls Abyss back in to finish it, but abyss isn't interested.

Match 3: El Elegido vs Extreme Tiger, La Parka Jr., Toscano, Daga, Héctor Garza, Juventud Guerrera, Último Gladiador, El Mesías, Heavy Metal, Psycho Clown, Texano Jr., Alebrije  in Copa Antonio Pena
Domo Centro de Espectaculos, San Luis Potosi, 10/07/2012

Winner: Texano, then no one
Match Time: 25:57
Rating: eh
Notes: Daga is confident when he's out first, much less so when Mesías' music plays. Good luck! Referee is Copetes. Mesías gets fireworks! Not many fireworks here lately. Good he came out second, wouldn't have had a chance to use them if the match was already going. Jesus says over the top elimination, new person coming in every minute. And they're off.

Daga tries for a takedown right away, but Mesías moves. Mesías challenges him to face slaps, which are sharp back and forth a while. Mesías wins with a punch and puts on a headlock, but Daga knees and punches his way free. Whip, hiptoss blocked, and Mesías drops Daga with a big clothesline. Daga back up with a punch, but he runs into a powerslam.

Psycho Clown's music starts playing three seconds early, but we'll go with it. Mini Clown runs with him to the ring. Psycho ducks a Mesías challenges and wheel kicks him, then clotheslines Daga. Quebradora on Mesías! Flapjack on Daga. Psycho Clown is unstoppable. Crowd is not interested. Daga fights up to the the top rope, but Psycho joins him there, and superplexes him off. Psycho crazy stomps Mesías and poses, but Mesías sneaks behind for the backcracker.

Elegido's music is late. I'd presume they're just waiting until people get to certain spots before sending the next guy out. Mesías tries to send Psycho out while Elegido takes his time getting to the ring. Psycho turns it around tries to throw Mesías out to give them something to do. Elegido breaks that up with a forearm, then kicks Daga. Crowd is not happy to see Elegido, except of some of the girls. Elegido weakly hits everyone, and he and Psycho takes turns missing each other in the corner. Psycho flips Elegido to the apron, Elegido stats climbs the ropes (?), Psycho misses a splash oddly (?), Elegido steps in and tries to throw Psych out. Mini tries holds Psycho in from the outside. Mesías back up, Straight To Hell on Elegido. Psycho gives Elegido a front cracker. Daga back up, slow spinning floataround DDT on Psycho. Mesías grabs Daga and gets him on the ropes, Psycho gets Mesías and tires to throw them, play more music.

They actually play Vampiro's music, but Juvi is next. Sure is a lot of técnicos out early, but then this match is mostly técnicos. Juvi wears his mask and brings his belt out, and shakes around while the guys in the ring teases eliminations. The heavyweights clear out of way for a Juvi/Daga exchange. Lots of counters sets up a Juvi reverse neckbreaker. Mesías sets Elegido on the ropes, then rushes it over so he and Psycho Clown can take a DDT/STO combo. Juvi poses. He gos for Daga, but everyone gets up and grabs each other and goes to a corner to kill time. Mesías and Daga thru throw out Psycho, with Mini again pushing him in from outside. Elegido breaks this up for no reason. There's really no reason to save anyone except your friends, and I don’t think Psycho and Elegido go that far back. Eveyone's just acting randomly to kill time before entrances – and here's another.

Extreme Tiger runs to the rings, then carefully steps thru the ropes. Wheel kick for his friends Juvi. Tiger stand around until Daga superkicks him. Tiger comes back with a casadora into a crab into a German suplex. German suplex is s not exactly your most helpful move in this match. Psycho tries to throw out Elegido, now with min Clown helping him. Tiger tries to stomp Daga off the ropes and to the floor. Psycho uses his belt to spank Elegido. Daga's dumped to the apron, but no farther than that.

Toscano dances his way out. He's not in any hero to a part of this. He does stomp Juvi when he gets in. Meanwhile, Tiger and Daga hang form the ropes and are changed around. This is a big ring, but it's a lot of people standing near the edges while two guys do moves. This time, it's Toscano tripping Mesías for elbow and legdrops. Mesías makes a light comeback, still gets clotheslined in the corner. Someone gets thrown out here, which the crowd reacts to, but the announcers do not react to at all; maybe because they know someone else is about to come in.

After Gladiador comes in, they do announce Toscano's been eliminated. Hard day of work for him! Toscano argues with Copetes, who's in the ring for this for some reason. Tiger tries a springboard something onto Mesías, and it doesn't work at all. Elegido whips Daga to Psycho to backdrops him to the apron. Psycho slaps Daga with his belt, which knocks Daga down, but then doesn’t bother to kick Daga off the apron. It would've taken no effort. On the other side, superman Mesías presses Extreme Tiger over his head, and throws him to the floor on Toscano (still hanging around ringside for no reason but this.) Mini Clown does try to sweep Daga off the apron, but Daga leaps over him and kicks him in the face.

Texano Jr. passes Toscano on his way to the ring., and goes after Mesías the first chance he gets. Texano tries throw Elegido out, but he holds on, and Psycho and Elegido try throwing him. Gladiador and Daga rush Texano, but he fights them both off for a moment, but Daga pulls him down by his hair for a slingshot senton.

Heavy Metal, who still exists, is out next. While he's getting to the ring, Gladiador sets Texano on the top rope and hops up for a top rope headscissors, but Texano just tosses him over his shoulders for a painful elimination. On the other side of the ring, Psycho Clown charges Mesías, miss a kick, and is thrown to the floor. Psycho tries to pull Mesías out under neath the ropes, but no go. Mini protests but is told to get lost. Daga kicks Metal round in the ring, Metal takes him down, and they take turns missing elbow drops. Daga has been in a while. Mesías tries throwing Texano out, but he hugs the bottom rope.

Alebrije charges Texano and punches him, then looks at Mesías for a bit before punching him too. Tecnicos sure are mean to each other in this match. Alebrije avoids shots and tries to plancha Mesías, but Mesías just dumps him. Cuije grabs Mesías from behind, and Mesías kicks down the técnico mascot. Everyone is a jerk here! Alebrije goes right after Mesías again. Announcers talk about this being Alebrije's first appearance in Copa Antonio Pena; first time for this one, anyway. Alebrije misses a corner charge on Mesías and appears to want to take the knee bump out and gets stuck (or he meant to get stuck and just doesn't look like it.) Mesías shoves him to the floor. Thanks for coming!

Crowd perks up for La Parka. Heavy Metal sets up Texano for a moonsault, but Texano just pops up and shoves Metal out to eliminate him. Texano just needs suckers to keep going to the top rope and he'll be all set. Park clotheslines everyone one by one, though Elegido is too blown up to get in the spot in time. Parka makes it halfway thru another run before he runs out of gas, though he's good to dance. (Juvi is grabbing his shoulder after taking his bump, but does get back up to continue.) Texano reverses and throws Parka over the top, but Parka its on the apron and climbs back in. Texano celebrates, and Parka get shim over the top. Elegido, for no reason, stops Parka and attacks him. This match relies on people being stupid. In another area of the ring, Juvi is now laying on the mat near the ropes, with Daga standing over him and holding an arm. Daga didn't do anything to knock Juvi down, he sort of slumped there. Juvi would lay on the mat for a while, with a doctor coming in to check him as the match went on around them.

Hector Garza's video starts to play before his music, which sort of gives it away. Elegido throws Texano out. Weren't you just saving him twenty seconds ago? Texano lands on the apron and comes back in, then clothesline Elegido over the top. Elegido very slowly and carefully falls to the floor. It's down to Parka, Daga, Garza, Juvi, Mesías and Texano, with Texano and Mesías responsible for all the eliminations so far. Garza attacks Mesías from behind to save Texano (..), hits Mesías, anthem kicks Daga once because he's just that upset about the Perros. Mesías and Park do evasion, but Garza stops him to strip. Park punches him down, and everyone stomps Garza. Texano breaks away to pull Juvi back into the battle, but the doctor tells him no. Break.

Both Copetes and the doctor are checking on Juvi as they return. Announcers stop hyping the match and go oddly quiet. Texano flips Daga to the apron, but Daga battles back in and kicks him down. Parka kicks Daga. Into another corner. Garza and Mesías battle in a third corner. The doctor finally pulls Juvi out of the ring, and Copetes signals for the elimination. Juvi is helped to the back, holding his shoulder the whole time.

Lots of holding people near the ropes and teasing elimination with very little actual action. Mesías gets nearly kicked off the apron a couple times. Daga tries a seated Tornado DDT, and just gets spun out of the ring.

Garza lands out everyone. Mesías take a big powerbomb. Garza puts his short of Park's face before he starts kicking him. Parka makes fun of Garza's chest, then pulls his trunks on a sunset flip. Garza misses a corner charge, and Park pulls down Garza's trunks for real. Parka tries a bodyscissors to get them both out, can't quite get it, and Mesías helps with a clothesline. We're counting it for him. Crowd is unhappy. Garza and Parka argue a bit.

Texano and Mesías, last two left, go face to face, and do the WrestleMania stare at the crowd. Chop fight, Texano grabs Mesías by his hair, Texano pulls Mesías down into a Fujiwara. Great, but not going to help you much here. Mesías puts his foot on the ropes, and Texano has to break – wait, why? Copetes did try to kick the foot off, and Texano didn't ever really let go, so I guess it's all fine. Texano cranks the arm a bunch. Tornado Texano! Texano cuts his throat, and goes to the outside. I have no idea what he's thinking. He probably shouldn't have done his big move if that wasn't the finish, that's for sure. Mesías cuts Texano off with punches, and brings him back in the ring with a super frontcracker. Mesías signals he's going to throw Texano out – well, you could've about five seconds ago, but make it tough on yourself. Mesías throws Texano out, but Texano holds onto Mesías and the apron. Mesías tries to boot choke him to the floor, but can't and Texano breaks free. Texano back up, punches misses, Mesías faceslam. Mesías says this is it. Konnan, who has no reason to care about this one way or another, is out to get involved. Mesías goes up for his splash, but Texano is up in plenty of time to crotch him, and also you were doing a splash in a battle royal, dummy. Drapping spinning DDT by Texano is not really any smarter. Texano insists he's going to throw Mesías out now. I'm doubtful on the whole thing. Texano gets Mesías over the rope and to the apron, but Mesías holds onto the bottom rope and keeps his feet barely off the floor. Texano kicks at him. Konnan poses. Texano distracts the largely irrelevant and helpful ref – and Konnan Mesías back in the ring! If you hate him so much, why don't you just pull him off the apron and to the floor!?!?! You could punch him plenty after, trust me. Texano tries a suplex, but Mesías – powered up by being punched in the face – reverses to a front superpelx. Mesías out to the apron again, and up top rope for a splash because it's a battle royal and he's a dope. Mesías insists he's going to throw Texano out, and holds him against the ropes. Konnan comes in the ring, Mesías posts him, Konnan begs off. Konnan does seem like he's lost some weight, good for him. Mesías grabs Konnan, then moves so Texano can dropkick Mesías. Texano is very sad about hitting this man who is not one of his friends. Mesías punches, whip, clothesline misses, Mesías leapfrogs, Texano fouls him on the way down, and they give us a shot mostly of Konnan instead. Texano throws Mesías out, and it's over.

Announcers argue if it's a foul. Not sure why it matters. Reinas del Ring make their only appearance of the show to hand Texano the trophy. , then stand on the wrong side of the ring. Konnan, who is not a friend of Consejo last we knew, congratulates Texano on winning the trophy. Texano says he respects Antonio Pena's contributions, but only those that happened in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. As for the ugly foreigner Mesías, he saw Texano beat him, and Texano demands a title shot. Announcers debate. Texano says he's part of the new generation of lucha libre, and El Consejo. Mesías calls Texano “Texana”. No one is impressed. Mesías says Texano might have won, but the people are still behind him. Texano is not impressed. Mesías says he'll defend Texano whatever day he wants. Catchphrasing!

The Regional version cuts off here – but the National version continues on to show Copetes declaring the Copa vacant and handing it back to Marisela Pena.

General Cibernético, who may be dressed like M. Bison but is shadows so can't be sure, rallies his troops in a some lit basement. They have caged dogs, because that's what they're going to do. Taboo is back. Escorisa crazy again. No Amadeus, too bad. (No Jack) Cibernético rants like a mad man (so like Cibernético.) Cibernético leads a SECTA chant to end it.

Match 4: Cibernético vs Cuervo, Jack Evans, Ozz, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween, Teddy Hart, Psicosis  in a dome cage for hair
Domo Centro de Espectaculos, San Luis Potosi, 10/07/2012

Winner: Cuervo
Match Time: 9:33
Rating: ok
Notes: Jack, possibly the sanest man in this match, enters first. Secta Bizarra enter together. Perros enter as a group, with Taya, Teddy Hart's girls and his cats. Tecnicos, kind of misunderstanding the point of a cage match, want to fight the rudos on the stage. The older blond feels up Cibernético, then slaps him in the face. He grabs her – whoever she is - for a powerbomb and the Perros attack. OK. Everyone battles their way into the cage, though they have to stop hitting each other to get in. Teddy has to hand off his cross first. Nicho is NOT wearing his mask.

Perros control the brawl in the ring, having brought a couple chairs. Teddy flips, he's Teddy. Ozz & Cuervo get in enough shots on Halloween & Nicho to climb the cage, but are pulled off into powerbombs and double stomped by Perro. Perro goes for a top rope double stomp on Cibernético, only Cibernético moves and chokeslams him. Cibernético clothesline Nicho & Halloween, then starts to climb the cage. He's got no intention of climbing the whole way up, and tries to slip to thru the bars half way up. This takes a great deal of effort and maneuvering (though really not a lot more than it took for some guys to get over the top later), but Cibernético escapes and quick.

Piero argues with Taya, who's been climbing up the cage at points. Nicho tries escaping, but Ozz swings him back and forth as he holds on the top rope of the cage, and pulls him off into a painful looking powerbomb. No one stops Ozz, and he climbs out. Nicho, as hurt as he looked, is the next one out and Perro is seconds behind. These escapes are coming very fast and the crowd isn't reacting negatively like what would be expected of a short main event.

Teddy, Halloween, Jack and Cuervo are left. The Perros team up for a backbreaker/hanging from the top of the cage legdrop (guess who), then Teddy climbs out. No one seems upset about their partners bailing on them. Halloween gets does manage to spear both técnicos, but they prevent him from leaving, and Jack makes a surprisingly slow escape.

Halloween powerbombs Cuervo into chairs, which have been in the ring since the start of the match. Halloween grabs a table that's already set up (when did that happen?) and places it in the center of the ring. The Perros – who never left ringside as far as we could tell – shove in a ladder for Halloween to jump off of. The técnicos come running from backstage – we never saw them leave – and start brawling with the Perros again. They come together in a group, so Taya can randomly moonsault them. As that group gets up, Fabi Apache and Atomic Boy climb that same side of the cage. They get about halfway up, Atomic Boy hands a light tube to Fabi, and Fabi swings from inside the cage to hit Halloween in the head as he stands on top of the ladder. Cuervo is suddenly alive and powerbombing Halloween into the table, though the table turns over and doesn't break. Halloween very slightly bleeds from the tube. Cuervo climbs to the top of the cage in decent speed, but has trouble getting over th top, giving the two teams time to fight each other on the outside (Perros trying to climb up to stop him) and Halloween to set up the ladder and climb up to the top without being able to stop Cuervo. Cuervo finally over the top for the win.

Tons of confetti is shot out around the ring, as Fabi climbs the cage to congratulate Cuervo. Taya freaks out on the outside, while Halloween and Nicho freak out in the ring. The Perros (except for Teddy, who may be with his women) throw a tantrum in the ring while Halloween gets his hair extensions cut off. That's where they end it.